Wednesday, December 21, 2011

November 14, 2011

Here's the first of several long-delayed tracklists for shows in November and December. I just got sidetracked, bigtime. I am now playing catchup, also bigtime.

This was an interesting program in that it included a lot of experimental music of recent vintage.

"Red blanket room" - Circle Jerks (Golden shower of hits)
"Love and hate" - Jackie McLean (Destination... out!)
"Ema kowa iasa ile wa" - Mono Mono (Nigeria special: modern highlife, afro sounds, Nigerian blues, 1970-1976)
"Lonely woman" - Carol Morgan Quartet (Blue glass music)
"Dark matter with choir + organ" - Bjork (Biophilia)
"A return to science fiction" - Dixie's Death Pool (The man with flowering hands)*
"So bad" - Miesha and the Spanks (Split EP)**
"Morning bath" - Born Gold (Body songs)*
"Mop it up" - Gauntlet Hair (Gauntlet Hair)
"Vive le renouveau" - El Rego (El Rego)
"Hit and run" - Jack Ruby (Jack Ruby)
"Immovable" - Charalambides (Exile)
"Thermo (take 2)" - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (Caravan)
"This is the end" - Machine Head (Unto the locust)
"Unrequited" - Brad Mehldau, Kevin Hays & Patric Zimmerli (Modern music)
"Crystal fortress over the sea of trees" - Yamantaka/Sonic Titan (YT//ST)*
"Dubai dream tone" - James Ferraro (Far side virtual)
"Alert" - Ernesto Cervini Quartet (There)*
"amb14" - Psychic Pollution (PPamb00 and 01)*
"The search for Osama bin Laden" - The Hang-Ten Hangmen (Wet sounds: another year of surf music)*
"Metabolism" - Bird Names (Metabolism: a salute to the energy of the sun)
"Psych 66" - 5th Project (V)*
"Kill the clown" - Soley (We sink)
"Weird fishes/arpeggi" - Matt Haimowitz/Christopher O'Riley (
"Mid-evil" - The Spanish Donkey (XYZ)


Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

"Moten swing" - Mark Kieswetter/Ross McIntyre (Green edge sky, green edge sun)
"Thirty-six" - Tyshawn Sorey (Oblique-I)
"Going inside" - John Frusciante (To record only water for ten days)
"Walking papers" - Booker T. Jones (The road from Memphis)
"4-4-4-4-2-2-2-5-2" - Bill Laswell/Raoul Bjorkenheim/Morgan Agren (Blixt)
"Keep the faith" - Mike Ledonne (Keep the faith)
"Black beauty" - Frank Zappa (Mystery disc)
"Township jive revisited" - Dead Cat Bounce (Chance episodes)
"True north" - Barrett Martin (The painted desert)
"Pigeon" - Sao Paulo Underground (Tres cabecas loucuras)
"Spring" - Phil Dwyer Orchestra featuring Mark Fewer (Changing seasons)
"Us" - Mark Alban Lotz & Islak Kopek (Istanbul improv sessions May 4)
"Neo & lego" - Roger Chong (Love me one more time)
"Non-alignment pact" - Weasel Walter (Ominous telepathic mayhem)
"Sea of qi" - Mary Louise Knutson (In the bubble)
"Black action figure" - Stefon Harris (Ninety miles)
"Triste" - Canadian Jazz Quartet (Brazilian reflections)
"Gag order" - Forbidden Dimension (The golden age of lasers)
"Hollmervalsen" - Mats/Morgan Band (Live)
"Space trucking" - William Shatner (Seeking Major Tom)
"Job" - The Claudia Quintet + 1 featuring Kurt Elling and Theo Bleckmann (What is the beautiful?)
"Inana's dance (I, II, III)" - Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers Ensemble (Inana)
"Pickin'" - Hubert Sumlin (Blues guitar boss)
"Gaia/Goya: part four - reflections (an overwhelming sense of regret)" - The Keith Price Trio/Quintet (Gaia/Goya)
"Graveyard" - The Devil Makes Three (Stomp and smash: live at the Mystic Theater)
"Ju ju" - Wayne Shorter Quartet (Usher Hall, Edinburgh, March 5, 2003)

Lots of newly-released material in this week's episode, much of it with a jazz lean. I suspect that the Nov. 14 program will also be in a similar vein but we'll see.

And then there was William Shatner...


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011

"Chinatown shuffle" - Grateful Dead (Europe 72 vol. 2)
"TGV" - Ernesto Cervini Quartet (There)*
"Nocturne fragments: mercurial" - Benjamin Broening, Duo Runedako (Recombinant nocturnes)
"Free my people" - Joni Haastrup (Wake up your mind)
"Ban juarp pros snae" - The Cambodian Space Project (2011: a space odyssey)
"Piano break song" - Magnus Ostrom (Thread of life)
"Festering in filth" - Pathology (Awaken to the suffering)
"Batkalim: recharged (DoGbEats vs. Natacha Atlas)" - Natacha Atlas (Moungaliba-rising: the remixes)
"Ol' metal-faced bastard" - Darius Jones Trio (Big gurl (smell my dream))
"The enemy god dances with the black spirts" - Emerson Lake & Palmer (Works volume 1)
"Hell" - James Brown (Hell)
"12/8 theme" - Soft Machine (Noisette)
"If I should lose you" - Chick Corea/Stefano Bollani (Orvieto)
"Fidele castor" - L'Orkestre Des Pas Perdus (Fidele castor)*
"The sea" - David Myles (Into the sun)*
"Greek suite, part II: margaritarena" - Charles Lloyd/Maria Farantouri (Athens concert)
"Greek suite, part II: thalassaki mou" - Charles Lloyd/Maria Farantouri (Athens concert)
"The Myconid's lounge" - The Myconid (Myconid madness)**
"Amethyst" - Biello/Weyand (Fourthought)
"I (sister young 'un)" - Cecil Taylor (Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!)
"Jesus is on the mainline" - The Whirlwinds (This may be my last time singing: raw African-American gospel on 45 rpm 1957-1982)
"Red Mars II" - Loren Connors (Red Mars)
"One night late" - Dr. John (Zu zu soiree)
"Migration" - Lee Konitz/Dave Liebman/Richie Bierach (Migration)
"Worship" - Anthrax (Worship music)
"Impending doom" - We're Doomed (Like a machine)*
? - Pants Cause Cancer (Long songs)*
"Spooky hand saloon" - Jane Jane Pollock (Jane Jane Pollock)
"Costae spuriae" - [n.] (Ein kladelied fur 3f)
"Winds of wackness" - Little Shalimar (The new pneumonia blues)


Happy Halloween! This was the first post-Funding Drive show. Many thanks to all who pledged, both on Breaking The Tethers and on other CJSW programs. As mentioned in an earlier posting, the 2011 total for BTT was $2100, a new record! Anyway, to the music... A true dog's breakfast this week, just the way I planned it :-). More of the same for the Nov. 7 episode (probably!).


Monday, October 24, 2011

Breaking The Tethers Funding Drive Show

I wasn't able to host the Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers today but a whole host of CJSW programmers filled in for me and did a great job. This was reflected in the pledge total for the show, which was a whopping $2100, over twice what I was hoping! Many, many thanks to those who pledged!

Back next week, Oct. 31, 2011, with a "regular" show.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Win the Smithsonian Jazz Collection!

More funding drive stuff: If you pledge during Breaking The Tethers next Monday (Oct. 24, 7-10 am MST), you will have an opportunity to win a copy of the 6-CD Smithsonian Jazz Collection. It's a pretty impressive set.

Details are at


Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 17, 2011

Here's the second mildly-delayed tracklist:

"Hobo chang ba" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (Trout mask replica)
"The waterfall" - Bill Lewis and Khan Jamal (The river)
"Regular days" - Jim Cuddy (Skyscraper soul)*
"Dat dere" - Brad Mehldau (Live in Marciac)
"Back to front (circular logic)" - DJ Shadow (The less you know, the better)
"Chagan" - Equilibrium (Walking voices)
"Anticipation" - Kenny Wheeler (One of many)*
"Rwatsinda" - Mighty Popo (Gakondo)*
"Nocturne fragments: eternal" - Benjamin Broening, Duo Runedako (Recombinant nocturnes)
"Bedazzled fingernails" - Mastadon (The hunter)
"Playing in the band" - Grateful Dead (Europe 72 vol. 2)
"Teo/neo" - Miles Espanol (New sketches of Spain)
"Universal on switch" - Govinda (Universal on switch)
"Beyond category" - Tineke Postma (The dawn of light)
"The melody of rhythm, movement 1" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"Blood feast" - Odonis Odonis (Hollandaze)*
"Coffee & poker" - Lord Bubba's Nu Jazz Project (The nu standards)*
"The devil's trying to steal my joy" - Prophet G. Lusk (This may be my last time singing: raw African-American gospel on 45 rpm 1957-1982)
"Velociraptor!" - Kasabian (Velociraptor!)
"Hurricane b" - Rh Positive: Jim Heineman's Dream Band (Live @ Lorraine's)*
"Beignet bounce" - Stretch Orchestra (Stretch Orchestra)*
"New wave sucks" - D.O.A. (Something better change)*
"Willie's diamond joe" - Matt Anderson (Coal mining blues)*
"Holy blood, holy grail" - Marduk (Plague angel)*
"Communication breakdown" - D.O.A. (Hardcore 81)*
"Nobody hear the music the same way (dedicated to John Coltrane)" - Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble (New York collage)


While the Oct. 10 program had a strong jazz slant, this one's all over the map; jazz, black metal, punk, folk, jamming, experimental stuff, totally weird ("Hobo chang ba"!), etc. In many ways, this is the kind of show I aim to present.

One last mention: As of posting, the annual CJSW funding drive has just begun. I've made my pledge and I'm hoping readers of this blog will follow. A plege on Breaking The Tethers would very much be appreciated!


October 10, 2011

This is the first of two slightly-delayed track lists from the last two Breaking The Tethers broadcasts:

"Up on Mars" - Hasil Adkins (What the hell was I thinking)
"E-gaz" - Darius Jones Trio (Big gurl (smell my dream))
"Tap step" - Chick Corea (The definitive Chick Corea on Stretch and Concord)
"Lucky" - Easy All-Stars featuring Frankie Paul (Radiodread)
"Gloria" - Jake Hertzog (Evolution)
"Just like that" - Cory Weeds and the Tilden Webb Trio
(Just like that)*
"Forty" - Tyshawn Sorey (Oblique-I)
"Creation" - Turtleboy (Smart matter)*
"Floodsong" - Rahasaan Barber (Everyday magic)
"Te dignitas presularis" - Orlando Consort (Popes & antipopes)
"Balkan wedding" - Galactic (The other side of midnight: live in New Orleans)
"Zu zu man" - Dr. John (Zu zu soiree)
"FVK" - Bad Brains (Live at CBGB 1982)
"Spectrum" - Pamela Hines Trio with April Hall (Lucky boy)
"Thunder don't smoke (intro)" - The Franco-Proietti Morph-Tet (Like the shore is to the ocean)*
"Thunder don't smoke" - The Franco-Proietti Morph-Tet (Like the shore is to the ocean)*
"Kiss of the bufo alvarius" - Dengue Fever (Cannibal courtship))
"The haunted thoughts and the endlesss fall" - Magnus Ostrom (Thread of life)
"Evidence" - Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (Live at the Hillside Club)
"Endymion" - Branford Marsalis/Joey Calderazzo (Songs of mirth and melancholy)
"Dogs like breath" - The Spokes (Not so fast)
"Trudge" - Danny Fox Trio (The one constant)
"A dream of water" - Colin Stetson (New history warfare, vol. 2: judges)
"Rainy night in Georgia" - The Jazz Crusaders (Old socks, new shoes…New socks, old shoes)
"Prologue" - Alex Brown (Pianist)
"Greek suite, part III: tou hel' to kastron" - Charles Lloyd/Maria Farantouri (Athens concert)
"Grey riders" - Neil Young & The International Harvesters (Treasure)*
"Arrival" - Biello/Weyand (Fourthought)
"Foudoz" - Eric St. Laurent Trio (Ruby)*


This was a fairly jazzy show, with a few other odds and ends, including some good weirdness (e.g. "Up on Mars" by Hasil Adkins).

Remember the Breaking The Tethers Funding Drive show on Monday, October 24!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CJSW Funding Drive 2011 and Breaking The Tethers

The 2011 CJSW Funding Drive starts this coming Friday, October 21 and runs through October 28. This is an important time for those of us who are involved with the campus and community station - it's when we call on our loyal listeners to pledge financially to help CJSW prosper and grow. I'm hoping that many folks who enjoy Breaking The Tethers will come up with a little (or a lot!) of money during the Drive. There’s information on the Funding Drive at and pledge info here and here.

Speaking of Breaking The Tethers and the Funding Drive, the BTT FD show will take place on Monday, October 24, 7-10 am MST. There will be a variety of pledge incentives offered during the show, including some CDs that have been played on the show in the last year along with four special mix CDs, again, all featuring material that has been broadcast on BTT since the last FD. There will only be one of each CD available so grab them while you can; each will be available at the $80 or higher level. Here's what's on each disc:

CD 1
1. Alice Coltrane & Joe Henderson – “Fire”
2. PJ Harvey & John Parish – “Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen”
3. Milt Jackson – “People Make The World Go Round”
4. The New Gary Burton Quartet – “Never The Same Way”
5. My Morning Jacket – “Lay Low”
6. Lhasa De Sela – “The Lonely Spider”
7. Black Lodge Singers – “Flintstones”
8. Michael Nesmith – “Nine Times Blues”
9. Crumbling Ghost – “The Stumbling Host”
10. The Deep Dark Woods – “All The Money I Had Is Gone”
11. Jazz Ministers – “Take Me To Brazil”
12. Spinifex Orchestra – “Thorny Devil”
13. They Might Be Giants – “2082”

CD 2
1. Dread Zeppelin – “Good Times Bad Times”
2. Darius Jones/Matthew Shipp – “Multiverse”
3. The Psychedelic Aliens – “We’re Laughing”
4. The Persuasions – “Love Me Do”
5. The Creaking Tree – “Big Stache”
6. Darren Sigesmund – “El Inicio”
7. Devon Sproule – “Bowling Green”
8. The Budos Band – “Up From The South”
9. Wolfert Brederode Quartet – “Meander”
10. Robert Nighthawk – “Nighthawk Boogie”
11. Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher – “Q41”
12. Hasil Adkins – “Up On Mars”
13. Incredible String Band – “El Wool Suite”
14. Pat Metheny – “Pipeline”
15. Jason & The Scorchers – “I’m Sticking With You”

CD 3
1. Black Lodge Singers – “Spongebob Squarepants”
2. Bob Dylan? – “The Cat In The Hat”
3. Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars”
4. Tarkovsky Quartet – “Sardor”
5. Thurston Moore – “Mina Loy”
6. Jr. Gone Wild – “Raisans”
7. Milt Jackson – “Sunflower”
8. Crumbling Ghost – “Sheriff’s Ride”
9. James Taylor – “Greensleeves”
10. Booker T. Jones – “The Hive”
11. One Ring Zero – “Frankenstein Monster Song”
12. Regina Carter – “Full Time”
13. Turtleboy – “Smart Matter”
14. The Psychedelic Aliens – “Okponmo Ni Tsitsi Emo Le”

CD 4
1. The Qiwu Selfer – “Introduction”
2. Fairport Convention – “A Sailor’s Life”
3. The Immortals – “Hot Tears”
4. Richard Thompson – “Time’s Gonna Break You”
5. Mahavishnu Orchestra – “Vital Transformation”
6. Phish – “NO2”
7. Anna Webber – “Awkward”
8. The Budos Band – “Adeniji”
9. Earswideopen – “Connecting……. Done”
10. Screaming Headless Torsos – “Blue In Green”
11. Matana Roberts – “Pov Piti”
12. Trombone Shorty – “The Cure”

My #1 goal for the Funding Drive Breaking The Tethers program is to hit the $1000 level in pledges, while the show is on the air. This last point is important - Breaking The Tethers has reached the four-digit level in money but never quite while it has been on air; the pledges that took things over $1000 came just after the next program started. So, $1000 during the show - here's to hoping!

I should also note that I actually won't be hosting the show next Monday. I've got a conflicting conference in Vancouver, something that has been on the books for months. I will call in a few times but the main proceedings will be hosted by a gaggle of CJSW programmers, led by CJSW Program Director Joe Burima. Joe and team will do a great job so be sure to tune in!

The next "normal" edition of Breaking The Tethers will be Monday, October 31.


Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

"Midnight of quietness, recovery of life" - Jen Shyu + Mark Dresser (Synastry)
"Dance of the bees" - David French (Dance of the bees)
"A rain of grace" - Random Touch (Tributary)
"Skirmish" - Gypsophilia (Constellation)
"Tiny arrows" - The Jayhawks (Mockingbird time)
"Old blue" - Mike Cottone (Just remember)
"Moments like last night make me wanna believe in ghosts" - Electric Bird Noise (The Silber sessions)
"The discofication of the mongols" - MC Maguire (Nothing left to destroy)
"Fall off skateboard" - Michael Farsky (Hair alive)
"Solaria" - Jerry Granelli Trio (Let go)
"Weedwolf" - Elks (Destined for the sun)
"The viking" - Ikebe (Shakedown)
"A silver chord" - The Livings Kills (Faceless angels)
"Dawn" - Stephan Matthieu (A static place)
"Breezin' the keys" - Heavy Tin (Space cats)
"Adam, Eve, and the jellyfish" - Guitar (It's sweet to do nothing)
"The sunsets golden" - Locomotive Ghost (Close your eyes and listen)
"Gold rush" - Hunger Hush (Hunger Hush)
"In the meantime" - Kris Ellestad (No man is land)
"Underdog" - Brad Turner Quartet (It's that time)
"Evil in the pines" - The British Columbians (Made for darker things)
"Self checkout" - Hella (Tripper)
"Pleiades" - Julia Kent (Green and grey)
"Ecstatic crystallization 1" - Majutsu No Niwa (Ecstatic crystallization)

Long story but this was supposed to be a show that leaned (heavily) to jazz and featured all newly-released (or re-released) material. Well, the "new" bit happened but not the "jazz" bit (mostly). No worries. I think it worked out well and the new jazz CDs that I hoped to play this week will almost certainly make it to air next week.

As mentioned, CJSW Funding Drive is coming up in about a month; it will run from Oct. 21-28. There's now info on the CJSW website about the FD at Please check it out. More on the fudning drive in the weeks to come.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 19, 2011

"Morris call" - John Kirkpatrick/Richard Thompson/Barry Dransfield/Ashley Hutchings/Dave Mattacks (Morris on)
"Track 5" -Marion Brown (Koeln, Germany, March 13, 1977)
"Marked" -EMA (Past life martyred saints)
"… to the ocean" - The Franco-Proietti Morph-Tet (Like the shore is to the ocean)*
"Bats in my pants" - Nekromantix (What happens in hell, stays in hell)
"Promises kept" - Sonny Sharrock (Ask the ages)
"Minds under construction" - Bootsy Collins (The funk capital of the world)
"Friend of mine (2)" - Bill Frisell (Sign of life: music for the 858 Quartet)
"Prophet's motifs" - The Bennie Maupin Quartet (Early reflections)
"Only a friend" - Dengue Fever (Cannibal courtship)
"Get to France" - Mogwai (Earth division EP)
"Fantasma" - Monstro (Fantasma)
"Bare necessities" - Bare Necessities (English country dances)
"Del ray" - Sola Rosa (Putumayo presents latin beat)
"'Them' shape shifting reptilians" - Rh Positive: Jim Heineman's Dream Band (Live @ Lorraine's)*
"Silverise" - Equilibrium (Walking voices)
"Bunny boy" - Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (Live at the Hillside Club)
"Morris off" - John Kirkpatrick/Richard Thompson/Barry Dransfield/Ashley Hutchings/Dave Mattacks (Morris on)
"N02" - Phish (Live bait, vol. 4)
"Damn!?!! (I don't know if I …)" - Laneous & The Family Yah (Scissors)
"Champe-de-mars" - Reine de France (Maxi 2: un ete a l'ere de la revolte)
"Bad houseguest" - Danny Fox Trio (The one constant)
"Smart matter" - Turtleboy (Smart matter)
"Witch's hand" - Age of the Glaive (New horizons)*
"You and me, ghost" - Sleeping In The Aviary (You and me, ghost)
"Tomorrow never knows" - Amen Dunes (Through donkey jaw)
"Revolution blues" - Keep Away The Dead (Siskiyou)*


The big item this week was that the 6000th track was played on Breaking The Tethers. Unlike most earlier benchmarks, I actually managed to remember that the 6000th level was coming up and plan accordingly. I selected one of my fave tunes, "Promises kept" by the late Sonny Sharrock, to occupy spot #6000. I've played it once before, on the very first edition of BTT, on July 4, 2006, so I thought it fitting to feature it as the 6000th track this week.

Next week, I'll post more about the annual upcoming CJSW funding drive!


Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

"Ruby" - Eric St. Laurent Trio (Ruby)*
"The peacocks" - Brad Turner Quartet (It's that time)*
"Gimme gimme shock treatment" - Ramones (Loco live)
"Paddle like hell" - Tanglefoot (Dance like flames)*
"Garbage truck" - Galactic (The other side of midnight: live in New Orleans)
"Bri's dance" - Branford Marsalis/Joey Calderazzo (Songs of mirth and melancholy)
"Renegade" - Jake Hertzog (Evolution)
"The big h" - Cory Weeds and the Tilden Webb Trio (Just like that)*
"Rosewood" - Linley Hamilton (Taylor made)
"Blue chips" - Herbie Mann (New york jazz quartet)
"Exit music (for a film)" - Brad Mehldau (Live in Marciac)
"Brown sugar" - Bob Dylan (University of Dayton Arena, Dayton, OH, November 2, 2002)
"I might be wrong" - Amnesiac Quartet (Tribute to Radiohead)
"How blessed we are" - Random Touch (Tributary)
"Bowling green" - Devon Sproule (Don't hurry for heaven)*
"Reading party" - John Stetch Trio (Fabled states)*
"Flair" - The Julius Hemphill Sextet (At Dr. King's table)
"Vino griego" - Gypsophilia (Constellation)*
"Alter ego" - David French (Dance of the bees)*
"Mattress on a stick" - Jen Shyu + Mark Dresser (Synastry)
"Big time" - Kevin Dean Quartet (A message from the dean)*
"No sugar tonight" - The Barrymores (Guess who's home)*
"Sarder" - Francois Couturier (Takovsky Quartet)
"Chapter 3" - Robert Kusiolek/Anton Sjarvo/Ksawery Wojcinski (Nuntium)
"The magus" - Third Ear Band (The magus)
"Learn how to love" - Tedeschi Trucks Band (Revelator)
"Gyroscope" - Mike Cottone (Just remember)
"Turntable history" - Arnold Dreyblatt (Turntable history)


There was a pretty big jazz bent to the program today. This was expected; for a couple of reasons, I had a stash of jazz CDs on hand, particularly new ones from Canadian artists. Breaking The Tethers started as a jazz-only program back in 2006 so it was kind of nice to return, in part, to that format. Something different next week!

Speaking of next week, the 6000th track to be played on BTT will happen on that show (Sept. 19). There was a chance this would happen this week (Sept. 12) but it didn't quite pan out. #6000 will be the 6th track featured on the program. This should occur somewhere in the second half of the first hour (7-8 AM MST).

And, yes, that was Bob Dylan singing the Rolling Stones' "Brown sugar".


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 5, 2011

"'74" - Danger Floyd (Danger Floyd)**
"I mean you" - Ken Aldcroft and Dave Clark (Hat & beard: the music of Thelonius Monk)*
"The pits" - Battlefield Band (Line up)
"June hymn" - The Decemberists (An itunes session)
"Home" - Wooden Shjips (West)
"Movement IV: late at night/the astronomer" - Graham Reynolds (The difference engine)
"Lines" - Elliot Brood (Days into years)*
"Heroin train" - A Pale Horse Named Death (And hell will follow me)
"Sounds alien" - Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland (Drums between the bells)
"Coplas" - Trio Bembe (Oh my soul)*
"When will you die" - They Might Be Giants (Join us)
"KRMN MB" - Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez (KRMN)
"Dust" - L/O/N/G (American primative)
"Djeredere" - Tinariwen (Tassili + 10:1)
"Golden years (Eric J. Lawrence KCRW remix)" - David Bowie vs. KCRW (Golden years)
"Mary's gone" - The Deep Dark Woods (The place I left behind)*
"Intro" - Blasted Canyons (Blasted Canyons)
"When the time passes slowly" - 400 Blows (Sickness & health)
"N6" - The Psychic Paramount (11)
"Fifteen saxophones" - Dickie Landry (Fifteen saxophones)
"Against the wall" - The Shillelaghs (Wastedly)**
"Canard poems" - Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter (Scowl)
"Optimus crime" - Caught Off Guard (Let's play)**
"Call it crowd control" - Shotgun Dolls (When the wind blows)**
"Burro" - Eternal Monolith (Unit Structure Sound Recording compilation 2)**


This was kind of an odd show. In addition to some material from the CJSW playlist, I had about a dozen CDs at home that I wanted to feature on the program. Unfortunately, I left all of these at home. So, I largely ended up putting the show together on the fly, pulling almost all of the tracks from the playlist. In the end, I think it worked well.

One of the casualties of my error was that, contrary to what I said last week, this edition of Breaking The Tethers was not as jazz-focused as I thought it was going to be. Almost all of the CDs I left at home were new jazz CDs. I'll play catch-up and feature these next week.

Here's something else to listen for next week: It is very possible that the Sept. 12 program will be the show in which the 6000th Breaking The Tethers track will be played. If this doesn't occur next week, it will definitely happen the following week (Sept. 19). I'm not sure what the 6000th track will be at this point. If I remember, I will try to make mention of it on air though I may just forgot and note it later (as has happened with earlier benchmarks).

One last thing to mention is CJSW Funding Drive (FD) 2011. This is coming up at the end of October, with the Breaking The Tethers FD show scheduled for Monday, October 24, 7-10 am. I'll post more details about this year's Funding Drive in the weeks to come but I should state my goal (or one of them!): This year, I would very much like to hit the $1000 mark in pledges during the program. This has never quite happened; the four-digit mark has been reached just after the show but it would be great to reach the $1000 point while BTT is still on air.


Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

"Tin-essaka" - Tinariwen (The radio tisdas sessions)
"Black sea suite" - John Stetch Trio (Fabled states)*
"Vital transformation" - The Mahavishnu Orchestra (Inner mounting flame)
"Rite of passage" - Abstract Artimus (Rite of passage)
"Circus freaks" - Corky and the Juice Pigs (Pants)*
"Fly from here - overture" - Yes (Fly from here)
"Porcelain baked cast iron wedding" - Linda Perhacs (Parallelograms)
"Disillusioned" - Demon Fuzz (Afreaka)
"Greenwich time" - Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra (Deep shadows)*
"Regeneration part I: the tree house" - Al Henderson Septet (Regeneration)*
"Chapter 5" - Robert Kusiolek/Anton Sjarvo/Ksawery Wojcinski (Nuntium)
"Illusion of self" - The Last Poets (Holy terror)
"Pushed too far" - Son Volt (American central dust)
"L'apocalypse" - Francois Couturier (Takovsky Quartet)
"Shadows on behalf" - The Stepkids (The Stepkids)
"Taoue" - Abdoulaye N'Diaye (Taoue)
"Kuroneko yamato" - Aki Takase (Aki Takase plays Fats Waller)
"Little Sadie" - The Barley Hepcats (Six tunes)**
"Banyana (the children of Africa)" - Abdullah Ibrahim (Banyana)
"Floored" - The Nels Cline Singers (Initiate)
"And on the third day" - Michael Gibbs (Lancaster University 1969)
"J23439" - Extra Happy Ghost!!! (Modern horses)**
"Intro" - Arkham's Inmates (The hits will continue)**
"A fable" - Tigran (A fable)
"Ronnie's blues" - Alaniaris (Live at Somewhere There)*
"Joyo" - Biosphere (N-plants)
"Journey's end" - Larry Willis (Inner crisis)


This week's program featured a bit more jazz than has been common in last month or two. As I have about 15 new jazz CDs sitting on my desk (most of which are Canadian), I suspect that next week's edition (Sept. 5) will have a similar jazz focus. We'll see!


Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

"Got my mojo working" - Muddy Waters (Icon)
"Om namah sivaya" - Alice Coltrane (Radha-krsna nama sankirtana)
"All the money I had is gone" - Deep Dark Woods (Winter hours)*
"Jackie-ing" - T.J. Kirk (T.J. Kirk)
"Eurozone" - Dog Day (Deformer)*
"Hallowed ground" - Mace Hibbard (Time gone by)
"I wanna go to a Ramones show" - Durban Poison (Lost in space)*
"Traveler" - Shadowplay (Like a kite)**
"Intro" - The Fantastic Brown Dirt (The Fantastic Brown Dirt)*
"Meander" - Wolfert Brederode Quartet (Post scriptum)
"Window over the bay" - Vashti Bunyan (Just another diamond day)
"Crin skrall" - Church of Jeffrey Adams (Unit Structure Sound Recording compilation 2)**
"Air-lwori (odu ifa suite)" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (The mancy of sound)
"Nighthawk boogie" - Robert Nighthawk (35 years of Stony Plain)
"The hunt" - Jerry Goldsmith (Planet of the apes soundtrack)
"Just off the king's road" - Ken Aldcroft (Home: solo guitar compositions)*
"The hive" - Booker T. Jones (The road from Memphis)
"Hallowed ground" - Violent Femmes (Hallowed ground)
"Mutant brain" - Maurizio Bianchi (Mectpyo/Blut)
"Sherrif's ride" - Crumbling Ghost (Crumbling Ghost)
"Gumbiero" - Al Di Meola (Pursuit of radical rhapsody)
"Anthrax" - Gang Of Four (Entertainment!)
"Gripper" - Gwilym Simcock (Good days at Schloss Elmau)
"Heaven" - The Hoa Hoa's (The Hoa Hoa's)*
"Top hat" - 5 After 4 (Rome in a day)*
"Heaven send me an angel" - Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne (35 years of Stony Plain)*
"Ronald ruck" - Castle Excellent (Unit Structure Sound Recording compilation 2)*
"Separate houses" - Shenandoah Davis (The company we keep)
"Copper visions pt. 2" - Century Plant (Copper Visions)


Another mixed bag this week, with a bit of a blues feel and a fair amount of experimental music. Also two tracks called "Hallowed ground" (by Mace Hibbard and Violent Femmes); not planned, just happened.


Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

"The american ruse" - MC5 (Back in the USA)
"City dreams" - The Heavyweights Brass Band (Don't bring me down)*
"She twists the knife again" - Richard Thompson (Live at the BBC)
"Pipeline" - Pat Metheny (What it's all about)
"Dreamland" - Caetano Veloso (A tribute to Joni Mitchell)
"Motion" - Joe Farrell Quartet (Joe Farrell Quartet)
"2082" - They Might Be Giants (Join us)
"Ready bake" - Platinum Alibi (Funk trunk)**
"The stumbling ghost" - Crumbling Ghost (Crumbling Ghost)
"Zoso" - Ken Aldcroft (Home: solo guitar compositions)*
"Lucifer rising soundtrack" - Jimmy Page (Lucifer rising soundtrack)
"Bhopal (driftnet plan)" - Bob Wiseman (In her dream: Bob Wiseman sings
Wrench Tuttle)*
"Bend don't break" - The Fabulous Stingrays (The lost surf tapes)**
"55gz" - Pipestone (Tribute to the old timers)
"Stronger than dirt or milkin' the turkey" - Grateful Dead (SNACK benefit, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA, March 23, 1975)
"In a hole" - The Jesus And Mary Chain (Psychocandy)
"New time" - Shadowplay (Like a kite)**
"Shark attack" - The Trashers (Make splash)*
"here is no way to get around talking" - Violence and the Sacred (Scarcely a pause in the process of butchering)*
"Power struggle" - The Funk Ark (From the roof tops)
"2piece" - Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Beans/Hprizm (Knives from heaven)
"Black molasses" - Aim Low (Foulards)*
"Terminal" - Com Truise (Galactic melt)
"The hippopotamus" - The Planet Smashers (Descent into the valley of…)*
"Chorale bounce 2" - Charlie Morrow (Toot!)
"Creatures of conscience" - Joseph Patrick Morris' Drum & Bass Society (Volume 1)
"Slumlord" - Dead And Divine (Antimacy)*
"Fast card" - Buzzcocks (A different compilation)
"Jim Shank/Ti-Jacques Jarret" - April Verch (That's how we run)*
"A cappella native american church song" - LeeAnn Brady (In Jesus' name: songs of the native american church)
"Spiritual suicide" - Dischord (Casualties of war)*
"Awake arise" - Remora (Scars bring hope)
"Kitchen solos" - Dickie Landry (Fifteen saxophones)


This was a real dog's breakfast in many ways. There was metal, jazz, old-time fiddle tunes, pow-wow songs, quirky pop, experimental odds and ends, and much more. Who knows what next week's program will end up like!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

August 15, 2011

"Oli rebetes tou donia" - Alaniaris (Live at Somewhere There)*
"Circle in the round" - Miles Davis (Circle in the round)
"The theme" - Miles Davis (Bitches brew live)
"Cosmic" - Jocelyn Medina (We are water)
"Hold my breath" - Soft Metals (Soft Metals)
"St. Vitus' dance" - Black Sabbath (Vol. 4)
"Analog astronaut" - A Troop Of Echoes (Days in automation)
"Whirlygig" - Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters (The ordeal of civility)
"What the waves brought" - Tigran (A fable)
"Senor blues" - Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band (Live at the W.C. Handy Blues Awards vol. 1)
"Ivy" - Old 97s (Grand theatre vol. 2)
"Vagabond" - Robin Jessome Quintet (For whatever reason)*
"Le reel des marguerites" - De Temps Antan (Les habits de papier)*
"Little by little" - 54-40 (Lost in the city)*
"Answers" - 3D Electric Jesus (Anonymous)**
"Loose change" - Woody Witt (Pots and kettles)
"Scan meltdown" - Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter (Scowl)
"Just me (I wanna be me)" - Sex Pistols (Spunk)
"Mosaic triad" - Terri Lynne Carrington (Mosaic project)
"Dance of the doughnut queen" - Lawrence Potapoff (Karma wash #14)**
"Miss Mary Mack" - Liz Phair (Funstyle)
"Rotary ten" - R.E.M. (Life's rich pageant (25th anniversary edition))
"52nd street theme" - Ken Aldcroft and Dave Clark (Hat & beard: the music of Thelonius Monk)*
"White van" - The Peaches (The Peaches)*
"Embrace the curse" - All Shall Perish (This is where it ends)
"An clar scatala" - Scatter The Mud (Never time to play)**
"You/devil/me" - The Hanna Barbarians (Syzgy)
"Electric psilocybin flashback" - Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O (Crystal rainbow pyramid under the stars)


Another dog's breakfast kind of show (which is what I normally aim for! :-), though with fewer tracks (28) than in previous weeks. The reason for this is the fact I played the (short(er)) version of Miles Davis's "Circle in the round" from the album of the same name; this took up almost 1/6 of the show (but it was worth it!).


Monday, July 18, 2011

August 1, 2011

"So long Bernie" - Lowest Of The Low (Shakespeare my butt)*
"Joe's bones" - Dave McCann (Megatunes: 21st anniversary compilation)**
"Myth" - Pharoah Sanders (Village of the pharoahs)
"Room with a view" - Old Blind Dogs (Wherever yet may be)
"Rude on purpose" - Mace Hibbard (Time gone by)
"Hymn eola" - Townstartssbandht (Hymn)*
"Tomorrow never knows" - Michael Hedges (Oracle)
"Don't contradict" - Ikebe (Shakedown)
"Carps daemon" - Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter (Scowl)
"City slumber" - Obey The Fist (Epidemic of reason)**
"Omni portens" - Morbid Angel (Illud divinm insanus)
"Formation 1" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (The mancy of sound)
"Verr" - Eola (Living)
"Eleanor Rigby" - Booker T. & The MGs (McLemore Avenue)
"Big brother" - David Bowie (Diamond dogs)
"Chant of the ever-circling skeletal family" - David Bowie (Diamond dogs)
"10,000 days" - 5 After 4 (Rome in a day)*
"Brown haired daughter" - Old 97s (Grand theatre vol. 2)
"Fuckers" - Blanck Mass (Blanck Mass)
"Saucer eyes" - The Polymorphines (The slip EP)*
"Providence public defender" - A Troop Of Echoes (Days in automation)
"Most with the least" - Scanner & The Post Modern Jazz Quartet (Blink of an eye)
"The fixer" - Pangea (Pangea)
"Interim few" - Moog School
"Your wildest dreams" - Warren Haynes (Man in motion)
"Arnold Schoenberg's son (was my math teacher)" - Jeff Lederer (Sunwatcher)
"In the wild" - Hoodoo Gurus (Mars needs guitars!)
"Emission embossment" - Moog School
"Chant du p'tit gny" - Francois Bourassa Quartet (Idiosyncrasie)*
"Found you out" - She Keeps Bees (Dig on)
"Destruction mayhem terror" - 40 Gun Flagship (Megatunes: 21st anniversary compilation)**
"Conflict" - Moog School
"Born to fully" - Andy Boay (Born to fully)*

There are two important numbers in connection to today's program:

5800 - The 5800th track was played on Breaking The Tethers in this program. The track was "Carps daemon" by Wooley and co. 5800 isn't that auspicious a number but it does mark that the 6000 point is just seven or eight shows away (or thereabouts). I'll make more of a fuss when that number is reached.

33 - This is how many tracks were played in the Aug. 1 edition. I think I've played more than that at some point (maybe in the 34-36 range?) but I don't get into the 30s very often.

And remember what the asterisks stand for: *=Canadian and **=local


Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 25, 2011

"Hot tears" - The Immortals (Nigeria 70: Lagos jump)
"For whatever reason" - Robin Jessome Quintet (For whatever reason)*
"I hate the white man" - Roy Harper (Flat baroque and berserk)
"Culture of fear" - Thievery Corporation (Culture of fear)
"Next time around" - Sandy Denny (The northstar grassman and the ravens)
"Tanjah" - Randy Weston (Tanjah)
"Toy bagatelle" - Daniel Blinkhorn (Deep wireless 8: radio art compilation)
"Venusian lady" - Paul Pena (New train)
"No time nor no space" - Weird Owl (Build your beast a fire)
"Duo exchange" - Rashied Ali and Frank Jenkins (Duo exchange)
"Pepper spray" - Light Bulb Alley (The sound of things)*
"June 8th" - Violence and the Sacred (Teddy bear stinks real bad now)*
"Fierce aisles of light" - Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland (Drums between the bells)
"Introduction (look sideways)" - Northern Lights (Northern Lights)**
"Starting over again" - The Ben Gordon Band (Walking a fine line)**
"Goodbye blue sky" - Luther Wright & The Wrongs (Rebuild the wall)*
"Wandering spirits" - Chad Van Gaalen (Diaper island)**
untitled - Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Beans/Hprizm (Knives from heaven)
"Free jazz" - Ornette Coleman Double Quartet (Free jazz)
"Tongue of a fawn" - Michelle Bellerose (Animal powers)*
"Time's gonna break you" - Richard Thompson (Live at the BBC)
"Boulder boy" - Violence and the Sacred (Alkinoid)*
track 4 - The Subliminal Rabbit (Presents)**
"Na enu igwe" - Joseph Jarman and Famodou Don Moye (Egwu-Anwo)
"Good enough" - The Beagle Ranch (A moment away)**
"The local fuzz" - The Atomic Bitchwax (The local fuzz)
"Borei" - Vieux Farka Toure (The secret)

First off, let me apologize for not posting this list earlier. I knew I wasn't going to be able to put it on the blog on Monday so I was aiming for Tuesday but this ended up being a meeting-filled day. Anyway, here's the list now, in all its glory.

Remember the new symbols above, appearing for the second week. These are:

*=Canadian artist
**=local (Calgary) artist


Monday, July 11, 2011

June 18, 2011

"The hold up" - Ikebe (Shakedown)
"Cristo redentor" - Jeff Lederer (Sunwatcher)
"Never the same way" - The New Gary Burton Quartet (Common ground)
"Cuz mapfumo" - Boiled In Lead (From the ladle to the grave)
"Eden autumn and Noah too" - Aimee Allen (Winter & mays)
"Bohemian party part 3" - World's End Girlfriend (Seven idiots)
"Erectangles" - I Set My Friends On Fire (Astral rejection)
track 7 - Tetrix (Tetrix 11)**
"Bombay boogie" - Ashwin Batish (Sitar power)

I split this week's show with new CJSW programmer Matt Stanford. I did the first hour; he did the last two. The list above just reflects my portion of the program. I'll be back for all three hours next week, July 25 (for better or for worse :-)

I should note that Matt shadowed me for training for the past three shows. He absorbed a ton of information and did a good job behind the board today.

Some new symbols will appear in the tracks lists, starting today (you'll notice one above). These are:

*=Canadian artist
**=local artist


Monday, July 4, 2011

July 11, 2011

"Way down" - The Feelies (Here before)
"The wanderer" - McCoy Tyner (Extensions)
"Widgets" - Disco Biscuits (Planet)
"Eight miles high" - Leo Kottke (Mudlark)
"Eight miles high" - Rufus Harley (Courage: the Atlantic years)
"Eight miles high" - East of Eden (Mercator projected)
"Eight miles high" - Husker Du
"Altered dominance" - Lorna MaLachlan (Time 4 change)
"Repetition" - TV On The Radio (Nine types of light)
"Abdulmajid" - Philip Glass ('Heroes' symphony)
"Greenwood laddie/Mrs. Capron's reel/Tune" - Eliza Carthy (Red)
"Space circus" - Corea, Clarke & White (Forever)
"Sea of time" - The Beatles (Yellow submarine soundtrack)
"Nice-boy" - Jookabox (The eyes of the fly)
"Dance of death" - Calexico (I am the resurrection: a tribute to John Fahey)
"Southern Pacific" - Neil Young & The International Harvesters (Treasure)
"French countryside" - Psychedelic Horseshit (Laced)
"Saucisse a la Berg" - Francois Bourassa Quartet (Idiosyncrasie)
"La ligne de chance" - Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band (Level)
"Rhapsodic membrane" - Heavy Tin (Space cats)
"No guarantees" - Black Phoenix Orchestra (Black Phoenix Orchestra)
"Concerto grosso: sarabande" - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Works for string orchestra)
"My kingdom" - Soundslab (Empirical state)
"Depth perception" - Jack Curtis Dubowsky (Ensemble III)
"Judy's smile III" - Amalgam (Prayer for peace)

Two notable things this week:

1) I came across a number of interesting versions of the Byrds' song "Eight miles high" and figured I'd play them all in a set in today's show, which I did. I thought they were all good examples of how a song can be covered in a way that bears a resemblence to the original but also heads out in other directions.

2) This week and last, I've had the pleasure of training a new programmer, Matt. He's keen and is picking everything up very well. Today, he ran the board for much of the show, played ads, and made the PSA announcements. Next week, he'll be hosting the 8-10 am section of Breaking The Tethers (I'll be doing 7-8 am only). He should do well.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 4, 2011

"I hate the 80s" - The Vaselines (Sex with an x)
"Leroy Jenkins's air steps (for Leroy Jenkins)" - Wadada Leo Smith's Organic (Heart's reflections)
"Paperback writer" - The Fantastic Pickin' On Series (Bluegrass sampler)
"Etude" - The New Gary Burton Quartet (Common ground)
"Evil seeds" - The Raveonettes (Raven in the grave)
"Under the Mersey wall" - George Harrison (Electronic sound)
"Raisans" - Jr. Gone Wild (Simple little wish)
"Frank Sinatra" - The Peter Evans Quartet (The Peter Evans Quartet)
"Shelter" - Sila and the Afrofunk Experience (Black president)
"Happy birthday" - Doomeastvan (Songs in the key of death)
"Coax" - James Farm (James Farm)
"Meanwhile" - Benoit Delbecq (Biobeat)
"I've been leavin' too long" - A Cast of Thousands (A Cast of Thousands)
"?" - Andrew Vivona (Slow down for me)
"Dancing with a notion" - Lucas Haneman (This is what's up)
"The 911 curry" - Cornershop (Cornershop & the double 'o' groove of)
"Sam's float" - Dave Liebman (Lookout farm)
"Aboriginal" - Terumasu Hino (Double rainbow)
show promo - Peter Evans with Chris Dadge and Rachael Wadham (Live @ Emmedia)
"Put out that cig" - Brazilian Monkey (This is not a dream)
"I'm sticking with you" - Jason and the Scorchers (Clear impetuous morning)
"Blue Miss Sunday" Devics - (If you forget me…)
"Niglo 1 waltz" - Les Doigts de l'Homme (1910)

This was the exact 5th anniversary of Breaking The Tethers going on the air, though I didn't really celebrate this, just mentioned it a couple of times. Maybe I'll do more for future events of this nature.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the show today was the country element. Though it was far from an all-country program, country-ish sounds popped up in a few numbers (e.g. Jason and the Scorchers, Cast of Thousands, etc.). It all adds to the variation on BTT.


Monday, June 20, 2011

June 27, 2011

"My friend Dave" - Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela (Hands)
"Rhizome 1-010011010011011" - Richard Pinhas & Merzbow (Rhizome)
"Mina Loy" - Thurston Moore (Demolished thoughts)
"AP touro" - Rebirth Brass Band (Rebirth of New Orleans)
"Initial machine experiments" - Pete Townshend (Scoop)
"Whitecoats" - New Model Army (Anthology)
"Lady Madonna" - Booker T. & The MGs (McLemore Avenue)
"L'aube" - Francois Couturier (Un jour si blanc)
"I-95" - Ruckus Fo'tet x Milla Thyme (Round one)
"The cloisters" - Bill Dixon (Odyssey)
"Shift" - David S. Ware/Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali (Planetary unknown)
"Pride of man" - Quicksilver Messenger Service (Quicksilver Messenger Service)
"People make the world go round" - Milt Jackson (Sunflower)
"Death walk" - Fuel Injected .45 (Past demo-ns)
"Holdin onto black metal" - My Morning Jacket (Circuital)
"Sounddance part 2" - Muhal Richard Abrams (Sounddance)
"Spinet train" - Jack Curtis Dubowsky (Ensemble III)
"Captain Marvel" - Corea, Clarke & White (Forever)
"West african strut" - Dr. Michael White (Adventures in New Orleans
jazz part 1)
"Blue in green" - Screaming Headless Torsos (Screaming Headless Torsos)
"Space cats" - Heavy Tin (Space cats)
"Multi-d" - Nasar Abadey & Supernova (Diamond in the rough)
"Strange days" - Chris Andrew (Strange days)
"Tait's traced traits" - Farmers By Nature (Out of this world's distortions)

This was another program with a bit of a "new" and "jazz" slant though there were lots of other odds and ends featured. Probably more of a mixed-bag next week.

Speaking of next week, I noticed that the July 4 program will be the 5th anniversary of Breaking The Tethers. I'm not sure whether I will do anything special that day but it's good to recognize the significance.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 20, 2011

"Ghosts and giants" - Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band (Level)
"Polliwog" - James Farm (James Farm)
"Hazey Jane II" - Nick Drake (Bryter Layter)
"Marburg" - Brad Shepik (Across the way)
"Agho" - Sir Victor Uwaifo (Guitar-boy superstar)
"Quirino con su tres" - Jane Bunnet & Hilario Duran (Cuban rhapsody)
"Bad big hill" - The Craig Pedersen Quartet (Early winter)
"Storm warning" - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (Rocket science)
"Death by Pollyanna" - Cheer-accident (No ifs, ands or dogs)
"Man vs. nature" - Killdozer (12 point buck)
"Upward spiral" - Search Engine (I'm feeling lucky)
"Ecce apparebit dominus" - Cinquecento (Missa ego flos campi)
"Swept into a desert (calm becomes the storm)" - Lucas Haneman (This is what's up)
"Two labors" - Au vs Masanka Sankayi (Tradi-mods vs rockers: alternative taks on congotronics)
"Whatever" - Alphonse Mouzon (Angel face)
"Hurricane" - Ray Manzarek/Roy Rogers (Translucent blues)
"Algiers" - Austin Peralta (Endless planets)
"In love (vocoded freak testimonials)" Leb Laze - (Music for troubled machinery)
"You can run" - Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 (From Africa with fury: rise)
"Now longer" - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day II)
"Henya" - Ambrose Akinmusire (When the heart emerges glistening)
"Vuoto a rendre" - Paolo Angeli/Takumi Fukushima (Itsunomanika)
"Dick & Jane" - Sidney York (Apocalyptic radio cynic)
"Ocean tales" - Steve MacLean Ensemble (GPS)
"Alto 1" - Kaoru Abe (Solo 1972)

Like last week, this program featured a pronounced lean in the directly of newly-released jazz. This week's show retained the same direction though to not as much of an extent; there was a nice mixed bag of other tunes and songs featured. Looking at what's on deck, I suspect that the June 27, 2011 will be similar to today.

I hope I'm not letting the cat out of the bag (too much) but it looks like CJSW Funding Drive 2011 will take place from Oct. 21-28. Should be fun! Stay tuned over the next few months for more information.


June 13, 2011

"All the way" - The Elements of Jazz (The Elements of Jazz)
"Heart's reflections: splendors of light and purification (for Shaykh Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili): the dhikr of radiant hearts, part II" - Wadada Leo Smith's Organic (Heart's reflections)
"Little by little" - Gregg Allman (Low country blues)
"Clearance ridge" - Bryan Carter (Enchantment)
"Biobeat" - Benoit Delbecq (Meanwhile)
"Searching for the right door" - Billy Cobham (Spectrum)
"Divination unfathomable" - David S. Ware/Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali(Planetary unknown)
"Monster Smith" - Afuche (Highly publicized digital boxing match)
"R.R.K. Rahassan" - Mark Alban Lotz (Istanbul improv sessions May 5th)
"You know you know" - Rebirth Brass Band (Rebirth of New Orleans)
"A chinese saloon" - Jerry Granelli Trio (Let go)
"Old time indians/Meeting of the chiefs" - Irvin Mayfield (A love letter to New Orleans)
"The covenant" - Nasar Abadey & Supernova (Diamond in the rough)
"Wait for it" - Chris Andrew (Strange days)
"I am a wanderer" - Steve Earle (I'll never get out of this world alive)
"Island" - Gosta Berlings Saga (Glue works)
"Wo ist zu hause mama" - Johnny Cash
"This is" - Ruckus Fo'tet x Milla Thyme (Round one)
"Mud, mapped" - Farmers By Nature (Out of this world's distortions)
"Ahead of the game" - Blue Sky Black Death (Jean Grae: the eveil jeanius: instrumentals)
"Inception" - Melvin Jones (Pivot)
"Lyman Place" - Keiran Hebden/Steve Reid (NYC)

In the days prior to this edition of Breaking The Tethers, a large number of new jazz CDs and new CDs that lean in a jazz direction crossed my path. Most fit the BTT style so I gave them a whirl in this show. It was probably the most jazz-focused program since BTT left the jazz-only format. A few other items slipped in (Johnny Cash singing in German, Steve Earle, etc.) but it definitely had a jazz bent. As always, next week will be different, maybe way different.

I am late with posting the playlist for the June 6, 2011 program. My apologies. But I should have it on the blog later today.


Monday, May 30, 2011

June 6, 2011

"Calamity song" - The Decemberists (The king is dead)
"To eh" - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day II)
"Raggle taggle gypsy/Tabhair dom do lamh" - Planxty (Planxty)
"The laughing cavalier" - Reynold D. Philipsek (Tales from the north woods)
"The pseudocarp walks among us" - Weasel Walter-Mary Halvorson-Peter Evans(Electric fruit)
"Go gaunt green" - Cheer-accident (No ifs, ands or dogs)
"Got it" - Amanda Tosoff (Looking north)
"The hollow men" - Marlon Brando (Apocalypse now soundtrack)
"Mr. Fox" - Mr. Fox (Join us in our game)
"Southern coast" - We're Not Popstars (Full colour)
"Read your name" - Randall of Nazareth (Randall of Nazareth)
"Go Back Home" - Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir (Ten Thousand)
"Bloodhound" - The Donkeys (Born with stripes)
"God?" - The Dodos (Visitier)
"Radio generation" - Pat Jordache (Future songs)
"Alligator"(choir version) - Grizzly Bear (Friend EP)
"Sycamore" - Bill Callahan (Woke on a whaleheart)
"Guns" - Megafaun (Gather, form & fly)
"August four, year-of-our-lord blues" - Efrim Manuel Menuck (Plays "high gospel")
"Bound to be that way" - Do Make Say Think (You, you're a history in rust)
"Heaven" - Ebo Taylor (Life stories: highlife & afrobeat classics 1973-1980)
"Make the road by walking" - Menahan Street Band (Make the road by walking)
"Swedenborgske rom" - Jaga Jazzist (What we must)
"Insects" - Fridge (The sun)
"Dawn chorus" - Boards of Canada (Geogaddi)
"Repeat" - Prefuse 73 (The only she chapters)
"Lost & found" - Amon Tobin (Isam)
"Dark advances" - Male (We are all welcome)
"Down by the river" - Low & Dirty Three (In the fishtank)

Finally, here's the list for the June 6, 2011 program. I was only able to be behind the board for the first hour of the show; Myke Atkinson very kindly took over the last two hours and did his usual great job. Many thanks to Myke! Myke's set began with the Randall of Nazareth track; everything before that was played by me.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 30, 2011

"Draw your brakes" - Scotty (The harder they come)
"Here's to here's to toast" - Afuche (Highly publicized digital boxing match)
"Here's to toast" - Afuche (Highly publicized digital boxing match)
"Meet me in the alleyway" - Steve Earle (I'll never get out of this world alive)
"Night and day" - The David Leonhardt Jazz Group (Plays Cole Porter)
"Rabbit in the log" - Chris Thile & Michael Daves (Sleep with one eye open)
"Magic bullet" - The Alex Goodman Quintet (Bridges)
"I am" - Matana Roberts (Coin coin chapter one: les gens de couleur libres)
"Golden brown" - The Jolly Boys with Albert Minott (Great expectation)
"Red clay" - Freddie Hubbard (Red clay)
"Lee Majors come again" - Beastie Boys (Hot sauce committee, part two)
"The plains/Bitter dancer" - Fleet Foxes (Helplessness blues)
"Zebra boogie" - Diesler (The breakers)
"Waves" - Gosta Berlings Saga (Glue works)
"Falling forward" - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (Rocket science)
"Easy now revisited" - Hot Tuna (Steady as she goes)
"Wild man" - Galactic (The other side of midnight: live in New Orleans)
"I can't leave home part one" - Holzkopf (Sober materials #5)
"Letter to Bjork" - Jerry Granelli Trio (Let go)
"Invasion of the mind snatchers" - Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine(Enhanced methods of questioning)
"Concert on the runway" - Miles Davis with Michel Legrand (Perfect way: the Miles Davis anthology: the Warner Bros years)
"German taco" - Brad Shepik Quartet (Across the way)
"Rhizome 4-110101100010000" - Richard Pinhas & Merzbow (Rhizome)
"Alice" - Jaffa (Echoes)
"New York City hotel blues" - Margot and the Nuclear So And So's (Buzzard)
"Tabla suite" - The Giuseppi Logan Quartet (Dance of satan)
"Banished to Niflheim" - Occulus (Occulus)

At CJSW, Breaking The Tethers falls into a class of program called "mixed block". I think this week's show very much merits the "mixed block" label; it was very much a "mix". A particular (unplanned) feature of the program was the fact that 20 of the 27 tracks were pretty much brand new (and a few of the others weren't too old e.g. 2010 releases). There were also a few nifty titles this week, such as "German taco" (Brad Shepik Quartet) and the "Here's to toast" pair (Afuche).

Next week's edition of BTT will feature a split-host format. I will only be behind the mic for the first hour (I have a conflict that I can't alter in hours two and three) and then the one-and-only Myke Atkinson will take over from 8-9 am and from 9-10 am. Myke has covered BTT a few times in recent months and will be a great host.


Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011

"Farewell to Nova Scotia" - The Real McKenzies (10,000 shots)
"Focus, thrutime… time part 4" - Muhal Richard Abrams (Sounddance)
"Drip drip" - Comus (Song to Comus: the complete collection)
"Supercollider" - Radiohead
"At your feet, Frankincense" - Steven Lugerner Septet (Narratives)
"Pink mountain rag" - John Doe and the Sadies (Country club)
"Angels sing" - Klang (Other doors)
"Cimarron part one" - Rafael Zaldivar (Life directions)
"The cascades" - Fleet Foxes (Helplessness blues)
"Got it" - Amanda Tosoff (Looking north)
"Come as you are" - Cam Penner (Gypsy summer)
"Loverna, SK: Antelope Park no. 322" - Depatterning (The huddled tone EP)
"West coast raga" - The Donkeys (Born with stripes)
"DNA" - The Kills (Blood pressures)
"Palermo snow" - John Renbourn (Palermo snow)
"B minor waltz" - Lisa Hilton (Underground)
"The butcher" - Radiohead
"Endangered ape is a sex robot" - Hot Blood Bombers (Broke travelling hungry love)
"Wave upon wave" - Antonymes (The license to interpret dreams)
"Sabbath bloody sabbath" - Lounge brigade (Sabbath in the suburbs: the lounge tribute to Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath)
"Love heals" - Boogieman (Blues pops & jazz smokes)
"Tappan zee" - Brahja Waldman's Quartet (Brahja Waldman's Quartet)
"Scherherazade" - Panda Bear (Tomboy)
"Pov piti" - Matana Roberts (Coin coin chapter one: les gens de couleur libres)
"Shake is for 8th graders" - Omar Rodriguez Lopez (Telesterion)
"St. Ita's vision" - Ben Allison (Action-refraction)
"Animal rites" - Mark Alban Lotz (Istanbul improv sessions May 5th)
"Black sheep" - Sandycoates (Antenna Farm Records presents: we are all awesome)

First show back after a week and a bit in the UK. Had lots of fun but I'm glad to be back. Many thanks to Myke Atkinson for taking over Breaking The Tethers on May 9!


May 23, 2011

"Gbomei adesai" - The Psychedelic Aliens (Psycho african beat)
"Space probe" - Sun Ra (Space probe: a tonal view of times tomorrow, vol. 1)
"The facts" - Jezibelle (Victus mortuus)
"Beehive" - Dr. Lonnie Smith (Spiral)
"Babushka" - Reynold D. Philipsek (Tales from the north woods)
"So what" - Marcus Miller (A night in Monte Carlo)
"Nu" - Anat Fort Trio (And if)
"Water" - Tarun Nayar (22 degrees of beatitude)
"Rumba Colombia" - We're Not Popstars (Full colour)
"Mangosteen 3000 A.D." - Weasel Walter-Mary Halvorson-Peter Evans (Electric fruit)
"Can't buy me" - Fema Kuti (Africa for Africa)
"The words that maketh murder" - PJ Harvey (Let England shake)
"Heaven's engine is a dusty ol' bellows" - Efrim Manuel Menuck (Plays "high gospel")
"This, our home" - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (Stay gold)
"Larry has traveled 11 miles and waited a lifetime for the return of Vishnu's report" - The Stanley Clarke Band (The Stanley Clarke Band)
"Carol Ann" - Soft Machine (Seven)
"Blood loss" - Myelin sheaths (Get on your nerves)
"Itsunomanika" - Paolo Angeli/Takumi Fukushima (Itsunomanika)
"Can't say not" - Fist City (Twothousandandten)
"Awe" - Miracle Fortress (Was I the wave)
"A worthy endeavour (for Cajori)" - Bill Frisell (Beautiful dreamers)
"Mr. Joy" - The Bley-Peacock Synthesider Show (Revenge (the bigger the love the greater the hate))
"Bisi's beat" - Soki Ohale's Uzzi (Nigeria 70: sweet times: afro-funk, highlife & juju from 1970s Lagos)
"Noid" - Bedrock (Plastic temptation)
"Processions" - Family (Family entertainment)
"Face in the crowd" - Family (Family entertainment)
"Capricornus" - Austin Peralta (Endless planets)
"Cavalry cross" - Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy (Brave & the bold)

This was a wide-ranging show, featuring three afro-rock tunes, lots of newish (2009-2011) jazz, some experimental stuff, some not-that-well-known 60s music (e.g. Family, Bley + Peacock), local rock (including two bands from Lethbridge, AB), and more. More of the same next week.


Monday, April 25, 2011

May 2, 2011

"Ultima thule" - Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp (Cosmic leider)
"Spirit waltz" - Steve Davis Quintet (Live at Smalls)
"Metamorphosis" - Ananda Shankar (Ananda Shankar)
"Kung-fu grip" - The Invisible Hand (The Invisible Hand)
"Missed" - Ben Allison (Action-refraction)
"Strange girl" - James Pants (James Pants)
"Fred" - Ben Allison (Think free)
"La preparation" - Max Roach and Archie Shepp (Force (Sweet Mao-suid Afrika 76))
"Lost like a boat full of rice" - Howe Gelb and A Band Of Gypsies (Alegrias)
"Chameleon" - Herbie Hancock (Flood)
"Codex" - Radiohead (The king of limbs)
"I don't mind it" - Lab Coast (Pictures on the wall)
"Creeping Ophelia" - Foxtails Brigade (The bread and the bait)
"Baiyana" - Pat Martino (Baiyana (the clear evidence))
"New Orleans walkin' dead" - North Mississippi All Stars (Keys to the kingdom)
"Rocky XVII" - The Curious Mystery (We creeling)
"King kong" - Dweezil Zappa (turn of the son of…)
"Goochie goo" - Jack Littman (The mixtape)
"Music to watch space girls by" - Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock's music from outer space)
"The inside song" - William Parker (live, Cormons, Italy)
"Geomancer's compass and other quasi-scientific findings" - French Horn Rebellion(The infinite music of French Horn Rebellion)
"Gorillas in the bliss" - Giant Princess (Mexican easter/Zip zop wow)
"Not good" - Joe Giardullo Trio (No work today: nine for Steve Lacy)
"Pure annihilation" - Parts And Labor (Constant future)
"Exhaustible" - Devotchka (100 lovers)
"The sun is coming up" - Ric Colbeck (The sun is coming up)
track 2 - Peter Buck/Fred Chalenor/Matt Chamberlain/Robert Fripp/Bill Rieflin/Hector Zazou (Slow music)

This is my last show for two weeks. Myke Atkinson will be taking over BTT for the May 9 program and will do a great job, I am sure. Regular listeners will know that Myke has done the show in the past, including the CJSW Funding Drive 2011 show last October.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 25, 2011

"Intro" - Brahja Waldman's Quartet (Brahja Waldman's Quartet)
"Carmina burana fantasy" - Sandy Bull (Fantasias for guitar and banjo)
"Games" - Vijay Iyer (Solo)
"Sarabande" - John Renbourn (Palermo snow)
"Fear of rooming" - Seamus Blake Quintet (Live at Smalls)
"Murder" - John Lee Hooker with Miles Davis (Perfect way: the Miles Davis anthology: the Warner Bros years)
"All apologies" - David Payne (Nirvana unplugged)
"The 4:08" - Klang (Other doors)
"United nubians - saidi style" - Mahmoud Fadl (Egypt noir: Egyptian soul treasures)
"Djadbangari dance song, 'eastwind'" - Elcho Island aborigines, Central North Australia (Australia: song of the aborigines and music of Papua, New Guinea)
"Magpie" - Tania Gill (Bolger station)
"Changing rooms" - Rafael Zaldivar (Life directions)
"La morsure de'araignee" - Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio (Les nuages en France)
"Sonic reducer" - Pearl Jam (Vs./Vitalogy radio sampler)
"Ne te fache pas" - Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly Rhythmo (Cotonou club)
"Flux capacitor" - Steven Lugerner Septet (Narratives)
"Song to attract game" - Baka Pygmies (Cameroon: Baka pygmy music)
"Springtime dancing" - Manu Katche (Third round)
"The creator has a master plan (peace)" - Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong and his friends)
"Nothin'" - Ugly Ducklings (Made in Canada: more great stuff, volume 4 (1961-1974))
"Qui voit le ciel dans l'eau, voit les poisson sur les arbes" - Duplent/Lenglot/Wadham (Proverbes)
"Stairway to heaven" - The Pizzarelli Boys (Desert island dreamers)
"Take it out and swing it" - The Modern Grass Quartet (The Modern Grass Quartet)
"Underground" - Lisa Hilton (Underground)
"Dizzy monkees" - Ren + Stimpy (You eediot!)
"Madu mahadahysat" - Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa (Suara Naga)
"Throat I" - Little women (Throat)
"Dirty dogs" - David Kikoski Trio (Live at Smalls)
"Tillicum (theme for the TV show 'Here come the seventies'" - Syrinx (Made in Canada: more great stuff, volume 4 (1961-1974))
"The resonance of flesh" - Becoming The Archetype (Celestial completion)
"Wrath of the norsemen" - Amon Amarth (Surtur rising)
"Peace (for Dakota and Jason)" - Larry Young (Love cry want)
"Splendid miniature scenic spot" - B Lan 3 (Music for hunting and mapping)
"Pancharatna kirtinam-adi tala" - Emani Sankara Sastry (L'Ind du sud - l'art de la vina)

Pretty much a total dog's breakfast this week, from Australian aborigine music to metal and many points in between. A good show, I think.

I'll be hosting BTT next week but, as mentioned, I will be away for the May 2 edition. Myke Atkinson has kindly agreed to host the program in my absence and will do his usual great job. I'll be back for the May 9 show.


Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

"Fightin'" - Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm (2 man wrecking crew)
"Blues medley" - Ian Hendrickson-Smith (Live at Smalls)
"Petramorphosis" - Angelo Michajlov (Saxana: the girl on a broomstick)
"Stick dance" - Bel Air (Monday dream)
"Too deep" - J. Mascis (Several shades of why)
"It's me" - Dinosaur Jr. (Beyond)
"You are the dancer" - Chris Donnelly (Metamorphosis)
"4 9 8" - Gutbucket (Flock)
"The witch's dance" - Blood Ceremony (Living with the ancients)
"Computer age" - Sonic Youth (The bridge: a tribute to Neil Young/Daydream nation (deluxe edition))
"Asiatic raes" - Joe Chambers (Horace to Max)
"Calgary" - Chris Geheran (Calgary)
"Big mountain bounce" - Maciej Sikala/Piotr Leamnczuk/Tyler Hornby (Able to fly)
"The ballad of Charles Whitman" - Kinky Friedman (Sold american)
"One for Blount" - Vijay Iyer (Solo)
"Shapes & sizes" - Led Bib (Bring your own)
"The last emperor - theme variation 2" - Ryuichi Sakamoto (The last emperor)
"The zombies of Mora-Tau" - Jad Fair (Beautiful songs: the best of Jad Fair)
"Don't look back" - The Remains (Nuggets: original artifacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)
"Flashpoint" - John Surman (Flashpoint: NDR jazz workshop, April '70)
"All things are quite silent" - Steeleye Span (Hark! the village wait)
"If the creek don't rise" - Cindy Doire (Sticks and mud)
"The road's a temptress" - Cindy Doire (Sticks and mud)
"Marijuana" - Hello Daylight (The acidsoxx family sampler)
"Headbanger's bawl" - Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade (Brain dance)
"Rough riders roam" - The CFL Sessions (Oh! compilation two)
"A la dina dana" - Jon Blake (Siwan)
"I should care" - Eldar Djangirov (Three stories)

The most notable part of today's program was an interview with singer-songwriter Cindy Doire (there was supposed to be a live performance but, due to illness, it didn't happen). Cindy has a new CD out (Sticks and mud) and will be playing in Calgary at the Ironwood on April 12. It was a very enjoyable interview and it was nice to be able to play a couple of tracks from her new release.


April 18, 2011

"Lucifer Sam" - Pink Floyd (The piper at the gates of dawn)
"Skeltazor" - New Tricks (Alternate side)
"Dr. Watson, I presume" - Elvis Costello (National ransom)
"E.S.P." - Florian Weber/Jeff Denson/Ziv Ravitz (Minsarah)
"On Mount Zion I" - Wingless Angels (Wingless Angels)
"I would be the one" - Kensington Market (Avenue road)
"Fort Graveyard" - Henry Kaiser/Charles K. Noyes/Weasal Walter (Ninja starr danger rock)
"New one" - Jazz Pistols (Superstring)
"Glass houses #2" - Christina Petrowski Quilico (Glass houses revisited)
"Continuity" - Aaaron Leaney + Chris Dadge (Continuity)
Track 1 - Burmese (Lun vurn)
"Second sunday in august" - Weather Report (I sing the body electric)
"Rhumba mama" - Weather Report (Midnight Special TV program)
"Le moine complaisant" - Le Vent Du Nord (Maudite moisson!)
"Obsessive" - Andrew McCormack/Jason Yarde (My duo)
"Collective action" - Planeta Imaginario (Optical delusions)
"Oxygene (part II)" - Jean-Michel Jarre (Oxygene)
"Tennessee driver" - Hank III (Hillbilly joker)
"Configuration" - Bones & Tones (Bones & Tones)
"Bad brutal" - Onlock (Onlock)
"Open" - Lee Pui Ming (She comes to shore)
"Multiverse" - Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp (Cosmic leider)
"Just one night" - Blue Rodeo (The things we left behind)
"Vampire ambush" - Evil Survives (Metal vengance)
"Hugs (historically underrepresented groups)" - The Terence Blanchard Group (Choices)
"There was a time" - James Brown (50th anniversary collection)
"Epiphany 1" - Jib Kidder (Music for hypnotized minds)
"To know and not to know" - Noah Creshevsky (To know and not to know)
"Helplessness blues" - Fleet Foxes (Helplessness blues)
"Sa galaas et le puissant artus" - Ensemble Organum (Codex chantilly)

This show featured pretty varied tracklist, including at least two tracks that could be called "metal". Favourite stuff from this week:

Fave track overall: "Multiverse" by Jones and Shepp. Great, freaky stuff, featuring just alto sax and piano. I introduced it by saying that it would "curdle your porridge" (Breaking The Tethers is a breakfast time program, after all).

Fave CD title: Ninja starr danger rock by Kaiser, Noyes, and Walter. Wish I'd thought of this one myself.

Fave song title: "Vampire ambush" by Evil Survives. How could I resist playing a song with this title?

I will be mostly away for the next few weeks. I will still be hosting Breaking The Tethers on April 25 and May 2 but I will not be able to be behind the mic for May 9. I'll have news on who will be filling in for me soon.


Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

"Bass folk song no. 5 & 6" - The Stanley Clarke Trio (Jazz in the garden)
"Sega no sega" - Dean Pallen (Strathcona Park)
"Still life in stop motion" - Fall City Fall (1629)
"Blue" - R.E.M. (Collapse into now)
"Breathing water" - Bones & Tones (Bones & Tones)
"Superstring" - Jazz Pistols (Superstring)
"I won't kill you this Christmas" - Teddy Thompson and Jude Rogers
"State terrorism" - The Souljazz Orchestra (Manifesto)
"Floating anchor" - Hay, Dutz, Honda (Polarity taskmasters)
"Orpheus" - Jerry Garcia (Reflections)
"Ate mo naku aruki mawatta" - Jonny Greenwood (Norwegian Wood)
"Pardonnez moi" - Bob Erlandson (All about jazz: volume two… the octet)
"Grab yo stuff (buried and bald)" - NWH (Fear of a black hat)
"One bell ringing" - Elvis Costello (National ransom)
"L'envol" - Caravan Palace (Caravan Palace)
"A handful of earth" - Fantastic Merlins (A handful of earth)
"Winnipeg winds" - Jason Collett (Rat a tat tat)
"5 and 20 schoolgirls" - Gong (Magick brother)
"Rock you like a hurricane" - MelloDeath
"Velorio (mourning)" - Hermeto Pascal (Hermeto)
"Dollar signs" - Andrea Revel (House of sticks)
"Space walk" - Sun Ra Arkestra (Live at the Paradox)
"The Earl of Essex galliard" - John Dowland (Music for viols)
"Astro" - Walt Dickerson and Sun Ra (Visions)
"Dune buggy" - Mutantes (Mutantes e seus cometas no pais do baurets)
"IRQ + 49" - Bitter Frictions (The first book of electricity)
"In memory of 3000 ft. Mark Deez" - Intellectual Prestige (The awakening)
"Come on rip let's take a trip" - Lantern (Deliver me from nowhere)
"Correct truth" - Tyshawn Sorey (Koan)
"Forget" - The Dyeing Merchants (The Dyeing Merchants)

A show with a little bit of everything (including two hip-hop numbers), perhaps the most notable thing this week was that there were several tracks by local (Calgary) performers. I usually play one or two per program but I managed to fit in more than that this time. I should try to do this more often; it's always good to feature local stuff.


Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

"Rapid fire" - Judas Priest (British steel: 30th anniversary edition)
"Mayflower" - John Surman (Flashpoint: NDR jazz workshop, April '69)
"Maximum spare ribs" - Peter Stampfel & The Worm All-Stars (A sure sign of something)
"Slow turns" - Steve Dawson (Nightshade)
"Minor infractions" - Odean Pope (Odean's list)
"Up from the south" - The Budos Band (The Budos Band)
"I talk to the wind" - King Crimson (In the court of the crimson king)
"Glamour addict" - Perfect Vacuum (A guide to the music of the 21st century)
"Adeniji" - The Budos Band (The Budos Band II)
"The introduction" - Ghostkeeper (Ghostkeeper and the children of the great northern muskeg)
"Man from South Africa" - Joe Chambers (Horace to Max)
"Brain dance" - Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade (Brain dance)
"Whirl" - Fred Hersch (Whirl)
"Windows and doors medley" - Jean-Paul De Roover (Pitch pipes)
"Headless horseman" - Jad Fair (Beautiful songs: the best of Jad Fair)
"Los Angeles" - Kevin Eubanks (Zen food)
"Engine room" - Led Bib (Bring your own)
"I am going to jail" - Geoff Berner (Victory party)
"Home pictures" - Maciej Sikala/Piotr Leamnczuk/Tyler Hornby (Able to fly)
"L'oeil de l'entincelle" - Charles Pappasoff (Pappasoff, live)
"Imperfect persuasive element" - Planeta Imaginario (Optical delusions)
"Said the trapeze to gravity (why are you so old?)" - Gutbucket (Flock)
"A thing for Joe" - James "Blood" Ulmer (Inandout)
"Analog Paralysis, 1978" - Tim Hecker (Ravedeath, 1972)
"Quadrant" - Wallace Roney (If only for one night)
"10.15.07" - Robin Holcomb and Talking Pictures with Wayne Horvitz (The point of it all)
"Dewey square" - Joe Lovano/Us Five (Bird songs)

This show ended up being over 50% jazz, getting increasingly jazzier as the program went on, though I didn't quite plan it that way. Nothing wrong with how it turned out, though. Fave title this week: "Maximum spare ribs" by Peter Stampfel.


Monday, March 14, 2011

March 21, 2011

"Last train" - Mavis Staples (You are not alone)
"Keleya" - Moussa Dombia (World psychedelic classics, vol. 3: love's a real thing)
"Whyte avenue pinwheel" - National Dust (Welcome to utopia)
"Little blue frog" - Miles Davis (Bitches brew: legacy edition)
"Cowboy boots" - Eddie Spaghetti (Sundowner)
"Run shaker life" - Richie Havens (Something else again)
"Minor shuffle" - BANN (As you like)
"An idea" - Sylvie Proulx (Sirocco)
"Sunset blvd. " - Mad Planet (Gliese 581g)
"Stop" - Buck 65 with Hannah Georgas (20 odd years)
"Improvisation 2" - John Zorn, Milford Graves, Bill Laswell (Tribute to Derek Bailey, The Barbican, London, June 17, 2006)
"Cartoon gold" - Drive-By Truckers (Go-go boots)
"Bass and time" - Ancient Astronauts (Into bass and time)
"Dimitri, Birks and Dewey" - Frank Butrey (Malicious delicious)
"Gondwana (edit)" - Tristan Mureil (Gondwana, for orchestra)
"Sonnet for Hank cinq" - Delfeayo Marsalis (Sweet thunder (Duke & Shak))
"Strange language" - Cowboy Junkies (Demons)
"Relent" - Roberta Piket (Sides, colors)
"Desert" - Francois Rabbath (The sound of a bass)
"Fair flower" - The John Renbourn Group (Live in America)
"Teenage wizard" - Haunted Beard (Video deathbed)
"Brown rice" - Don Cherry (Brown rice)
"The loser (xeftilis)" - A Hawk And A Hacksaw (Cervantine)
"Opus 44" - Dustin O'Halloran (Lumiere)
"In octopus country" - Entire Cities (I hope you never come home)
"Monoceros 2" - Evan Parker (Monoceros)
"Jharna kala" - Devadip Orchestra (Scandinavium, Goteborg, Sweden, November 11, 1979)
"Part II" - Ornette Coleman (Chappaqua suite)

This was a show with almost a split personality. Part of it was kinda mellow, more than I first planned. Part of it was pretty much the opposite of mellow, featuring some fairly "out there" jazz. I wonder what next week's program will be like... :-)


Friday, March 4, 2011

March 14, 2011

"African sweets" - The Three Sounds (Elegant soul)
"Tard" - Charles Pappasoff (Pappasoff live)
"Birdyard" - Joe Lovano/Us Five (Bird songs)
"Nut popper #1" - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (The original lost Elektra sessions)
"EST (trip to the moon)" - Alien Sex Fiend (All our yesterdays)
"Currents" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)
"Alice and John" - Rob Hurst (Bob ya head)
"Baby duck" - Panda Attack (Applewood)
"It was never gonna turn out too good" - Gang Of Four (Content)
"Va va va voom" - Brett Smiley (Breathlessly Brett)
"Love song for a vampire" - The Rabid Whole (Autraumaton remixed)
"Rumbatto" - Boris Kovac (The last Balkan tango)
"All tensed up/Don't try to call/I'm not interested/Guns at my school/Push the button/Gilligan's island/MTC/Don't have a life" - Husker Du (Land speed record)
"Love is the answer" - Kenny Burrell (God bless the child)
"The beach" - Mark Segger Sextet (The beginning)
"Piano page" - Benoit Delbecq Trio (The sixth jump)
"Sunny ti de ariya" - King Sunny Ade and His African Beats (Juju music)
"Spider monkey café" - Kevin Eubanks (Zen food)
"Open up your heart" - Richard Bliwas (Rising rose bakery)
"Take the high road" - Peter Hum Quintet (A boy's journey)
"Mr. Sunshine" - Earl MacDonald (Re:visions: works for jazz orchestra)
"Space trucker lady" - Duke Garwood (Dreamboatsafari)
"Fortress" - Mary Kastle (Beneath the folds)
"Step right up!" - Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers (Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers)
"Believe in me and yourself too (malagasy version)" - Dean Pallen (Strathcona Park)
"Couch alternate (alternate)" - Robin Holcomb and Talking Pictures with Wayne Horvitz
(The point of it all)

The main feature of the show this week was that I had a co-host of sorts for part of the program, Mark. Mark is a new programmer at CJSW and I've been helping out with his training for the past three weeks (not that he really needed training; in the past, he was on-air at the Memorial University station and in Exeter, England). While he did some on-air talk last week, this was his first lengthy time behind the boards, about 45 or so minutes; looking at the list above, he played everything from Alien Sex Fiend through The Rabid Whole. Mark did a great job and I'm sure we'll hear him on air again at CJSW fairly soon.

Muscially, there was a strong jazz presence today. Not really planned but a number of new jazz CDs, mostly Canadian, came my way over the past week so might as well play them. I suspect next week's show will be less jazzy but I won't really know until it happens :-)


Monday, February 28, 2011

March 7, 2011

"Unsquare dance" - The Dave Brubeck Quartet (Time further out)
"Boisterous voiceterous" - Frank Butrey (Malicious delicious)
"2024" - Cage The Elephant (Thank you, happy birthday)
"Comb your hair and curl it/Gweebara bridge " - Altan with the R.T.E. Concert Orchestra
(25th anniversary celebration)
"Great expectations" - Miles Davis (Bitches brew: legacy edition)
"American gothic " - Modern Skirts (Gramahawk)
"Last goodbye" The Wailin' Jennys (Bright morning star)
"Hollywood dream (instrumental)" - Thunderclap Newman (Hollywood dream)
"Twang" - John Scofield (54)
"Amy you went away " - Jad Fair (Beautiful songs: the best of Jad Fair)
"Flowers in the pond" - Ros Sereysothea (Dengue Fever presents electric Cambodia)
"Last payphone in Parkdale" - The Creaking Tree String Quartet (Sundogs)
"Two timing men" - Eve Hell & The Razors (When the lights go out)
"Alcoholic " - Alicia Hansen (Fractography)
"Homowo" - The Psychedelic Aliens (Psycho African Beat)
"My friends and neighbors (for Sam Rivers)" - Roberta Piket (Sides, colors)
"Welcome to the cheap seats" - The Wonder Stuff (Never loved Elvis)
"Half the fun" - Delfeayo Marsalis (Sweet thunder (Duke & Shak))
"Incidental music" - Usha Khanna (Psych funk sa-re-ga)
"Ohun merin" - Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band (Sun no dey sleep)
"Son of shaft" - The Bar-Kays (The best of the Bar-Kays)
"As you like" - BANN (As you like)
"Little by little" - Radiohead (The king of limbs)
"Yusek yusekc tepeler" - Minor Empire (Second nature)
"Chorinho" - Bill Charlap & Renee Rosnes (Double portrait)
"Cumberland gap" - Dock Boggs (Bound for glory)
"Track 1" - Linsey Wellman (Ephemera: for solo saxophone/pour saxophone solo)
"The point" - Bigger Fish Than Guns (The spoken sea)
"Tikal (scattering of the sun)" - Global Chilling (The trip hop tapes)
"Outlaw blues" - Jad Fair (Beautiful songs: the best of Jad Fair)
"Invention 8207AM" - Braxton-Hemingway (Old dogs (2007))

Some fave tracks from this week:

*The "Hollywood dream" instrumental from Thunderclap Newman. Nice melody on acoustic guitar and nifty use of pedal steel.

*Two songs from the Jad Fair compilation. Kind of "outsider music" featuring 108 tracks on 3 CDs compiled from 48 albums.

*Another great track from from Pysch funk sa-re-ga ("Incidental music").

*New Radiohead! ("Little by little") Kinda dense stuff.

I've been involved in the training of a new programmer, Mark, this week and last. He has done radio work before but not since 2002. He pretty much knows his stuff, though. His last day with me is next week, March 14, 2011. He will be programming the latter half of the show. I'm looking forward to hear what he has come up with.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 28, 2011

"Serpentine" - Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers (Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers)
"Good citizen swallow" - Larry Coryell (Spaces revisited)
"Wake up Dolores" - Los Lobos (Kiko)
"You won't make a fool out of me" - Flogging Molly (Live at the Greek Theatre)
"Escape" - Karl Schwonik Jazz Ensemble With Remi Bolduc (1 + 4)
"You and I " - Graham Coxon (Love travels at illegal speeds)
"Wally the frog" - Parker Abbott Piano Duo (Gallery)
"Against the drift" - Robin Holcomb and Talking Pictures with Wayne Horvitz (The point of it all)
"Reverie" - Richard Bliwas (Rising rose bakery)
"Early one morning" - Christine Fagan (Once)
"Natchez burning" - Howlin' Wolf (The real folk blues)
"Aliens" - Ronald Reagan
"C.T.A.-102" - The Byrds (Younger than yesterday)
"Sacre bleu" - Scott LaFaro (Pieces of jade)
"Steam engine" - Mark Segger Sextet (The beginning)
"Poursuite/Drum page" - Benoit Delbecq Trio (The sixth jump)
"Bad luck blues" - Fraser/Daley (Fraser/Daley)
"A dream of water" - Colin Stetson (New history warfare vol. 2: judges)
"Big Lou" - Peter Hum Quintet (A boy's journey)
"I hope things will turn around" - Chixdiggit (Safeways here we come)
"The traveler" - Alon Nechushtan (Words beyond)
"SpongeBob SquarePants" - The Black Lodge Singers (More kids' pow-wow songs)
"Bangkok 504" - Jamie Ruben's Groove-O-Ly-O-Scene (Organic mood stimulant)
"Lois on the autobahn" - Bruce Cockburn (Small source of comfort)
"Gimme shelter" - O. Rex (My head's in '73!)
"Put my little shoes away" - Margaret Leng Tan (She herself along: the art of the toy piano,
vol. 2)
"The city of Granada on the surface of Mars" - Music Intima (Rethink forever: the vocal music of Peter Hannan)
"Song for America" - Destroyer (Kaputt)
"The memory of water" - Chaya Czernowin (Maim (water))

Today's program was perhaps a bit more jazzier show than others recently but still featured the usual BTT variety. I was pleased to be able to play another track from the The Black Lodge Singers; I played their version of the Flintstones' theme in late 2006 and got great reaction at that time. Another fave this week was "The city of Granada on the surface of Mars"; it seems to be about a city on the surface of Mars, that's it. Notable too was O. Rex's version of "Gimme shelter"; holy extreme low-fi Batman!


Monday, February 14, 2011

February 21, 2011

"Big 'stache" - The Creaking Tree String Quartet (Sundogs)
"Sarana" - Ray Russell (Rites and rituals)
"Oral roberto" - Robert Hurst (Bob ya head)
"If I were a carpenter" - Johnny Cash (Nieuwe Rai, Amsterdam, Holland, February 26, 1972)
"Spruce mountain pass" - Pharmakon MTL (To call out in the night)
"I can't get behind that" - William Shatner with Henry Rollins (Has been)
"Lay low" - My Morning Jacket (Z)
"We're laughing" - The Psychedelic Aliens (Psycho African Beat)
"Very large snowfall" - Harley Shit Fingers and the Bogus Gambler (Riding songs for father's knee)
"Marrket-place" - The Nightcrawlers (Down in the bottom)
"Invention 8207PM" - Braxton-Hemingway (Old dogs (2007))
"Which way to go" - Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers (Meet me at the moon)
"The noose" - Zevious (After the air raid)
"Another sky" - Akron/Family (S/t II: the cosmic birth and journal of shinju TNT)
"East St. Louis, 1968" - Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Soldier (Ice-9 ballads)
"Stick w/ me kid" - The Dears (Degeneration street)
"Intro" - heRajiKa Tracks (Love universal)
"Good times bad times" - Dread Zeppelin (Hot and spicy beanburger)
"Caravan" - Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Duke! three portraits of Ellington)
"Morning Mr. Magpie" - Radiohead (The king of limbs)
"Morning Mr. Magpie" - Radiohead (Webcast, December 18, 2002)
"Della be della" - Jay Crocker (Co-stars)
"The mod trade" - The Black Beats (Psych funk sa-re-ga)
"Improvisation for piano" - Burkhard Mahler (Fusion white classics II)
"Miner" - No Age (Nouns)
"Encore" - Fred Anderson and Muhal Richard Abrams (Live in Verona)
"Sitar beat" - Klaus Doldinger (Psych funk sa-re-ga)
"Freddy's dead" - James Rolfe (Raw: chamber music by/musique de chamber de James Rolfe)
"Glow" - Features of Spheres (Features of Spheres)

A nice mixed bag show this week. Nothing too heavy, nothing too weird (maybe), some funny stuff (Shatner with Rollins, Dread Zeppelin), and a good sampling of groovy music from India (Psych funk sa-re-ga) and Ghana (The Psychedelic Aliens). Just wish I hadn't tripped over my tongue as much as I did. Oh well, I will be more fluid in the vocal department next week.


Monday, February 7, 2011

February 14, 2011

"Billy's bones" - The Pogues (Rum, sodomy & the lash)
"Muppet shock" - Alon Nechushtan (Words beyond)
"100,000 raisons" - Harmonium (Harmonium)
"The night goes on" - Matt Savage (Welcome home)
"Nobody but me" - The Dickies (BASEketball soundtrack)
"Swift silver" - Vivienne Spiteri (Jalsaghar)
"The lonely spider" - Lhasa (Lhasa)
"Bolero" - Jimi Hendrix (West coast Seattle boy)
"Le marais" - Geggie Trio + Donny McCaslin (Across the sky)
"Shopping" - The Jam (Extras)
"The child" - Stephan Micus (Bold as light)
"Papa's got a brand new pigbag" - Pigbag (Volume one)
"Blues in the am" - Houston Person (Mellow)
"Two and one" - John & Eve McLaughlin (Studio 1974, NYC radio session 1970)
"Any more" - Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder (Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder)
"Once" - Christine Fagan (Once)
"Afterlife lottery" - Farewell To Freeway (Filthy habits)
"Travelling" - Mark Waind (Humantown music)
"Valse" - Parker Abbott Piano Duo (Gallery)
"Blissed out" - Junk Culture (Summer friends)
"Agnus dei" - Gothic Voices (The spirits of England and France - 4: the missa caput)
"Momentum" - Patrick Butler (Transcender)
"To touch the red brick" - Polar Bear (Hold on the tips of fingers)
"One adam 12 mambo" - Arturo O'Farrill (Risa negra)
"Devil's dance floor" - Flogging Molly (Live at the Greek Theatre)
"Inner eye light house" - Mourning Coup (Mourning Coup)
"Inner urge" - Larry Coryell (Prime picks: the virtuoso guitar of Larry Coryell)
"Dreamland" - Joni Mitchell (The seeding of the summer lawns)
"Eat yourself alive" - New Fight Scene (Glass dragons)
"The lawnmower" - Engine (Start)
"Downstairs" - Hey Rosetta (Seeds)
"Song for the underdog" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)

This was a less "experimental" program than last week, maybe more of a mixed bag this week. Still good stuff, with lots of tracks played.

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all!


Monday, January 31, 2011

February 7, 2011

"Obama victory dance" - Robert Hurst (Bob ya head)
"Love bowl" - The Nightcrawlers (Down in the bottom)
"The high reel" - Horselips (Celtic connections)
"Friction" - Nils Petter Molvaer (Hamada)
"Dichotomy" - Michelle Gregoire (Diversity)
"I did crimes for you" - Deerhoof (Deerhoof vs. evil)
"Vezubuhle" - Vusi Mahlasela (Say africa)
"Tomorrow" - Morrissey (Your aresenal)
"Wandering one" - Roxy Coss (Roxy Coss)
"Frankenstein monster song" - One Ring Zero (As smart as we are)
"The dean" - Karl Schwonik Jazz Ensemble With Remi Bolduc (1 + 4)
"Southern decline" - Apex Manor (The year of magical drinking)
"Caravan (remix by Graham Reynolds)" - Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Duke! three portraits of Ellington)
"Fire" - Kasabian (West ryder pauper lunatic asylum)
"Waynes tune" - Bardo Pond (Bardo Pond)
"Lakeerai" - Kiran Ahluwalia (Common ground)
"He be struttin'" - Chris Davis (Baile bonita)
"Midnight brown" - The Two Koreas (Science island)
"Rounds, for string quartet" - The St. Lawrence String Quartet (Sea to sea: the St. Lawrence String Quartet celebrates 20 years)
"Main theme" - Music From The Film (How the west was once)
"Raccat"- Bob Erlendson (The Erlendson effect)
"Snakazon rising" - Castle Excellent (Silver salad of the moon)
"Compared to what" - Marty Williams (Long time comin')
"Plastic man, you're the devil" - Pink Mountaintops (Axis of evol)
"March of the masses" - Tommy Guerrero (Lifeboats and follies)
"Twilight" - Melody Gardot (Worrisome heart)
"Dr. Dre's bar mitzvah" - Out To Lunch (Melvin's rockpile)
"Echoes of urban life" - James Foerster (Cache 2009)
"Triumph of the outcasts, coming" - Steve Colson and the Unity Troupe (Triumph!)
"Field of stars" - Yankee Yankee (Resting star)

There was definitely an experimental element to this show. More than once person at CJSW commented that I was freaking them out (mission accomplished!) This wasn't really planned, it just kinda came out that way. I suspect that next week's program will be a less "out there"... or not! :-)

Top tune/song title of the day: "I did crimes for you" by Deerhoof with an honorable mention for "Plastic man, you're the devil" by Pink Mountaintops.

Top album title: The year of magical drinking by Apex Manor.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

February 4, 2011

"I know you got soul" - Bobby Byrd (Mojo presents James Brown's funky summer)
"Taqsim maqam sharqi rast" - Rahim Alhaj (When the soul is settled: music of Iraq)
"Juggernaut" - The Lindbergh Line (Bang bang you'll be missed)
"You are not alone" - Mavis Staples (You are not alone)
"Join the march" - Family Studies (Life cycles vol 2: density master)
"Dirge blues" - Mary Lou Williams (Black Christ of the Andes)
"In another country" - Couples (Couples)
"Yazoo street scandal" - The Road Hammers (Garth Hudson presents a canadian celebration of the Band)
"She's so pretty" - Shed (Plugged in, electrified and totally wired)
"El cortito" - Celano Baggiani Group (Alienology)
"Love me do" - The Persuasions (Sing the Beatles)
"Experience the jewel" - Wintersleep (New inheritors)
"River serpentine" - The Budos Band (III)
"Farewell Johnny Miner" - Fairport Convention (The red & gold demos)
"Street fighting" - Igor Boxx (Breslau)
"North Dakota ghost town" - Ben Plotnick (Dancing at the end of the world)
"Muddy bones" - New York Dolls (Cause I sez so)
"?" - Through Tragedy (Through Tragedy)
"Everyman everywoman" - Yoko Ono with Blow Up (Yes I'm a witch)
"The lady and the rose" - Los Lobos (Tin can trust)
"Plastic farm animals" - Aeroplane Trio (Naranja ha)
"Bensema" - Afrocubism (Afrocubism)
"It was never gonna turn out too good" - Gang Of Four (Content)
"Reoccuring dreams" - Xakaroh (Demo 2010)
"Dus ook" - Earswideopen (Earswideopen)

This is the playlist for the February 4 edition of Alternative To What? The regular (and longtime) host of the show, Kerry Clarke, was away and I provided a facsimilie of her. Kerry always does a great job and I hope that I was able to come up even somewhat close to what she does.

Next show for me: Back to Breaking The Tethers, Monday, February 7. Join me then!


Monday, January 24, 2011

January 31, 2011

"She bathed herself in a bath of bleach" - Manic Street Preachers (Journal for plague lovers)
"Lost in the vapors" - Plunge (Tin fish tango)
"Aerial suite: alpha crusis" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)
"American the beautiful" - The Richard Davis Trio (Song for wounded knee)
"Delicate balance" - Bob Szajner (On the beach in the zone)
"Nine stone rig" - Linda Thompson (Fashionably late)
"One way ticket to Cubesville" - Pigbag (Volume two)
"Blue blood blues" - Dead Weather (Sea of cowards)
"Left over lullaby no. 2" - Tord Gustavsen Ensemble (Restored, returned)
"If you have ghosts" - Roky Erickson & The Aliens (I have always been here before: the Roky Erickson anthology)
"Brian the snail" - Pigbag (Volume one)
"Black Africa part 3" - Sam Rivers (Black Africa)
"Clouds" - Jayhawks (Music from the north country: the Jayhawks anthology)
"Heart and soul" - Joy Division (Closer)
"Kronos devours his children" - The New Jacobin Club (Somnabulist sound system)
"Frontiers in science" - Jane Ira Bloom (Wingwalker)
"Picturesque" - Matt Savage (Welcome home)
"This wheel's on fire" - Neil Young & The Sadies (Garth Hudson presents a canadian celebration of the Band)
"8" - Esther Lamneck/Roberto Fabbriciani (Winds of the heart)
"Frightens" - Alicia Hansen (Fractography)
"Inexorable" - Patrick Butler (Transcender)
"Texas t" - Bigger Fish Than Guns (The spoken sea)
"Seat" - Engine (Start)
"Open out" - Chris Parrello (Things I wonder)
"Suntan solution" - Family Studies (Life cycles vol 1: sexy creeper)
"Fear of a red planet" - Igor Boxx (Breslau)
"Half moon" - Iron & Wine (Kiss each other clean)
"Feel so good" - Jefferson Airplane (Jefferson Airplane loves you)
"Q16" - Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher (Quartet)

A pretty groovy show, I think. My top plays from today's set:

*"If you have ghosts" by Roky Erickson, one of music's top acid casualties. I love the line "If you have ghosts then you have everything". A truism perhaps?

*The extended version of "Feel so good" from Jefferson Airplane. A great guitar workout on top of wonderful playing by the bass, drums, and rhythm guitar.

*"Open out" by Chris Parrello. Probably my fave track from this week and maybe the best new album this week.

*The New Jacobin Club's "Kronos devours his children". Best title for the week.

Everything else was good too!

I will be subbing for Kerry Clarke on her show, Alternative To What?, this Thursday, Feb. 3, 4-6 pm. Kerry is one of the most experienced programmers on CJSW and always does a great show. I will do my best to fill her big shoes.

Next edition of Breaking The Tethers will be on Monday, Feb. 7, 7 am. Join me then!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 24, 2011

"Dookin' for beetroot/The head roaster" - Battlefield Band (Dookin')
"African skies" - Quinsin Nachoff (Fomo)
"Funky-tunk" - Moby Grape (Vintage: the very best of Moby Grape)
"Mourning star (intro)" - Titan's Eve (The divine equal)
"1812 overture" - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (Hooked up classics)
"West 42nd street" - Chris Davis (Baile bonita)
"Alien landscape 1" - Rick Cutler (First melancholy, then the night stretch)
"Gen pop" - Will Bernard (Blue plate special)
"Drumbouie" - Afro-Soultet (Afrodesia)
"Death letter" - Son House (Father of the delta blues: the complete 1965 sessions)
"Archaic glimpses" - Andre/Tokal/Kugel (Varpai)
"A.R.C." - Chick Corea/Dave Holland/Barry Altschul (A.R.C)
"Funky bitch" - Son Seals (Deluxe edition)
"On the case" - Al Henderson Septet (Regeneration)
"When I wake up (part 1)" - Demmy Chou (2 sides)
"Maggot brain (alt. mix)" - Funkadelic (Maggot brain (2005 reissue))
"To love" - Gerald Cleaver/Uncle June (Be it as I see it)
"Echolocation" - Wintersleep (New inheritors)
"Mecurio dal ciel in terra" - Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa (Cosmophony)
"Lost in the sound" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (live performance)
"Stow me away" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (live performance)
"All these places" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (live performance)
"16:59" - Earswideopen (Earswideopen)
"Let's go into the unknown" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Stories from home)
"Suite… part III" - Baptiste Trotignon (Suite…)
"Fire" - Joe Henderson (The elements)

This was my first show back after being away for a couple of weeks (went on a Caribbean cruise, had a great time). I wasn't behind the board for the Jan. 10 and 17 editions of Breaking The Tethers but Nathan Taylor subbed for me on both programs - many thanks to Nathan for doing this!

The main feature of today's show was the live performance by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Lauren and Zoltan). Promoting their new album (Stories from home) and an upcoming lengthy 64-date Canadian tour, they played three songs live in the CJSW studio and we did an interview. They're nice folks with nice music and I wish them well as they hit the road.

No live music next week (so far) but lots of recorded stuff, as always.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 3, 2010

"The jezebel spirit" - Brian Eno/David Byrne (My life in the bush of ghosts)
"Puppet mischief" - John Ellis & Double-Wide (Puppet mischief)
"Loving love" - Jeffre Cantu-Ledesma (Love is a stream)
"Stop rocking" - Anna Webber (Third floor people don't need to worry about anything)
"Jacques' groove" - William Parker Organ Quartet (Uncle Joe's spirit house)
"The drum" - Ohama (Earth history multiambient)
"Candy says" - Lou Reed (Animal Serenade)
"Remembered as" - Jon Mueller (The whole)
"From darkness to light" - Steven McGill Project (Kujichagulia: self determination)
"Lady in the yellow dress" - Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (Stories from home)
"New tribe" - Gerry Hebert Quartet (The Beat Niq sessions vol. 3 - conversations)
"Zaar" - Peter Gabriel (Passion)
"The song goes on" - Herbie Hancock (The imagine project)
"Force field" - Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble (Jive at 5:05)
"Amsterdamned" - Joal Kamps (Sojourner)
"Happy birthday, Mr. Burns"
"Duck" - Celano Baggiani Group (Alienology)
"Disco bush" - Day of the Maniac (Day of the Maniac)
track 2 - Hype Williams (Find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start gettin reel)
"Lorraine" - Barnacle Bill (Trio)
"Come to New Orleans" - Aloon Aluna (Bird milk)
"Elephants" - Chet Singh (Recessionary revolutionaries)
"Sen ben" - Barana Quintet (Sarap wine)
"TX1, opus 161-2" - Richard O. Burdick (Nice notes for horns)
"Little old guy" - Pancho-San (Oh, mellow melody)
"Segue 5/Dry bones/Segue 6" - Robert Randolph and the Family Band (We walk this road)
"Whistling wind" - The New Family (The New Family)
"229" - Gordon Grdina Trio With Mats Gustafsson (Barrel fire)
"Face a: salaryman's dream" - Philippe Petit (Scores Henry: the iron man)

This first program of 2011 definitely had an experimental edge to it. I didn't quite plan things this way but I ended up playing a fair number of pieces that could be labelled "experimental music" in some way or other. And I fit in the Ramones' appearance on the Simpsons plus started things off with a recording of an exorcism (from Eno and Byrne's freaky "The jezebel spirt"). This all sounds good to me.

I will be away for the next two shows, January 10 and 17, 2011. Breaking The Tethers will still take place, with a fill-in host or hosts (I'm not sure who will be I will return to the air for the January 24 edition, which will feature a live performance by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk (who I played today).