Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 27, 2010

"Iron fist" - Motorhead (Everything louder than everything else)
"Must be Santa" - Bob Dylan (Christmas in the heart)
"Norfolk rhapsody no. 1" - Ralph Vaughan Williams
"Reflexology" - Pepa Paivinen (Jazz from Finland 2011)
"I could almost disperse" - Celer (Dying star)
"Within you without you" - Easy All-Stars featuring Matisyahu (Easy Star's lonely hearts dub band)
"Christmas on acid" - Radio Free Vestibule (Sketches, songs, and shoes)
"Bulan/Khek borates" - Available Jelly (Bilbao song)
"Take me to Brazil" - Jazz Ministers (Next stop… Soweto, vol. 3: giants, ministers and makers: jazz in South Africa 1963-1978)
"Constriction" - Hopethorns (EP)
"The river wild" - No Blues (Lumen)
"A sailor's life" - Fairport Convention (Unhalfbricking)
"Mountain noel" - Brian Whitman (A singular christmas)
"Thorny devil" - Spinifex Orchestra (Spinifex Orchestra)
"Astral echo poem" - Quinsin Nachoff (Fomo)
"Slow learner" - Spirit Of The West (Faithlift)
"Greensleeves" - James Taylor (Oakland, CA, 1972)
"Blooming away" - LUSRICA (Melancholic jazz sunset)
"Retired at 21" - Black Flag (Detroit, MI, June 27, 1986)
"Merry fucking christmas" - Alias Frequencies
"Perfect match for trouble" - Waterflow (Perfect match for trouble)
"Hammer dat!" - Heavy Tin (Refused)
"Ascent" - John Coltrane (Sun ship)
"Christmas in Ignace" - The Arrogant Worms (Christmas turkey)
"Aerial tour instrumental" - The Beatles
"Erix" - Bik Bent Braam (Extremen)
"Galactic jellyfish" - Diatesssaron (Monument)

Here's the just-slightly-post December 25 Christmas show. Apologies for being late in posting this.

This was a fun program to present. It featured a wild mess of tunes and songs, some (non-traditional) Christmas material, and some faves of mine, particularly "A sailor's life" by Fairport, with its mind-blowing instrumental section in the last half.


Friday, December 17, 2010

December 20, 2010

"Abba zaba" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (Safe as milk)
"Potato boy" - Celano Baggiani Group (Alienology)
"Clin d'oeil" - Marianne Trudel/Levy Bourbonnais (L'embarquee)
"Mag runs the voodoo down" - Nils Landgren Funk Unit (Funk for life)
"Sum up broke" - The International Submarine Band
"Umbo weti" - Babtunde Lea (Umbo weti: a tribute to Leon Thomas)
"Run Rudolph run" - Keith Richards
"Fauxfessor" - John Ellis & Double-Wide (Puppet mischief)
"Uncle Sam took my baby away" - The Humms (Lemonland)
"When I cry" - Shawn Bell Quintet (Things yet unknown)
"Connecting……. done" - Earswideopen (Earswideopen)
"Space child" - Spirit (Twelve dreams of Dr. Sardonicus)
"Q41" - Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher (Quartet)
"Flame retarded" - Breathe Knives (Breathe Knives)
"Wan maha sanook" - Plearn Promden (The sound of Siam: leftfield luk thun, jazz & molam in Thailand 1964-1975)
"Why does the sun shine?" - They Might Be Giants (Here comes science)
"Adolph Hitler" - The Doors (The Doors box set)
"El inicio" - Darren Sigesmund (Strands II)
"U.F.O" - Torche (Songs for singles)
"Dr. Jackie" - Barnacle Bill (Trio)
"Boo hiss" - Jordan Zeyha (The explosives archives: Calgary live music, vol. I)
"Tired of sex" - Weezer (Pinkerton)
"To composer John Cage" - Anthony Braxton (For alto)
"Derdalan" - Barana Quintet (Sarap wine)
"The tree of freedom" - Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis (Vitoria suite)
"Donovan's monkey" - Blue Oyster Cult (Blue Oyster Cult)
"Stolpernova" - Knalpot (Serious outtakes)
"The pact (I'll be your fever)" - Villagers (Becoming a jackal)
"Qui vive" - De Bende Van Drie (Traces of tides)
"Divine and bright" - Earth (A bureaucratic desire for extra-capsular extraction)
"Some frump punk" - Agog (Some frump punk)
"Way of the cross/crucifiction/death" - Undivided (The passion)

Another "all over the map" show, with 30+ (32 to be exact) tracks played again. Some key items from today's program:

*The 5000th track played on Breaking The Tethers appeared today. This was "Tree of freedom" by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. I had originally planned to keep tabs on what was being played and where the number was at but I forgot all about it. So, no big announcement during the show. "Tree of freedom" just ended up being the lucky track. I'm OK with that.

*Captain Beefheart checked out of the planet on Friday (credit to Scott Miller on the RT list, I think, for the "checked out of the planet" bit). He'd long since quit the music business (since 1982, I believe) to return to his visual art roots (he was a sculpting prodigy as a child) and was sick with MS but he left behind a remarkable collection of recorded music. In his honour, I chose to play one of my Beefheart faves, "Abba zaba".

*There was a Dutch feel of sorts to today's episiode. A pile of Dutch jazz and jazz-related music, both recent and from the last few years, crossed my path this week. Most of it was pretty cool so I decided to feature some of it on air. I actually didn't get to play all of the material I wanted so there will be more on the December 27 program (different performers and different CDs, of course).

The next edition of Breaking The Tethers will be a just slightly-post-Christmas (Day) show, as mentioned, on December 27, 2010, the last one of the year.


Friday, December 10, 2010

December 13, 2010

"The ghost who walks" - Karen Elson (The ghost who walks)
"Introduction" - The Qiwi Selftet (Melancholic jazz sunset)
"Backyard puma" - Timo Lassy(Jazz from Finland 2011)
"Kinky neck" - Natural/PolPOT (Natural/PolPOT)
"Chi passa per stra strada" - Philip Pickett (The bones of all men)
"Suburbia" - Trombone Shorty (Backatown)
"Urban march (shadow)" - Anthony De Mare (Speak! The speaking-singing pianist)
"I will dare" - The Replacements (Let it be)
"Sidewinder" - Steven McGill Project (Kujichagulia: self determination)
"1" - Esther Lamneck/Roberto Fabbriciani (Winds of the heart)
"Zodiac shit" - Flying Lotus (Cosmogramma)
"Roast beef and fried potatoes" - Fumio Yasuda and Theo Bleckmann (Schumann's favored bar songs)
"El wool suite" - Incredible String Band (U)
"Dogma of dogmas" - Stanley Schumacher And The Music Now Ensemble (Jive at 5:05)
"Awkward" - Anna Webber (Third floor people don't need to worry about anything)
"Huron carol" - Bent Spoon Trio (Holly jolly)
"Morning born" - Wolf People (Steeple)
"Cromlech" - Wolf People (Steeple)
"Dumb things" - The Cat Empire (Live on earth)
"Rastaman chant" - The Derek Trucks Band (Roadsongs)
"Snakes at the Euxine" - Rembetika Hipsters (Kafeneion)
"I am the walrus" - Pert Near Sandstone (Minnesota Beatle project, vol. 2)
"The betrayer" - Kaki King (Junior)
"Smile at me" - Chris Derksen (The cusp)
"Equivalences" - Stereolab (Not music)
"Apparitions of revelry" - Random Touch (Reverberating apparatus)
"Wabi-sabi" - Leslie Pintchik (We're here to listen)
"Bass-Einstein" - Rowan Converse (Break failure)
"Sample pack song (I just don’t like techno)" - Mindkontrolultra (Blood bubbles)
"Tidelands" - Moondoggies (Tidelands)
"Still swimming" - Pan American (For waiting, for chasing)
"Somebody stole my money" - Gospel Claws (C-L-A-W-S)
"Heavy winged 01" - Heavy Winged (Sunspotted)

This was probably the least "jazz" show in quite some time. No more of a quarter of the tracks played this week would fall into this category. I'm OK with this but, for any folks who would like to hear more jazz on Breaking The Tethers, fear not, there will be programs with higher jazz quotients in the future (though it will always wax and wane, as will other styles of music).

Fave plays this week: The cover version of "I am the walrus" by Pert Near Sandstone and "Tidelands" by Moondoggies.

Just 25 tracks to go and we'll be at the 5000 level. I suspect that this will happen in the 3rd hour of the show next week, December 20. I'll try to remember it when it happens :-)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 6, 2010

"Whole dat tone" - Heavy Tin (Refused)
"Buddha's joy" - William Parker Organ Quartet (Uncle Joe's spirit house)
"Beyond Damascus" - The Hang-Ten Hangmen (Songs from the scaffold)
"Small craft on a milk sea" - Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams (Small craft on a milk sea)
"What's my name" - The Clash (From here to eternity)
"Under the sodium lights" - Slow Dancing Society (Under the sodium lights)
"Interligne 1" - Jacky Chalard (Je suis vivant, mais j'ai peur de Gilbert Deflez)
"Suddle lip can" - Subtle Lip Can (Subtle Lip Can)
"Jackal chatter" - Wide Hive Players (Players II guitar)
"Police navidad" - One Ton Shotgun (Hardcore holiday)
"So what" - Always often (Spazz)
"So what" - Grateful Dead (Download series, volume 5, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, Mrch 27, 1998)
"Itchy" - Pamela Hines Trio (Moon germs)
"Barrel fire" - Gordon Grdina Trio With Mats Gustafsson (Barrel fire)
"Way home" - Ed Henderson (Intimate)
"Despair" - Undivided (The passion)
"Kargyraa ching soortukchulerining yryzy" - Huun-Hurr-Tu (60 horses in my herd)
"Missing persons" - Burning Ghats (Fools gold)
"Fall away" - Astral (Forever after)
"The moon and the sun" - Luis Bonilla (Twilight)
"Bad ballet"- Cosmic View (Music for the mysteries of space and time)
"6th street" - Mike Stern (Big neighborhood)
"Tokyo I" - Fred Frith (Live in Tokyo)
"Fear of zombies" - The Benders (Three sheets to the wind)
"Jail braille" - Freedom Sound (Now with more music': live sessions from CJSW 90.9 FM)
"Baby's first steps to depression" - The Church Of Jeffrey Adams (14 hymns to inspire and uplift)
"Last time" - Black Dub (Black Dub)
"Ararat dub" - Bei Ru (Little Armenia)
"The oracle" - Construction & Deconstruction (Mutatis mutandis)
"Melodrames telegraphies (in b major 7th) part 2" - Brian McBride (The effective disconnect: music composed for the documentary 'Vanishing of the bees')
"Premier souffle" - Pas Chic Chic (12" ep)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this show is that I managed to squeeze in 31 songs in three hours. I haven't managed to play that many songs in several months, maybe longer.

Also, there's only 51 tracks to play before hitting the 5000 mark. I thought that this might occur on the December 27 show but it now looks like 5000 will be reached on the December 20 program.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 29, 2010

"Goodbye pork-pie hat" - The Pentangle (Sweet child)
"Ascension ghost impression #2" - Exploding Star Orchestra (Stars have shapes)
"Lady in the yellow dress" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Stories from home)
"Suite cannon: Part 1: The king and I" - The Cannonball Adderley Quintet (Pyramid)
"They came and took away our kittens" - Aeroplane Trio (Naranja ha)
"Dakan" - Afrocubism (Afrocubism)
"Wonton" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians III)
"Nardis" - Mario Romano Quartet (Valentina)
"Nine times blue" - Michael Nesmith (Rio: the best of Michael Nesmith)
"Full time" - Regina Carter (Reverse thread)
"The cat in the hat" - 'Bob Dylan' (Dylan hears a who)
"Standing on the highway" - Bob Dylan (The Whitmark demos: 1962-1964 (the bootleg series vol. 9))
"Shadow dance" - Dave Holland Octet (Pathways)
"Eclipse" - Easy Star All-Stars (Dubber side of the moon)
"Blowin' in the wind" - Leslie Pintchik (We're here to listen)
"The cure" - Trombone Shorty (Backatown)
"Overtones of China" - Jason Adasiewicz (Sun rooms)
"A trabager" - Chachon y la Nueva Crema (The roots of chica 2: psychedelic cumbias from Peru)
"Folk melody" - Ari Roland (New music)
"The Simpsons" - Powerglove (Saturday morning apocalypse)
"Infinity guitars" - Sleigh Bells (Treats)
"German haircut" - Flying Lotus (Cosmogramma)
"Meeting of the spirits" - Matt Haimovitz/Uccello (Meeting of the sprits)
"Discarded cut-off jeans and a pile of drug paraphernalia" - Natural/PolPOT (Natural/PolPOT)

This was a true wide-and-varied show, a lot of fun, at least from my perspective. Some highlights:

*Best titles: "Discarded cut-off jeans and a pile of drug paraphernalia" by Natural/PolPOT, "They came and took away our kittens" by Aeroplane Trio, and "Ascension ghost impression #2" by the Exploding Star Orchestra. Gotta love the titles of those experimental tracks.

*Winner of the People Like This A Lot Category: The metal version of the Simpsons theme by Powerglove.

*"Is that really Bob Dylan?": "The cat in the hat" by 'Bob Dylan'.

*A long-time fave of mine: Pentangle's version of Charles Mingus' "Goodbye pork-pie hat". A little different than many of the other (many) other covers of this tune but the first one that really jumped out at me. I may have even heard it before a version by Mingus.

Christmas is coming, of course, and, looking ahead, the "official" Christmas show for Breaking The Tethers will be December 27. I've often ignored Christmas-themed music in past years but I've decided to play some Christmas tunes both on the 27th and in the three programs leading up to that date. Don't expect anything too traditional!

One other thing that will be occuring soon is that the 5000th track will be played on Breaking The Tethers. This will happen sometime in the next few weeks, maybe on the 27th. After today's show, 4911 tracks have been played, leaving just 89 left before the 5000 mark is reached.


Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

"The paladin" - Wide Hive Players (Players II guitar)
"Variations on invitation (alt.)" - Pamela Hines Trio (Moon germs)
"Sixteen, fifteen, fourteen" - P.J. Harvey & John Parish (A woman a man walked by)
"It never moves" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to: volume II)
"Lionsteeth" - Church of the Very Bright Lights (Gang crimes)
"Enshakoota" - Gordon Grdina Trio With Mats Gustafsson (Barrel fire)
"At daybreak the first greyness to emerge" - Somnabulists (At daybreak the first greyness to emerge)
"Epistrophy" - The Microscopic Septet (Friday the thirteenth: the Micros play Monk)
"Cold comfort" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions vol. 3 - conversations)
"Sing a song for you" - Anne Briggs (Sing a song for you)
"West of crash" - Mario Pavone (Orange double tenor)
"Songs without words I" - John Cale (Words for the dying)
"Albanico" - River City Big Band (Just friends)
"Sunny mission" - Hauschka (Foreign landscape)
"Songs without words II" - John Cale (Words for the dying)
"Twilight" - Luis Bonilla (Twilight)
"Huaca de la luna" - Jason Robinson (The two faces of Janus)
"Inside look" - Subtle Lip Can (Subtle Lip Can)
"Gabriel's horns" - The Don Berner Sextet (The Don Berner Sextet invades Calgary: live at the Beatniq)
"Everything is beautiful" - Mark McLean (Mark McLean's playground)
"Never giving up" - Polar Bear with Jyager (Common ground)
"Nobody's fault but my own" - Jazz Folk (Jazz in the stone age)
"Depression (loukhoum)" - Richard Pinhas (Metal/crystal)

Another jazz-orientated show accompanied by, again, another group of experimental material. Musically, this one really clicked with me though I was kinda clumsy on the board. Such is (my) life sometimes.

I had my first "news" interview on today's program. I talked with former University of Calgary Students' Union president Charlotte Kingston, who is now an intern at the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership. The Foundation has just released a report on the impact of the economy on Calgarians, particularly students and new canadians, entitled Wasted Wasted Potential: Students and New Canadians Talk Frankly About the Impact of the Economic Downturn, which Charlotte and I discussed.

Apologies for not getting the playlist up earlier. I had hoped to post this yesterday or on Monday but things were just a tad busier than expected (meetings, an hour-long wait for a C-Train in -30 degree temperature, etc.).


Friday, November 12, 2010

November 15, 2010

"Get in there" - Jason Adasiewicz (Sun rooms)
"The ABCs of anarchism" - Chumbawamba
"Smash the state" - D.O.A. (Bloodied but unbowed: the damage to date: 1978-1983)
"Special sauce" - Ed Henderson (Intimate)
"Silbury sands" - Wolf People (Steeple)
"ChromoRocker" - Exploding Star Orchestra (Stars have shapes)
"W.R.U." - Matt Haimovitz/Uccello (Meeting of the sprits)
"God rest ye merry gentlemen" - Oliver Jones/Ranee Lee/Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
(A celebration in time)
"Grinding dance" - Natural/PolPOT (Natural/PolPOT)
"How's never" - Dave Holland Octet (Pathways)
"Go let's go" - Hangedup (Clatter for control)
"Norwegian wood" - Mario Romano Quartet (Valentina)
unknown - Gmackrr (Avant plans et bruit de fond)
"Eastern echoes" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"Whatever happened to the sand people" - Aeroplane Trio (Naranja ha)
"Be there" - Skyf (Next stop… Soweto, vol. 3: giants, ministers and makers: jazz in South Africa 1963-1980)
"Soupirs d'espace 1) soupirs d'espace" - The Oberon Guitar Trio (Music of our time)
"Esther's nose job" - Soft Machine (Backwards)
"(re)prise" - Dryft (Ventricle)
"Village green" - Joey DeFrancesco/Robi Botos/Vito Rezzo/Phil Dwyer (One take, volume four)
"Zuata zuata" - Puto Prata (The sound of Club Secousse vol. 1)
"Euclid ave" - Phil Hawkins (Sugarcane suite)
"The exploitation game" - Cymbl (Bronze nature)
"When the ground is numb" - William Ryan Fritch (Music for honey and bile)
"Being and becoming" - Charles Lloyd Quartet (Mirror)

Another jazz-slanted show, though with a foot in the experimental camp. And I snuck in another performance by Soft Machine, one of my all-time faves. Top title this week, IMHO: "Whatever happened to the sand people" by Aeroplane Trio.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funding Drive 2010 and Breaking The Tethers

Though I was not in attendance, I heard that the CJSW Funding Drive 2010 edition of Breaking The Tethers (Monday, October 25) went down very well. In terms of money pledged, the total amount pledged during the program by phone was $680. I was told that an additional $300 came in via the Web during the BTT time period. Many thanks to Andrew, Brian, Rob, Nicholas, Ken, Curtis, Veronica, and Natasha for their wonderful contributions! Thanks also to Myke Atkinson who did a great job filling in for me!

One more set of thanks: To Bryson Montgomery for covering Breaking The Tethers on November 1, when I was also away.

I'll be back on the air next Monday, November 15, 7 am. Please join me then.


November 8, 2010

"Muskeg blues" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions vol. 3 - conversations)
"Tides of consciousness falling" - Jason Robinson (The two faces of Janus)
"Dancing mystic poets at twylight" - Geri Allen (Flying toward the sound)
"Psychedelic baby" - Fubura Sekibo (Nigeria special: volume 2: modern highlife, afro sounds & Nigerian blues)
"Silver lining" - The Nigel Kennedy Quintet (Shhh!)
"Fine bone salo" - New Channel (New Channel)
"Nothing but heartache in your social life" - Gordon Downie (Coke machine glow)
"Which way" - Mark McLean (Mark McLean's playground)
"Farewell to Nova Scotia" - The Sheridan Band (Running wild)
"Prairie" - Matthias Lupri (After hours: moonlamps & other ballads)
"Cold brains" - Jazz Folk (Jazz in the stone age)
"Rusty car" - Bucket Boys (Killing club)
"Passu torratu" - Hughes de Courson (Lux obscura)
"The adults" - Peripheral Vision (Peripheral Vision)
"Living with the crocodiles" - Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson (Daily dance)
"Metallic spheres" - The Orb Featuring David Gilmour (Metallic spheres)
"Teo" - The Microscopic Septet (Friday the thirteenth: the Micros play Monk)
"Don't give up" - Jeff King (Catalyst)
"Shadows II" - Ensemble Resonance (Electrospectives)
"Droplet" - Uz Jseme Doma (Caves)
"This brings us to" - Henry Threadgill Zooid (This brings us to: volume II)
"Mid code" - Mario Pavone (Orange double tenor)
"Fionnghuala" - The Bothy Band (Old hag you have killed me)
"The role I choose" - Polar Bear with Jyager (Common ground)
"Watt" - Floored By Four (Floored By Four)
"Surcharge" - Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys (Betweenwhile)
"La faulx" - Univers Zero (Heresie)

This was my first show for three weeks and it featured a big chunk of jazz (plus, interestingly, a celtic element). A fair amount of newly-released jazz crossed my path recently so I figured I would give it an airing on Breaking The Tethers. I've got leftovers, so to speak, so I suspect that the next show or two will be jazz-centred. Who knows what the program will be like after that? :-)


Friday, October 15, 2010

October 18, 2010

"Skophom" - The S.A. Move (Next stop, Soweto, vol. 2: soultown, R & B, funks & psych sounds from the townships 1969-1977)
"My last goodbye" - Milton Suggs (Things to come)
"Hustle up" - Richard Underhill (Free spirit)
"Flying toward the sound" - Geri Allen (Flying toward the sound)
"Snow song" - Nymph (Nymph)
"Substitute" - Frank Turner (Love ire & song)
"Victory" - Ebo Taylor (Love and death)
"Milking the cow" - Mouth Music (Mo-di)
"Ampfer" - Roedelius (The diary of the unforgotten: selbstportrait VI)
"Reunited" - The Jazz Passengers (Reunited)
" A two-per to fill" - Herb Harris (Some many second chances vol. 1)
"Welcome" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"U-mass/Crackity Jones/Something against you" - Pixies (Regina, SK, April 15, 2004)
"Sequential tears in it (no. 20)" - Mary Halvorson Quintet (Saturn sings)
"Tooth fairy" - Winter gloves (All red)
"Bored with sorcery" - Monster Magnet (Mastermind)
"We laughed all night" - Emma Hill (Clumsy seduction)
"Hovering (part 2)" - Hearts No Static (Motif)
"Carnavalito" - Toubab Kreme (TK2)
"Barrack street" - Nic Jones (Penguin eggs)
"Ferrra napoly" - Avishai Cohen (Introducing Triveni)
"Mr. Romance" - Electric Nightlife (Blood balls)
"On the B.T." - The Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet (Point a to point a)
"Song of joy" - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (Murder ballads)
"The machine" - Go For The Eyes (S/T)
"Night dreamer/afro blue" - Dual Rhythm (Big band)
"Missed court dates" - The North Sea (Bloodlines)

As mentioned, this was my last show before CJSW Funding Drive 2010. As mentioned, unfortunately, I will be away for the FD edition of Breaking The Tethers but Myke Atkinson will be ably taking my place and will do a great job. I will also try to call in from where I'll be (Boston) once or twice.

Regarding Funding Drive, this year, the station's target is $200,000. I'm hoping that the loyal listeners of Breaking The Tethers will pledge $1000 or more. We've never quite made it into four digits but I hope this level can be reached this year. More on Breaking The Tethers during FD 2010 in another post, coming soon.

One last note: My fave title this week: "Missed court dates" by The North Sea from their CD Bloodlines.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mix CDs for CJSW Funding Drive 2010

As mentioned, I will be in Boston during CJSW Funding Drive 2010 :-( but Myke Atkinson will be taking my place and will do an awesome job. There will be some cool incentives available to pledgers during the program, including CDs. Some of these CDs will be commercial discs (including two copies of the new Neil Young CD), some will be mix CDs that I have compiled myself. All of the mix CDs contain songs and tunes that were played on Breaking The Tethers in the last year (or thereabouts) and feature the usual dog's breakfast of sounds that are heard on the show. A list of what is on each CD is below. There are five of these CDs and only five; once they are claimed, that's it, so grab them while you can! The minimum pledge level for CDs will be $60.

The official CJSW page for the Funding Drive is at BTW, Funding Drive has begun as of this morning!

I'll be back on the air for the Monday, November 8 show.


CD 1
1. Pentangle – “Haitian Fight Song”
2. Demon Fuzz – “Past Present And Future”
3. Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass – “Ragas In Minor Scale”
4. Peatbog Faeries – “Folk Police”
5. Damien Jurado – “When I Light Your Darkened Door”
6. Deuce Coupes – “Nite Prowler”
7. The Consonance – “Tower”
8. Teenage Head – “Kissin’ The Carpet”
9. Mr. Fox – “Aunt Lucy Broadwood”
10. Sonic Youth – “Nic Fit”
11. Old And New Dreams – “Guinea”
12. Melotone Sisters With Amaqola Band – “I Sivenoe”
13. Michael Herring’s Vertigo Featuring David Binney – “Dark Materials”
14. Bishop McDaniel – “Introduction/Rock Daniels”
15. Mose Allison - “Saturday”
16. Sax Ruins – “Zurna Taksim”
17. Pentangle – “Haitian Fight Song”

CD 2
1. Barry Romberg’s Random Access – “Intro”
2. Archie Shepp – “Sorry ‘Bout That”
3. Plant And Animals – “Tom Cruz”
4. Orlando Consort – “Anon: Gloria, Clemens Deus
Artifex Tota Clementia”
5. Tim Turvey Ensemble – “Musk Melon”
6. Calexico – “Crumble”
7. Tim O’Brien – “Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
8. Mulatu Astatke – “Netsanet”
9. Grateful Dead – “Loser”
10. The Dave Young Quartet – “Seven Minds”
11. Francis Bebey – “Pygmy Divorce”
12. Comus – “Song To Comus”
13. Greg Burk – “Look To The Neutrino”
14. Richard Thompson – “Demons In Her Dancing Shoes”

CD 3
1. Pharoah Sanders – “Black Unity”
2. Gryphon – “The Astrologer”
3. Gentle Giant – “The Moon Is Down”
4. Rufus Harley – “Windy”
5. Christian Scott – “K.K.P.D.”
6. Henry Threadgill’s Zooid – “Chairmaster”
7. The Vistas – “Ghost Wave”
8. Harkness-Herriott Duo – “Leap Year”
9. Brian Eno – “Sombre Reptiles”

CD 4
1. Maleem Mahmoud Ghania – “Hamdouchi”
2. Darius Jones Trio – “Chasing The Ghost”
3. The Hykkers – “I Want A Break Thru”
4. Rare Air – “Inside Out”
5. Amazing Farmer Singers Of Chicago – “I Got A Telephone In My Bosom”
6. The Hygrades – “In The Jungle”
7. Jeff Palmer – “Modal Scallopini”
8. The Phibes – “Hard On”
9. Trader Horne – “The Mutant”
10. Old And New Dreams – “Orbit Of La-Ba”
11. Mahmoud Ahmed – “Kulun Mankwalesh”
12. Billy Harper – “Somalia”

CD 5
1. The Habibiyya – “The Eye-Witness”
2. The Budos Band – “Rite Of The Ancients”
3. David Widelock Trio – “Chitchat”
4. Mulatu Astatke – “Green Africa”
5. Azrael – “Howl At The Moon”
6. La Canaille – “Dock Boggs”
7. The Gene Harris Quartet – “Summertime”
8. Eri Yamamoto Trio – “We’ll Figure Out Blues”
9. Sweet Talks – “Sasa Abonsam”
10. The Budos Band – “Golden Dunes”
11. Muskox – “Humphries’ Tide”
12. Azrael – “Don’t Get Enough”
13. The Monks – “Blockhead”
14. The Chris McGregor Septet – “Yickytickee/Union Special”

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 11, 2010

"Pre-amble" - Jeff King (Catalyst)
"It doesn't stop" - Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys (Betweenwhile)
"Ganesha triumphant" - Thai Elephant Orchestra (Elephonic rhapsodies)
"Yansa" - Chucho Valdes (Chucho's steps)
"Senor (tales of yankee power)" - Tim O'Brien (Red on blonde)
"Rubbed raw" - Insantree (Wouldwarr)
"I could be you" - Hubert Sumlin (Blues guitar boss)
"Breathe deep" - Choice Makurz (A new beginning)
"Variation 1" - Marc Ribot (Silent movies)
"Ghorous" - Natacha Atlas (Mounqabiba)
"Transfiguration" - Nigel Kennedy Quintet (Shhh!)
"Mr. X" - The Velvetones (Surfer's mood)
"Metalix déjà vu" - Matthias Lupri (After hours: moonlamps & other ballads)
"Smashed teeth" - Cowpuncher (Cowpuncher)
"Sidney Wells"- Richard Thompson (Dream attic)
"Bill Hickman at home" - The Bad Plus (Never stop)
"Blockhead" - The Monks (Next stop, Soweto, vol. 2: soultown, R & B, funks & psych sounds from the townships 1969-1976)
WKRP turkey drop
"Daddy longlicks" - Joe Robinson (6 string theory)
"What do you think happens when you get too far from your home?'" - Peripheral Vision (Peripheral Vision)
"Two ko la dami" - Tunji Oyelana & The Benders (Nigeria Special Vol.2: modern highlife afro-sounds and nigerian blues)
"Modulotion" - Carnatic (Modulotion)
"Robert Palmer tribute coda (live excerpt)" - Robert Poss (Settings: music for dance, film, fashion and industry)
"Ghost wave" - The Vistas (Surfer's mood)
"4 is a feeling" - The Glenious Inner Planet (The Glenious Inner Planet)
"Boom town girls" - The Swan Project (The Swan Project)
"Corktown" - Huron (Huron)
"Portrait: 1. frame (prelude)" - Robert Aitken (Neue bilder: music of/musique de James Harley)

First off, apologies for not posting a little earlier. I had hoped to get this list up sometime on Tuesday but it just didn't happen; my plate is kinda full these days.

Another fun show, I thought, this time providing the soundtrack for Canadian Thanksgiving. I trust everyone had a great holiday weekend and got their fill of turkey (or acceptable alternate food product).

CJSW Funding Drive 2010 will be starting on Friday, October 22. I'm hoping everyone can listen in and, if possible, contribute. I'll be away in Boston on the day of the Breaking The Tethers Funding Drive show so veteran CJSW programmer and station music director-on-leave Myke Atkinson will be taking my place. Myke will do great things in my absence. I'll try to call once or twice that morning and there will be a stash of cool incentives for pledgers, including some mix CDs (more on this in a separate posting).

I'll also be away for the Monday, November 1 program. I think Myke might also be taking the reins that day but I'm not sure; I'll find out what the story is. I'll be back on the air on Monday, November 8.


Friday, October 1, 2010

October 4, 2010

"Welcome" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"Soheb" - Fond of Tigers (Continent & western)
"The patient nurses/Wattle grove/Another bucket of eels" - Shooglenifty (Troots)
"Poseidon" - Plotz! (The kid)
"Shoreline" - Dual Rhythm (Big band)
"Late in a slow time - pt. 4" - Duo Concentante (Wild bird)
"We landed on the moon" - The Knowledge Of Us (Aware)
"Ready or not" - 4 (4)
"Everything is beautiful" - Kelly Jefferson Quartet (Next exit)
"Old fangs" - Black Mountain (Wilderness heart)
"Who are parents" - The Shaggs (Philosophy of the world)
"Dillatude: the flight of Titus" - The Roots (How I got over)
"Clarion call" - The Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet (Point a to point b)
"Revolution without 'r'" - Robert Wyatt (Un certo discorso, February 1981)
"Dollar bill blues" - Shinyribs (More Townes Van zandt by the great unknown)
"Hold it steady" - Joanna Borromeo (Through the door)
"October 25th" - Avishai Cohen (Introducing Triveni)
"It's an angry world" - Neil Young (Le noise)
"Open: bo no ma" - John Oswald (Plexure)
"Pathway to heaven" - El Boy Die (The black hawk ladies & tambourins)
"Corner kisses" - Cory Weeds (The many deeds of Cory Weeds)
"Numb & intoxicated" - Kataklysm (Heaven's venom)
"Yankee's revenge" - David Bromberg
"Bolia" Gurmetet Bawa" (Love and life in the Punjab)
"A girl inside" - Weigh Anchors (The sea)
"Another train" - Pete Morton (One big joke)
"Couches & carpets" - Mice Parade (What it means to be left-handed)

This week, I thought there was lots of great music from all over the globe and the musical map (with a bit of a jazz focus). Everything came together well and I didn't mess up technology-wise nor with with my tongue (too much). And I played the Shaggs! All is well with the world.

I should mention that the annual CJSW funding drive begins on Oct. 22, running for a week after that date. This is the most important event for CJSW in that it's the time of the year when the station turns to its great listeners for support. CJSW as we know it simply would not exist without the pledges and financial contributions that it gets during funding drive. I'll be posting more details about this year's event soon (check out; suffice to say, it should be a lot of fun for all concerned.

In terms of Breaking The Tethers, I actually won't be able to host the funding drive edition; I'll be in Boston at a conference. Myke Atkinson will be hosting in my place and will do a fantastic job. I'll still be doing prep for the show and will be creating some unique, one-copy-only Breaking The Tethers mix CDs (more on these later, too). I'm also going to be setting a goal of $1000 (or more) for the program this year. I've always appreciated the support the show has received in earlier funding drives but the amount pledged has never got into four-digit territory (close, but not quite there); I'm very much hoping that we can cross that line this year.


Friday, September 24, 2010

September 27, 2010

"Changes" - Sinistrio (Sinistrio)
"Plum island" - Charlie Mariano (The great concert)
"The veteran's land act" - Depatterning (The liminal farm EP)
"Move on up" - William Parker (I plan to stay a believer: the inside songs of Curtis Mayfield_
"I am doing better in a parallel universe" - B.A. Johnston (Thank you for being a friend)
"2 p.m." - The Bad Plus (Never stop)
"It was the darkest day we'd never see" - Orchid's curse (Voices: the talkes broken men)
"Evening prayer" - The Quaint Hearted (The Quaint Hearted)
"Look up!" - Guadalcanal Diary (Flip-flop)
"Red blue" - Darrell Katz (A wallflower in the amazon)
"The oracle" - Danilo Perez (Providencia)
"The thing, and the thing that makes the thing the thing" - The Glenious Inner Planet (The Glenious Inner Planet)
"Palmas" - Kani (Tablatura)
"O café, o soleil" - Jacky Terrasson (Push)
"Duck duck geese" - Max Galactic & The Cloud of Evil (Present the circus)
"Sea seizure (no. 19)" - Mary Halvorson Quintet (Saturn sings)
"Demons in her dancing shoes " - Richard Thompson (Dream attic: deluxe edition)
"Epilogue" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (The gods must be smiling)
"The national anthem" - The Jazz Passengers (Reunited)
"Ghost story" - The Murder Plans (Good omens)
"Eclipse" - Alexy Guerer (Fragments of fiction)
"Yansa" - Chucho Valdes (Chucho's steps)
"Blackness I" - Yankee Yankee (The best of the early recordings)

This ended up being another jazz-filled show though with plenty of representation from other genres. My top tune this week was probably RT's "Demons in her dancing shoes" from the acoustic disc of the deluxe Dream attic release; I just love the instrumental that pops up in the last section of the performance. Mary Halvorson was wonderful as well; gotta like messing with the pitch! There were some great titles this week, too, including "I am doing better in a parallel universe" by B.A. Johnston and "The thing, and the thing that makes the thing the thing" from the Glenious Inner Planet (what does Glenious mean??)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 20, 2010

"Walk dance" - Plotz! (The kid)
"Mandelbrot" - Kelly Jefferson Quartet (Next exit)
"Turiya & Ramakrishna" - Alice Coltrane (Ptah, the El Daoud)
"Book of krittika" - David S. Ware (Onecept)
"Rail" - Reid Jamieson (Staring contest)
"Raincoats"- Efterklang (Magic chairs)
"Goin' down" - Cory Weeds (The many deeds of Cory Weeds)
"I love the way you" - Cowlick (Wires)
"On y va" - Mohammed Alidu and the Bizung Family (Land of fire)
"What goes on" - Sufijan Stevens (This bird has flown: a 40th anniversary tribute to the Beatles' Ruber soul)
"Something I can't know" - Kathryn Ladano (Open)
"Macedonia" - Various (Jam session)
"Mystic brew" - Ronnie Foster (The two-headed freap)
"I do all my own nude scenes" - Sleep For The Nightlife (Human people EP)
"All is falling: part 5" - James Blackshaw (All is falling)
"To Bob Vatel of Paris" - Jason Moran (Ten)
"Blind injustice" - Richard Leo Johnson and Gregg Bendian (Who knew Charlie Shoe?)
"Kottpolska" - Hoven Droven (Groove alchemy)
"The healing festival" - Tim Buckley (Starsailor)
"Aung San Suu Kyi" - Wayne Shorter Quartet (Usher Hall, Edinburgh, March 5, 2003)
"Surfing for silence" - Salinas (Salinas)
"MLT" - String Cheese Incident (Nashoba Ski Area, Westford, MA, June 6, 1998)
"Trouble" - Jay Sparrow (The tempest line)
"Chains of passivity" - The Green Hour Band (Coming of clockwise)
"Morning star" - EXIT 451 (The sea above the sky)
"Cobbler's jig/Maltese brawls" - John Renbourn's Ship of Fools (John Renbourn's Ship of Fools)
"Black crown ceremony I: diamond terrifier" - Zs (New slaves)

Another wide and varied set, though the first hour ended up being about 3/4 jazz. Interestingly, hour 2 was my butterfingers period; I left long gaps between some tracks and I think I played something twice... sigh... Alternately, hours 1 and 3 were technologically smooth.

Best album title this week: Staring contest (Reid Jamieseon). According to Allmusic, there are only two albums with this title, including Reid Jamieson's.

Best song/tune title this week: "I do all my own nude scenes" by Sleep For The Nightlife


Friday, September 10, 2010

September 13, 2010

"Sombre reptiles" - Brian Eno (Another green world)
"Continent & western" - Fond of Tigers (Continent & western)
"Bye bye Idi" - Bruce Cockburn (Dancing in the dragon's jaws (2002 reissue))
"Intro" - The XX (The XX)
"The hobo son" - Ronnie Hayward with 5 Stat Homeless (The hobo son)
"The maze: the beginning" - Danilo Perez (Providencia)
"RFK in the land of apartheid" - Jason Moran (Ten)
"Im maien" - Piffaro (Stadtpfeiffer: music of renaissance Germany)
"Doctor child" - Five Alarm Funk (Anything is possible)
"Dad I'm in jail" - Was Not Was (What up, dog?)
"Convergence" - Matt Garrison featuring Claudio Roditi (Familiar places)
"I like the sunrise" - Darrell Katz (A wallflower in the amazon)
"Rubber room" - The Johnnys (Louder faster more fun)
"Beware the eleventh step onwards" - The Quaint Hearted (The Quaint Hearted)
"Bombs" - Better Off Dead (Definition)
"Break down my door" - Amy Wood (Cinnamon heart)
"Samba soul' - Thomas Blondet (The sound of Rhythm & Sound)
"Janitor of lunacy" - Nico (Cathedrale-Notre-Dame, Reims, France, December 13, 1974)
"Ow!" - Ray Anderson (Old bottles-new wine)
"John the revelator" - Sheila Wilcoxson (Backwater blues)
"Lowell's bowel part 3" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (The gods must be smiling)
"Meditation" - Gene Harris Quartet (Another night in London)
"Concussion" - Electric Riddles (Pixxx)
"The werewolf" - Robin and Barry Dransfield (Brig Folk Club, The Adelphi, Lower Briggate, Leeds, UK, May 20, 1973)
"Niska banja" - Sviraj (One to remember)
"Beat bop" - Jacky Terrasson (Push)
"Ellipses" - This Invitation (Sunless/Ellipses, lapses, and collapses)
"Mute" - Charlie Mariano (The great concert)
"A rose is a rose…" - Diane McIntosh (Pinnacles: music of/musique de Diane McIntosh)

Musically, I thought this was a strong show, especially the first couple of hours. Things came together well and hung together. There was plenty of variation but also a fair amount of inter-connectedness. I wasn't so fussed about my performance on the mic today; too much stumbling, gaps, gaffes, and errors; oh well, I will survive :-)

I played one of my favourite instrumentals today, "Sombre reptiles" by Brian Eno. I've been thinking that my show could do with a theme, something regular and recognizable to start the program, and the idea occured to me that "Sombre reptiles" could be a good theme tune. I'm going to mull this over for a while but I welcome thoughts from listeners and readers about this.

Best CD title this week: Louder faster more fun by the Johnnys. There's a good motto for life!


Friday, September 3, 2010

September 6, 2010

"Julie" - Devon Sproule (Don't hurry for heaven)
"Freddie's dead" - William Parker (I plan to stay a believer: the inside songs of Curtis Mayfield)
"Bhang bhang, I'm a burnout" - Dum Dum Girls (I will be)
"Conference of the birds" - Dave Holland Quartet (Conference of the birds)
"Doojiman" - Iggy and the Stooges (Raw power: legacy edition)
"The breaking of our lord's birthday" - Oyster Band (Liberty Hall)
"Softly treads the hunter" - Scott Marshall Quartet (Vignettes)
"Canadian cigarettes" - Durban Poison (Stereophonic tonic)
"Thousand cuts " - Jefferson Grant Quintet (As one)
"Improvisation 1" - Derek Bailey & The Ruins (The Purcell Rooms, South Bank, London, April 3, 1997)
"What a friend" - Esperanza Spalding (Chamber music society)
"Zurna taksim" - Sax ruins (Yawiquo)
"Both back" - Sumner Brothers (Sumner Brothers)
"Ease back" - Grant Green (The finest in jazz: Grant Green)
"Blink and you'll miss it" - Paul Weller (Catch-flame!)
"Onward" - The Work (The 4th world)
"Crisis monkey" - Vigil-ante (Vigil-ante)
"Desire worlds" - David S. Ware (Onecept)
"The miller's prologue from the Canterbury tales" - Geoffrey Chaucer
"War in peace" - Skip Spence (Oar) "In harmony with Henry the horse" - Hans Reichel (Lower lurum)
"Granny White special" - Various (Jam session)
"Number three" - Either/Orchestra (More beautiful than death)
"Speedorama '83" - Mark Haney (Aim for the roses: the Ken Carter story)
"The eraser" - Christian Scott (Yesterday, you said tomorrow)
"Rocket street" - Mikrokoletktyw (Revisit)
"Yellow" - Beta Collide (Psst… psst!)

Show #2 in the new spot (Mondays, 1-10 am). The main feature this week was the live performance and interview with the Sumner Brothers, a country/folk/blues/rock group from Vancouver. They were passing through Calgary on their way back to Vancouver and dropped in at CJSW. Nice guys, good music, it went well, I thought (especially for the first ever live performance on Breaking The Tethers! I've done a fair number of interviews but never a live spot, until now).


Friday, August 27, 2010

August 30, 2010

"Before & after" - Efa Etoroma Jr. Trio (Before & after)
"Secret love" - James Moody (Moody 4A)
"I want to marry a lighthouse keeper" - Erika Eigen (A clockwork orange: music from the soundtrack)
"In Christ there is no east or west" - Leo Kottke (Greenhouse)
"Help the poor" - Junior Wells (Live at Theresa's 1975)
"Feeling's gone" - The Cat Empire (Cinema)
"Last century" - Steve Raegele (Last century)
"2 sips & magic" - Nickodemus (The sound of Rhythm & Sound)
"Public bath" - Shonen Knife (The birds and the b-sides)
"Night and day" - Bud Shank Quartet (Fascinating rhythms)
"Antebellum" - Viathyn (The peregrine way)
"Skunk eye" - Heavy tin (Fused jazz)
"Going aboard" - Sol Kaplan and Gerald Fried (The doomsday machine)
"Murder of Maria Marten" - Shirley Collins and the Albion Band (No roses)
"Strange vacation" - Quest For Fire (Lights from paradise)
"Working with the sun (first part)" - Frank Horvat (A little dark music)
"Marching the hate machines into the sun" - Lucinda Williams (Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, CA, September 1, 2007)
"Blue ridge mountains" - Fleet Foxes (Fleet Foxes)
"My shining hour" - Tia Fuller (Decisive steps)
"Classic" - Question Of Honour (Apothecary)
"Gayane ballet suite" - Aram Khachaturian (2001: a space odyssey)
"Modality" - Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics (Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics)
"Towards the unconditional" - Brookhaven (When the chorus walks)
"Jamie, my intentions are bass" - !!! (Strange weather, isn't it?)
"Sugar rush" - Blind Lemon Pledge (I would rather go blind)
"Lazy eye" - Minotaurs (The thing)
"Peace" - Raj Rangayyan and Uptal Mazumdar (Totally peaceful)

The first show in the 7-10 am time slot. Overall, things went fairly well, I think. Musically, it was less "jazz" than I first thought it would be and the jazz that was played was largely on the straight-ahead side; no problems with this but I should head into other territory in terms of jazz in future programs. The non-jazz tracks were all over the map, even more than usual; again, no problems with this.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 23, 2010

"Cineramascope" - Galactic (Ya-ka-may)
"Cisum" - Archie Shepp (The New York Contemporary Five)
"They hate punk rock " - D.O.A. (Talk-action=0)
"Mysteries of the macabre" - Beta Collide (Psst… psst!)
"Kyekye pe aware" - The Kusum Beat (Sweet talks)
"Really very small" - Esperanza Spalding (Chamber music society)
"Parallelograms" - Linda Perhacs (Parallelograms)
"Terminal 7" - Tomasz Stanko Quintet (Dark eyes)
"Shotglass blues" - Scott Marshall Quartet (Vignettes)
"K.K.P.D." - Christian Scott (Yesterday, you said tomorrow)
"When the art starts" - Anne Anglin and Penn Kemp (On your own spoke)
"Stratford-on-guy" - Liz Phair (Exile in guyville)
"Golden dunes" - The Budos Band (III)
"Tar man" - Mikrokoletktyw (Revisit)
"Nocturne" - Charlie Haden & Antonio Forcione (Heartplay)
"Melody from dream" - Kristin Miltner (Music for dreaming and playing)
"If I only had a brain" - Diva Jazz Trio (Never never land)
"This city has a severe lack of superheroes" - Caught Off Guard! (Caught Off Guard!)
"Hot dog" - Matthew Kaminiski (Taking my time)
"Two miniatures" - Ralph Towner/Paolo Fresu (Chiaroscuro)
"Somebody's gotta lose or win" - The Hygrades (The world ends: afro rock & psychedelia in 1970s Nigeria)
"MEOW!" - The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet (Live! A weekend at Centre St. Ambroise)
"Ritagli di tempo" - Paolo Angeli Nanni Angeli (Tibi)

Another fun show, one that went from African rock to Vancouver punk and elsewhere. Top title of the week: "This city has a severe lack of superheroes" by Calgary locals Caught Off Guard!

As mentioned this was the last edition of Breaking The Tethers in the Monday, noon-2pm slot. As of next week, Breaking The Tethers will be heard from 7-10 am, still on Mondays. Please join me then for the next show.


Another change in time

Well, there's going to be another change of time for Breaking The Tethers. Effective the August 30, 2010 program, the show will be moving to the 7-10 am slot on Mondays. No change in day, just a change in time. There's shouldn't be any change in content either. The August 23 edition will still be from noon - 2 pm but that will be the last show in that block. This will be the fourth time that Breaking The Tethers has been in so far this year. I'm hoping I can stick with one for a while :-) but such is life sometimes.


Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

"Runaway lane" - Minotaurs (The thing)
"A bitter end for a tender giant" - Empirical (Out 'n' in)
"Highland drifters" - The Homebound Runaways (First light)
"Fast forward" - The Homebound Runaways (First light)
"Electricone" - Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics (Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics)
"I sowed some seeds" - Martin Carthy (The collection)
"Howl at the moon" - Azrael (Pocket watch)
"Fight club the rabbit" - Steve Raegele (Last century)
"Back to comm" - MC5 (Power trip)
"Self portrait" - Jon Langford & Skull Orchard (Old devils)
"This is new" - The David Liebman Trio featuring Jesse Ruller (Lieb plays Weill)
"I don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you)" - Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra
(Miles ahead live)
"From here to earth" - Gamelan Madu Sari (Hive)
"You don't know what love is" - Efa Etoroma Jr. Trio (Before & after)
"Mirrors" - Chirongoblin (Chirongoblin)
"bethelightbethelightbethelight" - Rae Spoon (Dunya)
"And lost" - H2: Mike Herriott/Sean Harkness (Flights: volume one)
"Let them run" - Bibi Tanga & The Selenites (Dunya)
"Punchin' trout" - Chris Graham Trio (After-birth of the cool)
"Bad to the bone" - Keiji Haino & Coil (Manda-la 2, Tokyo, Keichijoji, Japan, September 28, 2003)
"Catch scratch fever" - The Moog Cookbook (Ye olde space bande plays the classic rock hits)

Another fun and varied show, with a definite, fairly straight-ahead jazz slant. Fave title of the show: Fight club the rabbit by Steve Raegele (as an owner of a rabbit, I just had to play that one).

Thanks also to my interview guests this week, Brendan and Ben from The Homebound Runaways and Sean Patrick Donald, who the guys from The Homebound Runaways will be backing tonight at the Ironwood in Calgary. I think Brendan is now tied for being the most frequent on-air visitor to Breaking The Tethers (he's been on twice).


Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

"Spacewhale" - The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet (Live! A weekend at Centre St. Ambroise)
"Guess who's back?" - Jason Marsalis (Music update)
"The astrologer" - Gryphon (Gryphon)
"Rite of the ancients" - The Budos Band (III)
"It's to you" - Louis Hayes (The time keeper)
"Folk police" - Peatbog faeries (Live)
"Triologue" - The Mark Taylor Quintet (Quietland)
"Like swimming" - Foals (Antidotes)
"Tootie Ma was a big fine thing" - Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits (Preservation)
"Rough rider" - The Hygrades (The world ends: afro rock & psychedelia in 1970s Nigeria)
"Guiyome" - Konomo No. 1 (Assume crash position)
"Intro" - Biffy Clyro (Puzzle)
"Rocket number nine" - Sun Ra and His Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra (Detroit Jazz Center 1980)
"Flip the lid" - Matthew Kaminiski (Taking my time)
"Dinner and a movie" - Phish (Live in Brooklyn)
"More & more & more" - The Mountains & The Trees (I made this for you)
"Whatever" - Mindkontrolultra (Kill the mall 2005-2007)
"North-east to Nippon" - Breakestra (Dusk till dawn)
"Auld lang syne" - The Bob Florence Limited Edition (Legendary)
"The shadow" - Tribune (Rotting core)
"Tarsand ballad" - John Hornak (A needle, a feather and a rope)
"Vedergällningen" - Garmarna (Vedergällningen)
"Take a walk" - Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge (The comet's tail: Performing the compositions of Michael Brecker)
"Boe money" - Galactic (Ya-ka-may)

I've called the post-day-change Breaking The Tethers a dog's breakfast and this week's program is a great example of that. Featured styles/genres included early 70s afro-rock, New Orleans-influenced tunes, folk/folk rock of a few varieties, straight-ahead jazz, not so-straight-ahead jazz, a song in Swedish, several short pieces, and a whole lot of danceable stuff. Next week, more of the same? Perhaps...

An apology of sorts: In the first hour, there were a number of calls to the CJSW booth. I was unable to answer all but one. The calls came when I was switching tracks or talking on air or otherwise occupied. If you call when Breaking The Tethers is on, I will do my best to answer but I may not be able to do so at that moment. Please call again a few minutes later, in the middle of a track, and I should be free.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010

"Nava" - Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics (Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics)
"Tower" - The Consonance (Come the day)
"Howl at the moon" - Azrael (Pocket watch)
"Blues for RW" - Reuben Wilson (Azure te)
"Boom Boom Mancini" - Warren Zevon (Sentimental hygiene)
"Nefertiti" - Lionel Loueke (Mwaliko)
"Leap year" - H2: Mike Herriott/Sean Harkness (Flights: volume one)
"China fan" - The Waitiki 7 (New sounds of exotica)
"Capriol suite" - Peter Warlock (Music for strings)
"Frere Jacques" - Matthew Shipp (4D)
"La danse des machines" - Lucien Dubois Trio & Marc Ribot (Ultime cosmos)
"A handful of brains" - New Riders Of The Purple Sage (Before time began)
"Forced to love" - Broken Social Scene (Forgiveness rock record)
"Rose, Rose" - Lawrence Lebo (Don't call her Larry: volume 3 american roots)
"Sirabhorn" - Chris Graham Trio (After-birth of the cool)
"Daande" - Etran Finatawa (Tarket tajje/let's go)
"Ferri in transizione (tra una gamba e l'altra)" - Paolo Angeli Nanni Angeli (Tibi)
"It will sail" - Sarah Harmer (Oh little fire)
"Celtic dub" - Delhi 2 Dublin (Delhi 2 Dublin)
"Iwakistan" - Takao Iwaki (Introducing)
"Hidden hands" - Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea (Hidden hands)
"Courage" - Harvie S (Cocolamus bridge)

This week's program ended up being kind of a mellower show. Didn't quite plan it that way but that's the way it turned out. Next week: Maybe more aggressive, maybe not.

Fave tunes this week: The first three tracks really fitted together well, probably the set I liked best.


Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

"The boy with the perpetual nervousness" - The Feelies (Crazy rhythms)
"Timba en trampa" - Hilario Duran Trio (Motion)
"Nic fit" - Sonic Youth (Dirty)
"Shadows" - The Bob Szajner Triad II (Live at the Detroit Montreux jazz festival 1981)
"Take off" - Tempo all stars (Next stop… Soweto: township sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga)
"Holding ground" - Sunna Gunnlaugs (The dream)
"Immortal being" - Sun Ra and His Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra (Detroit Jazz Center 1980)
"No more videos, just teasers" - The Jon Cohen Experimental (Behold)
"Fair sex and merciless crimes" - Calibro 35 (Ritornano quelli di…)
"A l'ile de fressanges (…nuit d'ete…)" - Lee Konitz/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic Leibovici (Jugenstil II)
"Souls brother" - The Sa-Ra Creative Partners (Nuclear evolution: the age of love)
"Clarity (4)" - Michael Gregory Jackson (Clarity)
"Donna Lee (goes south)" - CaneFire (Pandemonium)
"The sacred prune of rememberance" - Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People (The sacred prune of rememberance)
"How to get to heaven" - Willard Grant Conspiracy (WMBR's Pipeline!, Cambridge, MA, April 25, 2000)
"Voices from the sky" - The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey (Omega tea time)
"Solli" - John McLaughlin (Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Hall, Stora Salen, Uppsala, Sweden, May 8, 2010)
"Daylight hour" - Mid Pines (Unmeasure)
"Up in the dark" - The New Pornographers (Together)
"The exotic forest #2" - Sun Ra (College tour volume one: the complete nothing is…)
"Broken ankle" - The Stolen Organ Family Band (Cooking with joy boy)
"Hare krishna" - The Fugs (Tenderness junction)
"Jerusalem trilogy - allegro con brio" - Matt Herskowitz (Jerusalem trilogy)

Another wide and varied show, built on a core of jazz, mostly new stuff. Got to play two re-released Sun Ra tracks plus a bunch of other kinda freaky odds and ends (e.g. "Hare krishna" by the Fugs and "The sacred prune of rememberance" by Friendly Rich; the Friendly Rich CD has a great cover, BTW).


Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

"Blue web in space" - Matthew Shipp (4D)
"Lucy potato" - Teenage Head (Ontario 1978-1980)
"Sumo" - Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge (The comet's tail: Performing the compositions of Michael Brecker)
"Offertoire" - Andre Leroux (Corpus callosum)
"3 ninjas-High noon at mega mountain" - Fortunately Everything Dies (Horror)
"Glistening Glyndebourne" - John Martyn (Bless The Weather)
"Let down" - Easy All-Stars featuring Toots & The Maytals (Radiodread)
"The moon is down" - Gentle Giant (Aquiring the taste)
"Apri l'occhi pt. 1" - M. Mucci (Time lost)
"True blue" - Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny (Songs)
"Ike (take a hike)" - Harvie S (Cocolamus bridge)
"Disappearing woman" - Great Speckled Bird (Great Speckled Bird)
"Vernon the company man" - Les Claypool (Of whales and woe)
"Insomnie" - Lucien Dubois Trio & Marc Ribot (Ultime cosmos)
"We are future housing developments for maggots" - The Last Felony (Too many humans)
"The lost blues" - Rodney Jones (A thousand small things)
"Song 15" - Breakestra (The live mix part 2)
"Runnin' back to Saskatoon" - D. Rangers (Guess who's home)
"Clouds" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (Harvesting semblances and affinities)
"Meltdown" - Lisa Hilton (Nuance)
"Very (extract)" - Keith Rowe (Harsh)
"Suicide is painless" - The Bob Florence Limited Edition (Legendary)

This was a fun show, I think. Lots of musical variation plus I threw in some old favourites of mine, including "The moon is down" by Gentle Giant, "Disappearing woman" by Great Speckled Bird, and "Vernon the company man" by Les Claypool. Best title: The totally charming
"We are future housing developments for maggots" (guess what - it's metal, surprise, surprise).


Monday, July 5, 2010

July 12, 2010

"A music of tranquility" - Lee Konitz/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic Leibovici (Jugenstil II)
"Put it there pal" - Richard Thompson (You? me? us?)
"Five dolls for an august moon" - Calibro 35 (Ritornano quelli di…)
"Political song for Michael Jackson to sing" - Minutemen (Double nickels on the dime)
"Conversations with a lunatic' - Hilario Duran Trio (Motion)
"Nothing is" - Sun Ra (College tour volume one: the complete nothing is…)
"Linebacker" - University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble (Bumper crop V/Water colors)
"I sivenoe" - Melotone Sisters With Amagola Band (Next stop… Soweto: township sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga)
"Spin 2" - Sunna Gunnlaugs (The dream)
"Somethin's gotta change" - Garrison Starr (Songs from take-off to landing)
"Isolation" - The Bob Szajner Triad II (Live at the Detroit Montreux jazz festival 1981)
"Oliver Lake" - Michael Gregory Jackson (Clarity)
"The following" - STS9 (Axe the cables)
"Prelude in D" - Chris Gestrin (After the city is gone: quiet)
"I'm not the one" - The Black Keys (Brothers)
"Polonaise libanaise" - Matt Herskowitz (Jerusalem trilogy)
"Losel drolma" - Fred Anderson/Hamid Drake (Back together again)
"No moon at all" - Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden (Jasmine)
"Funky hi-life" - C.K. Mann (Funky hi-life)
"Pslam of the rubble" - Georgia Ann Muldrow As Jyoti (Ocotea)
"I got a little" - Rising Sons (Rising Sons)
"Land's end" - Champian Fulton (The breeze and I)
"Edmonton, AB" - Forestry (Forestry)
"Longing" - John Kameel Farah (Unfolding)

Whereas the July 5 show leaned in the direction of rock, much of the content in this week's show came from the jazz world. A fair number of new jazz CDs crossed my path so I figured I should give them an airing, along with the usual mix of other musical genres. Among the latter, I was pleased to be able to (finally) play something credited to Richard Thompson alone. I'm a big RT fan and, though I once played a track from the Industry album put out by RT and Danny Thompson, I've never played something from his solo works. Today, I stopped holding back and gave "Put it there pal" (one of the best-ever put-down songs) from Me? you? us? a spin.

In addition, this week, I didn't receive any calls complaining that I wasn't playing "rock" (though I certainly would have failed on that account). The most notable non-musical noise this week came from the hailstorm that hit the part of Calgary where CJSW is located. It featured the usual hailstorm elements; large-marble-sized chunks falling from the sky, big black clouds, thunder, lightning, etc. Sky go boom.


July 5, 2010

"Boss city" - Kashmere Stage Band (Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974)
"Palomar" - Rheostatics (Double live)
"Akiwowo" - Olatunji (Drums of passion)
"Stethoscope" - Dan Berglund's Tonbruket (Dan Berglund's Tonbruket)
"The eye of the mind" - Tineke Postma (The traveller)
"Frankenstein" - New York Dolls (New York Dolls)
"Fantasie sobre un Benedictus" - Ralph Maier (The art of vihuela)
"Circling" - Four Tet (There is love in you)
"Epitah I: Doo-wee-inn (for Dewey Redman)" - Chad Eby (Broken shadows)
"The sixth sense" - Lee Morgan (The sixth sense)
"Sasquatch hunter" - Tim Hus (Hockeytown)
"Herbert Harper's free press news" - Muddy Waters (Electric mud)
"A dozen discos" - Type Monkey Type (Jungle noise)
"Griot" - Lionel Loueke (Mwaliko)
"Sunset strip: I. 7 pm" - North Carolina Symphony (American spectrum)
"St. Louis" - Widespread Panic (Dirty side down)
"Make sure I'm out screwing up" - Wesley Willis (Greatest hits, vol. 2)
"Beneath the veil" - Last Call Chernobyl (Drowning beneath the sound of change)
"Pyronecrophilia" - The Hellbound Hepcats (The Hellbound Hepcats)
"One" - Nucleus with Leon Thomas (Montreux, June 20, 1970)
first track - Polymaths (Home again)
"No. 19" - Mary Halvorson Trio (The Vortex, London, December 24, 2009)
"Harsh tutelage of the waltzing kodiak" - Mares of Thrace (The moulting)
"White noise" - The City Streets (The jazz age)
"Weathered floor" - SSRIs (Effeminate godzilla-sized windchimes)

The focus, more or less, of this week's program ended up being new Canrock. I played a bunch of short tunes that fall into this category, many of them local (Calgary). I didn't plan things that way but I'm very much OK with it. Next week will likely feature a mess of new jazz; several new releases (including a double Sun Ra set, a couple of things from ESP, a new Hilario Duran CD, and a CD of duets between Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden) have crossed my path and I'm keen to give these an airing.

Though I forgot to mention it on air, today's show was also a milestone of sorts. Breaking The Tethers has just passed its fourth anniversary on CJSW. It first went on air on July 4, 2006. Since then, 4438 tracks have been played in three different time slots. I've enjoyed all of it and I hope to keep Breaking The Tethers going for a while longer.

Speaking of time changes, the program today was the first in the new slot. Same day (Monday) but a different time (noon-2 pm). I think things went well; I managed to give the correct time everytime I announced it (I think).

I should note that one listener didn't think that things went well. Just after I put on the piece by the North Carolina Symphony, I got a call from someone who sounded like a grumpy older dude who wanted "rock" and asked me what time it was; I guess I was playing the wrong sort of music for that time of day. Unfortunately, all he did was rant and hang up; I didn't have a chance to tell him that something different would be coming on after the symphony piece nor was I able to ask him about the law that "rock" has to be played in early weekday afternoons. I wasn't aware of this regulation and, as I don't want to be breaking the law, I would have appreciated him pointing me to the appropriate legislation. Oh well, he missed his opportunity. Maybe I'll play more symphony music in the future to calm him down :-)


Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

"Black earth" - Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group (Blood of the earth)
"Juice of barley" - Bare Necessities (English country dances)
"Jinju dervish" - John Kameel Farah (Unfolding)
"Another country" - Demon Fuzz (Afreka)
"Kukai" - University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble (Bumper crop V/water colors)
"Love comes in spurts" - Elvis Costello (Leicester, England, October 22, 1977)
"Attila 04 (closing ritual)" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (Harvesting semblances and affinities)
"Speed machine" - Andre Leroux (Corpus callosum)
"Start all over" - Kula Shaker (K)
"Twilight" - Lisa Hilton (Nuance)
"Around and around" - Jackson Garrett (Speechless)
"Jesus' blood never failed me yet: tramp with orchestra IV (full strings)" - Gavin Bryars (Jesus blood never failed me yet)
"White city" - Bishop Morocco (Bishop Morocco)
"1000 ways" - ars Danielsson (Tarantella)
untitled - Ulaan Khol (III)
"Death letter' - Whiteboy Slim (I'm still here)
"If I could sing" - CaneFire (Pandemonium)
"Masonry" - Zs (New slaves)
"Chronology" - Woody Witt (First impression)
"Footprints" - Mark Weinstein (Timbasa)
"Redun 3" - Orthrelm
"Impressions" - Chick Corea/Anthony Braxton/Jack DeJohnette/Lee Konitz/Pat Metheny/Mirsolav Vitous (The song is you: recorded at the Woodstock Jazz Festival)

A jazz dominated show this week, with "experimental" music probably coming in second place. This edition also featured the first baby vocal ("If I could sing" by CaneFire) and a great starting sequence (the first three tracks above; throw in Demon Fuzz and it's an even better start), or so I think :-)

A reminder that Breaking The Tethers will be moving to a new time as of next week (July 5). The day will remain the same but the program will now run from noon to 2 pm.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Change to time

Just got the official word today that Breaking The Tethers will be changing times starting July 5, 2010. The day - Monday - will remain the same but the program will be taking place two hours later than its present slot. So, as of July, please listen for Breaking The Tethers beginning at noon on Mondays (on CJSW, 90.9 FM,, of course).

I should note that the program that formerly started at noon, Her Royal Opinion, will now be starting at 10 am on Mondays and will go to 11:30 am. The University of Calgary Students' Union program, So SU Me, will fill the spot between Tethers and Opinion.


June 21, 2010

"Ice cream man" - Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (Rock 'n' roll with the modern lovers)
"Monstorous colossus" - Dan Berglund's Tonbruket (Dan Berglund's Tonbruket)
"These treasures will never befall you" - Darkthrone (Circle the wagons)
"Now and then" - Sandy Denny (Who knows where the time goes?)
"Epitah III: J-Mac (for Jackie McLean)" - Chad Eby (Broken shadows)
"Sissy wa wa" - Kropotkins (Five points crawl)
"Escapades for alto saxophone and orchestra: III. Joy ride" - North Carolina Symphony and Branford Marsalis (American spectrum)
"Big deal" - The Dead Milkmen (Stoney's extra stout (pig))
"Improv2" - Tetuzi Akiyama (Frontline, Ghent, Belgium, September 28, 2005)
"Elevate" - Tyler Hornby (A road to remember)
"Grand action" - John McLachlan (Contemporary new music from Ireland)
"Look what we have found" - Delaney & Bonnie (Home)
"Rachel & Cali" - Damien Jurado (Saint Bartlett)
"Sang with the tongue of an angel" - Sajia Sultana (Bengali winger)
"Little suicides" - Golden Palominos (Pure)
"Electric Aunt Jemima" - The Persuasions (Frankly a capella)
"The iron harvest" - This Quiet Army (Aftermath)
"Big black lake" - Emily Triggs (Magnolia buckskin)
"Sardaukar levenbrech" - Grimes (Geidi primes)
"Today for me" - Mello G (I am blues)
"A distant voice" - Sonny Simmons (Staying on the watch)
track 2 - Scratoa! (Live en San Anton, April 2008)
"Metal machine music, part I" - Lou Reed (Metal machine music)

Another "very varied" program this week, maybe the most diverse since the changes to Breaking The Tethers earlier in 2010. There was metal, folk, doo-wop, jazz (though much less jazz than usual), rock, and more, all culminating in the horrorshow that is Lou Reed's "Metal machine music".

More of the same next week, though perhaps with more of a jazz lean. Note that next week's show will be the last in the 10 am to noon time slot. Beginning July 5, Breaking The Tethers will appear at noon on Mondays.


Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

"Better get another lighthouse" - Paul Dunmall-Chris Corsano (Identical sunsets)
"Tom Cruz" - Plants & Animals (La la land)
"Sarala" - Hank Jones meets Cheick-Tidiane Seck and the Mandinkas (Sarala)
"Rockport Sunday" - Tom Rush (The circle game)
"Field stones" - Boxharp (The green)
"Airstrip one" - Bobby Previte (The coalition of the willing)
"Ingratiated beam - leroy" - William Hooker Trio (Yearn for certainty)
"Momentum" - Brent Mah-Alex Goodman (Convergence)
"Cheerleaders on drugs" - Uncle Bonsai (The inessential Uncle Bonsai)
"Sandusky" - Uncle Tuepelo (March 16-20, 1992)
"Ting" - Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth (Deluxe)
"Tornado" - Ramin Rahimi & Friends (The pulse of Persia: Iranian rhythms - global influences)
"Tango loco" - Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic (A deux)
"Gris-gris gumbo ya-ya" - Dr. John (Gris gris)
"Pegasus" - Lars Danielsson (Tarantella)
"Tussock" - Ookpikk (Captain starlite)
"Nicaragua" - Jeff Dyer & Bill Brennan (Afterhours)
"Ready to go" - Stoning Mary (Stoning Mary)
"Flakes" - Ideal Bread (Transmit: vol. 2 of the music of Steve Lacy)
"Renmin park (revisited)" - Cowboys Junkies (Renmin park)
"Armitage shanks" - The Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace (Royal toast)

Everything about this show fell into place smoothly. The music came together nicely and I didn't trip over the board or my tongue too much (and I didn't care when I did!).

Music-wise, the platter, as usual, featured plenty of jazz along with a wide variety of other treats. There was a definite "folky" vibe to the proceedings, as can be seen in the "Uncle" songs, "Rockport Sunday", and a few other things. There was also a tribute tune, "Sarala", in honor of Hank Jones, the last of the Jones brothers of jazz (along with Thad and Elvin), who passed away on May 16, 2010.


Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

"Midnight jam" - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Streetcore)
"Sceptor 10" - Orthrelm
"Afro blue/Danse royale" - The Albion Band (Rise up like the sun)
"Color" - Lee Konitz & Minsarah (Live at the Village Vanguard)
"Island of sanity" - The Former Yugoslavia
"A house is not a motel" - Love (Forever changes)
"Mistaken for strangers" - The National (Boxer)
"Danzon allegretto" - Bob Mamet Trio (Impromptu)
"Calgary cross" - God's Little Monkeys (Lip)
"By southwest" - Project (Alchemist)
"Stanley Stamp's gibbon album" - Soft Machine (NDR jazz workshop - Hamburg, Germany, 1973)
"Meet me at the Ponderosa" - Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Update (Brotherhood)
"Winter seas" - Scott Kemp (Introductions)
"Making plans for Nigel" - Camille (La Route du Rock, Fort de St Malo, France, August 13, 2004)
"Vger" - Yuganaut (Sharks)
"Telling Sue" - Assembly Of Dust (Mexicali Blues, September 15, 2006)
"Interplanetary travellers" - Sonny Simmons (Staying on the watch)
"Never know" - 87 Things for the Future (Meta 4's)
"Biozombie remix" - 87 Things for the Future (Meta 4's)
"Missile" - Peter Moller (The responsibilities of evolution)
"Dawning luminosity (part 3)" - Viosac (Dawning luminosity)
"Welcome to the jabberwocky hotel" - Michael Gormley (Welcome to the jabberwocky hotel)
"The cedars" - Mark Pisczek (Bamboo philharmonic)
"Fleeting heartbeats" - Broken Paws (Elbows to your heart)
"Red stream" - Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group (Blood of the earth)

Another varied show, with several shorter experimental-type pieces. The most popular track was "Ijnterplanetary travellers" by Sonny Simmons; I got a couple of calls about it during the program. Fave title: "Biozombie remix"!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 31, 2010

"The clutch" - Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth (Deluxe)
"Faust arp" - Brent Mah-Alex Goodman (Convergence)
"Waiting for the man " - David Bowie (Bowie at the Beeb)
"Chicken dog" - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Dirty shirt rock 'n' roll: the first ten years)
"The dumps" - Ideal Bread (Transmit: vol. 2 of the music of Steve Lacy)
"40 seconds with you" - Iconoclast (Dirty jazz)
"Sankara" - Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects (Unknown legends of rock 'n' roll)
"Oremus pro pontiface" - Alessandro Moreschi
"Breakfast" - Eugenius (Oomalama)
"Which path?" - Miguel Kertsmann (Time? What's time?)
"Royal toast" - The Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace (Royal toast)
"Time is a dragon" - Jeff Dyer & Bill Brennan (Afterhours)
"Sign of the warrior" - Skull Fist (Heavier than metal)
"Blue ridge mountains" - Fleet Foxes (Fleet Foxes)
"Wild west Virginia" - Daniel Johnston (The story of an artist)
"Macbeth" - John Cale (Paris 1919)
"Commonplace travel" - William Hooker Trio (Yearn for certainty)
"Message from space" - Ambienta (First contact)
"3 birds" - Dead Weather (Horehound)
"Orugwiebie (magazine bobo medley)" - Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (Rise & shine)
"Cut corners" - The Sadies (Darker circles)
"The rich are going to move to the high ground" - Geoff Berner
"Rain" - Mary Margaret O'Hara (Apartment hunting)
"Caserne centrale" - J'envoie (La vitesse des chats sauvages)
"Yickytickee/Union special" - The Chris McGregor Septet (Up to earth)

This was perhaps the most varied show to date. All sorts of ground was covered, ranging from cheesy metal (Skull Fist) to a song from Alessandro Moreschi (the last Italian castrato). More of the same next week!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24, 2010

"Paper wall" - Richard Bliwas (Astral prints)
"Nasal retentive calliope music " - Mothers Of Invention (We're only in it for the money)
"Let's make the water turn black" - Mothers Of Invention (We're only in it for the money)
"Metamorphosis" - Sonny Simmons (Staying on the watch)
"Locked" - Scott Kemp (Introductions)
"37 1/2" - Soft Machine (NDR jazz workshop - Hamburg, Germany, 1973)
"Heel and toe polka/Paddy's jig" - Figgy Duff (After the tempest)
"Submission" - Galaxie 500 (Peel sessions)
"The taking" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"It's coming" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"Landfill/sharks" - Yuganaut (Sharks)
"One prayer" - Tom Gavornik (On the floor)
"Primrose hill" - John and Beverley Martyn (Primrose hill)
"Genuine beef" - Mindkontrolultra (Just say no)
"Ti kwan leep" - The Frantics (Boot to the head)
"Morning" - Undo (9.9.99)
"Happy for you" - Polar Bear (Peepers)
"Global village" - Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Update (Brotherhood)
"Identical sunsets" - Paul Dunmall-Chris Corsano (Identical sunsets)
"When the wheels don't move" - Son Volt (American Central Dust)
"Carmen" - Egberto Gismonti (Saudacoes)
"Hymn for Tunisia" - Afternoons In Stereo (The silence between phrases)

This week's episode featured plenty of new and newly-rereleased jazz that leans to the more "out there" side of the genre plus a variety o'stuff from other types of music. Highlights for me included the two MOI tunes from We're Only In It For The Money (one of my top 10 albums), the Soft Machine tune, "Happy for you" by Polar Bear, and the Frantics (boot to the head!).

Another highlight was the interview I conducted with singer-songwriter-musician Elizabeth Shepherd. She called from a phone booth in Lake Superior Provincial Park and filled us in on aspects of her music and talked about her latest tour (which will bring her to Calgary and Bragg Creek later this week). Many thanks to Elizabeth for taking time out of her travels to talk with us.


Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

"Right off" - Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra (Play the music of Miles Davis 1967-1975)
"Dance like flames" - Tanglefoot (Dance like flames)
"Time to say good bye" - James Zollar (Zollar systems)
"The punishment office" - Iconoclast (Dirty jazz)
"To Jane's " - Greg Keeler (Gunless)
"Babar" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"Intoxica" - The Centurians (Pulp surfin')
"Dagwamba" - Master Drummers of Africa (Master drummers of Africa, vol. 2 - ubuntu)
"Canyon & skye" - Project (Alchemist)
"Got a telephone in my bosom" - Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Midnight sun" - Cobblestone Jazz (The modern deep left quartet)
"New new grass/Message from Albert" - Healing Force (The songs of Albert Ayler)
"Soleil soleil" - Melkit Hadero (On a day like this…)
"Coup d'etat' - Circle Jerks (Golden shower of hits)
"When I light your darkened door" - Damien Jurado (Doug Fir Lounge, MusicFest NorthWest, Portland, OR, September 8, 2007)
"Citizen" - Broken Bells (Broken bells)
"Gemini man" - Claudio Roditi (Brazilliance x 4)
"Jaguar pt. 2" - Christian Prommer (Drumlesson zwei)
"Rosebud" - Trio Bembe (Trio Bembe)
"The kids aren't alright" - Ginsberg Inkling (Ummm)
"Swim up bar" - The Bigfoot Rocketship (The Bigfoot Rocketship)
"Moonlight on Vermont" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (Trout mask replica)
"Big brecker" - Pablo Menendez & Mezcla (I'll see you in Cuba)
"Dark cloud" - The Holmes Brothers (Feed my soul)

Back at the normal time this week. This was a fun show to do, one that very much went all over the musical map. My favourites:

"Dance like flames" by Tanglefoot - a song about voyageurs.
"Got a telephone in my bosom" by the Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago - kinda crazed but just great stuff!
"Midnight sun" by Cobblestone Jazz - pretty groovy
"Coup d'etat" by Circle Jerks - got some props in a phone call from a listener after I played this.
"When I light your darkened door" by Damien Jurado - just a good, moody song and performance

But I very much liked almost everything :-)


Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

"Part 5" - Jean-Christophe Beney Quartet (The link)
"Random acts" - Tom Gavornik (On the floor)
"West end satori" - Afternoons In Stereo (The silence between phrases)
"Witch cake" - Richard Bliwas (Astral prints)
"Gypsies" - Jim Moray (Sweet england)
"1720 St. Gregoire" - Quintette Marianne Trudel (Sands of time)
"Big green and yeller" - Seasick Steve (Man from another time)
"Carmina burana fantasy" - Sandy Bull (Re-inventions)
"Pt. XV voice" - Paul Horn (Inside the Taj Mahal I & II)
"Stockholm" - Quiet Nights Orchestra (Chapter one)
"Senor buffet" - Organissimo (Alive & kickin')
"Speed the traktor" - 3 Mustaphas 3 (Play musty for me)
"858-7" - Bill Frisell (Richter 860)
"Mercy (supplication)" - The Nels Cline Singers (Initiate)
"How about you" - Hugh O'Connor (For the first time)
"Elewon po" - Tony Allen (Secret agent)
"Comme ca" - Veronique Dubois/Francois Carrier (Being with)
"Dark continent" - Carol Morgan Trio (Opening)
"Pot licker" - Stanton Moore (Groove alchemy)
"Kozmik wheel" - Third Ear Band (The magus)
"The falcon will fly again" - Brad Mehldau (Highway rider)
"Espresso" - Mocombo (In Habana project)

Another wide and varied show, featuring mostly newly-released music. Fave title this week: "Witch cake" by Richard Bliwas; with a title like that, I just had to play it.

More of the same next week, May 10. Back to the regular start time of 10 am that day as well.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Change of time on May 10, 2010

Here's something I forgot to mention on the May 3, 2010 show (sorry). The May 10, 2010 program will start at noon instead of the usual 10 am. Breaking The Tethers will be switching places with Her Royal Opinion, but just for this week. The normal 10 am start time for Breaking... will resume on May 17, 2010.


May 3, 2010

"Ode to ganesha" - Bhagavan Das (Now)
"Rhaghupati" - Bhagavan Das (Now)
"Dulces suenos" - Kent Sangster (Adventures)
"Masqualero" - Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra (Play the music of Miles Davis 1967-1975)
"Parade" - Andrew Downing (Silents)
"I choose" - Wayne Butane
"Vikings" - Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies (Doolally)
"Schero: moto vivace" - Anton Dvorak (New world symphony)
"Guinea" - Old and New Dreams (Old and new dreams)
"In heaven everything is fine" - The Lady in the Radiator (Eraserhead soundtrack)
"Walk up" - Melkit Hadero (On a day like this…)
"Sona moyo" - Richard Bona (The ten shades of blues)
"Truth sucks" - Nushi (Future hazards)
"Pick a bale of cotton" - Lead Belly (Bound for glory)
"Bosphorus" - Ilhan Erashin (Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz)
"Hyperion" - Thomson Kneeland (Mazurka for a modern man)
"Buhala" - Balkan Beat Box (Blue eyed black boy)
"Wine" - Wayne Butane
"Peng! 33" - Iron & Wine (Around the well)
"Universal clock: gravity tunnel reprise" - Miguel Kertsmann (Time? What's time?)
"Love and death" - Ryan Bourne (Supermodern world of beauty)
"220 v/spektral" - Jaga Jazzist (One-armed bandit)
"Skeleton car" - Heart Failure Research Unit (Ghostlove)
"Osiris pre-science" - Marc Wagnon (Earth is a cruel master)

Simply, this was a fun show with a wide, wide variety of music: local (Calgary) rock, straight-ahead jazz, not-so-straight-ahead jazz, folk, Hindu shout-outs, etc. More of the same kind of thing next week!

FYI, my faves this week:

*The Bhagavan Das tracks (the Beastie Boys go Krishna!)
*"Guinea" by Old and New Dreams (features a great piano section in the middle, played by the late Don Cherry)
*"Peng! 33" by Iron & Wine (Iron & Wine play Stereolab!)
*The Jaga Jazzist track (I've been wanting to play something off the new Jaga Jazzist CD for quite some time but I didn't manage to do so until today).


Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

"Opening line" - Carol Morgan Trio (Opening)
"The search" - Quiet Nights Orchestra (Chapter one)
"Between B & C" - Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid (NYC)
"Don't look back" - Steve Reid Ensemble (Daxaar)
"If not now, when?"- Organissimo (Alive & kickin')
"Lundu" - Egberto Gismonti (Saudacoes)
"My mind" - Chubby Checker (Chubby Checker)
"Red sails" - Danny Michel (Loving the alien)
"Dang" - The Arboreal Quartet (The Arboreal Quartet)
"Oxygene part IV" - Christian Prommer (Drumlesson zwei)
"Monk's blues' - Dave Glasser (Evolution)
"So soon' - Little Ax & The Golden Echoes (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Red pepper blues" - Art Pepper (Art Pepper meets the rhythm section)
"What to say' - Hutchinson Andrew Trio (Rocky mountain jazz)
"John boy" - Brad Mehldau (Highway rider)
"Monocrat" - Ismism (Ismism)
"Peepers" - Polar Bear (Peepers)
"Goodbye" - Chet Doxas (Big sky)
"Berimbau" - Yuko Ito (Mania de voce)
"An happy organ" - Gov't Majik (Party favors)
"Our man Barack" - Pharez Whitted (Transient journey)
"Nautilus rising" - Weasel Walter Septet (Invasion)

As promised, there was lots of jazz this week; about 3/4 of the tracks could be called "jazz" in some way. Also of note, in memoriam for the late drummer Steve Reid, who died on April 13, 2010, I played a couple of his tunes of recent vintage from two different projects. The crazy tune of the day was "My mind" by Chubby Checker, from his so-called psychedelic album from 1971 (from what I've heard of the album, it's more acid-rock, with plenty of fuzzed-out guitars).


Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

"Tug of war" - Faces (Nigeria 70: Lagos jump)
"Indigone" - FivePlay Jazz Quintet (FivePlay Jazz Quintet)
"Browning a 3" - Fretwork (Elway Bevan composition) (Music for viols)
"Hexentanz" - Joachim Kuhn & Michael Wollny (Piano works IX: live at Schloss Elmau)
"Veronica" - Bert Jansch (Bert Jansch)
"Autumn giraffe tranquilizer" - Brendan McGuigan
"First light" - Homebound Runaways

"The 3:10 to Turnberry" - Homebound Runaways
"King queen " - The Nels Cline Singers (Initiate)
"You can be anyone this time around " - Timothy Leary (You can be anyone this time around)
"Motel room in my bed " - X (Under the big black sky)
"Meeting " - Andrew Downing (Silents)
"Facet two " - Amir ElSaffar/Hafez Modirzadeh (Radif suite)
"N'awlins greens" - U.O. Project (It's time for U)
"Scream" - Sudden Cosmic Dissolution (Sudden Cosmic Dissolution)
"Alice's wonderland" - Bert Jansch (Bert Jansch)
"Dash 7" - Wilco (AM)
"Give us room to roar" - Ruth McKenzie (Omnium unofficial sampler #2)
"Snakefinger food" - Chris Mama Bauer (A universe of horrors)
"Mulatu's mood" - Mulatu Astatke (Mulatu steps ahead)

Apart from the music, the main element of today's show was an interview with busy local (more or less) musician Brendan McGuigan. Brendan, who was the first person to be interviewed on Breaking The Tethers in its new day and time, is a busy guy, both with his own projects and as a sideman. We talked about these as well as some of the upcoming concerts he is going to be involved with in Calgary. We also played three tracks that he has put out, one under his own name and two with the Homebound Runaways. It was a pleasure to have Brendan on the program today.

The show today was probably the least "jazzy" edition of Breaking The Tethers since the recent changes kicked in but I still managed to play some jazz along with a number of old favorites, jazz or otherwise (e.g. "Dash 7" by Wilco, "Give us room to roar" by Ruth McKenzie, two Bert Jansch pieces, and the totally nuts "You can be anyone this time around" by Timothy Leary). Next week's program (April 26) will probably feature more jazz.



Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

"Our father/Lord's prayer in Old English"
"Now I wanna sniff some glue" - Ramones (Ramones)
"Freedom" - Ilhan Erashin (Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz)
"Knocker" - Stanton Moore (Groove alchemy)
"Lake Superior" - Jason Collett (Rat a tat tat)
"Rose hip November' - Vashti Bunyan (Just another diamond day)
"Out of the blue" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"St. James infirmary" - Anat Cohen (Clarinetwork: live at the Village Vanguard)
"Epic" - The Jessica Stuart Few (Kid dream)
"Inner crisis" - Larry Willis (Inner crisis)
"Alive" - Larry Young (Lawrence of Newark)
"Blue sky" - Chet Doxas (Big sky)
"Igor said" - Pointed Sticks (Three lefts make a right)
"Victor Jara's hands" - Calexico (Carried to dust)
"Behiver II" - Serena-Maneesh (Serena-Maneesh)
"Libretto" - Thomson Kneeland (Mazurka for a modern man)
"Rattlesnake" - The Replacements (Sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash)
"Casper the friendly ghost" - Daniel Johnston
"Say chin" - Creesis Crisis (No more shapes)
"Spasmodic movements" - James Zollar (Zollar systems)

This week's show was truncated a bit because of a news update but I still managed to fit in lots of tunes and songs. I think the main feature this week was a swing between jazz and punkish rock, with a few items falling in-between. Fave tracks? Maybe "Inner crisis" by Larry Willis and "Rose hip November" by Vashti Bunyan, among others.


Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

"Green Africa" - Mulatu Astatke (Mulatu steps ahead)
"La danse de mardi gras" - The Balfa Brothers (Play traditional cajun music - vol I and II)
"Invasion" - Weasel Walter Septet (Invasion)
"The microorganism" - Boiled In Lead (From the ladle to the grave)
"Mototo" - Shadowplay (Shadowplay)
"Spider-man" - Chris McKhool (Jazz playground)
"Celia" - The Eric Frazier Quintet (Live @ Cecil's Jazz Club, volume 1)
"I surrender, dear' - Thelonius Monk (Brilliant corners)
"Beginning again" - Subtractive LAD (Life at the end of the world)
"Walk don't run" - Jack Wilkins (Until it's time)
"Gloria, Clemens deus artifex tota clementia" - Orlando Consort (Popes & antipopes)
"Facet ten" - Amir ElSaffar/Hafez Modirzadeh (Radif suite)
"Like moose do" - Ghostkeeper (Ghostkeeper)
"Dreams of czimbalom" - Tim Turvey Ensemble (Tim Turvey Ensemble)
"Pygmy divorce" - Frances Bebey
"Seahorse" -Devendra Banhart - Smokey rolls down thunder canyon
"I forgive you" - Yvette Tollar (Ima)
"Ananhedonialess" - Ismism (Ismism)
"Banned in DC" - Bad Brains (Live at CBGB 1982)
"Until kingdom comes" - Bad Brains (Build a nation)
"Backsheesh" - Marc Wagnon (Earth is a cruel master)
"Contact" - Miguel Kertsmann (Time? What's time?)
"Part 3" - Jean-Christophe Beney Quartet (The link)

On one hand, this show featured lots of jazz; perhaps 10 of the 23 tracks could be counted a jazz. On the other hand, it was maybe the most musically varied week since Breaking The Tethers moved to it's new slot; we had eerie cajun music (The Balfa Brothers), total freak-out music (Weasel Walter Septet), punk band as reggae band (Bad Brains), punk band as punk band (Bad Brains), and medieval vocal music for the papal court (Orlando Consort), among others, plus all the jazz stuff.

I was also pleased to be able to fit in perhaps the craziest song ever made, "Pygmy divorce" by Frances Bebey. You kind of have to hear it to believe it (I am a giant person in the village!).

Much more of the same next week.


Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

"Dangerous to know" - Brian Eno (Glitterbug)
"Windy" - Rufus Harley (Kings/queens)
"Ragas in minor scale" - Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass (Passages)
"White rice, brown sugar" - Jessica Stuart Few (Kid dream)
"Cacua' - Nicolas Krassik (Cacua)
"Vernal suite" - Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (Treelines)
"No more war" - Burning Spear (Man in the hills)
"Party invite to Samsara" - Blaq Magic Pyramid (S/T)
"Balindore' - Capercaillie (Sidewaulk)
"Grooving out!' - Jan Garbarek Group (Dresden)
"Here and now, then and gone" - Jessica Pavone (Songs of synastry and solitude)
"Improvisation" - Leonard Cohen (Live songs)
"The Doug McComb over" - Tundra (Joan of Arc presents: don't mind control)
"Old stuff" - New York Art Quartet (Old stuff)
"Broken/Moment of truth/Propel" - Tyler Hornby (A road to remember)
"Funky drummer (bonus beat reprise)" - James Brown (In the jungle groove)
"Telefunken stereo" - Thenradio (Serial numbers)
"Twilight curtain" - Brandi Disterheft (Second side)
"Citizen Kang" - Tommy Babin's Benzene (Your body is your prison)
"Mellow jazz docent" - Pavement (Quarantine the past)
"Search and destroy" - The Stooges (Planeta Terra Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 7, 2009)
"Gimme danger" - The Stooges (Planeta Terra Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 7, 2008)
"Modest proposal" - Mose Allison (The way of the world)
"The January blues" - Steven Schoenberg (Steven Schoenberg live: an improvisational journey)

Gotta admit, I really liked this week's show. Loads of different musical genres featured plus many of the tracks were old favourites of mine or were recent new pleasant discoveries. Not much more to say than that. More of the same next week!


Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

"Musk melon" -Tim Turvey Ensemble (Tim Turvey Ensemble)
"The mutant" - Trader Horne (Morning way)
"Grand central" - Poncho Sanchez (Psychedelic blues)
"The Sudbury nickel" - John Doe and the Sadies (Country club)
"Molalatladi' - BLK JKS (After robots)
"Inside out"- Rare Air (Hard to beat)
"TMHRO - II cranks" - Howard Bashaw (Hard rubber, hard elastic)
"Head's up" - Shadowplay (Shadowplay)
"Medley: John Hurt Shiva Shankarah" - Currituck Co. (I am the resurrection: a tribute to John Fahey)
"White chicks" - Creesis Crisis (No more shapes)
"Kata" - Sandro Dominelli (The Alvo sessions)
"One more day" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"Rolling down to old Maui" - Cordelia's Dad (Cordelia's Dad)
"Please dance" - Drumheller (Glint)
"Bottom" - Gov't Majik (Party favors)
"Trident: 2010" - Vijay Iyer Trio (Historicity)
"When the doctor's gonna come" - Spoon River (Kingdom of the burned)
"Let youth be served" - Inhabitants (A vacant lot)
"O.C." - Ted Daniel Trio (The loft years, volume one)
"Sense of belonging" - Ethnocity (Autumn dreams)
"Jet pilot" - Bob Dylan (Biograph)
"Little lion man" - Mumford & Sons (Sigh no more)
"Mashaka" - In The Tradition (The tradition continues!)
"Lo que me hace vivir" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Equatorial pitch" - Radio Massacre International (Time & motion)

Another "dog's breakfast" kinda show, which is what I'm aiming for. A fair amount of jazz and experimental music this week; such is how it goes though, looking at what I have planned for next week, there might be less of that sort of stuff on March 29.

I was very happy to be able to play a couple of fave tracks of mine, "Inside out" by Rare Air and "Jet pilot" by Bob Dylan. My top new piece for the week was the lead-off tune, "Musk Melon" from the Tim Turvey Ensemble.


Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

"The thing and I" - Tommy Babin's Benzene (Your body is your prison)
"Dual landing" - Tyler Hornby (A road to remember)
"In the jungle" - The Hygrades (Nigeria rock special)
"For the hand of Magdelana" - The Lowest Of The Low (Shakespeare My Butt)
"Transformations" - Jan Garbarek Group (Dresden)
"Loser" - Grateful Dead (Three from the vault)
"Walking back the cat" - The Phibes (The Phibes)
"Vacillements" - Univers Zero (Clivages)
"Israelites" - Triodes (Chunked)
"My brain" - Mose Allison (The way of the world)
"Introduction/Rock Daniels" -Bishop McDaniel (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Cyclic episode" - U.O. Project (It's time for u)
"Let her shine" - Brandi Disterheft (Second side)
"A little love" - The Trash Hogs (The Trash Hogs)
"Exclusive interview with Mr. Dressup" - Radio Free Vestibule (Sketches, songs, and shoes)
"Sweet smells" - New York Art Quartet (Old stuff)
"Paan-masala" - Moksha Ensemble (Lady sun)
"After dark" - Steven Schoenberg (Steven Schoenberg live: an improvisational journey)
"Elegant hot dog" - Sevens Project (Sevens Project)
"I want a break thru" - The Hykkers (Nigeria special)
"Queen Mary 3" - Ben Gunning (Mal de mer)
"Yogwiz" - The Pulse (The Pulse)

This was a fun show. I very much liked almost almost everything that was played this week (and still was cool with all the rest). I was particularly pleased to be able to play a couple of the tracks from the "Nigeria special" CDs from a few years ago. And I squeezed some Dead in, "Loser", the second time it was played live.

More nifty stuff next week. Requests are always welcome.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Promo ideas please

Now that Breaking The Tethers is presented on a new day and at a new time on CJSW, with a revamped musical palate, I need to come up with a new audio promo spot (or spots) for the program. Something interesting, intruiging, funny, etc. designed to catch the attention of listeners and promote Breaking The Tethers (and CJSW). I've put my brain in gear for ideas but I'm coming up kinda dry so far (or at least the ideas that are rising to the top in my grey matter are on the lame side). I'm still going to give the matter some thought but I also welcome any suggestions from loyal listeners (and others!). Feel free to leave ideas as comments on this blog.



Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

"What else" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"Streets of Calcutta" - Ananda Shankar (A life in music)
"Aunt Lucy Broadwood" - Mr. Fox (Join us in our game)
"Be mankan" - Ali Farke Toure & Toumani Diabate (Ali and Toumani)
"Arbutus" - Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (Treelines)
"Charlie James" - Steve Howell (Since I saw you last)
"Music for alto saxophone and piano - VI riftfoll" - Howard Bashaw (Hard rubber, hard elastic)
"track 6" - Chris Dadge (The tangled woof of fact)
"Letter to Ausconius" - Dave Soldier (Smut)
"Whiskey" - Rumble Devils (Diablos guapos)
"Well funk me up!!!" - Christopher Lehman (Popjazzic)
"Song to Comus" - Comus (Song to Comus: the complete collection)
"Galang (trio riot version)" - Vijay Iyer Trio (Historicity)
"A la dina dana" - Jon Blake (Siwan)
"Liar, liar" - The Castaways (Nuggets: original artifacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)
"Almost cut my hair" - Nathan Carroll (Last stop on the dancing bear act)
"Strange imaginary remix" - Eighth Blackbird (Strange imaginary animals)
"Hot sauce" - Sandro Dominelli (The Alvo sessions)
"Umissable grey, mixed paint" - Woodpigeon (Die stadt muzikanten)
"El ritmo de tus hombros" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Men behind the sun" - Invisible Funeral (Nocturnals)
"Dreamin' man" - Neil Young (Dreamin' man live '92)
"Vessels of a donor look" - The Most Serene Republic (…And the ever expanding universe)
"The madness and the damage done" - Blackjazz (Shining)
"Hunt" - Drumheller (Glint)

This was the second show of Breaking The Tethers in the new spot with the new format. I think it went pretty good (a few trips of the tongue and fingers aside) and I feel like I'm settling into things. Musically, the show featured another week of musical soup of jazz (about a quarter of the program) and God knows what else, from experimental to metal. More of the same kinda thing next week, I say!


Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

"Attaining" - John Coltrane (Sun ship)
"The eye-witness" - The Habibiyya (If man but knew)
"Quodilbet" - John Cage (String quartet in four parts)
"Nite prowler" - The Deuce Coupes (Pulp surfin')
"Agoo agoho" - Red Blue Green (Transparent thesis)
"Here's to outliving me" - Doug Keith (Here's to outliving me)
"A joy" - Four Tet (Everything ecstatic)
"Tryin' not to pull my gun" - Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm (2 man wrecking crew)
"Shoeshine blues" - Thee American Revolution (Buddha electrostorm)
"Al birwa" - Anouar Brahem (The astounding eyes of Rita)
"Lovely Rita" - Dave Cloud And The Gospel Of Power (Mojo presents Sgt. Pepper… with a little help from his friends)
"Viva Las Vegas" - Elvis Bossa Nova! (Elvis Bossa Nova!)
"Beehives on the moon" -National Dust (…blind luck ain't no luck at all)
"East bound' - The Pulse (The Pulse)
"Variation" - Barbara Pritchard (Piano atlantica)
"30 piece band" - Ellen McIllwaine (The real Ellen McIllwaine)
"All the things you are" - Chicago Goes West (Chicago goes west)
"Paris part IV" - Keith Jarrett (Testament: Paris-London)
"Solitude mama" - The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir (Sister Anthony)
"Saturn noises"
"Seka knows" - Grant Hart (Good news for modern man)
"Red carpet" - Noah Creshevsky (To know and not to know)
"Dimples" - Vic Chestnutt (Skitter on take off)
"Love's lost rhapsody" - Fat Cat Big Band (Face)

This was the first edition of Breaking The Tethers in its new day and time, Monday mornings, 10 am to noon. It also featured a change in style, from 100% jazz or jazz-like music to about a third jazz and a mess of other stuff. Some fave tracks this week:

"Attaining" by John Coltrane - Anything by 'Trane is good.
"The eye-witness" by The Habibiyya - UK rock band goes for Sufism. Nice trance stuff.
"Nite prowler" by the Deuce Coupes - Hard-edged surf music.
"Tryin' not to pull my gun" by Burnside & Malcolm - Good advice?
"Shoeshine blues" by Thee American Revolution - I always dig some straight-ahead fuzztone rock.
"30 piece band" by Ellen McIlwaine - Some wild guitar and interesting singing here.
"Paris part IV" by Keith Jarrett - He's controversial but his solo piano is mesmerizing.
"Seka knows" by Grant Hart - I loved Husker Du but I don't know much about Hart's post-Du career (I've heard more solo Bob Mould). I liked this song.

I should also note that "Saturn noises" is a track of sounds reportedly recorded by a probe as it descended into the atmosphere of the planet Saturn.