Sunday, December 17, 2017

December 11, 2017

This post is several days late.  Apologies!

Mostly new material this week, with a couple of trips into the past; the Lee Morgan track is from 1963 and the Chick Corea recording is from 2011 (though only released in 2016).

The December 11 program will likely be the same sort of thing and will feature just me.  The December 25 program will be a Breaking The Tethers Christmas special and will have me and Linda Cunningham at the microphones.  The January 2 show will be a best of 2017 edition, with me.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 4, 2017

This was a Linda Cunningham-hosted show; I was in England.  It features a good tracklist, including, perhaps most importantly, two Zappa tracks!  FZ passed on to the next plane of existence 24 years ago on the date of this show so it was more than appropriate to feature some works from the man.  Thanks, Linda!

I'll post about the Dec. 11 program soon.


Monday, November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

This was another all-new program.  Good music all round, with a few faves ("Grunge" by the Keith Price Double Quartet, "Benzedrine shuffle", by Chris Murphy, and the "Sesame Street" theme by Delfeayo Marsalis).  Normally, Breaking The Tethers has a lean to the more "out-there" side of things but, today, there was a slant to straight-ahead jazz (though out-there stuff certainly wasn't absent).  Maybe I'll have an all-freaky show sometime just to balance things out? šŸ˜ƒ

I'm off to England for a week and a bit so I won't be the host of the Monday, December 4 show.  Linda Cunningham will be at the controls for that edition of BTT.  Please join Linda at 10 am MT, 90.9 fm or as she does her usual great job!  I'll be back for the Monday, December 11 show.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 20, 2017

Loads of new jazz (and jazz-ish) music has come my way in recent weeks, so much that I'm kinda backlogged with new stuff that I want to play.  Accordingly, I figured it was time for an "all-new" show, which was what this edition of Breaking The Tethers ended up being.  Some notes on a few of the tracks played:

"Echidna's arf (of you)" by the Ed Palermo Big Band - Doo-wop meets doo-bee in a Zappa cover with a great title (I've always liked it but I have no idea what it means!  I should look it up sometime)

"Humility" by Kamasi Washington - I played a track from Washington's 2015 triple-CD realease, The Epic, on the Nov. 13 Breaking The Tethers show, as a lead-in of sorts to "Humility".  Washington's new release is only a mere one CD; "Humility", with a great sax solo, is the best track on this new record (which is called Harmony of difference, BTW).

"She's got to be somewhere" by David Crosby - David Crosby made a Steely Dan record.  Seriously.

The next edition of BTT will be next Monday, November 27, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 fm,, usual time, usual place.  I'll be hosting this show but not the next one, on Monday, December 4; Linda Cunningham will be filling in for me that day (thanks in advance, Linda!).  Linda and I are also cooking something up for the December 25 (i.e. Christmas!) program; more on that soon!


November 13, 2017

I'm behind on making this post.  My apologies.  Just kept slipping behind on it.
Anyway, I'm catching up now!  This was a fun, solid show, IMHO.  All good music in a variety of styles, from a variety of dates.  Focusing a bit on the Kamasi Washington piece ("Final thought"), this was a precursor to the Nov. 20 show; more on this in the post for that program.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 6, 2017

This week's episode of BTT was hosted by Linda Cunningham, who played some great stuff, a very varied (always wanted to say that!) setlist.  Many thanks to Linda for filling in!  I'll be back for the next program, on Monday, November 13, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 fm,  Please join me!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 30, 2017

First show after the annual CJSW funding drive (more on the FD below).  This was a particularly good one, I think.  Great music, mostly recent, in a variety of styles, with a few trips into the past.  And I managed to play 10 pieces of music in one hour (mostly; I only got to play about half of the last track in the show, "Call of the wild" by Lonnie Smith).

I will talk a bit about one track, the live BBC version of "Slightly all the time" by Soft Machine.  I play Soft Machine a bit too much, I know (I last played them about a month ago, I believe) but I wanted to fit in this song in because I put it on one of the funding drive CDs.  I had announced that all the tracks on the FD CDs had been played on Breaking The Tethers; however, I realized that the Soft Machine tune had not been played yet.  So, I amended that on the Oct. 30 show :-)

Turning to the 2017 CJSW Funding Drive, overall, the FD was a great success.  While the stretch goal of $250,000 was not reached, the main goal of $200,000 was met and more, hitting $210,000.  Looking at the Breaking The Tethers FD show, on Monday, October 23, frequent BTT guest host Linda Cunningham joined me for the hour and we had a great time; we chatted, we asked for money, and played some tunes (off the BTT mix CDs).  I'm not sure how much was pledged to BTT but I do know that there were at least a few folks who donated; I'll have more on this in the weeks to come.  Many thanks to everyone who pledged to Breaking The Tethers and to other CJSW programs!

I'll be away all of next week, in Charleston, SC, for a conference.  Linda will be filling in on the Monday, November 6 edition of BTT (many thanks as always, Linda!).  I'll be back for the Monday, November 13 edition.  Both shows, of course, will be on CJSW, 90.9 fm,



Monday, October 23, 2017

October 23, 2017

This was the annual funding drive show for Breaking The Tethers. As with the past two years, I was joined by usual BTT guest host Linda Cunningham.  We did what we said we were going to; we talked, we laughed, we played some tunes.  I hope everyone enjoyed listening. 

On the donation side, there were at least two pledges made while we were on air.  Many thanks to Devin and Colleen (and any others) for their pledges!  I won't know the final amount for the show until the after the drive ends; pledges can be made anytime for any show at  Pledges can also be made by calling 403-220-5000, 24 hours a day until Friday, October 27, 6 pm.  The total for the station as of about 10:30 am was $72,000 (it hit the $72,000 mark during Breaking The Tethers!).

I'll be back on air next week, Monday, October 30, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM, It'll be a regular kinda show though I may end up doing an all-new release program.  As I'll be away in Charleston, SC for the week, Linda will be behind the board for the Monday, November 6 show.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

CJSW Funding Drive 2017 and Breaking The Tethers


The annual CJSW ( funding drive (FD) begins tomorrow, Friday, October 20, at 9:00 am.  The FD is the week in the year when CJSW, Calgary's campus and community radio station, calls upon its great listeners for their support.  For 2017, the main goal is $250,000; all of this money will go to capital expenditures, including technical equipment and special projects.  There is also a "stretch" goal of $250,000 this year, which would allow for the purchase of a mobile recording kit.
The funding drive will end on Friday, October 27, at 6:00 pm.

For anyone who would like to pledge, you can call 403-220-5000 once the drive begins or go to  There are some fine incentives at various pledge levels; check them out at

The Breaking The Tethers 2017 FD show will take place on Monday, October 23, 10:00-11:00 am, 90.9 FM,  I will be joined by frequent Breaking The Tethers guest host, Linda Cunningham.  We'll chat and play some tracks off the mix CDs that will be available during the program (and all week, actually).

On that note, in addition to the station-level incentives, there will be three Breaking The Tethers mix CDs, each featuring music that has been featured on the show (I believe pretty much all in the last year, since the last funding drive).  These CDs will be available at the $100 pledge level and higher.  Here's what's on each one:

Breaking The Tethers CD 1

1. Steve Coleman and Five Elements – “The 42 Assessors”
2. Seamus Blake – “Transitions”
3. Chick Corea – “Captain Marvel”
4. Braxton Cook – “Mathis’ Tune (Interlude)”
5. Frode Gjerstad & Paal Nilssen-Love – “Flying Circus”
6. Mike Downes – “Root Structure”
7. Jaimie Branch – “The Storm”
8. Richard Thompson – “No Place For Hypocrites”
9. Revolutionary Snake Ensemble – “I Want That Sound!”
10. royceBIRTH – “JOHN”
11. David S. Ware/Apogee – “Prayer”
12. The Microscopic Quartet – secret track

Breaking The Tethers CD 2

1. Florian Hoefner – “Iceberg 1”
2. J@K@L + MichaĆ«l Attias – “Oblivion And Always Forgetting In The End”
3. Alien Ensemble – “Skeleton Dance”
4. Revolutionary Snake Ensemble – “Discoveries”
5. 1. Florian Hoefner – “Iceberg 2”
6. The Great Harry Hillman – “How To Dice An Onion”
7. Andy Adamson Quintet – “First Light”
8. Can Can Heads – “Feeding Of The 5”
9. Quincy Bullen – “Polar Dip”
10. Darius Jones Quartet featuring Emile Lesbros – “ Le bebe de Brigitte”
11. Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau – “The Watcher”

Breaking The Tethers CD 3

1. Sao Paulo Underground – “Lost Corners Boogie”
2. Sao Paulo Underground – “Desisto II”
3. Nick Fraser with Tony Malaby and Kris Davis – “I Needed It Yesterday”
4. Soft Machine – “Slightly All The Time” (live)
5. Opaluna – “Mahjong”
6. Lisa Hilton – “Caffeinated Culture”
7. Bobby Kapp & Matthew Shipp – “Snow Storm Coming”
8. Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda – “Om Rama”
9. Miriodor – “DĆ©boires Ć  Munich”
10. Lovebrain and DiskotƤschchen – “10. Dezember 2006”

11. William Parker/Raining On The Moon – “Bowl Of Stone Around The Sun”

Please tune in during the CJSW funding drive this year.  It'll be a great time and I'd love for everyone to join in the fun!  Pledging is also strongly welcomed! :-)

Many thanks.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October 16, 2017

This week's edition of BTT was hosted by Linda Cunningham, who did a great job, as always.  It's good show to listen to, with some nifty music played.  Many thanks to Linda!

Linda will be back next week, joining me for the annual CJSW funding drive show for Breaking The Tethers. I'll have more on this soon but I can tell you that the FD program will be on Monday, October 23, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM,  In the meantime, have a look at


Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017

This was possibly the most straight-ahead edition of Breaking The Tethers that I've ever done.  Well, it wasn't that straight plus I've been doing the show for 11 years and I've likely done a straighter one. :-)  That being said, it was a bit more "normal" than usual.  Nothing wrong with that, though.  It was all good music, mostly new, and much of it Canadian.

Next week's program will feature Linda Cunningham as guest host.  I'm away that day.  Linda will do her usual great job so be sure to tune in, Monday, October 16, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM,

Two weeks from now, on Monday, October 23, it'll be the annual 2017 CJSW Funding Drive show for Breaking The Tethers.  I'll have more on both the show and the Drive soon but I will say that Linda will be joining me for this year's FD show once again!  Also, check out


Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

A solid show with some interesting music, I thought.  The "bookend" for this program was two tracks from trumpeter Eddie Gale's first and second albums; "The rain" from Ghetto music in 1968 and "Look at Teyonda" from Black rhythm happening in 1969 (he didn't put out another record until 1992).  Great, spacey stuff with groove.

On another note, I found out today that the CJSW Funding Drive 2017 page is up and running.  Check out  More on FD CJSW soon!


Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 18, 2017

It went AWOL for a while due to technical issues (my fault) but, finally, here's the link to the podcast and tracklist for the Sept. 18 edition of Breaking The Tethers.  Apologies for this taking so long. Anyway, this was a solid show, I thought, with an interesting bookend in the middle set employing the word "Hudson".


Monday, September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

Two main things to point out from today's program:

1) 11 tracks played in this episode.  This may not seem like much but, normally, at most, I end up featuring at most nine tracks in a show.  There's no problem playing any number, of course, but sometimes it's just nice to get a lot of tunes out there.

2) Plenty of Canadian content in the show.  7/11 were Canadian.  Again, normally, the number is less, usually one, two, or three. It's always great to be able to showcase Canadian musicians.

And, of course, the music was all good, too! :-)


Sept. 18, 2017 podcast and tracklist AWOL

In case you've been looking for it, the podcast and tracklist for the Sept. 18 show have gone AWOL. See here.  It's a technical issue and one that is my fault.  It should be easily fixed and I hope to get the link for Sept. 18 plus some comments posted here soon.

On a related note, I'll also get something up for the Sept 25 program up in the very near future.



Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

Look!  I finally made a post on the day of the show!  Haven't done that for a long time!

Anyway, today's program was much in the vein of last week's, with the usual mix overall, a long track to begin things ("The 42 assessors" by Steve Coleman and Five Elements", which hopefully weirded out no small number of folks with its mix of chanted ancient Egyptian prayers and free jazz!), two Horace Silver tracks from the 60s, a great bass feature ("Root structure" by Mike Downes), and some Jethro Tull ("One for John Gee").  It all went together well in a big aural soup, I think.  More of the same next week... most likely :-)


Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 4, 2017

While I'm not as late with this post as I was for the Aug. 28 show, I am still so here's a (smaller) apology.

This week marked a return to the "normal/usual" format for Breaking The Tethers, a mix of styles (leaning a bit to more "out there" sounds) and dates, featuring music that could be called jazz in some form or other.  I thought today's show fit together very well and, at the same time, was kind of all over the map.  It'll be the same kind of thing next week (Sept. 11).



August 28, 2017

I am bad.  I am behind in getting this post out, close to two weeks.  My apologies.  Anyway, a few quick words about the Aug. 28 show:

I ended up deciding to do an "all-old" program, with nothing newly-released and featuring a bookend of Joe Lovano tracks.  On that note, I'm going to be doing a bit more "bookending" in coming shows; that is, starting and ending a set with different tracks by the same artist, maybe with some sort of connection, maybe not.

The posting for the Sept. 4 program coming next.


Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017

As promised, this week's program was an "all-new" show.  I managed to fit in nine tracks of various styles.  My faves: "Cascade in slow motion" by Tyshawn Sorey (I'll be playing a much longer piece from this recording sometime in the next several weeks) and "Good help" by Jaimie Reynolds (dig that electric piano!).

The next Breaking The Tethers episode will be on Monday, August 28, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 fm,  This will either be an "all-old" program or the usual mix of old and new; haven't decided yet :-)


Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 14, 2017

I wasn't in town to host this week's edition of Breaking The Tethers but John Reid, regular host of Outside The Lines on CJSW (, ably filled in for me (Phil helped too!).  Many thanks to John for taking the reigns!

As of writing, the podcast for this show is not available, for some reason.  I'll post a note when the recording does become available.

I'll be back behind the boards for the next edition of BTT, on Monday, August 24, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 fm,  I'll be doing an all-new-stuff show that day (after that, it'll either be an all-old-stuff show or the usual mix of new and old).  Please join me if you can!


Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017

Back to the usual format of some new stuff and some old stuff for Breaking The Tethers this week (though a bit more new than old).  A nice mix of great tunes, too.  That is all :-)


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 31, 2017

Once more, another 'all-new" show.  Just chipping away at the backlog.  Music-wise, things worked very well, different styles fitting together nicely.  The Chick Corea track, "Captain Marvel" (probably my fave Return To Forever tune), got the most notice from listeners (and rightly so, I think :-)  Next week's program might be all-new or all-old or a mix of the two.  We'll see...

A reminder that you can listen to and subscribe to podcasts of Breaking The Tethers (and other CJSW shows) at, going back several months.  In addition, you can listen and subscribe to BTT (and other CJSW shows) via iTunes, where there are presently six episodes of the program available, going back to June 26.

Thanks for listening!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017

On a morning where things were pretty scrambled for me personally, this program ended up being pretty good.  It featured all-new material, as planned, had a strong Canadian focus, leaned a bit to the avant, and included two spoken-word performances. On that last note, while I'll admit to an aversion of sorts to vocal jazz (i.e. singing), I'm actually good with the spoken word; I just don't play it that often on Breaking The Tethers, something I'll have to amend in the future.

The next show will be another all-new show.  I'm still working through that backlog! :-)

Breaking The Tethers will be on air again on the last day of July, Monday, July 31, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 fm,  Join me then!


Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

In part, this was another "all-new" show, in that all the pre-recorded music I played (a handful of tracks) was, indeed, all newly-released.  However, the bulk of the program was made up up a live performance by Shadow of the Mountain (Craig Pedersen on amplified trumpet and Elizabeth Millar on amplified clarinet).  It was engaging experimental stuff, taking up just under half the show.  Many thanks for Craig and Elizabeth for dropping by CJSW.  It was very good to have some live music on Breaking The Tethers, after some absence.

Next week, no live performances or interviews (as far as I know!) but I will be featuring all newly-released stuff.  I'm hoping to fit in lots and lots of music.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, 2017

This was the "all-new" show that I had originally planned to deliver last week (I changed things close to the last minute).  Everything here was newly-released and it was good.  Personally, I dug everything that was played, just solid tracks covering some variation in musical style, leaning a bit to the outer edge of the jazz galaxy (as per usual).

The next show will also likely be an all-new program.  I'm a bit backlogged in terms of the new stuff that I want to feed to listeners' ears, not that that's a bad thing!

There might also be a live performance and interview next week.  More on this soon!


PS About three months to CJSW funding drive... 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 3, 2017

Well, the original plan was that this would be another all-new-tunes show, the same sort of thing as the week prior.  However, not long before today's program began, I kinda said "what the heck" and decided to present a more "regular" kind of show, featuring both new and old material. The end result was pretty good, I thought.  It included some tracks that I had on deck for a while but hadn't managed to play e.g. the Ali/Jenkins and Bunky Green pieces.  Anyway, it'll be an all-new show for July 10 (really... almost certainly! :-)


Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

As I threatened last week, I made this week's episode an "all-new" show.  As sometimes happens, I'm backlogged on newly-released content that I want to feature on Breaking The Tethers and I want to be able to cross items off the list (linear brain or do I just have low-end OCD? :-).   I have to admit, I really liked everything played this week, just a nice mix of tracks.  Of course, there were only six tracks played, the result of putting on the crazy and wonderful "Boss redux" by Chicago/London Underground, a piece I've been angling to get on air for a while now.  The next edition of BTT, on July 3 (July already!) will likely also be an all-new show. 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 19, 2017

Just a good overall show this week, methinks.  11 tracks played (more than the usual) with some variation of style, though there was nothing too straight-ahead nor too far out.  Fave album title: We saw a bozo under the sea by Zoot Horn Rollo.

I suspect that next week's program will feature all-new music; I'm kinda backlogged in newly-released material that I want to showcase.  I'm not 100% sure yet.  Tune in and find out :-)


Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

This was mostly a regular kind of show.  I played some new tunes, some older ones, in a variety of styles (fave track: "Part 2" by Harris Eisenstadt); it was much like last week. On the other hand, it wasn't a regular kind of show.  For the first time in at least a year, I did a phone interview!  This was with musician, composer, bandleader, etc Nick Fraser (who has been featured on Breaking The Tethers a number of times over the years).  Nick called in from Toronto (where he was in the studio) mid-show to talk about the concert he's giving at the King Eddy with Kris Davis and Tony Malaby on Saturday, June 17, 9:30 pm, part of the JazzYYC Summer Festival.  It was nice to talk with Nick and to be able to promote the concert and the festival.

The next edition of Breaking The Tethers will be Monday, June 19, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM,


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 5, 2017

Not really a straight-ahead, mellow(er) show this week, as opposed to last. Definitely a mixed bag with an  a lean to more out-there sounds (e.g. Roscoe Mitchell, Oneida & Rhys Chatham).  I suspect that the next few shows will be along similar lines though I might end up doing an "all new" show or two in June and/or July. 


Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

Whoa!  What a mellow show!  What did I do?  Well, it's not the end of the world but it definitely was a lighter program than usual though I don't think it got into mushy territory much never mind elevator music :-) There was also a lot of piano featured this week, not fully by design, but I went with it.  I suspect that next week's edition of BTT will be a little wilder, a little more out there.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017

A mixed bag show this week, though not quite as spread across last week's edition.  Definitely more of a rock feel to some of the tracks than usually appears on the program.  I also managed to fit in 11 tracks, a bit more than the normal nine.  I suspect that the May 29 show will follow in the same vein as this week.  That's it! :-)


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, 2017 (Lush Life)

Not Breaking The Tethers, but Lush Life.  The usual host of Lush Life, Megan, is away this week (and next) so I filled in for her for the Tuesday, May 16 program.  It was an early morning but definitely worth it.  I enjoyed having another opportunity to play jazz (in a bit mellower mode overall than I usually feature) and for a bit longer than usual (90 minutes, with a break for the BBC news, instead of 60 minutes).  I hope I managed to fill Megan's shoes, at least somewhat, and do her program justice.

I'll be back on air next Monday, 10-11 am, for another edition of Breaking The Tethers on CJSW, 90.9 fm,


Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

Sometimes, my shows are kind of thematically connected, at least in a loose way i.e. I'm in a such-and-such mood and it manifests in the music played.  Other times, I'm all over the map.  Today's program definitely falls into the latter category.  There's Pink Floyd, congotronics, Billy Strayhorn and Tom Waits covers, jazz flute, the Arkestra, a bandoneon & cello duet, and much more.  Maybe the May 22 program will be less disparate... or not!

I'll be filling in for Megan on Lush Life tomorrow, 5:30-7:00 am MT, CJSW, 90.9 FM,  I hope I can do a good a job as she does!  And stay awake - I've never started a show quite that early! (BTT used to be on at 6:00 am; that was as early as I could handle on a regular basis).  Anyway, please join me!


Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

As I suspected last week, this ended up being (yet) another "all new music" show.  I'll go back to the "new and old" format next week but I needed to make one further dent in the stack (physical and digital) of new jazz that has come my way recently.

Some quick notes from this week's program, in no particular order:

*I managed to play 13 tracks today, perhaps the most I've managed to squeeze in since BTT went to one hour (normally, it's about nine tracks).  In large part, this was due to the fact that the short pieces I played were 1-2 minutes long and the "long" tracks were 4-5 minutes long.  I'll play some lengthier stuff next week but it was nice to feature a large number of tunes for once.

*Much of the music today was horn-heavy, though not in a big band sense.  Specifically, there was a lot of trumpet e.g. Jeremy Pelt, Rebecca Hennessy, the Jensen sisters.

*This was a largely Canadian show.  7/13 tracks played were by Canadian artists, including the first set of four tunes.

*This program was kinda mellow, at least for Breaking The Tethers.  While I wouldn't go as far as to say that it was a straight-ahead show (though at least one song played today definitely fell into that category, "She walks this earth" by Cory Weeds & the Jeff Hamilton Trio), it wasn't as wild as BTT can be sometimes.  I'll have to bring more of the freak next week :-)

I should also add that I'll be filling in for Megan on the Lush Life show next week, Tuesday, May 16, 5:30-7:00 am, usual station (90.9 FM,  Should be fun!


Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

As expected, this ended up being another "all-new" program; I just keep receiving and coming across new music that I want to feature on the program (it's piling up now).  Maybe I'll do one more all new show next week and then go back to the more-regular (I think!) playing of new and old(er) material on BTT.

Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good mix of styles and sounds, as well as lengths; the show ran the gamut from the 20-minute "Zoltan" by Larry Young to a couple of tracks that were about two minutes long.


Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

This was the CJSW Listener Appreciation Week ( show for Breaking The Tethers.  I thought I would do something just a little bit different and do a mini-focus on the Impulse! label (the one with the orange spines!).  Over the years, I've played a great deal of music from this label and, admittedly, it's one of my favourites; if I see something from Impulse!, at the least, I can assume that it's pretty good and it might even be great.  The tracks I played today were largely from the heyday of the label, the '60s, with one from the '70s and another from just 2015.  Most were on the freakier side of what Impulse! produced; that being said, Impulse! was often seen as a free jazz label but they put out a fairly wide variety of jazz (and other musical styles).  Next week (Monday, May 1, 10-11 am MT), it'll be back to usual though I might end up doing an all-new-material show.

As this is Listener Appreciation Week, I want to send out my thanks to everyone who listens to Breaking The Tethers (and other CJSW shows), goes to the BTT page on the CJSW site (, and checks out this blog.  Simply, all of these are appreciated!


Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

OK, I know, it's getting repetitive but this was another "all-new" show, featuring some pretty great music, the third one in a row.  So much good new stuff has come my way...  I suspect I have another one in me in the next few weeks, for better or for worse :-)

On a different note, I need to mention that CJSW will be holding another Listener Appreciation Week (LAW) very soon, from April 21-28 (don't hold this too me but I think this is the second annual LAW).  All sorts of cool things will be happening on air and elsewhere during this week, including on the next edition of Breaking The Tethers, on Monday, April 24, 10-11 am MT.  Stay tuned to CJSW (90.9 FM,, to this blog (, to my Twitter account (@01Waller), and to my Facebook page. 


Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

As I suspected would happen, this ended up a being another "all-new" show.  So much new material in the jazz realm (in CD and digital formats) has come my way that I need to devote another full program (like last week) to it.  What we ended up with was a nice mixed bag of sounds, beginning with perhaps my fave track from this week, "Something must happen" by the Chicago/London Underground (though I definitely dug everything else this week).

As for next week (Monday, April 17, 10-11 am MT), it might be an "all-new" program as well but we'll see... We'll also see about the week after that... stay tuned...


Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

No shortage of new music (mostly newly-released, some newly re-released) has crossed my path over the last few weeks so I decided to have an all-new feature for this week's program. Everything in this program could have the word "new" affixed to it in some way or other.  And I think it worked out well; this ended up being just a nice show to program, with the tracks sitting beside each other well, no matter how straight or freaky they sound (and there was a mix of both).  About 50% Canadian, too.

I suspect that next week's edition of Breaking The Tethers will be an all-new show as well along with the one after that, maybe.  After that I might just have an all-old program or two, just to balance things :-)


March 27, 2017

I'm a bit delayed in getting this (apologies) out but here's the blurb on the March 27 edition of  Breaking The Tethers.

This show was almost an ideal one, IMHO.  A fair number of tracks were played (nine), covering both old and new and a mix of styles.  Interestingly, the tracklist features three big band ("large group") tunes; these weren't really in a traditional big band style but, nonetheless, I don't think I've ever done anything like this before (I'm not the biggest big band fan, especially from the height of the big bands; maybe something like this happened when BTT was two or three hours long).


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 20, 2017

Another edition of Breaking The Tethers hosted by the one and only Linda Cunningham.  I was in Baltimore, MD, for a conference (still am, as I write this).  Many thanks to Linda for sitting in (again)!  She managed to play 10 tracks; that's a lot for only one hour of air time.


March 13, 2017

A nice mix of old and new presented this week.  Some longer tunes, including a couple of Haden/Motian live features and Jackie McLean's "Kahlil the prophet", a track from 1963 that I've had  on deck to play for a while but it just hasn't made it on air (until now).  Playing this track made me realize that, for some reason, the "older pieces" I've had on the show have often been from just a few years ago; not quite sure how that happened but such is the way it's gone.


March 6, 2017

Kind of a cool show here, with more tracks than usual.  Among others, there are two big band tunes; some short, jazzy Grateful Dead pieces (from their jazziest release, Blues For Allah); two Coltranes (John and Alice); and gongs, man, gongs! (courtesy of Kaufmann and Welsch).


February 27, 2017

And more catching up.  This was one of two recent programs hosted by Linda Cunningham, who did a great job as always (I was in Hawaii when this episode was on).  Very much a "Linda" show this week ☺.  Many thanks again to Linda.


February 20, 2017

OK, I'm bad, very bad.  I'm about a month behind in making this posting.  Mea culpa.  I beat myself up.

Alright, penance completed.  A few words about this show... which I really liked, I must say.  A great start, with my old fave "Ich, bin, George" by the Flat Earth Society, which features some rocking clarinet (yes, really).  Everything that follows is pretty groovy and diverse as well.  I even managed to sneak in some Richard Thompson, a short track from his Cabaret of souls record from a few years back.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 13, 2017

Another all-new program, the last for a while, featuring only six tracks.  A nice mix of styles, I thought, from super-straight-ahead (which I infrequently play) to some fairly-out there stuff.  Diverse instrumentation as well and one vocal track (again, vocals rarely appear on BTT).

Next week, it'll be back to the usual mix of old and new.  From what I've got planned so far, things will be pretty varied stylistically as well.  The Feb. 20 program will be my last... for a week.  I'll be away for the Feb. 27 show; Linda Cunningham will be filling in, as she has done many times in the past, and will do her regular fantastic job.  I'll be back for the first edition of Breaking The Tethers in March, on March 6.


Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

First show in February (wow, February already...), on a cold, snowy, snowy day in Calgary.  This ended up being an "all-new" program, which jumped between the fairly far out there (e.g. Ware and Shipp) and some fairly straight-ahead material (e.g. Paul Yonemura).  I also played fewer tracks than usual, in part because the Ware and Shipp performance went a bit over 20 minutes.  Not quite sure what I'm going to do next week but I suspect that it might be another "all new" edition; after that, it'll be back to the usual old + new fare.


Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

 Another show following the recent, usual pattern, part new stuff, part old stuff.  This program definitely had a 70s jazz-rock feel to parts of it; ELP and Jeff Beck would do that. No physical butterfingers during this episode, unlike last week, but I did trip over my tongue a fair amount, especially as the show went on (I thought I started rather smooth and went downhill from there).

Next show is Monday, February 6, 10-11 am MT.  I might do an "all-new" program; we'll see...


January 23, 2017

Managed to play a whopping 12 tracks this week.  This may not seem like much but it's a bundle, considering I normally max out at 8 or 9.  Comes with hosting a jazz(ish) show; the tracks can be long...

I was also a bit of a butterfingers on this program.  Not so much with my mouth but actually with my fingers!  Hopefully, it didn't show through much :-)


Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2016

Show #3 of 2017, mostly featuring older material, largely from the early 2010s (geez, we're in the later half of that decade already... time passes, time passes...), with a couple of brand new tracks.  I playedtwo Nostalgia 77 pieces, as kind of bookends to a set; I like doing this and will be doing more of it in the future. Best track title this week: "Teenage breakup song" by Peripheral Vision, which I thought was appropriate for the music.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

November 7, 2016

Alright, last catch-up posting here.  I got off the rails late last year and have finally made things better.  The next posting will be for the upcoming show on Monday, January 16, with weekly reports after each program following that.

As with other shows recently, this was what has become the regular kind of BTT program i.e. a jumble of old and new material, about 1/3 of it Canadian content.  However, it also featured a "bookending", involving two Ahmad Jamal tunes (each with a weather/seasonal theme); one started the program and the other ended it.  For some reason, I find myself doing this a fair amount (and planning to do it in the future), both across the show and within sets.  Let's see what comes of this...


November 14, 2016

Two to go and then all caught up.  Presenting the Nov. 14, 2016 program.  Again, it was the usual kinda thing for BTT, half old, half new, about 1/3 Canadian.  All good stuff, I say.


November 28, 2016

Working backwards, I'm now into November 2016, with three programs left to post.  This show was the usual sort of mix of music, with a lean to new releases.


December 5, 2016

This finishes up December in terms of catching up.

Another nice show with a good mix, not too much more to say.  I like the fact that I began things with a track entitled "Fin" :-)


December 12, 2016

And still more catching up on posts here.  This is the second last one for December 2016 still to do.

Basically, just a good show, some new stuff, some old(er) stuff. "I say old(er)"because I've noticed that almost all of the "not new" songs I've been playing on the show are just a few years old. Haven't planned it that way but that's what's happened.  Not a big deal, of course; what gets played is what gets played.  There was a fairly old piece on the Dec. 12 program, the Chico Hamilton/Paul Horn piece, which was released in 1963.


Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

Second show of the year, this one featuring only "old" material; that is, only songs that were released before the last year, give or take a bit (though the track by the Oberon Guitar Trio might violate this by a little bit).  Every now and again, I present "all new" programs so I thought it would be interesting to do the reverse.  Most of the tracks this week ended up being pretty recent anyway, with 2011 being the most common year.  Next week, the show should be the usual mix of old and new.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

December 19, 2016

Second last show of 2016, featuring lots of Canadian content and some nifty tunes (as always!)
This program also marks the first appearance of a seasonal song this Christmas season, "Dad threw up on Christmas Day" by the Arrogant Worms, the first of two A. Worms' songs dealing with vomit played on BTT.


December 26, 2016

I am now officially catching up on late posts, starting with the December 26, 2016 program.  This was a solid, fun show, with plenty of variety in content, ranging from some Christmas-themed items to Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Greg Lake died a few days before).  I also played 12 tracks, which is about as much as one can squeeze into a one-hour jazz(ish) program (without loads of planning).


January 2, 2017

First post in 2017, about the first Breaking The Tethers (BTT) show in 2017.  Nothing too special about the program, just a mix of old and new and various styles.  I did include a Christmas leftover, "Christmas on acid" by Radio Free Vestibule (now The Vestibules); not necessarily jazz but always a fun one to play.

I realized that I haven't posted about any BTT programs since late Nov. 2016.  Bad, bad, bad.  Shame overcomes me (well, maybe not but I do feel a tad guilty :-).  I will remedy this situation over the next few days, beginning with this post.