Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

"Rapid fire" - Judas Priest (British steel: 30th anniversary edition)
"Mayflower" - John Surman (Flashpoint: NDR jazz workshop, April '69)
"Maximum spare ribs" - Peter Stampfel & The Worm All-Stars (A sure sign of something)
"Slow turns" - Steve Dawson (Nightshade)
"Minor infractions" - Odean Pope (Odean's list)
"Up from the south" - The Budos Band (The Budos Band)
"I talk to the wind" - King Crimson (In the court of the crimson king)
"Glamour addict" - Perfect Vacuum (A guide to the music of the 21st century)
"Adeniji" - The Budos Band (The Budos Band II)
"The introduction" - Ghostkeeper (Ghostkeeper and the children of the great northern muskeg)
"Man from South Africa" - Joe Chambers (Horace to Max)
"Brain dance" - Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade (Brain dance)
"Whirl" - Fred Hersch (Whirl)
"Windows and doors medley" - Jean-Paul De Roover (Pitch pipes)
"Headless horseman" - Jad Fair (Beautiful songs: the best of Jad Fair)
"Los Angeles" - Kevin Eubanks (Zen food)
"Engine room" - Led Bib (Bring your own)
"I am going to jail" - Geoff Berner (Victory party)
"Home pictures" - Maciej Sikala/Piotr Leamnczuk/Tyler Hornby (Able to fly)
"L'oeil de l'entincelle" - Charles Pappasoff (Pappasoff, live)
"Imperfect persuasive element" - Planeta Imaginario (Optical delusions)
"Said the trapeze to gravity (why are you so old?)" - Gutbucket (Flock)
"A thing for Joe" - James "Blood" Ulmer (Inandout)
"Analog Paralysis, 1978" - Tim Hecker (Ravedeath, 1972)
"Quadrant" - Wallace Roney (If only for one night)
"10.15.07" - Robin Holcomb and Talking Pictures with Wayne Horvitz (The point of it all)
"Dewey square" - Joe Lovano/Us Five (Bird songs)

This show ended up being over 50% jazz, getting increasingly jazzier as the program went on, though I didn't quite plan it that way. Nothing wrong with how it turned out, though. Fave title this week: "Maximum spare ribs" by Peter Stampfel.


Monday, March 14, 2011

March 21, 2011

"Last train" - Mavis Staples (You are not alone)
"Keleya" - Moussa Dombia (World psychedelic classics, vol. 3: love's a real thing)
"Whyte avenue pinwheel" - National Dust (Welcome to utopia)
"Little blue frog" - Miles Davis (Bitches brew: legacy edition)
"Cowboy boots" - Eddie Spaghetti (Sundowner)
"Run shaker life" - Richie Havens (Something else again)
"Minor shuffle" - BANN (As you like)
"An idea" - Sylvie Proulx (Sirocco)
"Sunset blvd. " - Mad Planet (Gliese 581g)
"Stop" - Buck 65 with Hannah Georgas (20 odd years)
"Improvisation 2" - John Zorn, Milford Graves, Bill Laswell (Tribute to Derek Bailey, The Barbican, London, June 17, 2006)
"Cartoon gold" - Drive-By Truckers (Go-go boots)
"Bass and time" - Ancient Astronauts (Into bass and time)
"Dimitri, Birks and Dewey" - Frank Butrey (Malicious delicious)
"Gondwana (edit)" - Tristan Mureil (Gondwana, for orchestra)
"Sonnet for Hank cinq" - Delfeayo Marsalis (Sweet thunder (Duke & Shak))
"Strange language" - Cowboy Junkies (Demons)
"Relent" - Roberta Piket (Sides, colors)
"Desert" - Francois Rabbath (The sound of a bass)
"Fair flower" - The John Renbourn Group (Live in America)
"Teenage wizard" - Haunted Beard (Video deathbed)
"Brown rice" - Don Cherry (Brown rice)
"The loser (xeftilis)" - A Hawk And A Hacksaw (Cervantine)
"Opus 44" - Dustin O'Halloran (Lumiere)
"In octopus country" - Entire Cities (I hope you never come home)
"Monoceros 2" - Evan Parker (Monoceros)
"Jharna kala" - Devadip Orchestra (Scandinavium, Goteborg, Sweden, November 11, 1979)
"Part II" - Ornette Coleman (Chappaqua suite)

This was a show with almost a split personality. Part of it was kinda mellow, more than I first planned. Part of it was pretty much the opposite of mellow, featuring some fairly "out there" jazz. I wonder what next week's program will be like... :-)


Friday, March 4, 2011

March 14, 2011

"African sweets" - The Three Sounds (Elegant soul)
"Tard" - Charles Pappasoff (Pappasoff live)
"Birdyard" - Joe Lovano/Us Five (Bird songs)
"Nut popper #1" - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (The original lost Elektra sessions)
"EST (trip to the moon)" - Alien Sex Fiend (All our yesterdays)
"Currents" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)
"Alice and John" - Rob Hurst (Bob ya head)
"Baby duck" - Panda Attack (Applewood)
"It was never gonna turn out too good" - Gang Of Four (Content)
"Va va va voom" - Brett Smiley (Breathlessly Brett)
"Love song for a vampire" - The Rabid Whole (Autraumaton remixed)
"Rumbatto" - Boris Kovac (The last Balkan tango)
"All tensed up/Don't try to call/I'm not interested/Guns at my school/Push the button/Gilligan's island/MTC/Don't have a life" - Husker Du (Land speed record)
"Love is the answer" - Kenny Burrell (God bless the child)
"The beach" - Mark Segger Sextet (The beginning)
"Piano page" - Benoit Delbecq Trio (The sixth jump)
"Sunny ti de ariya" - King Sunny Ade and His African Beats (Juju music)
"Spider monkey café" - Kevin Eubanks (Zen food)
"Open up your heart" - Richard Bliwas (Rising rose bakery)
"Take the high road" - Peter Hum Quintet (A boy's journey)
"Mr. Sunshine" - Earl MacDonald (Re:visions: works for jazz orchestra)
"Space trucker lady" - Duke Garwood (Dreamboatsafari)
"Fortress" - Mary Kastle (Beneath the folds)
"Step right up!" - Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers (Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers)
"Believe in me and yourself too (malagasy version)" - Dean Pallen (Strathcona Park)
"Couch alternate (alternate)" - Robin Holcomb and Talking Pictures with Wayne Horvitz
(The point of it all)

The main feature of the show this week was that I had a co-host of sorts for part of the program, Mark. Mark is a new programmer at CJSW and I've been helping out with his training for the past three weeks (not that he really needed training; in the past, he was on-air at the Memorial University station and in Exeter, England). While he did some on-air talk last week, this was his first lengthy time behind the boards, about 45 or so minutes; looking at the list above, he played everything from Alien Sex Fiend through The Rabid Whole. Mark did a great job and I'm sure we'll hear him on air again at CJSW fairly soon.

Muscially, there was a strong jazz presence today. Not really planned but a number of new jazz CDs, mostly Canadian, came my way over the past week so might as well play them. I suspect next week's show will be less jazzy but I won't really know until it happens :-)