Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

The Halloween show, though I didn't do anything along this theme.  I did decide to keep the talking to a minimum and mostly play music.  To that end, I began the program with a 30-minute piece ("Oblivion and forgetting always win in the end" by J@K@L with Michael Attias from their Static adieu album; I have no idea how to pronounce the name of the group - I think I botched it both times I tried!), with no breaks.  And then I played a whopping four more tracks in the remaining half-hour.  I think I talked on air only three times.  Also, everything in today's show was "new"; it'll be back to the usual mix of old and new next week.

Many thanks to everyone who pledged on the Breaking The Tethers funding drive edition last week.  To be honest, not much money was raised during this show but Linda and I had a good time and we kept the momentum going.  The station itself did great, matching and breaking both the main and stretch goals!  Many thanks as well to everyone who pledged during the drive, regardless of which show they pledged to.


Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

The Breaking The Tethers CJSW Funding Drive 2016 show was this morning.  Sometime BTT host Linda Cunningham joined me (thanks Linda!) and we had a great time.  Not too much money was raised ($75) but something is better than nothing and I think we got more information across about the drive.

Music-wise, we mostly talked this week but a few tunes were featured, all from the two mix CDs that were up for grabs as incentives on the show (they still are available, actually; see the earlier post on the funding drive for a list of the CD contents).

As of around 11 am MT, the total for the station is around $85,300, which is on target, I gather.

I'll be on the phones at CJSW from about 2-4 pm today.  If you'd like to pledge, you can call 403-220-5000 then or at any other time.  Pledges can also be made online, via


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 17, 2016

This one ended up being quite the experimental show.  Some people might not call many of the tracks played "jazz" but my definition of "jazz" is broad and there was certainly jazz in this show. 

This was also an "all-new" program, the first in at least a few months.  I just had enough "new" stuff on hand that I figured I'd go this route.  The next "regular" show will be on Monday, October 31 (Halloween!); this might end up being a "new" program as well (we'll see...)

I'd be remiss without mentioning the upcoming CJSW funding drive 2016.  A few key points:

*The drive begins in just a couple of days, Friday, October 21, starting with the Big Friday program.

*The last day will be Friday, October 28, ending with the Road Pops show.

*The Breaking The Tethers funding drive edition will be on Monday, October 24, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM,  Occasional Breaking The Tethers host Linda Cunningham will be joining me (thanks, Linda!).  Along with the station level incentives for pledging, there will be some BTT-specific mix CDs available during the show; see for more information.


Friday, October 14, 2016

CJSW Funding Drive 2016 and Breaking The Tethers

CJSW, Calgary's campus and community radio station and home of my Monday morning show, Breaking The Tethers, will be holding its annual funding drive from Friday, October 21 through Friday, October 28.  This is an important time when CJSW turns to its wonderful listeners for support, to help the station grow, develop, improve.  Last year, $265,000 was raised for a few different projects and the goals for this year are similar: The main goal is $200,000, which will be earmarked for a radio tower powered by clean energy, and the stretch goal is $250,000, which will help start up a youth sound equipment loan program.

The Breaking The Tethers funding drive 2016 show will be on Monday, October 24, 10-11 am MT.  You can listen via regular FM radio at 90.9 FM or online at  Occasional BTT host Linda Cunningham will be joining me for at least part of the show (hopefully more!).  There may more guests!

Any pledges, particularly during my show, would be very welcome. You'll be able to call in at any time of the day during the funding drive (sorry, the number is secret until Oct. 21!).  Alternately, you can already pledge online now at  There are various incentives that come at various pledge levels; you can check these out at  

On the subject of incentives, there will be some incentives unique to Breaking The Tethers.  These include a couple of mix CDs, each featuring music that was played on the show in the last year.  There will only be two of each available so best call in early on Oct. 24.  One CD will be available at the $100 level, both for $150.  Here's what's on each CD (cleverly titled #1 and #2):

Breaking The Tethers CJSW Funding Drive 2016 CD #1 

1. Greg Merritt Jazz Quartet – “Jakubu Jam” (New York Sexy)
2. The Ed Palermo Big Band – “Grand Wazoo”
(One Child Left Behind)
3. Ron Davis – “Blues 54” (Pocket Symphronica)
4. Pat Metheny – “Go Get It” (The Unity Sessions)
5. Richard Pinhas/Tatsuya Yoshida/Masami Akita – “TVJ 00 (Intro)”
6. Brad Cheeseman – “The Wraith Himself” (Figurants)
7. The John Betsch Society – “Song To An Untitled Lady”
(Earth Blossom)
8. Mamak Khadem – “Those Eyes” (The Road)
9. Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces – “(She’s So) Fragmented”
10. The Tony Williams Lifetime – “To Whom It May Concern –
Us, Them” (Turn It Over)
11. Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest – “Atchafalaya” (Sylva)

Breaking The Tethers CJSW Funding Drive 2016 CD #2 

1. Atlantis Jazz Ensemble – “Pillars Of Hercules” (Oceanic suite)
2. Graham Campbell & Jim Campbell – “Thinking Stop Thinking”
(As You Near Me)
3. Lukasz Borowicki – “Rytytyry” (People, Cats, & Obstacles)
4. Michel Nirenberg – “Forro From The South 2” (Retrato/Portrait)
5. Gerry Shatford Trio – “Piling Blood”
(When I Sat Down To Play The Piano)
6. BHZ – “THD” (Total Harmonic Distortion)
7. The Bad Plus – “Maps” (It’s Hard)
8. Rik Wright’s Fundamental Forces – “Sugar Crash” (Green)
9. Christian Overton – “Chasing Ghosts” (The Test)
10. Bobby Kapp & Matthew Shipp – “Snow Storm Coming”
11. Peripheral Vision – “Wiretap” (Sheer Tyranny Of Will)

That's all for now.  There'll be more about the funding drive here and on Breaking The Tethers over the  next few weeks.

Many thanks.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 10, 2016

I was back as host this week.  It was also the Thanksgiving show (at least it was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada!) though there were minimal turkey references on my part :-).  I did play an interesting selection of varied tracks, leaning to the outer rim of what could be called jazz, including a set made solely up of non-new material; considering that I feature a fair amount of newly-released and newly-re-released stuff on BTT (sometimes I do entire "all-new" shows), this was a bit of an oddity (though not a bad one, of course!).

And, of course, I mention the 2016 CJSW Funding Drive again.  I'll have more to come on this soon but, again, please check out  and also make a note that the Breaking The Tethers funding drive show will be on Monday, October 24, 10-11 am, 90.9 FM,


October 3, 2016

For this week's show, as she has done many times in the past, Linda Cunningham ably filled in for me, doing her usual great job.  Many thanks, Linda!

Speaking of Linda, she will be joining me for the annual Breaking The Tethers CJSW Funding Drive show.  This will be on Monday, October 24, 10-11 am, 90.9 FM,  It should be a fun show.  Please tune in!

I'll have more about CJSW Funding Drive 2016 in future posts.  In the meantime, check out