Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 4, 2011

"I hate the 80s" - The Vaselines (Sex with an x)
"Leroy Jenkins's air steps (for Leroy Jenkins)" - Wadada Leo Smith's Organic (Heart's reflections)
"Paperback writer" - The Fantastic Pickin' On Series (Bluegrass sampler)
"Etude" - The New Gary Burton Quartet (Common ground)
"Evil seeds" - The Raveonettes (Raven in the grave)
"Under the Mersey wall" - George Harrison (Electronic sound)
"Raisans" - Jr. Gone Wild (Simple little wish)
"Frank Sinatra" - The Peter Evans Quartet (The Peter Evans Quartet)
"Shelter" - Sila and the Afrofunk Experience (Black president)
"Happy birthday" - Doomeastvan (Songs in the key of death)
"Coax" - James Farm (James Farm)
"Meanwhile" - Benoit Delbecq (Biobeat)
"I've been leavin' too long" - A Cast of Thousands (A Cast of Thousands)
"?" - Andrew Vivona (Slow down for me)
"Dancing with a notion" - Lucas Haneman (This is what's up)
"The 911 curry" - Cornershop (Cornershop & the double 'o' groove of)
"Sam's float" - Dave Liebman (Lookout farm)
"Aboriginal" - Terumasu Hino (Double rainbow)
show promo - Peter Evans with Chris Dadge and Rachael Wadham (Live @ Emmedia)
"Put out that cig" - Brazilian Monkey (This is not a dream)
"I'm sticking with you" - Jason and the Scorchers (Clear impetuous morning)
"Blue Miss Sunday" Devics - (If you forget me…)
"Niglo 1 waltz" - Les Doigts de l'Homme (1910)

This was the exact 5th anniversary of Breaking The Tethers going on the air, though I didn't really celebrate this, just mentioned it a couple of times. Maybe I'll do more for future events of this nature.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the show today was the country element. Though it was far from an all-country program, country-ish sounds popped up in a few numbers (e.g. Jason and the Scorchers, Cast of Thousands, etc.). It all adds to the variation on BTT.


Monday, June 20, 2011

June 27, 2011

"My friend Dave" - Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela (Hands)
"Rhizome 1-010011010011011" - Richard Pinhas & Merzbow (Rhizome)
"Mina Loy" - Thurston Moore (Demolished thoughts)
"AP touro" - Rebirth Brass Band (Rebirth of New Orleans)
"Initial machine experiments" - Pete Townshend (Scoop)
"Whitecoats" - New Model Army (Anthology)
"Lady Madonna" - Booker T. & The MGs (McLemore Avenue)
"L'aube" - Francois Couturier (Un jour si blanc)
"I-95" - Ruckus Fo'tet x Milla Thyme (Round one)
"The cloisters" - Bill Dixon (Odyssey)
"Shift" - David S. Ware/Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali (Planetary unknown)
"Pride of man" - Quicksilver Messenger Service (Quicksilver Messenger Service)
"People make the world go round" - Milt Jackson (Sunflower)
"Death walk" - Fuel Injected .45 (Past demo-ns)
"Holdin onto black metal" - My Morning Jacket (Circuital)
"Sounddance part 2" - Muhal Richard Abrams (Sounddance)
"Spinet train" - Jack Curtis Dubowsky (Ensemble III)
"Captain Marvel" - Corea, Clarke & White (Forever)
"West african strut" - Dr. Michael White (Adventures in New Orleans
jazz part 1)
"Blue in green" - Screaming Headless Torsos (Screaming Headless Torsos)
"Space cats" - Heavy Tin (Space cats)
"Multi-d" - Nasar Abadey & Supernova (Diamond in the rough)
"Strange days" - Chris Andrew (Strange days)
"Tait's traced traits" - Farmers By Nature (Out of this world's distortions)

This was another program with a bit of a "new" and "jazz" slant though there were lots of other odds and ends featured. Probably more of a mixed-bag next week.

Speaking of next week, I noticed that the July 4 program will be the 5th anniversary of Breaking The Tethers. I'm not sure whether I will do anything special that day but it's good to recognize the significance.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 20, 2011

"Ghosts and giants" - Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band (Level)
"Polliwog" - James Farm (James Farm)
"Hazey Jane II" - Nick Drake (Bryter Layter)
"Marburg" - Brad Shepik (Across the way)
"Agho" - Sir Victor Uwaifo (Guitar-boy superstar)
"Quirino con su tres" - Jane Bunnet & Hilario Duran (Cuban rhapsody)
"Bad big hill" - The Craig Pedersen Quartet (Early winter)
"Storm warning" - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (Rocket science)
"Death by Pollyanna" - Cheer-accident (No ifs, ands or dogs)
"Man vs. nature" - Killdozer (12 point buck)
"Upward spiral" - Search Engine (I'm feeling lucky)
"Ecce apparebit dominus" - Cinquecento (Missa ego flos campi)
"Swept into a desert (calm becomes the storm)" - Lucas Haneman (This is what's up)
"Two labors" - Au vs Masanka Sankayi (Tradi-mods vs rockers: alternative taks on congotronics)
"Whatever" - Alphonse Mouzon (Angel face)
"Hurricane" - Ray Manzarek/Roy Rogers (Translucent blues)
"Algiers" - Austin Peralta (Endless planets)
"In love (vocoded freak testimonials)" Leb Laze - (Music for troubled machinery)
"You can run" - Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 (From Africa with fury: rise)
"Now longer" - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day II)
"Henya" - Ambrose Akinmusire (When the heart emerges glistening)
"Vuoto a rendre" - Paolo Angeli/Takumi Fukushima (Itsunomanika)
"Dick & Jane" - Sidney York (Apocalyptic radio cynic)
"Ocean tales" - Steve MacLean Ensemble (GPS)
"Alto 1" - Kaoru Abe (Solo 1972)

Like last week, this program featured a pronounced lean in the directly of newly-released jazz. This week's show retained the same direction though to not as much of an extent; there was a nice mixed bag of other tunes and songs featured. Looking at what's on deck, I suspect that the June 27, 2011 will be similar to today.

I hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag (too much) but it looks like CJSW Funding Drive 2011 will take place from Oct. 21-28. Should be fun! Stay tuned over the next few months for more information.


June 13, 2011

"All the way" - The Elements of Jazz (The Elements of Jazz)
"Heart's reflections: splendors of light and purification (for Shaykh Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili): the dhikr of radiant hearts, part II" - Wadada Leo Smith's Organic (Heart's reflections)
"Little by little" - Gregg Allman (Low country blues)
"Clearance ridge" - Bryan Carter (Enchantment)
"Biobeat" - Benoit Delbecq (Meanwhile)
"Searching for the right door" - Billy Cobham (Spectrum)
"Divination unfathomable" - David S. Ware/Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali(Planetary unknown)
"Monster Smith" - Afuche (Highly publicized digital boxing match)
"R.R.K. Rahassan" - Mark Alban Lotz (Istanbul improv sessions May 5th)
"You know you know" - Rebirth Brass Band (Rebirth of New Orleans)
"A chinese saloon" - Jerry Granelli Trio (Let go)
"Old time indians/Meeting of the chiefs" - Irvin Mayfield (A love letter to New Orleans)
"The covenant" - Nasar Abadey & Supernova (Diamond in the rough)
"Wait for it" - Chris Andrew (Strange days)
"I am a wanderer" - Steve Earle (I'll never get out of this world alive)
"Island" - Gosta Berlings Saga (Glue works)
"Wo ist zu hause mama" - Johnny Cash
"This is" - Ruckus Fo'tet x Milla Thyme (Round one)
"Mud, mapped" - Farmers By Nature (Out of this world's distortions)
"Ahead of the game" - Blue Sky Black Death (Jean Grae: the eveil jeanius: instrumentals)
"Inception" - Melvin Jones (Pivot)
"Lyman Place" - Keiran Hebden/Steve Reid (NYC)

In the days prior to this edition of Breaking The Tethers, a large number of new jazz CDs and new CDs that lean in a jazz direction crossed my path. Most fit the BTT style so I gave them a whirl in this show. It was probably the most jazz-focused program since BTT left the jazz-only format. A few other items slipped in (Johnny Cash singing in German, Steve Earle, etc.) but it definitely had a jazz bent. As always, next week will be different, maybe way different.

I am late with posting the playlist for the June 6, 2011 program. My apologies. But I should have it on the blog later today.