Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008

"Verona's story" - Hutchinson Andrew Trio (Music box)
"Follow your heart" - Joe Farrell Quartet (Joe Farrell Quartet)
"My little humidor" - Galactic (Organ-ized: an all-star tribute to the Hammond B3 organ)
"Purple" - William Parker (Alternative to what… noise?)
"Which well" - Keefe Jackson's Project Project (Just like this)
"Juju" - Jerry Leake (Vibrance)
"Don't let it bring you down" - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (Sameness of difference)
"La papa" - Roberthino Silva (Shot on goal (perigo de gol))
"Bedford celebrities" - The Chris Tarry Group (Almost certainly dreaming)
"For the rabbit" - Cecil Taylor (For Olim)
"Xibaba" - Duke Pearson (Jazznova Blue Note trip)
"Around the corner" - Eero Koivistoinen Music Society (Jazz from Finland 2008)
"Contradiction" - Gregg August Sextet (One peace)
"The magilla" - Stanley Turrentine (The spoiler)
"Past things we don't recall" - Ganesh Anandan, John Gzowski (Shruti project)
"Daxaar" - Steve Reid Ensemble (Daxaar)
"Five and dime" - Brad Shepik (Places you go)
"Elegy for a duck" Oliver Nelson (Sound pieces)
"Blue at midnight" - Panthelion (Life after 339)
"The tick tock club" - Golden Arm Trio (Alternative to what?)
"Clic" - Bernard Falaise (Clic)
"Between the devil and the deep blue sea" - Mike Walbridge's Chicago Footwarmers Featuring Kim Cusack (Crazy rhythm)
"Cielo azul" - Negroni's Trio (Father & son)
"Story writing" - Ornette Coleman & Joachim Kuhn (Colors)
"Happy disillusion"- Susie Ibarra & Assif Tsahar (Home cookin')

I have to say that this was a pretty good show. I didn't trip over my tongue too badly and lots of great tunes were played. Two particular favourites of mine were "Follow your heart" by the Joe Farrell Quartet and Duke Pearson's "Xibaba". I also managed to play sets of four or more this week (and last, actually); one set stretched to six (short) tunes, something that is hard to do with jazz tracks (many shows, I play six things - or less - in an hour, never mind in one set).


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008

"All or nothing at all" - Richard Whiteman Trio (All or nothing at all)
"Day trip" - Pat Metheny (Day trip)
"Just squeeze me (but please don't tease me)" - Monterey Jazz Festival 50th Anniversary All-Stars (Live at the 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival)
"Big Phil" - Henri Texier (Strings apart)
"These boots are made for walking" - The Gordon Beck Quartet (Explorations in pops)
"The burning bush" - Gilad Atzmon (Refuge)
"Steamed juicy little bun" - Kaki King (Everybody loves you)
"Absorbed" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions volume 2: constructive interference)
"Tiger rag" - Nicholas Payton (Dear Louis)
"Father's day" - The Matt Savage Trio (Hot ticket)
"Part 2: new era" - Tigran Hamasyan Trio (New era)
"Don't point that over here" - Russell Malone (Live at Jazz Standard volume two)
"Bachafillen" - The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (Can I persuade you?)
"It's surely gonna flop if it ain't got that bop" - Sabertooth (Dr. Midnight: live at the Green Mill)
"Funky boots march" - Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath (Eclipse at dawn)
"Movie trivia (intermission 2)" - Antizario (It's great to be fine)
"Trane's medley" - Moutin Reunion Quartet (Sharp turns)
"Stay with me" - Jean-Luc Ponty (Le voyage: the Jean-Luc Ponty Anthology)
"Mirror " - Jacky Terrasson (Mirror)
"Swan song" - The Herbie Nichols Project (Dr. Cyclops' dream)
"Sway" - Stockhausen/Andersen/Heral/Rypdal (Karta)
"The very thought of you" - Brad Mehldau Trio (Live)
"Toiling in obscurity" - Campbell Ryga (Spectacular)
"Nufunk" - Dennis Geaney (The DG project)

This was a particularly good show in that it featured a nice mix of music. I also played a surprising amount of short tunes; one set consisted of five pieces and I don't think I've played five-in-a-row for months, maybe longer. My favourites this week include the bass tunes "Big Phil" by Henri Texier and "Trane's medley" by the Moutin Reunion Quartet; "The burning bush" by Gilad Atzmon; "Absorbed" by the Gerry Hebert Quartet; "Bachafillen" by the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra; and "Steamed juicy little bun" by Kaki King (which works very well played in a jazz context).


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008

"Trio I" - Dylan Van Der Schyff (Definition of a toy)
"500 miles high" - Chick Corea and Return to Forever (Light as a feather)
"Variations on a theme" - Larry Koonse (What's in the box?)
"Les" - Eric Dolphy (Stockholm sessions)
"Change of course" - Gregg August Sextet (One peace)
"50 years" - Negroni's Trio (Father & son)
"The other tune" - Trilok Gurtu (The definitive Trilok Gurtu: twenty years of talking tabla)
"Rasch" - Baptiste Trotignon (Solo)
"Music box" - Hutchinson Andrew Trio (Music box)
"Cantaloupe island" - Freddie Hubbard/Joe Henderson/Herbie Hancock/Ron Carter/Tony Williams (One night with Blue Note)
"Fiery flight" - UMO Jazz Orchestra (Jazz from Finland)
"My very first solo" - William Street and Roger Admiral (My very first solo)
"Zumbi" - Kenny Barron (Canta Brasil)
"Same clothes, different day" - The Chris Tarry Group (Almost certainly dreaming)
"Hajj (the journey)" - Abdullah Ibrahim (The journey)
"We would hesitate and fumble" - Ganesh Anandan, John Gzowski (Shruti project)
"Wild flower" - Jerry Leake (Vibrance)
"Hard latin" - Kenyon Hopkins (Sounds from Verve hi-fi compiled by Thievery Corporation)
"Creator has a master plan" - Babatunde Lea (March of the jazz guerillas)

I was butterfingers all over the dials today and not much smoother on the microphone. Oh well. Maybe it was because of the time change ("Spring back", earlier than usual); it seems to have put the spin on most folks. Regardless, I still managed to fit in some good tunes. My fave for the week is the lengthy "Hajj (the journey)" from Abdullah Ibrahim - good stuff!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 4, 2008

"Coo coo" - Paul Donat (Rio bossa)
"Seven minds" - Cedar Walton (One flight down)
"So groovy" - Manu Katche (Playground)
"Midnight blue" - Nigel Kennedy (Blue note sessions)
"Trip in the white scarf" - Omar Sosa (Ayaguna)
"The grass is greener" - Keefe Jackson's Project Project (Just like this)
"Ink" - Panthelion (Life after 339)
"Five glimpses: IV" - Ralph Towner (Time line)
"Danny Boy" - Dennis Geaney (The DG project)
"Rose rouge" - St. Germain (Tourist)
"The bride" - Chris MacGregor's Brotherhood of Breath (Eclipse at dawn)
"Black-key magic" - The Matt Savage Trio (Hot ticket)
"Zada es (you're an ill-fated girl)" - Tigran Hamasyan Trio (New era)
"El camino" - Diego Urcola (Viva)
"Forced on matters" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions volume 2: constructive interference)
"When we were free" - Pat Metheny (Day trip)
"Wonderwall" - Brad Mehldau Trio (Live)
"Odd couple" - Sabertooth (Dr. Midnight: live at the Green Mill)
"Luna" - Bernard Falaise (Clic)
"Streams of expression: streams (pt. I)" - Joe Lovano (Streams of expression)

Plenty of interesting stuff in this week's episode, including the great groove of "Rose rouge" by St. Germain, the great piano work of Brad Mehldau ("Wonderwall"), and the free-jazz freak-out of the Brotherhood of Breath's "The bride". Looking at the last of these, this comes from the first official release (I think) of a Nov. 4, 1971 concert in Berlin. I played the first half of this concert from a not-so-legal recording last September but it's nice to hear a legit outing of this performance.