Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25, 2008

"Simple blues" - Oliver Jones (Second time around)
"Mr. Jones" - Javon Jackson (Once upon a melody)
"Dragon's head" - Mary Halvorson Trio (Dragon's head)
"Rabbit cake" - Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile (Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile)
"Mr. Clean" - The Roy Hargrove Quintet (Earfood)
"Tournesol" - Florin Niculescu (Plays Stephane Grappelli)
"Between B & C" - Kieran Hebden/Steve Reid (NYC)
"Soleil d'acier" - Galerie Stratique (Faux world)
"Not a wake up call" - The Peggy Lee Band (New code)
"Reliquary" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians I)
"All of you" - Laika (Misery)
"Edda" - Bruno Hebert Trio (Live @ the Cellar)
"Forests" - Brazilian Trio (Forests)
"Haufig eine hydraulische metaphertendenz" - Butcher/Muller/Van Der Schyff
(Way out northwest)
"Bell island" - Duane Andrews (Raindrops)
"March of the elephants" - Rob Mosher's Storytime (The tortoise)
"Nephthys" - Jeremy Pelt (November)
"Jump start" - Jim McAuley (The ultimate frog)
"Somebody" - Pete M. Wyer (Stories from the city at night)
"Pachuca" - Mario Pavone (Double tenor quintet)
"Fair enough" - James Davis Quintet (Angles of refraction)
"Breathe" - The Matthew Herbert Big Band (There's me and there's you)
"Caravan" - Dennis Day (All things in time)
"Dennis & Sledge" - Michel Benita featuring Manu Codjia (Ramblin')

This was another "new" show. All the material was "new" in some way; newly recorded and released, newly re-released, or newly dug out from the vaults. As with the other "new" shows I've done recently, this wasn't really planned; it just kinda happened.

I really liked pretty much everything that was played this week. My top faves: "Between B & C" by Hebden & Reid, "Reliquary" by MMW, and "March of the elephants" by Rob Mosher's Storytime.

I was out-of-town and couldn't host Breaking The Tethers last week. Marc from Heads Telling Tales filled in for me. Many thanks to Marc. I am in his debt.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 11, 2008

"Sweet & sour" - Bruno Hebert Trio (Live @ the Cellar)
"The story" - The Matthew Herbert Big Band (There's me and there's you)
"A notice" - Horacio Hernandez (Italuba II)
"You win again (testifyin')" - Chris Greene Quartet (Soul and science 2: electric boogaloo)
"The hollows" - Ralph Towner (Time line)
"Dreaming of Glenisla" - Ken Hyder's Talisker (Wayside sampler 4)
"Friendship suite" - J.J. Johnson (Let's hang out)
"Hippidy hop (drum solo)" - Roy Haynes and the Fountain of Youth Band (Whereas)
"Old devil moon" - Tony Quarrington (Deep river)
"Softly, William, softly" - Dave Brubeck Quartet (London, 1966)
"Too many ties" - Mary Halvorson Trio (Dragon's head)
"Fourth day - plants and trees" - Jan Hammer (The first seven days)
"Omicron" - Morgan Childs Quintet (Time)
"Time has no ending" - The Jazz Crusaders (Old socks, new shoes…New socks, old shoes)
"Heriocredolphysiognomystery" - Gunter Hampel Group (Music from Europe)
"Only the righteous" - Bill King's Rhythm Express (Beat street)
"Almost right" - The Microscopic Septet (Lobster leaps in)
"Danza lucumi" - Bebo Valdez (Bebo)
"Nnuena" - Michael Occhipinti (The Sicilian jazz project)
"Images of us" - George Duke (Dukey treats)
"Yellow submarine" - Franco Ambrosetti (Movies)
"Let me tell you about my day" - Phil Dwyer/Alan Jones/Rodney Whitaker (Let me tell you about my day)
"The peregrine blues" - Don Thompson Quartet (For Kenny Wheeler)

My favourites this week: "The hollows" by Ralph Towner (spooky; should have played it on Halloween); "Softly, William, softly" by Brubeck (I love how he pushes things up a notch or two around the 1:00 left mark); "Too many ties" by Mary Halvorson and trio (I dig messing with the pitch of guitar strings as they are being played); and Franco Ambrosetti's half-crazed take on The Beatles "Yellow submarine".

The last two tracks feature sax player and pianist Phil Dwyer who will be in Calgary for performances this Friday and Saturday. John Reid from the Canadian Music Centre and the Jazz Is Society joined me to talk about the shows (thanks, John!).

I'll be away next week. Marc from the (new) Monday jazz show, Heads Telling Tales, will be filling in for me (thanks, Marc!). I'll be back behind the boards on Tuesday, November 25.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

After weeks of slackdom, I managed to get a list posted the day of the show:

"The Petty Harbour bait skiff" - Duane Andrews (Raindrops)
"Washingon Square Park" - Anat Cohen (Notes from the village)
"Sub-conscious Lee" - Bill Frisell (History, mystery)
"Kadri-alap" - Rudresh Mahanthappa (Kinsmen)
"Mata" - Jeremy Pelt (November)
"Where's the cat??" - Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers (Epic journey)
"Magic clock machine" - Butcher/Muller/Van Der Schyff (Way out northwest)
"Les beautes s'ignorent" - Galerie Stratique (Faux world)
"Lover come back" - Josephine Biundo (Let there be love)
"Strong tears" - Lowell Davidson (Trio)
"Pendulum" - SMV (Thunder)
"I'm not so sure" - The Roy Hargrove Quintet (Earfood)
"Therego" - Chris Speed/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic/Leibovici (Jugendstil)
"Pent-up house" - Paul Bley (Solo piano)
"Bumpy trail" - Eri Yamamoto Trio (Redwoods)
"Owl's nightmare" - The Royal Hartigan Ensemble (Blood drum spirit: live in China)
"Traneian blue" - The Bob Brough Quartet (Time away)
"The filth" - Ben Wolfe (No stranger here)
"So what" - Miles From India (Miles from India)
"Five peace band" - John McLaughlin (Floating point)
"Joachim is our friend" - Karel Velebny (SHQ)
"Vera cruz" - Brazilian Trio (Forests)

This was the first post-funding drive show. As with the show that preceeded the Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers, everything on this program was newly released. I didn't quite plan it this way, things just kind of headed in that direction. Music-wise, it's good stuff all around. Neat title of the day: "The filth" by Ben Wolfe.

Many thanks again to all who pledged during the CJSW Funding Drive, on my show and on other shows. The grand total for the station was $205,172 (or thereabouts).