Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

"Dangerous to know" - Brian Eno (Glitterbug)
"Windy" - Rufus Harley (Kings/queens)
"Ragas in minor scale" - Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass (Passages)
"White rice, brown sugar" - Jessica Stuart Few (Kid dream)
"Cacua' - Nicolas Krassik (Cacua)
"Vernal suite" - Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (Treelines)
"No more war" - Burning Spear (Man in the hills)
"Party invite to Samsara" - Blaq Magic Pyramid (S/T)
"Balindore' - Capercaillie (Sidewaulk)
"Grooving out!' - Jan Garbarek Group (Dresden)
"Here and now, then and gone" - Jessica Pavone (Songs of synastry and solitude)
"Improvisation" - Leonard Cohen (Live songs)
"The Doug McComb over" - Tundra (Joan of Arc presents: don't mind control)
"Old stuff" - New York Art Quartet (Old stuff)
"Broken/Moment of truth/Propel" - Tyler Hornby (A road to remember)
"Funky drummer (bonus beat reprise)" - James Brown (In the jungle groove)
"Telefunken stereo" - Thenradio (Serial numbers)
"Twilight curtain" - Brandi Disterheft (Second side)
"Citizen Kang" - Tommy Babin's Benzene (Your body is your prison)
"Mellow jazz docent" - Pavement (Quarantine the past)
"Search and destroy" - The Stooges (Planeta Terra Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 7, 2009)
"Gimme danger" - The Stooges (Planeta Terra Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 7, 2008)
"Modest proposal" - Mose Allison (The way of the world)
"The January blues" - Steven Schoenberg (Steven Schoenberg live: an improvisational journey)

Gotta admit, I really liked this week's show. Loads of different musical genres featured plus many of the tracks were old favourites of mine or were recent new pleasant discoveries. Not much more to say than that. More of the same next week!


Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

"Musk melon" -Tim Turvey Ensemble (Tim Turvey Ensemble)
"The mutant" - Trader Horne (Morning way)
"Grand central" - Poncho Sanchez (Psychedelic blues)
"The Sudbury nickel" - John Doe and the Sadies (Country club)
"Molalatladi' - BLK JKS (After robots)
"Inside out"- Rare Air (Hard to beat)
"TMHRO - II cranks" - Howard Bashaw (Hard rubber, hard elastic)
"Head's up" - Shadowplay (Shadowplay)
"Medley: John Hurt Shiva Shankarah" - Currituck Co. (I am the resurrection: a tribute to John Fahey)
"White chicks" - Creesis Crisis (No more shapes)
"Kata" - Sandro Dominelli (The Alvo sessions)
"One more day" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"Rolling down to old Maui" - Cordelia's Dad (Cordelia's Dad)
"Please dance" - Drumheller (Glint)
"Bottom" - Gov't Majik (Party favors)
"Trident: 2010" - Vijay Iyer Trio (Historicity)
"When the doctor's gonna come" - Spoon River (Kingdom of the burned)
"Let youth be served" - Inhabitants (A vacant lot)
"O.C." - Ted Daniel Trio (The loft years, volume one)
"Sense of belonging" - Ethnocity (Autumn dreams)
"Jet pilot" - Bob Dylan (Biograph)
"Little lion man" - Mumford & Sons (Sigh no more)
"Mashaka" - In The Tradition (The tradition continues!)
"Lo que me hace vivir" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Equatorial pitch" - Radio Massacre International (Time & motion)

Another "dog's breakfast" kinda show, which is what I'm aiming for. A fair amount of jazz and experimental music this week; such is how it goes though, looking at what I have planned for next week, there might be less of that sort of stuff on March 29.

I was very happy to be able to play a couple of fave tracks of mine, "Inside out" by Rare Air and "Jet pilot" by Bob Dylan. My top new piece for the week was the lead-off tune, "Musk Melon" from the Tim Turvey Ensemble.


Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

"The thing and I" - Tommy Babin's Benzene (Your body is your prison)
"Dual landing" - Tyler Hornby (A road to remember)
"In the jungle" - The Hygrades (Nigeria rock special)
"For the hand of Magdelana" - The Lowest Of The Low (Shakespeare My Butt)
"Transformations" - Jan Garbarek Group (Dresden)
"Loser" - Grateful Dead (Three from the vault)
"Walking back the cat" - The Phibes (The Phibes)
"Vacillements" - Univers Zero (Clivages)
"Israelites" - Triodes (Chunked)
"My brain" - Mose Allison (The way of the world)
"Introduction/Rock Daniels" -Bishop McDaniel (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Cyclic episode" - U.O. Project (It's time for u)
"Let her shine" - Brandi Disterheft (Second side)
"A little love" - The Trash Hogs (The Trash Hogs)
"Exclusive interview with Mr. Dressup" - Radio Free Vestibule (Sketches, songs, and shoes)
"Sweet smells" - New York Art Quartet (Old stuff)
"Paan-masala" - Moksha Ensemble (Lady sun)
"After dark" - Steven Schoenberg (Steven Schoenberg live: an improvisational journey)
"Elegant hot dog" - Sevens Project (Sevens Project)
"I want a break thru" - The Hykkers (Nigeria special)
"Queen Mary 3" - Ben Gunning (Mal de mer)
"Yogwiz" - The Pulse (The Pulse)

This was a fun show. I very much liked almost almost everything that was played this week (and still was cool with all the rest). I was particularly pleased to be able to play a couple of the tracks from the "Nigeria special" CDs from a few years ago. And I squeezed some Dead in, "Loser", the second time it was played live.

More nifty stuff next week. Requests are always welcome.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Promo ideas please

Now that Breaking The Tethers is presented on a new day and at a new time on CJSW, with a revamped musical palate, I need to come up with a new audio promo spot (or spots) for the program. Something interesting, intruiging, funny, etc. designed to catch the attention of listeners and promote Breaking The Tethers (and CJSW). I've put my brain in gear for ideas but I'm coming up kinda dry so far (or at least the ideas that are rising to the top in my grey matter are on the lame side). I'm still going to give the matter some thought but I also welcome any suggestions from loyal listeners (and others!). Feel free to leave ideas as comments on this blog.



Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

"What else" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"Streets of Calcutta" - Ananda Shankar (A life in music)
"Aunt Lucy Broadwood" - Mr. Fox (Join us in our game)
"Be mankan" - Ali Farke Toure & Toumani Diabate (Ali and Toumani)
"Arbutus" - Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (Treelines)
"Charlie James" - Steve Howell (Since I saw you last)
"Music for alto saxophone and piano - VI riftfoll" - Howard Bashaw (Hard rubber, hard elastic)
"track 6" - Chris Dadge (The tangled woof of fact)
"Letter to Ausconius" - Dave Soldier (Smut)
"Whiskey" - Rumble Devils (Diablos guapos)
"Well funk me up!!!" - Christopher Lehman (Popjazzic)
"Song to Comus" - Comus (Song to Comus: the complete collection)
"Galang (trio riot version)" - Vijay Iyer Trio (Historicity)
"A la dina dana" - Jon Blake (Siwan)
"Liar, liar" - The Castaways (Nuggets: original artifacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)
"Almost cut my hair" - Nathan Carroll (Last stop on the dancing bear act)
"Strange imaginary remix" - Eighth Blackbird (Strange imaginary animals)
"Hot sauce" - Sandro Dominelli (The Alvo sessions)
"Umissable grey, mixed paint" - Woodpigeon (Die stadt muzikanten)
"El ritmo de tus hombros" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Men behind the sun" - Invisible Funeral (Nocturnals)
"Dreamin' man" - Neil Young (Dreamin' man live '92)
"Vessels of a donor look" - The Most Serene Republic (…And the ever expanding universe)
"The madness and the damage done" - Blackjazz (Shining)
"Hunt" - Drumheller (Glint)

This was the second show of Breaking The Tethers in the new spot with the new format. I think it went pretty good (a few trips of the tongue and fingers aside) and I feel like I'm settling into things. Musically, the show featured another week of musical soup of jazz (about a quarter of the program) and God knows what else, from experimental to metal. More of the same kinda thing next week, I say!


Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

"Attaining" - John Coltrane (Sun ship)
"The eye-witness" - The Habibiyya (If man but knew)
"Quodilbet" - John Cage (String quartet in four parts)
"Nite prowler" - The Deuce Coupes (Pulp surfin')
"Agoo agoho" - Red Blue Green (Transparent thesis)
"Here's to outliving me" - Doug Keith (Here's to outliving me)
"A joy" - Four Tet (Everything ecstatic)
"Tryin' not to pull my gun" - Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm (2 man wrecking crew)
"Shoeshine blues" - Thee American Revolution (Buddha electrostorm)
"Al birwa" - Anouar Brahem (The astounding eyes of Rita)
"Lovely Rita" - Dave Cloud And The Gospel Of Power (Mojo presents Sgt. Pepper… with a little help from his friends)
"Viva Las Vegas" - Elvis Bossa Nova! (Elvis Bossa Nova!)
"Beehives on the moon" -National Dust (…blind luck ain't no luck at all)
"East bound' - The Pulse (The Pulse)
"Variation" - Barbara Pritchard (Piano atlantica)
"30 piece band" - Ellen McIllwaine (The real Ellen McIllwaine)
"All the things you are" - Chicago Goes West (Chicago goes west)
"Paris part IV" - Keith Jarrett (Testament: Paris-London)
"Solitude mama" - The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir (Sister Anthony)
"Saturn noises"
"Seka knows" - Grant Hart (Good news for modern man)
"Red carpet" - Noah Creshevsky (To know and not to know)
"Dimples" - Vic Chestnutt (Skitter on take off)
"Love's lost rhapsody" - Fat Cat Big Band (Face)

This was the first edition of Breaking The Tethers in its new day and time, Monday mornings, 10 am to noon. It also featured a change in style, from 100% jazz or jazz-like music to about a third jazz and a mess of other stuff. Some fave tracks this week:

"Attaining" by John Coltrane - Anything by 'Trane is good.
"The eye-witness" by The Habibiyya - UK rock band goes for Sufism. Nice trance stuff.
"Nite prowler" by the Deuce Coupes - Hard-edged surf music.
"Tryin' not to pull my gun" by Burnside & Malcolm - Good advice?
"Shoeshine blues" by Thee American Revolution - I always dig some straight-ahead fuzztone rock.
"30 piece band" by Ellen McIlwaine - Some wild guitar and interesting singing here.
"Paris part IV" by Keith Jarrett - He's controversial but his solo piano is mesmerizing.
"Seka knows" by Grant Hart - I loved Husker Du but I don't know much about Hart's post-Du career (I've heard more solo Bob Mould). I liked this song.

I should also note that "Saturn noises" is a track of sounds reportedly recorded by a probe as it descended into the atmosphere of the planet Saturn.