Friday, October 12, 2018

October 8, 2018

Definitely a wide and varied show this week, especially style-wise.  I dug it all but maybe my favourite track was "Useless interposition" from the new chess-themed recording, Duo, by Jeff Snyder and Frederico Ughi; it reminds me of the albums by Keiran Hebden and the late Steve Reid, which I quite liked.

Next week's program will likely be similar (and hopefully just as good!).  Join me from 10-11 am MT on CJSW 90.9 FM or, Monday, October 15.

You can also join me and Linda Cunningham in two weeks for the annual CJSW Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers.  Time and station are the same, date will be Monday, October 22.

On the subject of the Funding Drive (FD), please check out for more information on the event. I've also put some FD-related odds and ends on this blog, at



Thursday, October 4, 2018

CJSW Funding Drive 2018 and Breaking The Tethers


From a CJSW perspective, we're coming up to the happiest time of the year, the annual funding drive (FD)!  This is an important week for Calgary's campus and community radio station where we call upon our listeners to pledge support to CJSW to help the station grow and develop for the next year.  Here are the basics about the drive for this year:

*The FD will run from Friday, October 19 at 9 am through Friday, October 25 at 6pm.

*The theme this year is an aquatic one, FM Anchor (as in "CJSW is your FM anchor". Truth!)

*The website for the funding drive is

*The hashtag for the FD is #FMAnchor.

*The main goal is to bring in $200,000, all of which will go to new equipment e.g. high quality audio recorders, band room upgrades, etc.

*There is also a stretch goal of an additional $50,000, which, if reached (fingers crossed!), will go to replacing CJSW's backup transmitter.

*There will be incentives given as thanks for pledging, at various levels. Check these out at There's some cool stuff!

*You can pre-pledge online at Once the funding drive officially begins, you can still pledge via the website or call 403-220-5000.  You can also email me anytime about pledging at

The Breaking The Tethers (BTT) funding drive program will take place on Monday, October 22, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM or  As happened the last couple of years, Linda Cunningham and I will co-host the show.  We'll chat, play some music, have fun, and hopefully help to raise some money for the station.

There will be a special Breaking The Tethers mix CD available to everyone who pledges at the $100 level or higher ($100+ pledgers will still get the incentives at the station level). Here's what's on the disc, in order:

The Sons Of Kemet - "My queen is Harriet Tubman"
Keith Price - "Grunge"
Mark McGrain - "Etreinte"
Fred Gerlach - "Eyrie"
The Flying Horse Big Band - "Bat-spin"
David Crosby - "She's got to be somewhere"
Brandon Seabrook Trio - "Bovicidal"
The Flying Horse Big Band - "Bat-spin"
Kamasi Washington - "Humility"
Lisa Hilton- "Too hot"
The Flying Horse Big Band - "Bat-spin"
Indo-Pak Coalition - "Rasikapriya"
Kait Dunton - "OCD"
The Flying Horse Big Band - "Bat-spin"
Hoaxer - "Reprise of menthol buddha menthol"
Roscoe Mitchell - "Discussions I"
The Flying Horse Big Band - "Bat-spin"
Aquaserge - "Virage sud"

These are all great tunes, each played on BTT in the past year.

That's it for now!  More on the funding drive soon!


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 1, 2018

This show marked my return to the airwaves after a week away in NYC (and, yes, I saw some live music when I was there, Mark Guiliana Space Heroes at the Jazz Standard).  Mostly new releases this week with a couple of older tracks played.  Fave piece of music from this program: Probably "Trace" by the Bad Plus off their 2018 release Never stop II, which led off the show.

Oh, and thanks again to Linda Cunningham for hosting last week!

The next edition of Breaking The Tethers will be at the usual time and place, Monday, October 8, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM or

I should also point out that the annual CJSW funding drive is coming soon, starting on Friday, Oct. 19. More about this in another post soon!


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

September 24, 2018

A nifty show hosted by Linda Cunningham in my absence.  Nice that she played some Art Blakey; I haven’t played any Art for quite some time.  Many thanks to Linda for taking the reins of BTT this week!

I’ll be returning next week, Monday, October 1, 10-11 am, 90.9 FM or, with a program of mixed tunes, both stylistically (as always) and date-wise (after three weeks of “all-new” shows).

A reminder also that the annual CJSW funding drive is coming soon. The shindig starts on Friday, October 19 and finishes up one week later, on Friday, October 26.  The Breaking The Tethers 2018 funding drive edition will take place on Monday, October 22, with me and Linda co-hosting, as we’ve done for the past few years.  Please join us! (And pledge!)


Monday, September 17, 2018

September 17, 2018

This was the third of three (in a row) "all-new" Breaking The Tethers episodes.  No Canadian content this week but there was the usual mix of styles along with a longer piece, "Ohoneotree suite" by Anteloper.

I'm off to NYC next week so there'll be no show for me on Sept. 24.  Linda Cunningham will be filling in once more and will do her usual fine job.  Linda will also be joining me on the Breaking The Tethers 2018 CJSW Funding Drive edition on Monday, October 22; more on this soon!  I'll be back behind the boards for the Oct. 1 program (which likely won't be all-new).


September 10, 2018

Playing catchup here, this is the podcast and tracklist for the Sept. 10 program. Like the previous week, I put together an all-new show featuring lots of Canadian content (6 of 9 tracks) and plenty of stylistic variation. And that is all (for this week... :-)


Monday, September 3, 2018

September 3, 2018

Happy labour day!  I hope everyone listening had a great day, whether or not they had to work!

This episode was the first of what's probably going to be at least a few "all-new" shows.  I've got loads and loads of newly-released (mostly) and newly-re-released stuff that I want to get on air, quite the backlog.  Accordingly, Breaking The Tethers will be in "new" territory for a while.  Gotta catch up!

Musically, I really dug what was played this week, from the crazed dance tuba of the Sons of Kemet at the start to the jazz guitar of Harley Card at the end.  I'm aiming for the same feel next week!

On that note, the next program will be Monday, September 10 (geez, September already!), 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM or  Please tune in!


PS On the recording, I cut off the few few minutes.  My apologies for this.  I believe the show is complete after this.