Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

"The cannonball" - Rubim de Toledo (The river)
"Pigling bland" - Soft Machine (Fourth/fifth)
"Gregorian" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (Weaving symbolics)
"Reptoid alliance" - The Fully Celebrated (Drunk on the blood of the holy ones)
"Open window" - David Friesen (Castles and flags)
"Time has no ending" - The Jazz Crusaders (Old socks, new shoes…New socks, old shoes)
"A prayer for my family" - McCoy Tyner (Sahara)
"Outro (let them eat steak)" - Jazz Liberatorz (Clin d'oeil)
"Modal trane" - Turtle Island Quartet (A love supreme: the legacy of John Coltrane)
"Irish tacos" - Sinistrio (Live sessions at CJSW)
"You never know" - Tanya Kalmanovitch Hut Five (Out where the trains don't run)
"Big eater" - The Bad Plus (These are the vistas)
"Void" - Julius Hemphill Quartet (At Dr. King's table)
"Jazzy Jeff's theme" - Nuyorcian soul (Nuyorcian soul)
"Batucada" - Walter Wanderley (Sounds from Verve hi-fi compiled by Thievery Corporation)

Only 15 tunes in today's show? Well, that's because this was the Funding Drive 2009 edition of Breaking The Tethers and featured much more talk than music. All but one of the tracks had been previously played on Breaking The Tethers before (mostly in the past year) and were also included in the mixed incentive CDs that were offered during the show (all were taken, BTW). The sole exception was "Irish tacos" by Sinistrio, which appears on this year's "live at CJSW" double CD set (which is also an incentive offered during this funding drive).

BTW, $910 was pledged during the show today. This is a little less than what I had hoped for (I was hoping for $1000) but it's still great. Many thanks to those who made pledges!

I'll be back next week with the usual kind of show.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 20, 2009

"Visage de Cathryn" - Free Trade (Free trade)
"Au revas" - Vivian Houle (Trieze)
"King Kong itself (as played by the Mothers in a studio" - The Mothers Of Invention (Uncle meat)
"King Kong II (its magnificence as interpreted by Dom DeWild) - The Mothers Of Invention (Uncle meat)
"King Kong III (as Motorhead explains it)" - The Mothers Of Invention (Uncle meat)
"King Kong IV (the Gardner varieties)" - The Mothers Of Invention (Uncle meat)
"King Kong V (as played by 3 deranged Good Humor trucks)" - The Mothers Of Invention
(Uncle meat)
"King Kong VI (live on a flat bed diesel in the middle of a race track at a Miami Pop Festival… the Underwood ramifications)" - The Mothers Of Invention (Uncle meat)
"Driftwood" - Ran Blake (Driftwoods)
"What if?" - Kenny Barron (What if?)
"Lil' darlin'" - Julian Lage (Sounding point)
"Perfoming arts center" - The TriBattery Pops (Happy days are here again!)
"The people look like flowers at last" - The Tony Wilson Sextet (The people look like flowers at last)
"Happy little tune" - Sarah Corman (Happy little tune)
"Pimpin' ain't easy" - Luther Thomas Quintet (CIMPosium - volume 8)
"Dizzy moods" - Jerry Granelli V16 (Vancouver '08)
"Bluedo" - Carlos Jimenez (Thoughts (pensamientos))
"Congo chant" - Big John Patton (Blue planet man)
"Notability" - Marilyn Crispell & Andrew Cyrille Duet (Live at the Knitting Factory, volume 3)
"Hurricane" - Trio Hurricane (Vision volume one: Vision Festival 1997 compiled)
"Every day is Canada Day" - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day)
"Another planet" - Chip White (Harlem sunset)
"Divide comedy" - Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq (Where is pannonica?)
"Birds of fire" - Visions of an Inner Mounting Apocalypse (Visions of an inner mounting apocalypse: a fusion guitar tribute)
"Axis mundi" - Ralph Peterson Presents The Fo'Tet (Ralph Peterson presents the Fo'Tet)
"Sunset on the night on the river Nile" - Sun Ra (Black Saint/Soul Note: critics' pick sampler (vol. 3))

I have to admit, I really enjoyed this show (not that I don't enjoy them all, of course). There was a fair mix of styles but it all pretty much fit my palate and, hopefully, that of many listeners as well. I was particularly pleased to be able to play the entire "King Kong" "suite" from the 2nd CD/4th side of the Mothers of Invention's Uncle Meat recording. I also drew on a fair number of compilations from the CJSW library this week; this produced some interesting finds so I think I'll do more of that in the future.... but not next week!

Next week, as mentioned, is the annual Breaking The Tethers CJSW Funding Drive show. Your support will be very welcome. More information can be found at http://cjsw.com/funding.html. As well, see my recent posts on this blog.


Funding Drive Update: One More CD Incentive

I've added one more commercially-produced CD to the list of pledge incentives for the Oct. 27 Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers. It's a great one, the Akhenaten Suite from the Roy Campbell Ensemble. Like the other incentive CDs, music from this recording was played on Breaking The Tethers. Here's the complete list of CDs:

Blast4tet -"Sift"
Roy Campbell Ensemble - "Akhenaten Suite"
Crash - "The doctor is in"
Mark DeJong - "The unknown"
Steve Reid Ensemble - "Daxaar"
Mike Rud - "Live from Lotusland"
Kevin Smith Trio - "Afterthought"

Please listen in on Tuesday!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

CJSW Funding Drive 2009 and Breaking The Tethers

As I've mentioned over the last few weeks, both on air and in this blog, CJSW will be holding its annual funding drive later this month, from Friday, October 23 through Friday, October 30. This is the time of the year when CJSW, an almost all-volunteer-run station, calls upon its loyal listeners to help out financially. The goal this year is $200,000, which covers all of the capital expenditures for the station.

The Breaking The Tethers funding drive show will take place on Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Please listen and, if you can, make a pledge. My goal for the show this year is to get into quadruple-digits; $1000 or more. Every year, starting in 2006, the amount pledged by the Tethers audience has increased by about $250 every year; last year, we hit $750 (or thereabouts), hence my 2009 goal. If you dig the music on Breaking The Tethers, if you like to hear jazz on the radio, please consider donating.

For those that do donate, there are a number incentives that are given in thanks (apart from keeping CJSW going, something that is worthy in and of itself). First, there are some incentives that come from the station ("swag" it is called in CJSW quarters). These incentives match various levels of giving and can be seen here . Second, there are incentives that will only be offered on the Breaking The Tethers funding drive show. There are some commercial CDs that will be available for donations of $60 or more. These include:

Blast4tet -"Sift"
Crash - "The doctor is in"
Mark DeJong - "The unknown"
Steve Reid Ensemble - "Daxaar"
Mike Rud - "Live from Lotusland"
Kevin Smith Trio - "Afterthought"

Tracks from all of these recordings have been played on Breaking The Tethers, including some quite recently e.g. Blast4tet and the Kevin Smith Trio.

A few more commercial CDs may be available on the Tethers funding drive show on the 27th.

Also, I've put together seven mix CDs featuring a variety of music that has been played on Breaking The Tethers, mostly in the last year, since the last funding drive. It's all great stuff and can be picked up at the $60 level. Here's what's on each CD:

CD 1
1. Lee Morgan – “The Gigolo”
2. Pat Metheny – “Finding & Believing”
3. Soft Machine – “Pigling Bland”
4. The Fully Celebrated – “Reptoid Alliance”
5. Claudio Fasoli – “Monsieur Guy Thar”
6. McCoy Tyner – “A Prayer For My Family”
7. Nuyorcian Soul – “Jazzy Jeff’s Theme”
8. Rubim De Toledo – “The Cannonball”
9. Turtle Island Quartet – “Modal Trane”
10. Stanton Moore – “Tang The Hump”
11. Gordon Grdina/Paul Motian/Gary Peacock –
“Think Like The Waves”
12. Walter Wanderley – “Batacuda”
13. Lee Morgan – “The Gigolo” (alternate take)

CD 2
1. Fela Kuti – “No Agreement”
2. Chris Potter 10 – “Chief Seattle”
3. Ed Blackwell – “Mallet Song”
4. Sienna Dahlen – “One Man”
5. Julius Hemphill Sextet – “Void”
6. Ryan Meagher – “Poetry In Motian”
7. Shakti – “Lady L”
8. The Three Sounds – “African Sweets”
9. The Bad Plus – “Big Eater”
10. Red Holloway – “Snu-Fu”
11. Enrico Rava – “Outsider”
12. The Crusaders – “Time Has No Ending”

CD 3
1. Miles From India – “All Blues”
2. Steve Coleman – “Gregorian”
3. Pat Collins Quartet – “Halfway There”4. Sun Ra – “Journey Through The Outer Darkness”
5. Rubim De Toledo – “The Winter Samba”
6. Colors Of Mime – “23”
7. Archie Shepp – “Black Gipsy”
8. Miles From India – “So What”

CD 4
1. Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq – “Water’s Edge Part I”
2. Don Cherry – “Humus: The Life Exploring Force”
3. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – “Song For Lee”
4. Rudresh Mahanthappa & Kadri Gopalnath – “Snake!”
5. The Tom Warrington Trio – “Living Room”
6. Medeski, Martin, & Wood – “Chasen Vs. Suribachi”
7. The Ed Palermo Big Band – “Moggio”
8. Joachim Kuhn – “Prince Of Whales”
9. Lee Morgan – “Search For The New Land”
10. McCoy Tyner with Bill Frisell – “Boubacar”
11. Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq – “Water’s Edge Part II”

CD 5
1. Soft Machine – “Drop”
2. Amanda Tosoff Quartet – “Upon Reflection”
3. McCoy Tyner with Bela Fleck – “My Favorite Things”
4. Tanya Kalmanovitch Hut Five – “You Never Know”
5. The Bad Plus – “Tom Sawyer”
6. Franz Koglmann – “Leopard Lady”
7. Bob Berg – “Nature Of The Beast”
8. Miles From India – “Great Expectations”
9. David Gilmore – “Law Of Balance”
10. Matt Darriau – “Kopanitsa”
11. Gordon Grdina/Paul Motian/Gary Peacock – “Yellow Spot Into The Sun”
12. Ran Blake – “You Are My Sunshine”

CD 6
1. Brotherhood Consort – “Song Of Praise/Jesu Meine Freude”
2. The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band – “Oasis”
3. Baluji Shrivastav – “The Seven Wonders”
4. Metalwood – “Pressure”
5. David Friesen – “Open Window”
6. Lee Morgan – “Mr. Kenyatta”
7. Soft Machine – “Teeth”
8. Beaver Harris & The 360 Degree Music Experience – “Round Trip, Pt. 2”
9. Jazz Liberatorz – “Outro (Let Them Eat Steak)”

CD 7
1. Erik Truffaz – “Yay!”
2. Rick Frank – “Yellow Mountain”
3. Geoff Keezer – “Accra”
4. Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra – “Soft Metal Tongue”
5. Patty Waters – “Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair”
6. Abdullah Ibrahim/Cecil McBee/Roy Brooks – “Yukio Khalifa”
7. Medeski, Martin, & Wood – “Padirecto”
8. James Moody – “Mutt & Jeff”
9. Michael Wolff – “Bengal”

Once these are gone, they're gone; there will be no duplicates offered during the show. Grab them while you can.

That's all for now. The whole shebang begins in just a few days.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009

"White bread brigade" - Sinistrio (Ride the dragon)
"Tarana" - Erik Truffaz (Benares)
"Carvin' the rock (alternate take #1)" - Clifford Brown (Memorial album)
"Stolen moments" - Hendrik Meurkens (Slidin')
"Son de Patato" - Ritmo Y Candela (Ritmo Y Candela II)
"From Beverly Hills" - Random Touch (A way from the heard)
"Wildflower" - Roger Baird & MuseArt (Great canadian jazz)
"Somalia" - Billy Harper (Somalia)
"Panic" - Todar Kobakov (Pop music)
"Modal scallopini" - Jeff Palmer (Ease on)
"Bob and weave" - Fay Victor Ensemble (The freesong suite)
"Leelander" - Dan Moretti (Tres muse)
"Desert" - Alex Bellegarde Quartet (Caminando)
"Our hospitality (version I)" - Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble (Our hospitality)
"Lovely Rita" - BeatleJazz (With a little help from our friends)
"Distant shores" - Joe Sealey (Great canadian jazz)
"Little orphunk Annie" - David Widelock Trio (Skating on the sidewalk)
"Refuge" - Andrew Hill (Point of departure)

Only 18 tracks played in three hours this week but it was all good stuff, IMHO. Fave tune: Probably the first one, "White bread brigade" by Sinistrio. I've only heard this CD on CJSW but I think I need to buy a personal copy. Good, good stuff!

A brief reminder about Funding Drive 2009: It starts soon (Oct. 24) and will be a fun time for all. I'll have more postings on this soon but, in the meantime, check out the CJSW home page and click on the "delicious radio" image.


Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009

"Dave's blues" - George Kofogiannakis (Generations: greek oud jazz)
"52nd street theme" - Roger Kellaway (Live at the Jazz Standard)
"Spring in New York" - Gilad Atzmon (Refuge)
"For my brother" - The Fonda Stevens Group (Memphis)
"The trip" - Bobbi Humphrey (Fancy dancer)
"First impressionism" - Paul Renz (In my own hands)
"Summertime" - Gene Harris Quartet (It's the real soul)
"Ice storm"- Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq (Where is pannonica?)
"Chitchat" - David Widelock Trio (Skating on the sidewalk)
"Feelin' good" - Pharoah Sanders Quartet (Crescent with love)
"Lulu" - Enrico Rava (New York days)
"He came all the way down" - Brother John Sellers (Paris 1957)
"Crow" - Joe Morris (Wildlife)
"Right brain patrol" - Marc Johnson (Right brain patrol)
"Gungapooch" - Sinistrio (Ride the dragon)
"You've changed" - Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette (Yesterdays)
"The DT's" - Franco Proietti Morph-tet (Morphology)
"Little Niles" - Paul Glasse (One more night)
"One for Pop" - Ron Eschete (A closer look)
"Cajun the squirrel" - Dan Moretti (Tres muse)
"Flip" - The October Trio + Brad Turner (Looks like it's going to snow)
"Waves" - Brad Shepik (Human activity suite)

This was a showfill for Jazz Stains, one of the alternating jazz programs on Friday mornings on CJSW. Looking back, it was kind of on the mellow for the shows I do. Oh well. Such is how things go. I'll have to lean a bit to the freakier side in future programs, just to make up for it :-)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009

"Keep casting rods " - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day)
"Hamid's on fire" - Fred Anderson (On the run )
"G.F.O.P." - Klang (Tea music)
"Lullabye" - Kenny Barron (What if?)
"Look at the sky" - Carlos Jimenez (Thoughts (pensamientos))
"Bells hung in a tree" - Vivian Houle (Trieze)
"Swerves" - Blast4tet (Sift)
"You are my sunshine" - Ran Blake (Driftwoods)
"The loose" - Jon Ballantyne (The loose)
"Such sweet thunder" - Sarah Corman (Happy little tune)
"Avant l'aube" - Erik Truffaz/Murcof (Mexico)
"Inservible" - Tango Crash (Baila querida)
"Where" - Beat Keastli (Far from home: a tribute to european song)
"Harlem nocturne" - McGill Jazz Ensemble (Poppin' the cork)
"Satan your kingdom must come down" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians III)
"Conchita's dance" - Mike Clark (Blueprints of jazz, vol. 1)
"Smells like teen spirit" - The TriBattery Pops (Happy days are here again!)
"Lachyrmae - movement #10" - The Tony Wilson Sextet (The people look like flowers at last)
"Jazz folk song" - John Wojciechowski (Lexicon)
"A froposito" - Milan Latin Jazz Quartet (Sentimento latino)
"Slow red building" - Jason Kenemy's UpSideDownTown (Jason Kenemy's upsidedowntown)
"Titicaca" - Magic Malik (Altiplano)
"No introduction" - Black/Note (Jungle music)
"Quiet, through and through" - Julian Lage (Sounding point)
"Chant for peace eternal" - B.K. Blue (Another blue)

I'm about a day or so late with this list. Apologies for my tardiness.

A nice mix of music in today's show, I thought. A bit of everything, including plenty of new stuff (newly released or newly re-released).

I'll be doing a showfill tomorrow, October 9, 6-9 am, for Jazz Stains. Please join me then. Of course, I'll also be behind the mike for Breaking The Tethers on Tuesday, October 13, 6-9 am. Please join me then, too.

Things are coming together nicely for the 2009 CJSW Funding Drive. I've talked about it a bit in the posting for the last few shows. I'll have more to report in a future post, fairly soon. Stay tuned.