Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

"Resident alien" - Ramona Bothwick (One of us)
"Introduction to my favorite things" - John Coltrane (Live at the Village Vanguard again)
"My favorite things" - John Coltrane (Live at the Village Vanguard again)
"I was born" - Eri Yamamoto Trio (In each day, something good)
"Na casa de Zeze" - Nicolas Krassik (Cacua)
"Blue pepper" - Triodes (Chunked)
"Ballad for a crumbling infrastructure" - Ryan Blotnick (Everything forgets)
"Space of no pain" - Kahil El'Zabar's Tri-Factor (CIMPosium - volume 7)
"Expansion" - Pat Metheny (Orchestrion)
"Weirdo march" - Eric Vloeimans (Bitches and fairy tales)
"Circus '68 '69" - Charlie Haden (Liberation Music Orchestra)
"Squatters" - James Carney Group (Ways & means)
"Jericho's legacy" - Alain Trudel (Jericho's legacy)
"Moon bird" - Myra Melford's Be Bread (The whole tree gone)
"Leo soul" - Ehran Elisha Ensemble (CIMPosium - volume 5)
track 5 - Chris Dadge (The tangled woof of fact)
"Paris part I" - Keith Jarrett (Testament: Paris-London)
"Shadows across the land' - Chris Cody Coalition (Oasis)
"Reaching" - Michelle Gregoire (Reaching)
"Lonnie's lament" - John Coltrane (Afro-blue impressions)

This was the last Breaking The Tethers show in its original time and day, Tuesday morning, 6-9 am. It was pretty much a normal show though I included a few old favorites (e.g. the May 1966 performance of "My favorite things" from Live at the Village Vanguard again). Interestingly, I ended up playing a fair number of tunes that come from 1998 or 1999; I'm sure how to explain that... oh well. The last piece on the program, "Lonnie's lament", was the first thing I played on Breaking The Tethers on the first show, July 4, 2006. As today's show is an ending of sorts, I thought it was fitting that the last track should, in a sense, echo the first. In addition, today's "Lonnie's lament" was the 4000th piece of music played on Breaking The Tethers.

I'll be away for about a week and will return on Monday, March 1 to host Breaking The Tethers in its new day and time and with a revamped format.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

"Turn the koala" - Red Blue Green (Transparent thesis)
"Black unity" - Pharoah Sanders (Black unity)
"How deep is the ocean?" - Bill Evans (Explorations)
"Hacia del aire" - The Terence Blanchard Group (Choices)
"Simone" - Jimmy Cobb's Mob (Cobb's groove)
"Bulgarian" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Cat and mouse" - Great Uncles of the Revolution (Stand up!)
"Nubian call" - Malachi Thompson and Africa Brass (Lift every voice)
"Cat" - Ethnocity (Autumn dreams)
"Arokis" - PJ Perry (Nota bene)
"Blues for Nat Turner" - In The Tradition (The tradition continues!)
"Stopover at Djibouti" - Anouar Brahem (The astounding eyes of Rita)
"Almost Sacha's favorite key" - Fat Cat Big Band (Face)
"Hard on" - The Phibes (The Phibes)
"Seeds of consciousness" - Duology (Golden atoms)
"Kiama for Obama" - David Murray and the Gwo Ka Masters (The devil tried to kill me)
"Odean" - Khan Jamal Quintet (CIMPosium - volume 12)
"Caminos" - David Virelles (Motion)
"The magic of ju-ju" - Archie Shepp (The magic of ju-ju)
"Lingering" - Chicago Goes West (Chicago goes west)

I didn't plan things this way but today's episode featured a notable African element. African-type sounds were part of the tracks by Pharoah Sanders, In The Tradition, David Murray, and Archie Shepp as well as a few of the others.

A reminder that next week's show, February 16, will be the last Breaking The Tethers program in the Tuesday 6-9 am time slot. As of March 1, the show will be moving to 10 am-noon on Mondays. I will be away for the final Tuesday of the month, February 23. For my final show on a Tuesday AM, I am welcoming requests from listeners; not that I don't do that all the time anyway but the Feb. 20 edition will be a special event of sorts and I want to make sure that folks get to hear music that they've always wanted to be features on Breaking The Tethers (subject to availability, of course). Requests, ideas, suggestions, etc. can left on this blog or you can call during next week's program, 403-220-3991.

One more thing to note about next week: Most likely, the 4000th track played on Breaking The Tethers will be part of this show. I think this is an appropriate point to usher in some change.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Changes are coming

Some changes will be happening after this month to both Breaking The Tethers and CJSW. Here's the story:

All of the morning jazz shows, which presently run from 6-9 am, will be going away. I'm not quite sure about this but I believe they will be replaced by an hour of BBC from 6-7 am followed by two hours of a mix of news/spoken word and music. Some of the jazz programs will be moving to hour-long slots in the evening, from 9-10 pm (for example, this includes Philip Barker's program Morning Joy, which will be getting a name change).

Breaking The Tethers will still exist and will be going to 10 am - noon on Mondays. There will be a change to the content featured on the show but a big chunk of the programming (1/4 to 1/3 maybe?) will still be jazz. The rest will be from every other type of music (almost). I envision Breaking The Tethers becoming more of a "dog's breakfast" kind of show, with a fair chunk of jazz.

All of the changes will kick in on the first week of March. This means that the first program of the revamped Breaking The Tethers will be Monday, March 1. This also means that there are just a few programs left of the "old" Breaking The Tethers. In fact, there are just two shows left where I will be the host; I'm going to be away on February 23 so someone else will be behind the board that day.

Here's what I plan to do for the remaining shows (Feb. 9 and Feb. 16). I've got pretty much a full show planned for tomorrow (Feb. 9) but I am leaving Feb. 16 completely open at this point. I may play favourites of mine, I may play highly-requested numbers, I may play a mess of freak-out jazz. One thing that I would like to do on Feb. 16 is to feature listener requests; Breaking The Tethers is definitely continuing on but at a different time and with a somewhat different mandate so if there is anything that you have always wanted to hear on the program, this might be a good time to ask for it. I can't promise that I will play everything requested (a particular request may not be findable) but I will do my best. Feel free to post requests on this blog or give me a call tomorrow 6-9 am MST during Breaking The Tethers (403-220-3991).


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

"Pacifica" - Wadada Leo Smith (Spiritual dimensions)
"Ito eats" - Elvis Bossa Nova! (Elvis Bossa Nova!)
"Casadiche" - Jerry Bergonzi (Simply put)
"Orchestrion" - Pat Metheny (Orchestrion)
"Ms. Garvey, Ms. Garvey" - Roy Hargrove Big Band (Emergence)
"Conjure" - Truby Trio (DJ-kicks)
"Safari" - John Patitucci (Rememberance)
"Cash in the car" - Triodes (Chunked)
"All the things you are" - Dave Brubeck (Jazz at the College of the Pacific)
"Intro" - Ryan Blotnick (Everything forgets)
"Fallout" - James Carney Group (Ways & means)
"Judge's cave" - Ryan Blotnick (Everything forgets)
"Otis' song" - Ted Daniel (Ted Daniel Sextet)
"The whole tree gone" - Myra Melford's Be Bread (The whole tree gone)
"The noose" - Zevious (After the air raid)
"Blue in Tunisia" - Eri Yamamoto Trio (In each day, something good)
"Afrodesia" - Lonnie Smith/George Benson/Ron Carter/Joe Lovano (Afrodesia)
"HEATHER SKELTER" - Blackjazz (Shining)
"Humpty dumpty" - Chick & Hiromi (Duet)
"Song of the force" - Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora (CIMPosium - volume 4)
"Wist, SK" - Depatterning (The forestry lessons EP)
"Cycles five" - The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra (Blu blu blu)
"Sea journey" - Gary Burton/Pat Metheny/Steve Swallow/Antonio Sanchez
(Quartet live)
"When then was now" - Mark Moultrup (Dar cho)

Lots of new releases and playlist CDs featured this week, not that that's a bad thing. Tracks to note include the metal-jazz (or is that jazz-metal?) of Blackjazz (I bet this one took a few folks by surprise) and the "Song of the force" by Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora.