Friday, September 24, 2010

September 27, 2010

"Changes" - Sinistrio (Sinistrio)
"Plum island" - Charlie Mariano (The great concert)
"The veteran's land act" - Depatterning (The liminal farm EP)
"Move on up" - William Parker (I plan to stay a believer: the inside songs of Curtis Mayfield_
"I am doing better in a parallel universe" - B.A. Johnston (Thank you for being a friend)
"2 p.m." - The Bad Plus (Never stop)
"It was the darkest day we'd never see" - Orchid's curse (Voices: the talkes broken men)
"Evening prayer" - The Quaint Hearted (The Quaint Hearted)
"Look up!" - Guadalcanal Diary (Flip-flop)
"Red blue" - Darrell Katz (A wallflower in the amazon)
"The oracle" - Danilo Perez (Providencia)
"The thing, and the thing that makes the thing the thing" - The Glenious Inner Planet (The Glenious Inner Planet)
"Palmas" - Kani (Tablatura)
"O café, o soleil" - Jacky Terrasson (Push)
"Duck duck geese" - Max Galactic & The Cloud of Evil (Present the circus)
"Sea seizure (no. 19)" - Mary Halvorson Quintet (Saturn sings)
"Demons in her dancing shoes " - Richard Thompson (Dream attic: deluxe edition)
"Epilogue" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (The gods must be smiling)
"The national anthem" - The Jazz Passengers (Reunited)
"Ghost story" - The Murder Plans (Good omens)
"Eclipse" - Alexy Guerer (Fragments of fiction)
"Yansa" - Chucho Valdes (Chucho's steps)
"Blackness I" - Yankee Yankee (The best of the early recordings)

This ended up being another jazz-filled show though with plenty of representation from other genres. My top tune this week was probably RT's "Demons in her dancing shoes" from the acoustic disc of the deluxe Dream attic release; I just love the instrumental that pops up in the last section of the performance. Mary Halvorson was wonderful as well; gotta like messing with the pitch! There were some great titles this week, too, including "I am doing better in a parallel universe" by B.A. Johnston and "The thing, and the thing that makes the thing the thing" from the Glenious Inner Planet (what does Glenious mean??)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 20, 2010

"Walk dance" - Plotz! (The kid)
"Mandelbrot" - Kelly Jefferson Quartet (Next exit)
"Turiya & Ramakrishna" - Alice Coltrane (Ptah, the El Daoud)
"Book of krittika" - David S. Ware (Onecept)
"Rail" - Reid Jamieson (Staring contest)
"Raincoats"- Efterklang (Magic chairs)
"Goin' down" - Cory Weeds (The many deeds of Cory Weeds)
"I love the way you" - Cowlick (Wires)
"On y va" - Mohammed Alidu and the Bizung Family (Land of fire)
"What goes on" - Sufijan Stevens (This bird has flown: a 40th anniversary tribute to the Beatles' Ruber soul)
"Something I can't know" - Kathryn Ladano (Open)
"Macedonia" - Various (Jam session)
"Mystic brew" - Ronnie Foster (The two-headed freap)
"I do all my own nude scenes" - Sleep For The Nightlife (Human people EP)
"All is falling: part 5" - James Blackshaw (All is falling)
"To Bob Vatel of Paris" - Jason Moran (Ten)
"Blind injustice" - Richard Leo Johnson and Gregg Bendian (Who knew Charlie Shoe?)
"Kottpolska" - Hoven Droven (Groove alchemy)
"The healing festival" - Tim Buckley (Starsailor)
"Aung San Suu Kyi" - Wayne Shorter Quartet (Usher Hall, Edinburgh, March 5, 2003)
"Surfing for silence" - Salinas (Salinas)
"MLT" - String Cheese Incident (Nashoba Ski Area, Westford, MA, June 6, 1998)
"Trouble" - Jay Sparrow (The tempest line)
"Chains of passivity" - The Green Hour Band (Coming of clockwise)
"Morning star" - EXIT 451 (The sea above the sky)
"Cobbler's jig/Maltese brawls" - John Renbourn's Ship of Fools (John Renbourn's Ship of Fools)
"Black crown ceremony I: diamond terrifier" - Zs (New slaves)

Another wide and varied set, though the first hour ended up being about 3/4 jazz. Interestingly, hour 2 was my butterfingers period; I left long gaps between some tracks and I think I played something twice... sigh... Alternately, hours 1 and 3 were technologically smooth.

Best album title this week: Staring contest (Reid Jamieseon). According to Allmusic, there are only two albums with this title, including Reid Jamieson's.

Best song/tune title this week: "I do all my own nude scenes" by Sleep For The Nightlife


Friday, September 10, 2010

September 13, 2010

"Sombre reptiles" - Brian Eno (Another green world)
"Continent & western" - Fond of Tigers (Continent & western)
"Bye bye Idi" - Bruce Cockburn (Dancing in the dragon's jaws (2002 reissue))
"Intro" - The XX (The XX)
"The hobo son" - Ronnie Hayward with 5 Stat Homeless (The hobo son)
"The maze: the beginning" - Danilo Perez (Providencia)
"RFK in the land of apartheid" - Jason Moran (Ten)
"Im maien" - Piffaro (Stadtpfeiffer: music of renaissance Germany)
"Doctor child" - Five Alarm Funk (Anything is possible)
"Dad I'm in jail" - Was Not Was (What up, dog?)
"Convergence" - Matt Garrison featuring Claudio Roditi (Familiar places)
"I like the sunrise" - Darrell Katz (A wallflower in the amazon)
"Rubber room" - The Johnnys (Louder faster more fun)
"Beware the eleventh step onwards" - The Quaint Hearted (The Quaint Hearted)
"Bombs" - Better Off Dead (Definition)
"Break down my door" - Amy Wood (Cinnamon heart)
"Samba soul' - Thomas Blondet (The sound of Rhythm & Sound)
"Janitor of lunacy" - Nico (Cathedrale-Notre-Dame, Reims, France, December 13, 1974)
"Ow!" - Ray Anderson (Old bottles-new wine)
"John the revelator" - Sheila Wilcoxson (Backwater blues)
"Lowell's bowel part 3" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (The gods must be smiling)
"Meditation" - Gene Harris Quartet (Another night in London)
"Concussion" - Electric Riddles (Pixxx)
"The werewolf" - Robin and Barry Dransfield (Brig Folk Club, The Adelphi, Lower Briggate, Leeds, UK, May 20, 1973)
"Niska banja" - Sviraj (One to remember)
"Beat bop" - Jacky Terrasson (Push)
"Ellipses" - This Invitation (Sunless/Ellipses, lapses, and collapses)
"Mute" - Charlie Mariano (The great concert)
"A rose is a rose…" - Diane McIntosh (Pinnacles: music of/musique de Diane McIntosh)

Musically, I thought this was a strong show, especially the first couple of hours. Things came together well and hung together. There was plenty of variation but also a fair amount of inter-connectedness. I wasn't so fussed about my performance on the mic today; too much stumbling, gaps, gaffes, and errors; oh well, I will survive :-)

I played one of my favourite instrumentals today, "Sombre reptiles" by Brian Eno. I've been thinking that my show could do with a theme, something regular and recognizable to start the program, and the idea occured to me that "Sombre reptiles" could be a good theme tune. I'm going to mull this over for a while but I welcome thoughts from listeners and readers about this.

Best CD title this week: Louder faster more fun by the Johnnys. There's a good motto for life!


Friday, September 3, 2010

September 6, 2010

"Julie" - Devon Sproule (Don't hurry for heaven)
"Freddie's dead" - William Parker (I plan to stay a believer: the inside songs of Curtis Mayfield)
"Bhang bhang, I'm a burnout" - Dum Dum Girls (I will be)
"Conference of the birds" - Dave Holland Quartet (Conference of the birds)
"Doojiman" - Iggy and the Stooges (Raw power: legacy edition)
"The breaking of our lord's birthday" - Oyster Band (Liberty Hall)
"Softly treads the hunter" - Scott Marshall Quartet (Vignettes)
"Canadian cigarettes" - Durban Poison (Stereophonic tonic)
"Thousand cuts " - Jefferson Grant Quintet (As one)
"Improvisation 1" - Derek Bailey & The Ruins (The Purcell Rooms, South Bank, London, April 3, 1997)
"What a friend" - Esperanza Spalding (Chamber music society)
"Zurna taksim" - Sax ruins (Yawiquo)
"Both back" - Sumner Brothers (Sumner Brothers)
"Ease back" - Grant Green (The finest in jazz: Grant Green)
"Blink and you'll miss it" - Paul Weller (Catch-flame!)
"Onward" - The Work (The 4th world)
"Crisis monkey" - Vigil-ante (Vigil-ante)
"Desire worlds" - David S. Ware (Onecept)
"The miller's prologue from the Canterbury tales" - Geoffrey Chaucer
"War in peace" - Skip Spence (Oar) "In harmony with Henry the horse" - Hans Reichel (Lower lurum)
"Granny White special" - Various (Jam session)
"Number three" - Either/Orchestra (More beautiful than death)
"Speedorama '83" - Mark Haney (Aim for the roses: the Ken Carter story)
"The eraser" - Christian Scott (Yesterday, you said tomorrow)
"Rocket street" - Mikrokoletktyw (Revisit)
"Yellow" - Beta Collide (Psst… psst!)

Show #2 in the new spot (Mondays, 1-10 am). The main feature this week was the live performance and interview with the Sumner Brothers, a country/folk/blues/rock group from Vancouver. They were passing through Calgary on their way back to Vancouver and dropped in at CJSW. Nice guys, good music, it went well, I thought (especially for the first ever live performance on Breaking The Tethers! I've done a fair number of interviews but never a live spot, until now).