Friday, October 15, 2010

October 18, 2010

"Skophom" - The S.A. Move (Next stop, Soweto, vol. 2: soultown, R & B, funks & psych sounds from the townships 1969-1977)
"My last goodbye" - Milton Suggs (Things to come)
"Hustle up" - Richard Underhill (Free spirit)
"Flying toward the sound" - Geri Allen (Flying toward the sound)
"Snow song" - Nymph (Nymph)
"Substitute" - Frank Turner (Love ire & song)
"Victory" - Ebo Taylor (Love and death)
"Milking the cow" - Mouth Music (Mo-di)
"Ampfer" - Roedelius (The diary of the unforgotten: selbstportrait VI)
"Reunited" - The Jazz Passengers (Reunited)
" A two-per to fill" - Herb Harris (Some many second chances vol. 1)
"Welcome" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"U-mass/Crackity Jones/Something against you" - Pixies (Regina, SK, April 15, 2004)
"Sequential tears in it (no. 20)" - Mary Halvorson Quintet (Saturn sings)
"Tooth fairy" - Winter gloves (All red)
"Bored with sorcery" - Monster Magnet (Mastermind)
"We laughed all night" - Emma Hill (Clumsy seduction)
"Hovering (part 2)" - Hearts No Static (Motif)
"Carnavalito" - Toubab Kreme (TK2)
"Barrack street" - Nic Jones (Penguin eggs)
"Ferrra napoly" - Avishai Cohen (Introducing Triveni)
"Mr. Romance" - Electric Nightlife (Blood balls)
"On the B.T." - The Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet (Point a to point a)
"Song of joy" - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (Murder ballads)
"The machine" - Go For The Eyes (S/T)
"Night dreamer/afro blue" - Dual Rhythm (Big band)
"Missed court dates" - The North Sea (Bloodlines)

As mentioned, this was my last show before CJSW Funding Drive 2010. As mentioned, unfortunately, I will be away for the FD edition of Breaking The Tethers but Myke Atkinson will be ably taking my place and will do a great job. I will also try to call in from where I'll be (Boston) once or twice.

Regarding Funding Drive, this year, the station's target is $200,000. I'm hoping that the loyal listeners of Breaking The Tethers will pledge $1000 or more. We've never quite made it into four digits but I hope this level can be reached this year. More on Breaking The Tethers during FD 2010 in another post, coming soon.

One last note: My fave title this week: "Missed court dates" by The North Sea from their CD Bloodlines.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mix CDs for CJSW Funding Drive 2010

As mentioned, I will be in Boston during CJSW Funding Drive 2010 :-( but Myke Atkinson will be taking my place and will do an awesome job. There will be some cool incentives available to pledgers during the program, including CDs. Some of these CDs will be commercial discs (including two copies of the new Neil Young CD), some will be mix CDs that I have compiled myself. All of the mix CDs contain songs and tunes that were played on Breaking The Tethers in the last year (or thereabouts) and feature the usual dog's breakfast of sounds that are heard on the show. A list of what is on each CD is below. There are five of these CDs and only five; once they are claimed, that's it, so grab them while you can! The minimum pledge level for CDs will be $60.

The official CJSW page for the Funding Drive is at BTW, Funding Drive has begun as of this morning!

I'll be back on the air for the Monday, November 8 show.


CD 1
1. Pentangle – “Haitian Fight Song”
2. Demon Fuzz – “Past Present And Future”
3. Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass – “Ragas In Minor Scale”
4. Peatbog Faeries – “Folk Police”
5. Damien Jurado – “When I Light Your Darkened Door”
6. Deuce Coupes – “Nite Prowler”
7. The Consonance – “Tower”
8. Teenage Head – “Kissin’ The Carpet”
9. Mr. Fox – “Aunt Lucy Broadwood”
10. Sonic Youth – “Nic Fit”
11. Old And New Dreams – “Guinea”
12. Melotone Sisters With Amaqola Band – “I Sivenoe”
13. Michael Herring’s Vertigo Featuring David Binney – “Dark Materials”
14. Bishop McDaniel – “Introduction/Rock Daniels”
15. Mose Allison - “Saturday”
16. Sax Ruins – “Zurna Taksim”
17. Pentangle – “Haitian Fight Song”

CD 2
1. Barry Romberg’s Random Access – “Intro”
2. Archie Shepp – “Sorry ‘Bout That”
3. Plant And Animals – “Tom Cruz”
4. Orlando Consort – “Anon: Gloria, Clemens Deus
Artifex Tota Clementia”
5. Tim Turvey Ensemble – “Musk Melon”
6. Calexico – “Crumble”
7. Tim O’Brien – “Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
8. Mulatu Astatke – “Netsanet”
9. Grateful Dead – “Loser”
10. The Dave Young Quartet – “Seven Minds”
11. Francis Bebey – “Pygmy Divorce”
12. Comus – “Song To Comus”
13. Greg Burk – “Look To The Neutrino”
14. Richard Thompson – “Demons In Her Dancing Shoes”

CD 3
1. Pharoah Sanders – “Black Unity”
2. Gryphon – “The Astrologer”
3. Gentle Giant – “The Moon Is Down”
4. Rufus Harley – “Windy”
5. Christian Scott – “K.K.P.D.”
6. Henry Threadgill’s Zooid – “Chairmaster”
7. The Vistas – “Ghost Wave”
8. Harkness-Herriott Duo – “Leap Year”
9. Brian Eno – “Sombre Reptiles”

CD 4
1. Maleem Mahmoud Ghania – “Hamdouchi”
2. Darius Jones Trio – “Chasing The Ghost”
3. The Hykkers – “I Want A Break Thru”
4. Rare Air – “Inside Out”
5. Amazing Farmer Singers Of Chicago – “I Got A Telephone In My Bosom”
6. The Hygrades – “In The Jungle”
7. Jeff Palmer – “Modal Scallopini”
8. The Phibes – “Hard On”
9. Trader Horne – “The Mutant”
10. Old And New Dreams – “Orbit Of La-Ba”
11. Mahmoud Ahmed – “Kulun Mankwalesh”
12. Billy Harper – “Somalia”

CD 5
1. The Habibiyya – “The Eye-Witness”
2. The Budos Band – “Rite Of The Ancients”
3. David Widelock Trio – “Chitchat”
4. Mulatu Astatke – “Green Africa”
5. Azrael – “Howl At The Moon”
6. La Canaille – “Dock Boggs”
7. The Gene Harris Quartet – “Summertime”
8. Eri Yamamoto Trio – “We’ll Figure Out Blues”
9. Sweet Talks – “Sasa Abonsam”
10. The Budos Band – “Golden Dunes”
11. Muskox – “Humphries’ Tide”
12. Azrael – “Don’t Get Enough”
13. The Monks – “Blockhead”
14. The Chris McGregor Septet – “Yickytickee/Union Special”

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 11, 2010

"Pre-amble" - Jeff King (Catalyst)
"It doesn't stop" - Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys (Betweenwhile)
"Ganesha triumphant" - Thai Elephant Orchestra (Elephonic rhapsodies)
"Yansa" - Chucho Valdes (Chucho's steps)
"Senor (tales of yankee power)" - Tim O'Brien (Red on blonde)
"Rubbed raw" - Insantree (Wouldwarr)
"I could be you" - Hubert Sumlin (Blues guitar boss)
"Breathe deep" - Choice Makurz (A new beginning)
"Variation 1" - Marc Ribot (Silent movies)
"Ghorous" - Natacha Atlas (Mounqabiba)
"Transfiguration" - Nigel Kennedy Quintet (Shhh!)
"Mr. X" - The Velvetones (Surfer's mood)
"Metalix déjà vu" - Matthias Lupri (After hours: moonlamps & other ballads)
"Smashed teeth" - Cowpuncher (Cowpuncher)
"Sidney Wells"- Richard Thompson (Dream attic)
"Bill Hickman at home" - The Bad Plus (Never stop)
"Blockhead" - The Monks (Next stop, Soweto, vol. 2: soultown, R & B, funks & psych sounds from the townships 1969-1976)
WKRP turkey drop
"Daddy longlicks" - Joe Robinson (6 string theory)
"What do you think happens when you get too far from your home?'" - Peripheral Vision (Peripheral Vision)
"Two ko la dami" - Tunji Oyelana & The Benders (Nigeria Special Vol.2: modern highlife afro-sounds and nigerian blues)
"Modulotion" - Carnatic (Modulotion)
"Robert Palmer tribute coda (live excerpt)" - Robert Poss (Settings: music for dance, film, fashion and industry)
"Ghost wave" - The Vistas (Surfer's mood)
"4 is a feeling" - The Glenious Inner Planet (The Glenious Inner Planet)
"Boom town girls" - The Swan Project (The Swan Project)
"Corktown" - Huron (Huron)
"Portrait: 1. frame (prelude)" - Robert Aitken (Neue bilder: music of/musique de James Harley)

First off, apologies for not posting a little earlier. I had hoped to get this list up sometime on Tuesday but it just didn't happen; my plate is kinda full these days.

Another fun show, I thought, this time providing the soundtrack for Canadian Thanksgiving. I trust everyone had a great holiday weekend and got their fill of turkey (or acceptable alternate food product).

CJSW Funding Drive 2010 will be starting on Friday, October 22. I'm hoping everyone can listen in and, if possible, contribute. I'll be away in Boston on the day of the Breaking The Tethers Funding Drive show so veteran CJSW programmer and station music director-on-leave Myke Atkinson will be taking my place. Myke will do great things in my absence. I'll try to call once or twice that morning and there will be a stash of cool incentives for pledgers, including some mix CDs (more on this in a separate posting).

I'll also be away for the Monday, November 1 program. I think Myke might also be taking the reins that day but I'm not sure; I'll find out what the story is. I'll be back on the air on Monday, November 8.


Friday, October 1, 2010

October 4, 2010

"Welcome" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"Soheb" - Fond of Tigers (Continent & western)
"The patient nurses/Wattle grove/Another bucket of eels" - Shooglenifty (Troots)
"Poseidon" - Plotz! (The kid)
"Shoreline" - Dual Rhythm (Big band)
"Late in a slow time - pt. 4" - Duo Concentante (Wild bird)
"We landed on the moon" - The Knowledge Of Us (Aware)
"Ready or not" - 4 (4)
"Everything is beautiful" - Kelly Jefferson Quartet (Next exit)
"Old fangs" - Black Mountain (Wilderness heart)
"Who are parents" - The Shaggs (Philosophy of the world)
"Dillatude: the flight of Titus" - The Roots (How I got over)
"Clarion call" - The Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet (Point a to point b)
"Revolution without 'r'" - Robert Wyatt (Un certo discorso, February 1981)
"Dollar bill blues" - Shinyribs (More Townes Van zandt by the great unknown)
"Hold it steady" - Joanna Borromeo (Through the door)
"October 25th" - Avishai Cohen (Introducing Triveni)
"It's an angry world" - Neil Young (Le noise)
"Open: bo no ma" - John Oswald (Plexure)
"Pathway to heaven" - El Boy Die (The black hawk ladies & tambourins)
"Corner kisses" - Cory Weeds (The many deeds of Cory Weeds)
"Numb & intoxicated" - Kataklysm (Heaven's venom)
"Yankee's revenge" - David Bromberg
"Bolia" Gurmetet Bawa" (Love and life in the Punjab)
"A girl inside" - Weigh Anchors (The sea)
"Another train" - Pete Morton (One big joke)
"Couches & carpets" - Mice Parade (What it means to be left-handed)

This week, I thought there was lots of great music from all over the globe and the musical map (with a bit of a jazz focus). Everything came together well and I didn't mess up technology-wise nor with with my tongue (too much). And I played the Shaggs! All is well with the world.

I should mention that the annual CJSW funding drive begins on Oct. 22, running for a week after that date. This is the most important event for CJSW in that it's the time of the year when the station turns to its great listeners for support. CJSW as we know it simply would not exist without the pledges and financial contributions that it gets during funding drive. I'll be posting more details about this year's event soon (check out; suffice to say, it should be a lot of fun for all concerned.

In terms of Breaking The Tethers, I actually won't be able to host the funding drive edition; I'll be in Boston at a conference. Myke Atkinson will be hosting in my place and will do a fantastic job. I'll still be doing prep for the show and will be creating some unique, one-copy-only Breaking The Tethers mix CDs (more on these later, too). I'm also going to be setting a goal of $1000 (or more) for the program this year. I've always appreciated the support the show has received in earlier funding drives but the amount pledged has never got into four-digit territory (close, but not quite there); I'm very much hoping that we can cross that line this year.