Monday, October 24, 2011

Breaking The Tethers Funding Drive Show

I wasn't able to host the Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers today but a whole host of CJSW programmers filled in for me and did a great job. This was reflected in the pledge total for the show, which was a whopping $2100, over twice what I was hoping! Many, many thanks to those who pledged!

Back next week, Oct. 31, 2011, with a "regular" show.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Win the Smithsonian Jazz Collection!

More funding drive stuff: If you pledge during Breaking The Tethers next Monday (Oct. 24, 7-10 am MST), you will have an opportunity to win a copy of the 6-CD Smithsonian Jazz Collection. It's a pretty impressive set.

Details are at


Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 17, 2011

Here's the second mildly-delayed tracklist:

"Hobo chang ba" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (Trout mask replica)
"The waterfall" - Bill Lewis and Khan Jamal (The river)
"Regular days" - Jim Cuddy (Skyscraper soul)*
"Dat dere" - Brad Mehldau (Live in Marciac)
"Back to front (circular logic)" - DJ Shadow (The less you know, the better)
"Chagan" - Equilibrium (Walking voices)
"Anticipation" - Kenny Wheeler (One of many)*
"Rwatsinda" - Mighty Popo (Gakondo)*
"Nocturne fragments: eternal" - Benjamin Broening, Duo Runedako (Recombinant nocturnes)
"Bedazzled fingernails" - Mastadon (The hunter)
"Playing in the band" - Grateful Dead (Europe 72 vol. 2)
"Teo/neo" - Miles Espanol (New sketches of Spain)
"Universal on switch" - Govinda (Universal on switch)
"Beyond category" - Tineke Postma (The dawn of light)
"The melody of rhythm, movement 1" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"Blood feast" - Odonis Odonis (Hollandaze)*
"Coffee & poker" - Lord Bubba's Nu Jazz Project (The nu standards)*
"The devil's trying to steal my joy" - Prophet G. Lusk (This may be my last time singing: raw African-American gospel on 45 rpm 1957-1982)
"Velociraptor!" - Kasabian (Velociraptor!)
"Hurricane b" - Rh Positive: Jim Heineman's Dream Band (Live @ Lorraine's)*
"Beignet bounce" - Stretch Orchestra (Stretch Orchestra)*
"New wave sucks" - D.O.A. (Something better change)*
"Willie's diamond joe" - Matt Anderson (Coal mining blues)*
"Holy blood, holy grail" - Marduk (Plague angel)*
"Communication breakdown" - D.O.A. (Hardcore 81)*
"Nobody hear the music the same way (dedicated to John Coltrane)" - Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble (New York collage)


While the Oct. 10 program had a strong jazz slant, this one's all over the map; jazz, black metal, punk, folk, jamming, experimental stuff, totally weird ("Hobo chang ba"!), etc. In many ways, this is the kind of show I aim to present.

One last mention: As of posting, the annual CJSW funding drive has just begun. I've made my pledge and I'm hoping readers of this blog will follow. A plege on Breaking The Tethers would very much be appreciated!


October 10, 2011

This is the first of two slightly-delayed track lists from the last two Breaking The Tethers broadcasts:

"Up on Mars" - Hasil Adkins (What the hell was I thinking)
"E-gaz" - Darius Jones Trio (Big gurl (smell my dream))
"Tap step" - Chick Corea (The definitive Chick Corea on Stretch and Concord)
"Lucky" - Easy All-Stars featuring Frankie Paul (Radiodread)
"Gloria" - Jake Hertzog (Evolution)
"Just like that" - Cory Weeds and the Tilden Webb Trio
(Just like that)*
"Forty" - Tyshawn Sorey (Oblique-I)
"Creation" - Turtleboy (Smart matter)*
"Floodsong" - Rahasaan Barber (Everyday magic)
"Te dignitas presularis" - Orlando Consort (Popes & antipopes)
"Balkan wedding" - Galactic (The other side of midnight: live in New Orleans)
"Zu zu man" - Dr. John (Zu zu soiree)
"FVK" - Bad Brains (Live at CBGB 1982)
"Spectrum" - Pamela Hines Trio with April Hall (Lucky boy)
"Thunder don't smoke (intro)" - The Franco-Proietti Morph-Tet (Like the shore is to the ocean)*
"Thunder don't smoke" - The Franco-Proietti Morph-Tet (Like the shore is to the ocean)*
"Kiss of the bufo alvarius" - Dengue Fever (Cannibal courtship))
"The haunted thoughts and the endlesss fall" - Magnus Ostrom (Thread of life)
"Evidence" - Joel Forrester/Phillip Johnston (Live at the Hillside Club)
"Endymion" - Branford Marsalis/Joey Calderazzo (Songs of mirth and melancholy)
"Dogs like breath" - The Spokes (Not so fast)
"Trudge" - Danny Fox Trio (The one constant)
"A dream of water" - Colin Stetson (New history warfare, vol. 2: judges)
"Rainy night in Georgia" - The Jazz Crusaders (Old socks, new shoes…New socks, old shoes)
"Prologue" - Alex Brown (Pianist)
"Greek suite, part III: tou hel' to kastron" - Charles Lloyd/Maria Farantouri (Athens concert)
"Grey riders" - Neil Young & The International Harvesters (Treasure)*
"Arrival" - Biello/Weyand (Fourthought)
"Foudoz" - Eric St. Laurent Trio (Ruby)*


This was a fairly jazzy show, with a few other odds and ends, including some good weirdness (e.g. "Up on Mars" by Hasil Adkins).

Remember the Breaking The Tethers Funding Drive show on Monday, October 24!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CJSW Funding Drive 2011 and Breaking The Tethers

The 2011 CJSW Funding Drive starts this coming Friday, October 21 and runs through October 28. This is an important time for those of us who are involved with the campus and community station - it's when we call on our loyal listeners to pledge financially to help CJSW prosper and grow. I'm hoping that many folks who enjoy Breaking The Tethers will come up with a little (or a lot!) of money during the Drive. There’s information on the Funding Drive at and pledge info here and here.

Speaking of Breaking The Tethers and the Funding Drive, the BTT FD show will take place on Monday, October 24, 7-10 am MST. There will be a variety of pledge incentives offered during the show, including some CDs that have been played on the show in the last year along with four special mix CDs, again, all featuring material that has been broadcast on BTT since the last FD. There will only be one of each CD available so grab them while you can; each will be available at the $80 or higher level. Here's what's on each disc:

CD 1
1. Alice Coltrane & Joe Henderson – “Fire”
2. PJ Harvey & John Parish – “Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen”
3. Milt Jackson – “People Make The World Go Round”
4. The New Gary Burton Quartet – “Never The Same Way”
5. My Morning Jacket – “Lay Low”
6. Lhasa De Sela – “The Lonely Spider”
7. Black Lodge Singers – “Flintstones”
8. Michael Nesmith – “Nine Times Blues”
9. Crumbling Ghost – “The Stumbling Host”
10. The Deep Dark Woods – “All The Money I Had Is Gone”
11. Jazz Ministers – “Take Me To Brazil”
12. Spinifex Orchestra – “Thorny Devil”
13. They Might Be Giants – “2082”

CD 2
1. Dread Zeppelin – “Good Times Bad Times”
2. Darius Jones/Matthew Shipp – “Multiverse”
3. The Psychedelic Aliens – “We’re Laughing”
4. The Persuasions – “Love Me Do”
5. The Creaking Tree – “Big Stache”
6. Darren Sigesmund – “El Inicio”
7. Devon Sproule – “Bowling Green”
8. The Budos Band – “Up From The South”
9. Wolfert Brederode Quartet – “Meander”
10. Robert Nighthawk – “Nighthawk Boogie”
11. Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher – “Q41”
12. Hasil Adkins – “Up On Mars”
13. Incredible String Band – “El Wool Suite”
14. Pat Metheny – “Pipeline”
15. Jason & The Scorchers – “I’m Sticking With You”

CD 3
1. Black Lodge Singers – “Spongebob Squarepants”
2. Bob Dylan? – “The Cat In The Hat”
3. Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars”
4. Tarkovsky Quartet – “Sardor”
5. Thurston Moore – “Mina Loy”
6. Jr. Gone Wild – “Raisans”
7. Milt Jackson – “Sunflower”
8. Crumbling Ghost – “Sheriff’s Ride”
9. James Taylor – “Greensleeves”
10. Booker T. Jones – “The Hive”
11. One Ring Zero – “Frankenstein Monster Song”
12. Regina Carter – “Full Time”
13. Turtleboy – “Smart Matter”
14. The Psychedelic Aliens – “Okponmo Ni Tsitsi Emo Le”

CD 4
1. The Qiwu Selfer – “Introduction”
2. Fairport Convention – “A Sailor’s Life”
3. The Immortals – “Hot Tears”
4. Richard Thompson – “Time’s Gonna Break You”
5. Mahavishnu Orchestra – “Vital Transformation”
6. Phish – “NO2”
7. Anna Webber – “Awkward”
8. The Budos Band – “Adeniji”
9. Earswideopen – “Connecting……. Done”
10. Screaming Headless Torsos – “Blue In Green”
11. Matana Roberts – “Pov Piti”
12. Trombone Shorty – “The Cure”

My #1 goal for the Funding Drive Breaking The Tethers program is to hit the $1000 level in pledges, while the show is on the air. This last point is important - Breaking The Tethers has reached the four-digit level in money but never quite while it has been on air; the pledges that took things over $1000 came just after the next program started. So, $1000 during the show - here's to hoping!

I should also note that I actually won't be hosting the show next Monday. I've got a conflicting conference in Vancouver, something that has been on the books for months. I will call in a few times but the main proceedings will be hosted by a gaggle of CJSW programmers, led by CJSW Program Director Joe Burima. Joe and team will do a great job so be sure to tune in!

The next "normal" edition of Breaking The Tethers will be Monday, October 31.