Sunday, October 14, 2012

CJSW Funding Drive 2012 and Breaking The Tethers

This year, the annual CJSW Funding Drive (FD) runs from Oct. 19-26. This is a crucial time of the year, where those of us who are involved with CJSW (almost all of whom are volunteers) call upon our loyal listeners to pledge their support. The goal for this year's event is $200,000; it's high but definitely achievable. There's loads of information about CJSW FD 2012 at, front and centre on the page.

As in past years, there will be a Breaking The Tethers (BTT) funding drive show, on Monday, Oct. 22, 7-10 am MST. It should be a fun program, a little different than the usual fare for BTT. Please join me if you can. Hopefully, you'll be able to pledge something to the funding drive. I'm hoping to hit $2500 this year, up from $2115 in 2011 (which was a big jump from $815 in 2010!). If you'd like to pledge, you can do so live during the show (listen to 90.9 FM or, you can pledge online anytime at, or, if you'd like to pledge on paper, I have forms that can be filled out; just contact me via this blog.

There will be incentives at various levels for pledging.  The main incentives are listed on the CJSW pages (for instance, they're on the first page after clicking on the online pledge link) but there are also some unique-to-Breaking The Tethers items, available only during the live broadcast on Oct. 22.  These include some commercially-produced CDs; for example, there will be four CDs of great freaky jazz from the AUM Fidelity label available at the $75 dollar level.  In addition, I've put together four mixed CDs featuring samples of the wide range of music featured on BTT, almost all of which were played in the last year; here's what's on each:

Breaking The Tethers
CJSW Funding Drive 2012
CD 1

1. Bennie Maupin – “The Jewel In The Lotus”
2. Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – “It’s A Vanity”
3. Cannonball Adderley Quintet – “Black Messiah”
4. Giacomo Gates – “Legend In His Own Mind”
5. Dark Dark Dark And Her Choir – “Long Long Long”
6. Nyabingi Rastafarians – “Fire Burn”
7. Bellowhead – “Trip To Bucharest/The Flight Of The Folk Mutants Parts 1 & 2”
8. Roky Erickson & The Aliens – “If You Have Ghosts”
9. Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics – “Mandala”
10. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Get A Job”
11. Bill Evans Trio – “Nardis”
12. Iggy & The Stooges – “Doojiman”
13. Jay Farrar, Will Johnson, Anders Parker, and  Yim Yames – “Old L.A.”
14. Albert Ayler – “Desert Blood”

Breaking The Tethers

CJSW Funding Drive 2012
CD 2

1. Timothy Leary – “The Turn On”
2. The Funkees – “Dancing In The Nude”
3. Forgas Band Phenomena – “George V”
4. The Aaron Keele Contingent – “What Difference Does It Make”
5. Jessica Lee Mayfield – “Our Hearts Are Wrong”
6. Thom Gossage Other Voices – “Tom Arthur’s Dinner”
7. John Martyn – “Solid Air”
8. Raoul Bjorkenheim, Bill Laswell, & Morgen Agren – “4-4-4-4-2-2-5-2”
9. Shuffle Demons – “Fukushima”
10. Miles Davis – “Agitation”
11. Levellers – “For Us All”
12. Howard Roberts – “Five Gallons Of Astral Flash Could Keep You Awake For Thirteen Weeks”
13. Prince Perry – “Bee On The Bus”
14. John Mayall – “No Holds Barred”
15. Sun Ra – “Journey Through The Outer Darkenss”
16. Timothy Leary – “Epilogue”

Breaking The Tethers

CJSW Funding Drive 2012
CD 3

1. Roky Erickson – “Don’t Slander Me”
2. Magnus Ostrom – “Piano Break Song”
3. El Rego Et Ses Commandos – “Se Na Min”
4. Robert Earl Keen – “The Road Goes On And On”
5. Miles Davis – “Riot”
6. Shark Move – “Evil War”
7. Julian Lage Group – “Telegram”
8. The Residents – “Birthday Boy”
9. The Cat Empire – “Lonely Moon”
10. Machine Mass Trio – “Let Go”
11. Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics – “Modality”
12. MC Yogi featuring Jai Uttal – “Ganesh Is Fresh”
13. Wanda Jackson – “Thunder On The Mountain”
14. Sao Paulo Underground – “Pigeon”
15. Bobby Broom – “D’s Blues”
16. Roky Erickson – “Don’t Slander Me”

Breaking The Tethers
CJSW Funding Drive 2012
CD 4

1. Calgary Highlanders – “Regimental March – Highland Laddie”
2. MC5 – “Back To Comm”
3. David Bowie – “Letter To Hermione”
4. Dirty Projectors – “Maybe That Was It”
5. Eliza Carthy – “Greenwood Laddie/Mrs. Capron’s Reel/Tune”
6. John Pizzarelli – “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”
7. The Vestibules – “Performance Artist Barbie”
8. Laboratorio Della Quercia – “Vortex Waltz”
9. Les Rita Mitsouko – “Le Petit Train”
10. The Renderers – “Typhoid Mary”
11. The Rolling Stones – “Highway Chile”
12. Sebadoh – “Visibly Wasted II”
13. Spock’s Beard – “Kamikaze”
14. Suicide – “Frankie Teardrop”

Great stuff, I think.  There will be two sets of these four CDs up for grabs.  Individual CDs will be available at the $100 level and a complete collection of the four at the $200.  Note: Once these eight CDs are gone, that's it, no more will be offered.  The same goes with the commercial CDs.  So, pledge early to get the best selection.

That's it, CJSW Funding Drive 2012 and Breaking The Tethers in a nutshell.  Hope to hear from many folks live on Oct. 22 or online via the pledge form!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Top 10 CDs

In no particular order, here's my top 10 CD list for 2011. I'm sure I'm missing a few but here's what I can recall.


1. Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp - Cosmic leider

Spooky, eerie alto sax and piano duets. Seriously freaky at times.

2. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness blues

More off-kilter hippie folk. Not quite as their first full-length release but that's usually the case with most 2nd albums.

3. Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder - s/t

4. Turtleboy - Smart matter

5. A Troop Of Echoes - Days in automation

#s 3-5 were deceptively good, growing with each listen and crossing musical boundaries (is it jazz? or rock? or ...?)

6. Grateful Dead - Europe '72, vol. 2

OK, I'm a bit of a deadhead. I didn't pick up the 73-CD set of the complete 1972 European tour but this is a nice addition to the original Europe '72 set.

7. Miles Davis Quintet - Live in Europe 1967: the bootleg series vol. 1

Live recordings of the latter days of the second great Davis quintet.

8. Crumbling Ghost - s/t

UK folk-rock done right.

9. Raoul Bjorkenheim, Bill Laswell, and Morgen Agren - Blixt

Loud, wild instrumental rock/jazz power trio.

10. Richard Thompson featuring Linda Thompson - Live at the BBC

Any RT is good RT.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

November 21, 2011

Number two in a series of long-delayed setlists. More to come.


"C'est plein pour moi" - Richard Thompson (Greenstreets, Columbia, MO, February 27, 1991)
"Tribal wisdom" - Vijay Iyer/Prassanna/Nitin Mitta (Tirtha)
"Inana's dance (IV)" - Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers Ensemble(Inana)
"Free sometimes rules" - Weasel Walter (Ominous telepathic mayhem)
"No holds barred" - John Mayall (The second decade: 1972 to 1982)
"Hymn to freedom" - Oliver Jones (Live in Baden Switzerland)*
"Jigsaw variations" - Mats/Morgan Band (Live)
"Chicago" - Tom Waits (Bad as me)
"The gift" - The Velvet Underground (White light/white heat)
"City of souls" - Kathryn Calder (Bright and vivid)*
"Gaia/Goya: part six - theme for Japhy Ryder (a buddhist meditates on a mountain top)" - The Keith Price Trio/Quintet (Gaia/Goya)*
"Telegram" - Julian Lage (Gladwell)
"Mothership" - Cripple Creek Fairies (The suction)**
"Interception" - Dave Holland Quartet (Conference of the birds)
"Congo" - Stefon Harris (Ninety miles)
"Watkins Glen" - Dead Cat Bounce (Chance episodes)
"I just feel that was him getting old and thinking, I gotta seem young and hip" - Bitter Fictions (Percolator glitch)**
"Urban chaos" - Black Pestilence (Tradition is obselete)**
"Over the humpty dump" - Cinque (Catch a corner)*
? - Foonyap and the Roar (Foonyap and the Roar)**
"Speed roadster" - David Lynch (Crazy clown time)
"Carambola" - Sao Paulo Underground (Tres cabecas loucuras)
"Moon tune" - Raoul Bjorkenheim/Bill Laswell/Morgan Agren (Blixt)
"Boogaloo Joe" - Booglaoo Joe Jones (Legends of acid jazz)
"Mates for life" - The Claudia Quintet + 1 featuring Kurt Elling and Theo Bleckmann (What is the beautiful?)
"Mouths" - Mark Alban Lotz & Islak Kopek (Istanbul improv sessions May 4)
"Cycles de derives" - Ariane Plante (Ariane Plante)*