Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009

"Signal" - Alain Caron (5)
"Jabulani (joy)" - Abdullah Ibrahim (The journey)
"Linus and Lucy" - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (Jingle all the way)
"Just have fun" - Marvin "Smitty" Smith (Keeper of the drums)
"Sunflower" - Paul Motian (Live at the Village Vanguard, vol. II)
"Fast man" - Romane (Pere et fils)
"Mystery ship" - Ken Hatfield and Friends (To be continued… Ken Hatfield and Friends play the music of Bill McCormick)
"Jacobin Club" - Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (Presents infernal machines)
"Time" - Jazz side of the moon (Jazz side of the moon)
"Long, long journey" - Allen Toussaint (The bright mississippi)
"Afterthought" - Kevin Smith Trio (Afterthought)
"Smiles remembered" - Thierry Peala (Inner traces: a Kenny Wheeler songbook)
"Reptoid alliance" - The Fully Celebrated (Drunk on the blood of the holy ones)
"Hot n' ready" - The Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The maverick)
"Blister" - Will Bernard (Blue plate special)
"Going what's what" - Torngat (La petit Nicole)
"Silt" - Jeff Younger's Sandbox (The nudger)
"Jewish dance party!" - Gypsophilia (Sa-ba-da-ow!)
"United states" - The Very Big Carla Bley Band (The Very Big Carla Bley Band)

In some ways, this was a somewhat mellower show than usual, at least at points. Still, there was the usual spoonful or two of experimental/freaky music.

Fave stuff this week: Ibrahim Abdullah, Jazz Side of the Moon (did you know that there is a reggae version of Dark Side of the Moon? there's probably a version of DSOTM in every genre of music!), The Fully Celebrated (who can resist a title like "Reptoid alliance"?), and Will Bernard (I've been waiting to hear the Blue Plate Special CD for a long time).

I'm going to be away for a week and a bit and will miss hosting two episodes of Breaking The Tethers, May 26 and June 2. Philip Barker from Morning Joy will be taking over for me on May 26 and will do his usual great job. I'm not sure who will be doing the June 2 show but all should be well. My first show back will be on June 9.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009

"Anything" - Gypsophilia (Sa-ba-da-ow!)
"Willisau suite 1" - Sexmob with John Medeski (Sexmob meets Medeski: live in Willisau 2006)
"Tell her" - Julia Hulsmann (Good morning midnight)
"Little melody in F" - The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band (Live at the Cellar)
"Manhattan bounce" - Vito Rezza (Drums of avila)
"Plena organization" - Positive catastrophe (Garabatos volume one)
"20% free extra (extract)" - Derek Bailey (Fairly early with postscripts)
"Facelift" - Soft Machine (Third (remastered edition))
"Dpree's paradise" - The Ed Palermo Big Band (Eddy loves Frank)
"Donnerwetter (extract)" - Hans Bennink (Tempo comodo)
"Rossli hu (grosse pferde - kleine reiter)" - Davis/Ulrich/Baumann/Lutek/Richards/Jefferson) (Urs Blochlinger Tribute)
"Crescent" - Nomo (Invisible cities)
"Sopranelan" - Bill Brennan (Solo piano 2)
"Squirrel carnage" - Led Bib (Sensible shoes)
"XE (extract)" - VHF (Extracts)
"Five-lane parasite" - Mayo Groutt's Known Universe (Mayo Groutt's Known Universe)
"Interested benevolence" - The Souljazz Orchestra (Manifesto)
"Ga-ga-goosebumps" - Michael Musillami Trio + 3 (From seeds)
"Locomotion" - Michael Shrieve (Two doors)
"First mind" - Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse (Cries from tha ghetto)

Musically, I really liked this show. It featured lots of new stuff, an African-influenced tune per hour, live Soft Machine, and much more goodness. The top new tune, I think, was "Squirrel carnage" by Led Bib, a crazy track from a crazy album.

In terms of my performance behind the mic, I wasn't too impressed with myself. Nothing really bad happened but I could have been wittier and not tripped over my tongue as much as I did. Having a coughing fit on air doesn't help either. Oh well. I will be vocal smoothness next week.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

"Gotham" - The Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The maverick)
"Taking Jude out for breakfast" - Ion Zoo (Set free at the Cellar)
"Winin' boy blues" - Allen Toussaint (The bright mississippi)"Drum solo" - Billy Cobham's Glassmenagerie (Stratus)
"Second rare duet (extract)" - Lol Coxhill (Alone and together)
"Padrecito" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians II)
"Jingle bells" - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (Jingle all the way)
"Transit" - Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (Presents infernal machines)
"Sometimes I feel like a motherless child/Nonet" - Bob Stewart (First line)
"Down under" - Art Blakey (Mosaic)
"Flaxman" - Steve Beresford/Pat Thomas/Veryan Weston (Three pianos)
"Bittersweet" - Alex Clements/John Abraham/Zara Tellander (Between stops)
"Soul power" - T.J. Kirk (T.J. Kirk)
"Toccata in C major: Fugue" - Jacques Loussier Trio (Play Bach no. 5)
"Summer afternoon sequence I (extract)" - Roger Smith (Extended plays (1993-1996))
"The mad wife" - Phillip Johnston (Page of madness)
"Thorsburger: the works" - The NOW Orchestra (Animal tales)
"Fiasco" - Paul Motian (Live at the Village Vanguard, vol. II)
"Sometimes" - Ian Smith (Daybreak)
"Little B's poem" - The Blue Note 7 (Mosaic)
"Carla Lisa" - Chris Andrew (Not so fast)
"The ghost series 2" - Evan Parker (Strings with Evan Parker)
"The spirit of soul" - Ken Hatfield and Friends (To be continued… Ken Hatfield and Friends play the music of Bill McCormick)

This week featured a fairly wide and varied set of tracks, including some short(ish) avant/experimental pieces (Lol Coxhill, Beresford/Thomas/Weston, Roger Smith, Evan Parker), two artists who will be at the Calgary Jazz Festival later this year (Allen Toussaint, MMW), some personal faves (Paul Motian), some out-and-out crazy stuff (Bela Fleck), a funky tune (T.J. Kirk), and much more. I just wish I hadn't tripped over my tongue so much when I was talking about these tunes... oh well, there's always next week...