Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

"Start to move" - Elizabeth Shepherd Trio (Start to move)
"Unknown Kohoutek" - Sun Ra (Concert for the comet Kohoutek)
"King Arthur meets Hanns Eisler in Hollywood" - Davis/Ulrich/Baumann/Lutek/Richards/Jefferson (Urs Blochlinger Tribute)
"Snuffy" - Wilbur Harden/John Coltrane (Mainstream 1958)
"Rue du depart" - Land of Kush (Against the day)
"Mallet song" - Ed Blackwell Project (What it is?)
"Parasite" - The Souljazz Orchestra (Manifesto)
"A.R.C." - Chick Corea/David Holland/Barry Altschul (A.R.C.)
"Goodbye pork-pie hat" - Art Farmer (Maiden voyage)
"Colourbox" - Sinistrio (Sinistrio)
"Gregorian" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (Weaving symbolics)
"Ayahuasca" - Speak in tones (Subaro)
"Kitchen sink" - Amon Tobin (Foley room)
"Re: creation" - Ryan Meagher (Atroefy)
"Hospital loop" - Joel Miller (Tantramar)
"Death and the flower" - Keith Jarrett (Death and the flower)
"Zen death poem" - The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band (Live at the Cellar)
"Newness" - Mayo Groutt's Known Universe (Mayo Groutt's Known Universe)

A few more tracks than last week, though there were still a number of long tunes on this show (Keith Jarrett, the Bruce Freedman African Groove Band). Overall, it was a good show - any show with Sun Ra on it is a good show!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

"Slap and tickle" - The NOW Orchestra (Animal tales)
"Concierto de aranjuez" - Jim Hall (Concierto)
"Modal trane" -Turtle Island Quartet (A love supreme: the legacy of John Coltrane)
"L'axe du fou (axis of madness)" - Forgas Band Phenomena (L'axe du fou/Axis of madness)
"Pond life IV" - Ann Southam (Pond life)
"Chasen vs. suribachi" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians II)
"Brother, can you spare a dime?" - Ray Anderson (Every one of us)
"Succor" - Flow Trio (Rejuvenation)
"T.A. the W. (tender as the wind)" - Lost tribe (Lost tribe)
"The queen's drone" - The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band (Live at the Cellar)
"Uncharted" - Joshua Redman (Compass)
"Erghen diado" - Indigone Trio & Strings (Cycles)
"Lazy snake" - Dave Holland Sextet (Pass it on)
"Four winds" - David Holland Quartet (Conference of the birds)
"Enlightenment" - Graham Haynes (The griot's footsteps)

A whopping 15 tracks here, perhaps the lowest number of items ever played on Breaking The Tethers. The reason for this is because of the length of the tunes; jazz pieces are often long but some in this set went on for quite some time e.g. "Enlightenment" by Graham Haynes is nearly 27 minutes long.

Fave track this week: "Chasen vs. suribachi" by MMW from the brand-new release Radiolarians II. I saw this in Vancouver last week and grabbed it.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

"Samuel" - Sienna Dahlen (Off the floor… into the garden)
"Love for sale" - Miles Davis (Kind of blue: legacy edition)
"Slow down sagg" - Tony Monaco (Live at the Orbit Room: the ultimate jam)
"C'mon it's just a dollar" - Gutbucket (A modest proposal)
"Dark state of mind" - Tuatara (Breaking the ethers)
"E" - Dave Kikoski (Dave Kikoski)
"Irresistible" - Moe Clark (Circle of she)
"Ethiopia" - Sonny Greenwich (Hymns to the earth)
"Can't complane" - Ryan Meagher (Atroefy)
"Sailing" - Ion Zoo (Set free at the Cellar)
"City lights" - Brenda Earle (Happenings)
"Figwig" - Flute Force Four (Flutistry)
"We're not from around here" - Bill Frisell (The best of Bill Frisell: vol. 1, folk songs)
"Aquatic adventures, episode 19: the unceremonious demise of waterbugs" - Jeff Younger's Sandbox (The nudger)
"Leopard lady" - Franz Koglmann (L'heure bleue)
"Mixed grill" - Bill Evans/Randy Brecker (Soulbop band live)
"Jazz trash" - Ellery Eskelin (Jazz trash)
"Against the day" - Land of Kush (Against the day)
"Stalker" - Time Jazz Quartet (Studies in jazz in studie: aspects of jazz from the Netherlands
"It's all good" - Hank Crawford/Jimmy McGriff (Crunch time)

Perhaps the most notable thing about this show was that 1/5 (4/20) of the tracks feature vocals prominently. Four songs out of 20 may not seem like much but I used to program weeks on end of shows without vocals. Oh well, times change.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009

"Blame it on the muchachas" - Michael Farquharson (Michael Farquharson)
"Rivers run" - Dave Holland Sextet (Pass it on)
"Upper four hundred" - The Three Sounds (Soul symphony)
"Brown bag" - Booglaoo Joe Jones (Legends of acid jazz)
"The great blue orb and the well hung chads" -The NOW Orchestra (Animal tales)
"Agua de paz" - Dino Saluzzi (Kultrum)
"Pond life III" - Anne Southern (Pond life)
"Reflections of romance" - Jefferson Grant Quintet (As one)
"Teeth" - Soft Machine (Fourth/fifth)
"Mr. Kenyatta" - Lee Morgan (Search for the new land)
"Accra" - Geoff Keezer (Waiting in the wings)
"Concorrencia desleal" - Antonio Valdetaro & Grupo (Leticia)
"He's a hero" - Clifford Jordan (The adventurer)
"Void" - The Julius Hemphill Sextet (At Dr. King's table)
"The one that got away" - Rubim de Toledo (The river)
"Oasis" - The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band (Live at the Cellar)
"Open window" - David Friesen (Castles and flags)
"Double-sens (double entendre)" - Forgas Band Phenomena (L'axe du fou/Axis of madness)
"Life" - Palle Mikkelborg (Song…. tread lightly)
"Munchkins" - Mark Helias (Loopin' the cool)

I have to admit, I really liked this show, favourites galore, new and old. I'm particularly fond of the pairing of Soft Machine and Lee Morgan, two of my main likes. Looking at the Soft Machine track in particular, I hadn't heard either their Fourth or Fifth albums until recently and was not sure if they would hold up to the great Third record; they aren't quite as good as Third but they are better than I expected so I played one track on Breaking The Tethers today.