Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009

"Battle of the forms" - Chicago Goes West (Chicago goes west)
"My favorite things" - John Coltrane (Afro-blue impressions)
"In your own sweet way" - Terrence Brewer (Groovin' Wes)
"You're my thrill" - Kate McGarry (If less is more… nothing is everything)
"Crossing Sirat" - Wadada Leo Smith (Spiritual dimensions)
"Dewel" - Mulatu Astatke (NewYork-Addis-London: The story of Ethio jazz 1965-1975)
"C jam blues" - Canadian Jazz Quartet (Just friends)
"Tanguillo" - Vince Mendoza/Arif Mardin (Jazzpana - the music)
"Ranjani ranjani" - Karukurichi Arunachalam (Nadhaswaram)
"Alba" - Alvin McQueen (Mighty long way)
"Disco 3000" - Sun Ra (Disco 3000)
"Jingle bells (reprise)" - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (Jingle all the way)
"Nightmare" - Yannick Rieu (Spectrum)
"Well tempered choros: shadow flowers" - William Beauvais (Invisible cities)
"The separation of stones" - Dennis Gonzalez New Dallas Sextet (Namesake)
"Captain courageous" - Lester Bowie (African children)
"Finger on the pulse" - Fred Frith (Impur II)
"I've never been in love before" - The Cory Weeds Quintet (Everything's coming up weeds)

A nice mixed bag program, leaning to the more avant/experimental/free side of things. I even snuck in a Christmas tune, though it's a banjo-throat singing version of "Jingle Bells".

This was my last show until Tuesday, January 12, 2010. I will be out of the country for the next three editions of Breaking The Tethers. I'm not sure who will be filling in for me (I believe it will be a variety of folks) but I'm sure they will do a great job. More postings (and music) next year.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

"Blues for Jervis" - Richard Whiteman Trio (Live in Vancouver)
"Burning spirits no. 1" - Sonny Simmons (Burning spirits)
"The children and the rats" - Zevious (After the air raid)
"Vietnam 2" - Revolutionary Ensemble (Vietnam 1 & 2 (at the peace church))
"Sounds on silence" - Fieldtrip with Jim Head and Kelly Jefferson (No destination)
"The griots" - Jason Adasiewicz's Rolldown (Varmit)
"Yamandu" - Ted Quinlan (Streetscape)
"USQ/Trilogy" - Donald Bailey (Blueprints of jazz vol. 3)
"Ghost ride" - Muskox (5 pieces)
"Moon over the great wall, part b" - Beijing Trio (Jazzno Jazz Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, October 28, 2001)
"Passion dance" - Terry Clark (It's about time)
"Minor 101" - The Dave Young Quartet (Mean what you say)
"Lachyrmae - movement #11" - The Tony Wilson Sextet (The people look like flowers at last)
"Little shadow" - Ergo (Multitude, solitude)
"Today on earth" - Joe Morris Quartet (Today on earth)
"Warmth" - Keith Price (Breakfast of champions)
"Salty" - Darius Jones Trio (Man'ish boy (a raw & beautiful thing))
"By invitation only" - Kirk MacDonald Quartet (Songbook vol. 1)

I was joined behind the board today by Brent Constantine, the new host of Off The Page, the Gauntlet news program on CJSW. Brent needed some familiarization with broadcast procedures at CJSW and did a great job.

Fave tracks this week: Sonny Simmons (even though I played the wrong song! haven't played any Sonny Simmons for a long time), "Vietnam 2" by the Revolutionary Ensemble (I aired "Vietnam 1" yesterday), and "The griots" by J.A.'s Rolldown.

One week left, one last show before my Christmas break.


Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

"Destinos" - Billy Cobham and Asere (Jazz around the world)
"No man's land" - Bill Frisell (Is that you?)
"Song h" - Yannick Rieu (Spectrum)
"Billie's bounce" - Greg Burk (Ivy trio)
"Dance of the cosmo aliens" - Sun Ra (Disco 3000)
"Follow the leader" - Bobby Selvaggio (Unspoken dialogue)
"Ice mountain" - Spyro Gyra (Down to the wire)
"Gratte-moi le dos" - Vivian Houle (Trieze)
"Oxamu" - Andy Narell (Live in South Africa)
"Vietnam 1" - Revolutionary Ensemble (Vietnam 1 & 2 (at the peace church))
"323 shuter" - The Cory Weeds Quintet (Everything's coming up weeds)
"Yegelle tezeta" - Mulatu Astatke (NewYork-Addis-London: The story of Ethio jazz 1965-1975)
"Invocation" - Melody Diachun (EQ )
"Dead sea" - Fred Frith (Impur II)
"Joy: spiritual fire: joy" - Wadada Leo Smith (Spiritual dimensions)
"To undertake my corners open" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to, volume I)
"Suite for the wolfman: the tribe" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (Was shall why because)
"Stimming" - The Rick Jensen Trio (Snowdrift)
"Summer hair" - Canaille (Potential things)

This was a showfill for the Monday morning jazz program on CJSW, The Jazz Baby. The regular host, Kat Lord, couldn't make it this week so I filled in. I very much liked the line-up of tunes this week; the tracklist was put together with a little less care and a little more haste than usual but things worked out well. I was particularly fond of the music that was new to me, including the Revolutionary Ensemble and the Sun Ra track (not that Sun Ra is new to me, of course, but the track I played was).

I'll be back on air tomorrow with Breaking The Tethers, the second last show until my break.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009

"Cakewalk" - Oliver Jones-Hank Jones (Pleased to meet you)
"Strange uhuru" - Charles Tyler Ensemble (Charles Tyler Ensemble)
"Crystal " - Weather Report (I sing the body electric)
"Take the Coltrane" - The Stanley Clarke Trio (Jazz in the garden)
"Cast the first stone? (…if you yourself have no sins)" - Billy Harper (Blueprints of jazz vol. 2)
"Yekermo sew" - Mulatu Astatke (New York-Addis-London: The story of Ethio jazz 1965-1975)
"Roosevelt" - Darius Jones Trio (Man'ish boy (a raw & beautiful thing))
"Cry out" - Darius Jones Trio - Man'ish boy (a raw & beautiful thing)
"If you could read my mind" - Jake Langley (Here and now)
"The tippin' point" - Spyro Gyra (Down to the wire)
"I was a celestial body in a contents sale" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (Was shall why because)
"Silver sun" - Joe Morris (Colorfield)
"Free man in Paris" - Melody Diachun (EQ )
"After some time" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to, volume I)
"I love you" - Terell Stafford-Dick Oatts Quintet (Bridging the gap)
"Early bedtime" - Canaille (Potential things)
"Hamdouchi" - Maleen Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders (The trance of the seven colors)
"Bumpin' on sunset" - Terrence Brewer (Groovin' Wes)
"Rim of fire suite, II" - Jeanette Lambert (Sand underfoot)
"Jungle animals" - Bobby Selvaggio (Unspoken dialogue)
"A crooked road" - Ranee Lee (Live upstairs)
"Hupid stumid" - Greg Burk (Ivy trio)

This a fun show with a fairly wide variety of tracks. Lots of great stuff here: Ethio-jazz, Morocco meets Pharoah Sanders, the late Charles Tyler, early Weather Report, and more!

Two more shows to go and then I am off to Barbados for a couple of weeks or so. I'll be doing Breaking The Tethers on December 8 and 15 and then will be skipping the December 22 and 29 and January 5 programs. I'm not sure yet who is covering for me but I'm sure whoever it is will do a great job in my absence. My first show of 2010 will be January 12.