Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009

"Rules of play" - Ralf Buschmeyer (Renewal)
"Kungusisches arbeitslied: miemand weiss hinten, wie er vorn dran ist" - Davis/Ulrich/Baumann/Lutek/Richards/Jefferson (Urs Blochlinger Tribute)
"You take care of me" - The Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The maverick)
"Call centre labyrinth" - Led Bib (Sensible shoes)
"Blue plate special" - Will Bernard (Blue plate special)
"Transitoire 4" - Nigel Kennedy Quartet (A very nice album)
"Still life" - Jon Miller Quartet (Orchidology)
"Aung San Suu Kyi" - Laura Klein & Ted Wolff (Cerulean blue)
"Travels parts 3 & 4" - Positive catastrophe (Garabatos volume one)
"Color" - Lee Konitz and Minsarah (Deep Lee)
"MCT-4 with duos" - Bruce Friedman (O.P.T.I.O.N.S.)
"Chamacos" - Roberto Occhipinti (A bend in the river)
"Willisau suite 2" - Sexmob with John Medeski (Sexmob meets Medeski: live in Willisau 2006)
"La reine de la salle" - John Hebert (Byzantine monkey)
"Phobos" - Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (Presents infernal machines)
"Basic botany" - Carl Maguire's Floriculture (Sided silver solid)

There were two features this week. First, all the music played could be said to be "new" or "fairly recently released" (e.g. late 2008). I didn't plan the show to be this way but, once I saw the amount of new stuff that was on deck, I said "what the heck" and went for it. Second, there were a number of quite long pieces played. Nothing odd there (it is jazz; tunes can be lengthy) but there were more than usual and only 16 tracks were played over three hours.

I might be away next week, I might not be. I could do the show but something has popped where it would be best if I passed on Breaking The Tethers on July 7. So, you might hear my voice in seven days or not. I'll definitely be on the air on July 14, barring disaster.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009

"UV dream" - Simon Fisk Trio (Unless)
"The winding way" - Scolohofo (Oh!)
"Drunk on the blood of the holy ones" - The Fully Celebrated (Drunk on the blood of the holy ones)
"Bird calls (alternate take)" - Charles Mingus (Mingus ah um (Legacy edition))
"Kung-fu world champion" - Hiromi (Brain)
"Oshun" - Donald Malloy (Spirituality)
"Shack" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Friday afternoon in the universe)
"Abstrakt #1" - Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse (Cries from tha ghetto)
"Le garnement" - Francois Couture (My little book - tome 1)
"Two shadows" - Tony Malaby Cello Trio (Warblepeck)
"Rudreshm" - Steve Lehman Octet (Travail, transformation, and flow)
"Happy birthday, John Zorn" - The Shuffle Demons (Alive in Europe)
"The dungeon (interlude)" - Mark Shim (Mind over matter)
"A thousand autumns" - Bradford Marsalis Trio (The dark keys)
"The silent fool" - Erik Mongrain (Equilibrium)
"Teo" - Miles Davis (Sketches of Spain (Legacy edition))
"Jazz oddyssey i" - Spinal Tap (Back from the dead)
"Swingin' machine" - Mose Allison (Swingin' machine)
"Dadar" - Adrian Vedady (In three acts)
"Duke's dead" - Brandi Disterheft (Debut)
"Blossom" - Sonny Rollins (Road shows, vol. 2)
"Whoopi" - Cyrus Chestnut (Earth stories)
"For Ha Ling" - Kevin Smith Trio (Afterthought)
"Freedom suite/1st part" - Yannick Rieu (Saint-Gervais)
"Ocean & the river" - Abdullah Ibrahim (Senzo)

The main theme in this show related to the 2009 Calgary Jazz Festival, which is happening this week (June 22-28, 2009). Several of the tracks played were by performers who will be at the festival, including Simon Fisk, Hiromi, MMW (who I will see tonight), the Shuffle Demons, Bradford Marsalis, Mose Allison, Brandi Disterheft, and Yannick Rieu. Please check out the festival if you can.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009

"Umbria" - Roberto Occhipinti (A bend in the river)
"Out of this world" - Kenny Burrell with Coleman Hawkins (Bluesy Burrell)
"Out of this world"- John Coltrane (Live in Seattle)
"Silent serenity" - Harry Skoler (Two ones)
"Spinetree"- Ray Russell (Secret asylum)
"Intrepid Norris" - The Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The maverick)
"Sweet science" - Larry Goldings Trio (Sweet science)
"Lookin' good, but feelin' bad" - Aki Takase (Aki Takase plays Fats Waller)
"Upon reflection" - Amanda Tosoff Quartet (Still life)
"Amber gris" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians II)
"Great expectations" - Miles From India (Miles from India)
"Are you real?" - Benny Golson (The best of Benny Golson)
"Hima" - Israel M (Nareah)
"Improvisation #1" - Marilyn Lerner (Miss overboard!)
"Acrid landscape" - John Hebert (Byzantine monkey)
"Willisau suite 3" - Sexmob with John Medeski (Sexmob meets Medeski: live in Willisau 2006)
"The magnolia triangle" - Yusef Lateef (Live at Pep's)
"Modern enunciator" - Carl Maguire's Floriculture (Sided silver solid)
"Day fever" - Marc Moulin (Top secret)
"Yesterdays" - Cannonball Adderley (Une anthologie 1955/1957)

This was an all-round good show, IMO. Some fairly "straight" stuff, some "out there" stuff, and plenty in-between. The program also featured a few tracks from performers who will be at the 2009 Calgary Jazz Festival (e.g. Martin, Medeski, and Wood; Marilyn Lerner; Amanda Tosoff); more of this next week.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

"Warblepeck" - Tony Malaby Cello Trio (Warblepeck)
"Slightly all the time" - Soft Machine (Third) (remastered edition)
"Thou swell" - Carmen McRae (Live at the Flamingo Jazz Club, London May 1961)
"Right now" - John Abercrombie (Animato)
"Echidna's arf (of you)" - The Ed Palermo Big Band (Eddy loves Frank)
"Metro mono" - Positive catastrophe (Garabatos volume one)
"Son of a gun" - Sisters Euclid (John and the Sisters)
"Latigo" - The Red Band (Les oies sauvages)
"Yes, again" - Led Bib (Sensible shoes)
"Us and them" - Jazz side of the moon (Jazz side of the moon)
"Le gendarme" - Francois Couture (My little book - tome 1)
"Monochromatic textures (MCT-1)" - Bruce Friedman (O.P.T.I.O.N.S.)
"I concentrate on you" - Sophie Milman (Take love easy)
"Splayed fingers" - Michael Musillami Trio + 3 (From seeds)
"Peace" - George Robert & Kenny Barron (Peace)
"Hietzing: the lightning round" - Gypsophilia (Sa-ba-da-ow!)
"Abstrakt #3" - Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse (Cries from tha ghetto)
"Yirgacheffe" - Jon Miller Quartet (Orchidology)
"Little sketch" - Adrian Vedady (In three acts)
"Alive tonight (Bobby Hughes combination mix)" - Mo' Horizons (A jazzelicious joint of nujazz sessions)
"Cerulean blue" - Laura Klein & Ted Wolff (Cerulean blue)
"Conotocarius" - The Fully Celebrated (Drunk on the blood of the holy ones)
"Invisible cities" - Nomo (Invisible cities)
"Forest path" - The Jim Seeley/Arturo O'Farrill Quintet (The Jim Seeley/Arturo O'Farrill Quintet)

This was my first show for three weeks. I was away in Ottawa and Montreal for about a week-and-a-half. Philip Barker did the May 26 show and Stewart Elton took the June 2 edition. Many thanks to both of them!

Lots of interesting tracks played this week, both long and short (the Gypsophilia tune is all of 39 seconds long!). Perhaps my favourite tracks were the first two played, the jumpy "Warblepeck" by the Tony Malaby Cello Trio and "Slightly all the time" by Soft Machine. The latter track was played in honor of the original Soft Machine bass player, Hugh Hopper (who plays on "Slightly..."), who died on June 7.

The next edition of Breaking The Tethers (with me on board) will be June 16. I should be around for most Tuesdays for the next few months or so.