Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007

"Interlude" - Manteca (Onward!)
"Stacked Mary Possum" - Bruce Hornsby/Christian McBride/JackDeJohnette (Camp meeting)
"Killer Joe" - Benny Golson (One day, forever)
"Good King Wenceslas" - Simon Fisk/Stephen Fisk/Tim Fisk (Calm adibe: Christmas reflections)
"Rumors" - The Jason Lindner Big Band (Live at the Jazz Gallery)
"Mixed message" - The Nels Cline Singers (Draw breath)
"Open music" - Steve Lehman Quintet (On meaning)
"Strangeness in the night" - John Scofield (This meets that)
"The way you see it" - Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The way you see it)
"Maleah" - Les McCann (Les is more)
"Pullin' strings" - Shelly Manne & His Men (At the Black Hawk, vol. 5)
"One for honor" - McCoy Tyner (Horizon)
"The torchbearers" - Chris Mitchell Quintet (Spectrum)
"Bitches brew" - Miles Davis Septet (Fillmore West, October 15, 1970)
"Little knox" - The Rosemary Galloway Quartet (Live at the Montreal Bistro)
"The night has a thousand eyes" - Denny Zeitlin/David Friesen (Denny Zeitlin/David Friesen)
"Track 3" - David Murray/Sunny Murray Quintet (WXPJN-FM, Philadelphia, August 21, 1975)
"Tapawingo" - Bob James (Dancing on the water)
"Corn meal dance" - William Parker/Raining On The Moon (Corn meal dance)
"Serenity" - John Coltrane (Meditations)

This was a showfill for "Lush life", the Wednesday morning jazz program on CJSW. The regular host of that show, Megan, and I did a switch this week; she did "Breaking the tethers" while I did her program.

Nothing too amazing in this setlist but it was all consistently good stuff. The Coltrane piece at the end was a request by some guys who were stuck in traffic on Deerfoot Trail. I hope they eventually managed to escape!

Next week, I'll be back in my usual slot (Tuesday, 6-9 am) for my usual show (Breaking the tethers). As it will be Christmas Day, I'll be doing a special show, sort of a Christmas freak-out. I plan to play all sorts of wild stuff. Tentatively on deck for the show will be (more) Coltrane, Thurston Moore and Rashied Ali, Ornette Coleman, a drum battle between Ginger Baker and Art Blakey, and many more.


Monday, December 17, 2007

September 26, 2006

"Persona non grata" - Mike Rud (Live from Lotusland)
"Hare Krishna - Hail Krishna" - Tony Scott (Hare Krishna compilation)
"Got lip" - Alex Bellegarde Quartet (Caminando)
"Clustering" - Flat Earth Society (Presents psychoscout)
"Suite unseen: ancestral stroll" - Babatunde Lea (Suite unseen: summoner of ghosts)
"Mourning doves" - Jim Baker (More questions than answers)
"Way you look tonight" - Deep Blue Organ Trio (Live at the Green Mill)
"Psalm 13" - October Trio (Day in)
"Chela" - Francisco Mela (Melao)
"Unititled duet" - Albert Ayler (Impulse years)
"Satin doll" - Joe Pass (Original jazz classics)
"Spy on me blues" -World Saxophone Quartet (Political blues)
"Pars III" - Johannes Bauer/Annick Nozati/Fred Van Hove (Organo pleno)
"Legalize it" - Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood (Out louder)
"India" - Prima Materia (Peace on earth)
"We" - Robert Barry and Fred Anderson (Duets)
"Hostage release party" - Rabnett 5 (Dan's party)
"Moon face again" - Hilario Duran (From the heart)
"Noemie" - Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid (Exchange session vol 2)
"One o'clock jump" - Count Basie (Live at the Sands)
"Last of the chicken wings" - Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, William Parker (Palm of soul)
"I" - Bang on a Can and Don Byron (Ballad for many)
"In a moment" - Martin Speake (Change of heart)

Looking back, this was a great show. Plenty of wild and experimental/avant stuff tempered by the odd "old school" and latin pieces. Perhaps my fave track from this edition was the "Untitled duet" from Albert Ayler's Last album (released after his unfortunate demise); a bagpipe and electric guitar duel, can't get much better than that! (well, maybe not, but I do like that kind of stuff). "Noemie" from Hebden and Reid also made a splash; I had a number of calls about this one. I'll have to play more from these two sometime; they have at least two CDs out and it has been a while since anything from them was aired on Breaking the Tethers.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007

"Mind the gap" - Altered Laws Quartet (Metaphora)
"Finding and believing" - Pat Metheny (Secret story)
"Lay lady lay" - Keith Jarrett (The Dylan concert)
"The song is you" - Mimi Fox (Perpetually hip)
"The late late blues" - Milt Jackson & John Coltrane (Bags and Trane)
"Facing west" - Steve Coleman (Invisible paths: first scattering)
"Hebvark" - Fond Of Tigers (Release the saviours)
"Spenny loses again" - Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The way you see it)
"Navad (the wanderer)" - 3 Cohens (Braid)
"Ah-leu-cha" - Archie Shepp (Steam)
"595" - Ron Carter (Dear Miles)
"Miyako/Black nile" - The Fred Hersch Trio (Live at the Village Vanguard)
"Tuff love" - Galactic with Trombone Shorty (From the corner to the block)
"Jazzy" - Claude Bolling (Suite for flute & jazz piano trio no. 2)
"Bike lane" - Richard Underhill (Kensington suite)
"Afro blue" - Mongo Santamaria (Afro blue: the Picante collection)
"Hat and beard" - Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbeque (Ai Confini Tra Sargenda e Jazz 2004, Piazza del Nuraghe, Sant'Anna Aressi, August 29, 2004)
"Ashe a go-go" - Sonic Liberation Front (Ashe a go-go)
"Olsen twins supoena" - Josh Roseman (New constellations)
"Untitled" - Luca Sirigu Trio (Ai Confini Tra Sargenda e Jazz 2004, Piazza del Nuraghe, Sant'Anna Aressi, August 29, 2004)
"Ringing changes" - Sonic Fiction (Changing with the times)

Some comments on this week's show:

*The Pat Metheny tune ("Finding and believing") was an interesting discovery from a so-so album (Secret story). At least one listener agreed with me and called in to ask about it.

*"Spenny loses again" - Jerrold Dubyk must watch Kenny Vs. Spenny ( An insane show, not for the faint of heart.

*The new Richard Underhill album, Kensington suite, is better than I thought it would be (I wasn't that fond of his last one). There are a few particularly interesting tunes, including the one I played today, "Bike lane". I hope to play more of it in the following weeks.

*I loved the title of the Josh Roseman track, "Olsen twins subpoena".

Next week, I'll be switching programs with the Wednesday jazz program host, Megan. She'll be doing Breaking The Tethers while I'll be doing Lush Life. I'll be back on Tuesday the following week, for my Christmas day freak-out (of sorts).


Friday, December 7, 2007

September 19, 2006

"Winter" - Verismo (Verismo)
"So what" - Miles Davis (Miles in Tokyo)
"Ma bel" - Kenny Wheeler (Double, double you)
"La vaca" - Alex Bellegarde Quartet (Caminando)
"Whispers" - Arild Anderson (Electra)
"Summit conference" - Reggie Workman (Summit conference)
"Chowder" - Ugestsu (Live at the Cellar)
"Waterman" - Flat Earth Society (Presents psychoscout)
"Endless cycle" - Airto Moreira (Other side of this)
"Human blockhead" - NOJO with Sam Rivers (City of neighbourhoods)
"Despite impending doom" - Book Lily Dead Posie (Book Lily Dead Posie)
"Bob's place" - Freddie Hubbard (Artistry of Freddie Hubbard)
"Bluocracy, part 3" - World Saxophone Quartet (Political blues)
"Venn" - Martin Speake (Change of heart)
"As one" - Trio Beyond (Saudades)
"Hwaaaaah" - Tokyosexwhale (Larger than lice)
"Solid ether" - Nils Petter Molvaer (American compilation)
"Spirits up above" - Rashaan Roland Kirk (Kings of jazz)
"Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum Allah" - Pharoah Sanders (Jewels of thought)
"Bathyal" - Susanne Abbuehl (Compass)
"All blues" - Inside Out (What is this thing?)
"7-2-3 drum solo" - Tyler Hornby (Shadows of a brighter day)
"Atlantic rising" - Sunship Ensemble (Ready or not 2)
"Mother of the future" - Bemeber Segue (Kings of jazz)

The star of this show, in some ways, is Sam Rivers. I inadvertantly played him twice, once with NOJO ("Human blockhead") and once as a member of Miles Davis' group on the Miles in Tokyo recording ("So what"). On this last one, Rivers' solo is great but he definitely stands out (or apart); I guess this is why he didn't last too long as part of the Davis ensemble at that time.

I was pleased to be able to fit in the lengthy "Hum-Allah etc." by Pharoah Sanders, yodelling and all.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4, 2007

Here's the setlist for this past Tuesday. I had hoped to get it up yesterday or on Tuesday but I'm still fighting that three-week-long cold and I took myself out of action for most of yesterday. Sorry for the delay. I think (hope) I'm on the mend now.

"Punchy" - Brad Turner Quartet (Small wonder)
"Nardis "- Eddie Gomez (Dedication)
"One world family" - Kahil El'Zabar & David Murray (We is: live at the Bop Shop)
"Virement manuel et pincage" - Michel F. Cote ((juste) Claudette)
"Val C" - Alain Caron (Conversations)
"Eamonn Andrews" - Soft Machine (Orange skin food)
"Curse fraction" - Steve Lehman Quintet (On meaning)
"Upside downes" - Ron Davis (Subarashi live)
"Life fragments" - Avi Granite (9 red tree)
"Miss Kaba" - Erik Truffaz (Arkhangelsk)
"Spectrum" - The Tony Williams Lifetime (Emergency)
"Come on let's go" - Darren Barrett (The attack of wren)
"Unmistakably Monk" - Mike Allen & George McFetridge (Threads)
"I am the walrus" - Tony Wilson 6tet (Pearls before swine)
"March of the magi" - Simon Fisk/Stephen Fisk/Tim Fisk (Calm adibe: Christmas reflections)
"Sinster two" - Wilson/Lee/Bentley (Escondido dreams)
"Adam's road" - Tex Allen (The Tex Allen song book)
"Attempted" - The Nels Cline Singers (Draw breath)
"Life light" - The Jason Lindner Big Band (Live at the Jazz Gallery)
"We'll be together again" - The Rosemary Galloway Quartet (Live at the Montreal Bistro)
"Other side of the sun" - The David Joel Quartet (Spiral sky)

Lots of brand new and almost-brand new items in this show, much of it Canadian. I was particularly fond of the Tony Wilson 6tet's version of "I am the walrus" and "Life light" by the Jason Lindner Big Band, which has a great bass solo (apologies to the guy who called asking about this track; I didn't mean to be abrupt with you but the tune was just about to end and I had to move levers, push buttons, and talk). It was also nice to play some more Soft Machine, one of my fave UK jazz-rock bands.

It looks like I'll be doing my usual slot on Christmas Day. Right now, I plan to do a Christmas freak-out of sorts. I won't give too much away but I plan to take the show into some kinda crazed territory (more crazed than usual, I mean).


Monday, December 3, 2007

September 12, 2006

I've been out of action for a while, fighting the never-ending cold that many people seem to have and, more importantly, taking care of my other half following her knee surgery (total ACL reconstruction). She definitely seems to be on the mend while I'm only partly recovered from the cold (though I suspect I'll live). Anyway, I'm back to posting, this time a blast from the past, September 12, 2006:

"Calling Miss Khadija" - Brad Turner (Jazz to the max (vol. 1))
"Quiet fire" - Roy Haynes (Kings of jazz)
"JAMO meets SAMO" - Jason Moran (Soundtrack to human motion)
"Part II b" - Keith Jarrett (Koln concert)
"African flute" - Herbie Mann (Afro-jazziac bop)
"Chemistries I" - Christy Doran/Fredy Studer/Bobby Buri/Olivier Magnenat
(Music for two double-basses, electric guitar and drums)
"Sixth sense" - Don Pullen Quintet (Sixth sense)
"Devil may care" - Kate Hammett-Vaughan Quintet (Devil may care)
"We are" - Bluiett/Jackson/El'Zabar (Calling)
"Plantain surgery"- Big Satan (Soulssaved.hear)
"Outpost" - Chris Gestrin (Stillpoint)
"Thinking of you" - Brad Goode (Hypnotic suggestion)
"You know, you know" - Mahavishnu Orchestra (Inner mounting flame)
"Struttin' with some Barbi-Q" - Brigham Phillips Big Band (And it really was)
"Hidden strength" - Ted Moses Quintet (Ready or not 2)
"In and out" - Wes Montgomery(Talkin' Verve: roots of Acid jazz)
"Gabor Gado" - Peter Eotvos (Snatches)
"Spirits in transit" - 4 Hero (Kings of jazz)
"Said in silence" - October Trio (Day in)
"My break tune" - George Johnson, Jr. (All star tribute)
"Old school" - Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Buck jump)
"2 and 2" - SF Jazz Collective (SF Jazz Collective 2)
"Beloved gift" - Bernie Senensky Trio (Ready or not 2)
"Simple interlude" - Michael Bates' Outside Sources (Fine balance)

This was an interesting show. It featured a fair number of Canadian performers, may of whom I have played since, as well as a two tracks from each of the compilations that were on the playlist at that time, Kings of jazz (I loved "Spirits in transit") and Ready or not 2. First appearances include Wes Montgomery with "In and out"; dig that groovy sound! I even managed to play a track from an album I really didn't like that much, the Brigham Phillips Big Band's "Struttin' with some Barbi-Q" from And it really was; fairly mushy big band music but one tune was tolerable.

I'll try to keep postings more regular from here on out, both the current shows and the "catch up" ones. I'm back on the air tomorrow after a two-week break (many thanks to Morning Joy's Philip Barker for filling in for me!).