Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 20, 2017


Another edition of Breaking The Tethers hosted by the one and only Linda Cunningham.  I was in Baltimore, MD, for a conference (still am, as I write this).  Many thanks to Linda for sitting in (again)!  She managed to play 10 tracks; that's a lot for only one hour of air time.


March 13, 2017


A nice mix of old and new presented this week.  Some longer tunes, including a couple of Haden/Motian live features and Jackie McLean's "Kahlil the prophet", a track from 1963 that I've had  on deck to play for a while but it just hasn't made it on air (until now).  Playing this track made me realize that, for some reason, the "older pieces" I've had on the show have often been from just a few years ago; not quite sure how that happened but such is the way it's gone.


March 6, 2017


Kind of a cool show here, with more tracks than usual.  Among others, there are two big band tunes; some short, jazzy Grateful Dead pieces (from their jazziest release, Blues For Allah); two Coltranes (John and Alice); and gongs, man, gongs! (courtesy of Kaufmann and Welsch).


February 27, 2017


And more catching up.  This was one of two recent programs hosted by Linda Cunningham, who did a great job as always (I was in Hawaii when this episode was on).  Very much a "Linda" show this week ☺.  Many thanks again to Linda.


February 20, 2017


OK, I'm bad, very bad.  I'm about a month behind in making this posting.  Mea culpa.  I beat myself up.

Alright, penance completed.  A few words about this show... which I really liked, I must say.  A great start, with my old fave "Ich, bin, George" by the Flat Earth Society, which features some rocking clarinet (yes, really).  Everything that follows is pretty groovy and diverse as well.  I even managed to sneak in some Richard Thompson, a short track from his Cabaret of souls record from a few years back.