Monday, January 31, 2011

February 7, 2011

"Obama victory dance" - Robert Hurst (Bob ya head)
"Love bowl" - The Nightcrawlers (Down in the bottom)
"The high reel" - Horselips (Celtic connections)
"Friction" - Nils Petter Molvaer (Hamada)
"Dichotomy" - Michelle Gregoire (Diversity)
"I did crimes for you" - Deerhoof (Deerhoof vs. evil)
"Vezubuhle" - Vusi Mahlasela (Say africa)
"Tomorrow" - Morrissey (Your aresenal)
"Wandering one" - Roxy Coss (Roxy Coss)
"Frankenstein monster song" - One Ring Zero (As smart as we are)
"The dean" - Karl Schwonik Jazz Ensemble With Remi Bolduc (1 + 4)
"Southern decline" - Apex Manor (The year of magical drinking)
"Caravan (remix by Graham Reynolds)" - Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Duke! three portraits of Ellington)
"Fire" - Kasabian (West ryder pauper lunatic asylum)
"Waynes tune" - Bardo Pond (Bardo Pond)
"Lakeerai" - Kiran Ahluwalia (Common ground)
"He be struttin'" - Chris Davis (Baile bonita)
"Midnight brown" - The Two Koreas (Science island)
"Rounds, for string quartet" - The St. Lawrence String Quartet (Sea to sea: the St. Lawrence String Quartet celebrates 20 years)
"Main theme" - Music From The Film (How the west was once)
"Raccat"- Bob Erlendson (The Erlendson effect)
"Snakazon rising" - Castle Excellent (Silver salad of the moon)
"Compared to what" - Marty Williams (Long time comin')
"Plastic man, you're the devil" - Pink Mountaintops (Axis of evol)
"March of the masses" - Tommy Guerrero (Lifeboats and follies)
"Twilight" - Melody Gardot (Worrisome heart)
"Dr. Dre's bar mitzvah" - Out To Lunch (Melvin's rockpile)
"Echoes of urban life" - James Foerster (Cache 2009)
"Triumph of the outcasts, coming" - Steve Colson and the Unity Troupe (Triumph!)
"Field of stars" - Yankee Yankee (Resting star)

There was definitely an experimental element to this show. More than once person at CJSW commented that I was freaking them out (mission accomplished!) This wasn't really planned, it just kinda came out that way. I suspect that next week's program will be a less "out there"... or not! :-)

Top tune/song title of the day: "I did crimes for you" by Deerhoof with an honorable mention for "Plastic man, you're the devil" by Pink Mountaintops.

Top album title: The year of magical drinking by Apex Manor.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

February 4, 2011

"I know you got soul" - Bobby Byrd (Mojo presents James Brown's funky summer)
"Taqsim maqam sharqi rast" - Rahim Alhaj (When the soul is settled: music of Iraq)
"Juggernaut" - The Lindbergh Line (Bang bang you'll be missed)
"You are not alone" - Mavis Staples (You are not alone)
"Join the march" - Family Studies (Life cycles vol 2: density master)
"Dirge blues" - Mary Lou Williams (Black Christ of the Andes)
"In another country" - Couples (Couples)
"Yazoo street scandal" - The Road Hammers (Garth Hudson presents a canadian celebration of the Band)
"She's so pretty" - Shed (Plugged in, electrified and totally wired)
"El cortito" - Celano Baggiani Group (Alienology)
"Love me do" - The Persuasions (Sing the Beatles)
"Experience the jewel" - Wintersleep (New inheritors)
"River serpentine" - The Budos Band (III)
"Farewell Johnny Miner" - Fairport Convention (The red & gold demos)
"Street fighting" - Igor Boxx (Breslau)
"North Dakota ghost town" - Ben Plotnick (Dancing at the end of the world)
"Muddy bones" - New York Dolls (Cause I sez so)
"?" - Through Tragedy (Through Tragedy)
"Everyman everywoman" - Yoko Ono with Blow Up (Yes I'm a witch)
"The lady and the rose" - Los Lobos (Tin can trust)
"Plastic farm animals" - Aeroplane Trio (Naranja ha)
"Bensema" - Afrocubism (Afrocubism)
"It was never gonna turn out too good" - Gang Of Four (Content)
"Reoccuring dreams" - Xakaroh (Demo 2010)
"Dus ook" - Earswideopen (Earswideopen)

This is the playlist for the February 4 edition of Alternative To What? The regular (and longtime) host of the show, Kerry Clarke, was away and I provided a facsimilie of her. Kerry always does a great job and I hope that I was able to come up even somewhat close to what she does.

Next show for me: Back to Breaking The Tethers, Monday, February 7. Join me then!


Monday, January 24, 2011

January 31, 2011

"She bathed herself in a bath of bleach" - Manic Street Preachers (Journal for plague lovers)
"Lost in the vapors" - Plunge (Tin fish tango)
"Aerial suite: alpha crusis" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)
"American the beautiful" - The Richard Davis Trio (Song for wounded knee)
"Delicate balance" - Bob Szajner (On the beach in the zone)
"Nine stone rig" - Linda Thompson (Fashionably late)
"One way ticket to Cubesville" - Pigbag (Volume two)
"Blue blood blues" - Dead Weather (Sea of cowards)
"Left over lullaby no. 2" - Tord Gustavsen Ensemble (Restored, returned)
"If you have ghosts" - Roky Erickson & The Aliens (I have always been here before: the Roky Erickson anthology)
"Brian the snail" - Pigbag (Volume one)
"Black Africa part 3" - Sam Rivers (Black Africa)
"Clouds" - Jayhawks (Music from the north country: the Jayhawks anthology)
"Heart and soul" - Joy Division (Closer)
"Kronos devours his children" - The New Jacobin Club (Somnabulist sound system)
"Frontiers in science" - Jane Ira Bloom (Wingwalker)
"Picturesque" - Matt Savage (Welcome home)
"This wheel's on fire" - Neil Young & The Sadies (Garth Hudson presents a canadian celebration of the Band)
"8" - Esther Lamneck/Roberto Fabbriciani (Winds of the heart)
"Frightens" - Alicia Hansen (Fractography)
"Inexorable" - Patrick Butler (Transcender)
"Texas t" - Bigger Fish Than Guns (The spoken sea)
"Seat" - Engine (Start)
"Open out" - Chris Parrello (Things I wonder)
"Suntan solution" - Family Studies (Life cycles vol 1: sexy creeper)
"Fear of a red planet" - Igor Boxx (Breslau)
"Half moon" - Iron & Wine (Kiss each other clean)
"Feel so good" - Jefferson Airplane (Jefferson Airplane loves you)
"Q16" - Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher (Quartet)

A pretty groovy show, I think. My top plays from today's set:

*"If you have ghosts" by Roky Erickson, one of music's top acid casualties. I love the line "If you have ghosts then you have everything". A truism perhaps?

*The extended version of "Feel so good" from Jefferson Airplane. A great guitar workout on top of wonderful playing by the bass, drums, and rhythm guitar.

*"Open out" by Chris Parrello. Probably my fave track from this week and maybe the best new album this week.

*The New Jacobin Club's "Kronos devours his children". Best title for the week.

Everything else was good too!

I will be subbing for Kerry Clarke on her show, Alternative To What?, this Thursday, Feb. 3, 4-6 pm. Kerry is one of the most experienced programmers on CJSW and always does a great show. I will do my best to fill her big shoes.

Next edition of Breaking The Tethers will be on Monday, Feb. 7, 7 am. Join me then!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 24, 2011

"Dookin' for beetroot/The head roaster" - Battlefield Band (Dookin')
"African skies" - Quinsin Nachoff (Fomo)
"Funky-tunk" - Moby Grape (Vintage: the very best of Moby Grape)
"Mourning star (intro)" - Titan's Eve (The divine equal)
"1812 overture" - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (Hooked up classics)
"West 42nd street" - Chris Davis (Baile bonita)
"Alien landscape 1" - Rick Cutler (First melancholy, then the night stretch)
"Gen pop" - Will Bernard (Blue plate special)
"Drumbouie" - Afro-Soultet (Afrodesia)
"Death letter" - Son House (Father of the delta blues: the complete 1965 sessions)
"Archaic glimpses" - Andre/Tokal/Kugel (Varpai)
"A.R.C." - Chick Corea/Dave Holland/Barry Altschul (A.R.C)
"Funky bitch" - Son Seals (Deluxe edition)
"On the case" - Al Henderson Septet (Regeneration)
"When I wake up (part 1)" - Demmy Chou (2 sides)
"Maggot brain (alt. mix)" - Funkadelic (Maggot brain (2005 reissue))
"To love" - Gerald Cleaver/Uncle June (Be it as I see it)
"Echolocation" - Wintersleep (New inheritors)
"Mecurio dal ciel in terra" - Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa (Cosmophony)
"Lost in the sound" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (live performance)
"Stow me away" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (live performance)
"All these places" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (live performance)
"16:59" - Earswideopen (Earswideopen)
"Let's go into the unknown" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Stories from home)
"Suite… part III" - Baptiste Trotignon (Suite…)
"Fire" - Joe Henderson (The elements)

This was my first show back after being away for a couple of weeks (went on a Caribbean cruise, had a great time). I wasn't behind the board for the Jan. 10 and 17 editions of Breaking The Tethers but Nathan Taylor subbed for me on both programs - many thanks to Nathan for doing this!

The main feature of today's show was the live performance by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Lauren and Zoltan). Promoting their new album (Stories from home) and an upcoming lengthy 64-date Canadian tour, they played three songs live in the CJSW studio and we did an interview. They're nice folks with nice music and I wish them well as they hit the road.

No live music next week (so far) but lots of recorded stuff, as always.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 3, 2010

"The jezebel spirit" - Brian Eno/David Byrne (My life in the bush of ghosts)
"Puppet mischief" - John Ellis & Double-Wide (Puppet mischief)
"Loving love" - Jeffre Cantu-Ledesma (Love is a stream)
"Stop rocking" - Anna Webber (Third floor people don't need to worry about anything)
"Jacques' groove" - William Parker Organ Quartet (Uncle Joe's spirit house)
"The drum" - Ohama (Earth history multiambient)
"Candy says" - Lou Reed (Animal Serenade)
"Remembered as" - Jon Mueller (The whole)
"From darkness to light" - Steven McGill Project (Kujichagulia: self determination)
"Lady in the yellow dress" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Stories from home)
"New tribe" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions vol. 3 - conversations)
"Zaar" - Peter Gabriel (Passion)
"The song goes on" - Herbie Hancock (The imagine project)
"Force field" - Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble (Jive at 5:05)
"Amsterdamned" - Joal Kamps (Sojourner)
"Happy birthday, Mr. Burns"
"Duck" - Celano Baggiani Group (Alienology)
"Disco bush" - Day of the Maniac (Day of the Maniac)
track 2 - Hype Williams (Find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start gettin reel)
"Lorraine" - Barnacle Bill (Trio)
"Come to New Orleans" - Aloon Aluna (Bird milk)
"Elephants" - Chet Singh (Recessionary revolutionaries)
"Sen ben" - Barana Quintet (Sarap wine)
"TX1, opus 161-2" - Richard O. Burdick (Nice notes for horns)
"Little old guy" - Pancho-San (Oh, mellow melody)
"Segue 5/Dry bones/Segue 6" - Robert Randolph and the Family Band (We walk this road)
"Whistling wind" - The New Family (The New Family)
"229" - Gordon Grdina Trio With Mats Gustafsson (Barrel fire)
"Face a: salaryman's dream" - Philippe Petit (Scores Henry: the iron man)

This first program of 2011 definitely had an experimental edge to it. I didn't quite plan things this way but I ended up playing a fair number of pieces that could be labelled "experimental music" in some way or other. And I fit in the Ramones' appearance on the Simpsons plus started things off with a recording of an exorcism (from Eno and Byrne's freaky "The jezebel spirt"). This all sounds good to me.

I will be away for the next two shows, January 10 and 17, 2011. Breaking The Tethers will still take place, with a fill-in host or hosts (I'm not sure who will be I will return to the air for the January 24 edition, which will feature a live performance by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (who I played today).