Monday, April 25, 2011

May 2, 2011

"Ultima thule" - Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp (Cosmic leider)
"Spirit waltz" - Steve Davis Quintet (Live at Smalls)
"Metamorphosis" - Ananda Shankar (Ananda Shankar)
"Kung-fu grip" - The Invisible Hand (The Invisible Hand)
"Missed" - Ben Allison (Action-refraction)
"Strange girl" - James Pants (James Pants)
"Fred" - Ben Allison (Think free)
"La preparation" - Max Roach and Archie Shepp (Force (Sweet Mao-suid Afrika 76))
"Lost like a boat full of rice" - Howe Gelb and A Band Of Gypsies (Alegrias)
"Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock (Flood)
"Codex" - Radiohead (The king of limbs)
"I don't mind it" - Lab Coast (Pictures on the wall)
"Creeping Ophelia" - Foxtails Brigade (The bread and the bait)
"Baiyana" - Pat Martino (Baiyana (the clear evidence))
"New Orleans walkin' dead" - North Mississippi All Stars (Keys to the kingdom)
"Rocky XVII" - The Curious Mystery (We creeling)
"King kong" - Dweezil Zappa (turn of the son of…)
"Goochie goo" - Jack Littman (The mixtape)
"Music to watch space girls by" - Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock's music from outer space)
"The inside song" - William Parker (live, Cormons, Italy)
"Geomancer's compass and other quasi-scientific findings" - French Horn Rebellion(The infinite music of French Horn Rebellion)
"Gorillas in the bliss" - Giant Princess (Mexican easter/Zip zop wow)
"Not good" - Joe Giardullo Trio (No work today: nine for Steve Lacy)
"Pure annihilation" - Parts And Labor (Constant future)
"Exhaustible" - Devotchka (100 lovers)
"The sun is coming up" - Ric Colbeck (The sun is coming up)
track 2 - Peter Buck/Fred Chalenor/Matt Chamberlain/Robert Fripp/Bill Rieflin/Hector Zazou (Slow music)

This is my last show for two weeks. Myke Atkinson will be taking over BTT for the May 9 program and will do a great job, I am sure. Regular listeners will know that Myke has done the show in the past, including the CJSW Funding Drive 2011 show last October.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 25, 2011

"Intro" - Brahja Waldman's Quartet (Brahja Waldman's Quartet)
"Carmina burana fantasy" - Sandy Bull (Fantasias for guitar and banjo)
"Games" - Vijay Iyer (Solo)
"Sarabande" - John Renbourn (Palermo snow)
"Fear of rooming" - Seamus Blake Quintet (Live at Smalls)
"Murder" - John Lee Hooker with Miles Davis (Perfect way: the Miles Davis anthology: the Warner Bros years)
"All apologies" - David Payne (Nirvana unplugged)
"The 4:08" - Klang (Other doors)
"United nubians - saidi style" - Mahmoud Fadl (Egypt noir: Egyptian soul treasures)
"Djadbangari dance song, 'eastwind'" - Elcho Island aborigines, Central North Australia (Australia: song of the aborigines and music of Papua, New Guinea)
"Magpie" - Tania Gill (Bolger station)
"Changing rooms" - Rafael Zaldivar (Life directions)
"La morsure de'araignee" - Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio (Les nuages en France)
"Sonic reducer" - Pearl Jam (Vs./Vitalogy radio sampler)
"Ne te fache pas" - Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly Rhythmo (Cotonou club)
"Flux capacitor" - Steven Lugerner Septet (Narratives)
"Song to attract game" - Baka Pygmies (Cameroon: Baka pygmy music)
"Springtime dancing" - Manu Katche (Third round)
"The creator has a master plan (peace)" - Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong and his friends)
"Nothin'" - Ugly Ducklings (Made in Canada: more great stuff, volume 4 (1961-1974))
"Qui voit le ciel dans l'eau, voit les poisson sur les arbes" - Duplent/Lenglot/Wadham (Proverbes)
"Stairway to heaven" - The Pizzarelli Boys (Desert island dreamers)
"Take it out and swing it" - The Modern Grass Quartet (The Modern Grass Quartet)
"Underground" - Lisa Hilton (Underground)
"Dizzy monkees" - Ren + Stimpy (You eediot!)
"Madu mahadahysat" - Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa (Suara Naga)
"Throat I" - Little women (Throat)
"Dirty dogs" - David Kikoski Trio (Live at Smalls)
"Tillicum (theme for the TV show 'Here come the seventies'" - Syrinx (Made in Canada: more great stuff, volume 4 (1961-1974))
"The resonance of flesh" - Becoming The Archetype (Celestial completion)
"Wrath of the norsemen" - Amon Amarth (Surtur rising)
"Peace (for Dakota and Jason)" - Larry Young (Love cry want)
"Splendid miniature scenic spot" - B Lan 3 (Music for hunting and mapping)
"Pancharatna kirtinam-adi tala" - Emani Sankara Sastry (L'Ind du sud - l'art de la vina)

Pretty much a total dog's breakfast this week, from Australian aborigine music to metal and many points in between. A good show, I think.

I'll be hosting BTT next week but, as mentioned, I will be away for the May 2 edition. Myke Atkinson has kindly agreed to host the program in my absence and will do his usual great job. I'll be back for the May 9 show.


Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

"Fightin'" - Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm (2 man wrecking crew)
"Blues medley" - Ian Hendrickson-Smith (Live at Smalls)
"Petramorphosis" - Angelo Michajlov (Saxana: the girl on a broomstick)
"Stick dance" - Bel Air (Monday dream)
"Too deep" - J. Mascis (Several shades of why)
"It's me" - Dinosaur Jr. (Beyond)
"You are the dancer" - Chris Donnelly (Metamorphosis)
"4 9 8" - Gutbucket (Flock)
"The witch's dance" - Blood Ceremony (Living with the ancients)
"Computer age" - Sonic Youth (The bridge: a tribute to Neil Young/Daydream nation (deluxe edition))
"Asiatic raes" - Joe Chambers (Horace to Max)
"Calgary" - Chris Geheran (Calgary)
"Big mountain bounce" - Maciej Sikala/Piotr Leamnczuk/Tyler Hornby (Able to fly)
"The ballad of Charles Whitman" - Kinky Friedman (Sold american)
"One for Blount" - Vijay Iyer (Solo)
"Shapes & sizes" - Led Bib (Bring your own)
"The last emperor - theme variation 2" - Ryuichi Sakamoto (The last emperor)
"The zombies of Mora-Tau" - Jad Fair (Beautiful songs: the best of Jad Fair)
"Don't look back" - The Remains (Nuggets: original artifacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)
"Flashpoint" - John Surman (Flashpoint: NDR jazz workshop, April '70)
"All things are quite silent" - Steeleye Span (Hark! the village wait)
"If the creek don't rise" - Cindy Doire (Sticks and mud)
"The road's a temptress" - Cindy Doire (Sticks and mud)
"Marijuana" - Hello Daylight (The acidsoxx family sampler)
"Headbanger's bawl" - Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade (Brain dance)
"Rough riders roam" - The CFL Sessions (Oh! compilation two)
"A la dina dana" - Jon Blake (Siwan)
"I should care" - Eldar Djangirov (Three stories)

The most notable part of today's program was an interview with singer-songwriter Cindy Doire (there was supposed to be a live performance but, due to illness, it didn't happen). Cindy has a new CD out (Sticks and mud) and will be playing in Calgary at the Ironwood on April 12. It was a very enjoyable interview and it was nice to be able to play a couple of tracks from her new release.


April 18, 2011

"Lucifer Sam" - Pink Floyd (The piper at the gates of dawn)
"Skeltazor" - New Tricks (Alternate side)
"Dr. Watson, I presume" - Elvis Costello (National ransom)
"E.S.P." - Florian Weber/Jeff Denson/Ziv Ravitz (Minsarah)
"On Mount Zion I" - Wingless Angels (Wingless Angels)
"I would be the one" - Kensington Market (Avenue road)
"Fort Graveyard" - Henry Kaiser/Charles K. Noyes/Weasal Walter (Ninja starr danger rock)
"New one" - Jazz Pistols (Superstring)
"Glass houses #2" - Christina Petrowski Quilico (Glass houses revisited)
"Continuity" - Aaaron Leaney + Chris Dadge (Continuity)
Track 1 - Burmese (Lun vurn)
"Second sunday in august" - Weather Report (I sing the body electric)
"Rhumba mama" - Weather Report (Midnight Special TV program)
"Le moine complaisant" - Le Vent Du Nord (Maudite moisson!)
"Obsessive" - Andrew McCormack/Jason Yarde (My duo)
"Collective action" - Planeta Imaginario (Optical delusions)
"Oxygene (part II)" - Jean-Michel Jarre (Oxygene)
"Tennessee driver" - Hank III (Hillbilly joker)
"Configuration" - Bones & Tones (Bones & Tones)
"Bad brutal" - Onlock (Onlock)
"Open" - Lee Pui Ming (She comes to shore)
"Multiverse" - Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp (Cosmic leider)
"Just one night" - Blue Rodeo (The things we left behind)
"Vampire ambush" - Evil Survives (Metal vengance)
"Hugs (historically underrepresented groups)" - The Terence Blanchard Group (Choices)
"There was a time" - James Brown (50th anniversary collection)
"Epiphany 1" - Jib Kidder (Music for hypnotized minds)
"To know and not to know" - Noah Creshevsky (To know and not to know)
"Helplessness blues" - Fleet Foxes (Helplessness blues)
"Sa galaas et le puissant artus" - Ensemble Organum (Codex chantilly)

This show featured pretty varied tracklist, including at least two tracks that could be called "metal". Favourite stuff from this week:

Fave track overall: "Multiverse" by Jones and Shepp. Great, freaky stuff, featuring just alto sax and piano. I introduced it by saying that it would "curdle your porridge" (Breaking The Tethers is a breakfast time program, after all).

Fave CD title: Ninja starr danger rock by Kaiser, Noyes, and Walter. Wish I'd thought of this one myself.

Fave song title: "Vampire ambush" by Evil Survives. How could I resist playing a song with this title?

I will be mostly away for the next few weeks. I will still be hosting Breaking The Tethers on April 25 and May 2 but I will not be able to be behind the mic for May 9. I'll have news on who will be filling in for me soon.


Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

"Bass folk song no. 5 & 6" - The Stanley Clarke Trio (Jazz in the garden)
"Sega no sega" - Dean Pallen (Strathcona Park)
"Still life in stop motion" - Fall City Fall (1629)
"Blue" - R.E.M. (Collapse into now)
"Breathing water" - Bones & Tones (Bones & Tones)
"Superstring" - Jazz Pistols (Superstring)
"I won't kill you this Christmas" - Teddy Thompson and Jude Rogers
"State terrorism" - The Souljazz Orchestra (Manifesto)
"Floating anchor" - Hay, Dutz, Honda (Polarity taskmasters)
"Orpheus" - Jerry Garcia (Reflections)
"Ate mo naku aruki mawatta" - Jonny Greenwood (Norwegian Wood)
"Pardonnez moi" - Bob Erlandson (All about jazz: volume two… the octet)
"Grab yo stuff (buried and bald)" - NWH (Fear of a black hat)
"One bell ringing" - Elvis Costello (National ransom)
"L'envol" - Caravan Palace (Caravan Palace)
"A handful of earth" - Fantastic Merlins (A handful of earth)
"Winnipeg winds" - Jason Collett (Rat a tat tat)
"5 and 20 schoolgirls" - Gong (Magick brother)
"Rock you like a hurricane" - MelloDeath
"Velorio (mourning)" - Hermeto Pascal (Hermeto)
"Dollar signs" - Andrea Revel (House of sticks)
"Space walk" - Sun Ra Arkestra (Live at the Paradox)
"The Earl of Essex galliard" - John Dowland (Music for viols)
"Astro" - Walt Dickerson and Sun Ra (Visions)
"Dune buggy" - Mutantes (Mutantes e seus cometas no pais do baurets)
"IRQ + 49" - Bitter Frictions (The first book of electricity)
"In memory of 3000 ft. Mark Deez" - Intellectual Prestige (The awakening)
"Come on rip let's take a trip" - Lantern (Deliver me from nowhere)
"Correct truth" - Tyshawn Sorey (Koan)
"Forget" - The Dyeing Merchants (The Dyeing Merchants)

A show with a little bit of everything (including two hip-hop numbers), perhaps the most notable thing this week was that there were several tracks by local (Calgary) performers. I usually play one or two per program but I managed to fit in more than that this time. I should try to do this more often; it's always good to feature local stuff.