Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

"Black earth" - Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group (Blood of the earth)
"Juice of barley" - Bare Necessities (English country dances)
"Jinju dervish" - John Kameel Farah (Unfolding)
"Another country" - Demon Fuzz (Afreka)
"Kukai" - University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble (Bumper crop V/water colors)
"Love comes in spurts" - Elvis Costello (Leicester, England, October 22, 1977)
"Attila 04 (closing ritual)" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (Harvesting semblances and affinities)
"Speed machine" - Andre Leroux (Corpus callosum)
"Start all over" - Kula Shaker (K)
"Twilight" - Lisa Hilton (Nuance)
"Around and around" - Jackson Garrett (Speechless)
"Jesus' blood never failed me yet: tramp with orchestra IV (full strings)" - Gavin Bryars (Jesus blood never failed me yet)
"White city" - Bishop Morocco (Bishop Morocco)
"1000 ways" - ars Danielsson (Tarantella)
untitled - Ulaan Khol (III)
"Death letter' - Whiteboy Slim (I'm still here)
"If I could sing" - CaneFire (Pandemonium)
"Masonry" - Zs (New slaves)
"Chronology" - Woody Witt (First impression)
"Footprints" - Mark Weinstein (Timbasa)
"Redun 3" - Orthrelm
"Impressions" - Chick Corea/Anthony Braxton/Jack DeJohnette/Lee Konitz/Pat Metheny/Mirsolav Vitous (The song is you: recorded at the Woodstock Jazz Festival)

A jazz dominated show this week, with "experimental" music probably coming in second place. This edition also featured the first baby vocal ("If I could sing" by CaneFire) and a great starting sequence (the first three tracks above; throw in Demon Fuzz and it's an even better start), or so I think :-)

A reminder that Breaking The Tethers will be moving to a new time as of next week (July 5). The day will remain the same but the program will now run from noon to 2 pm.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Change to time

Just got the official word today that Breaking The Tethers will be changing times starting July 5, 2010. The day - Monday - will remain the same but the program will be taking place two hours later than its present slot. So, as of July, please listen for Breaking The Tethers beginning at noon on Mondays (on CJSW, 90.9 FM,, of course).

I should note that the program that formerly started at noon, Her Royal Opinion, will now be starting at 10 am on Mondays and will go to 11:30 am. The University of Calgary Students' Union program, So SU Me, will fill the spot between Tethers and Opinion.


June 21, 2010

"Ice cream man" - Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (Rock 'n' roll with the modern lovers)
"Monstorous colossus" - Dan Berglund's Tonbruket (Dan Berglund's Tonbruket)
"These treasures will never befall you" - Darkthrone (Circle the wagons)
"Now and then" - Sandy Denny (Who knows where the time goes?)
"Epitah III: J-Mac (for Jackie McLean)" - Chad Eby (Broken shadows)
"Sissy wa wa" - Kropotkins (Five points crawl)
"Escapades for alto saxophone and orchestra: III. Joy ride" - North Carolina Symphony and Branford Marsalis (American spectrum)
"Big deal" - The Dead Milkmen (Stoney's extra stout (pig))
"Improv2" - Tetuzi Akiyama (Frontline, Ghent, Belgium, September 28, 2005)
"Elevate" - Tyler Hornby (A road to remember)
"Grand action" - John McLachlan (Contemporary new music from Ireland)
"Look what we have found" - Delaney & Bonnie (Home)
"Rachel & Cali" - Damien Jurado (Saint Bartlett)
"Sang with the tongue of an angel" - Sajia Sultana (Bengali winger)
"Little suicides" - Golden Palominos (Pure)
"Electric Aunt Jemima" - The Persuasions (Frankly a capella)
"The iron harvest" - This Quiet Army (Aftermath)
"Big black lake" - Emily Triggs (Magnolia buckskin)
"Sardaukar levenbrech" - Grimes (Geidi primes)
"Today for me" - Mello G (I am blues)
"A distant voice" - Sonny Simmons (Staying on the watch)
track 2 - Scratoa! (Live en San Anton, April 2008)
"Metal machine music, part I" - Lou Reed (Metal machine music)

Another "very varied" program this week, maybe the most diverse since the changes to Breaking The Tethers earlier in 2010. There was metal, folk, doo-wop, jazz (though much less jazz than usual), rock, and more, all culminating in the horrorshow that is Lou Reed's "Metal machine music".

More of the same next week, though perhaps with more of a jazz lean. Note that next week's show will be the last in the 10 am to noon time slot. Beginning July 5, Breaking The Tethers will appear at noon on Mondays.


Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

"Better get another lighthouse" - Paul Dunmall-Chris Corsano (Identical sunsets)
"Tom Cruz" - Plants & Animals (La la land)
"Sarala" - Hank Jones meets Cheick-Tidiane Seck and the Mandinkas (Sarala)
"Rockport Sunday" - Tom Rush (The circle game)
"Field stones" - Boxharp (The green)
"Airstrip one" - Bobby Previte (The coalition of the willing)
"Ingratiated beam - leroy" - William Hooker Trio (Yearn for certainty)
"Momentum" - Brent Mah-Alex Goodman (Convergence)
"Cheerleaders on drugs" - Uncle Bonsai (The inessential Uncle Bonsai)
"Sandusky" - Uncle Tuepelo (March 16-20, 1992)
"Ting" - Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth (Deluxe)
"Tornado" - Ramin Rahimi & Friends (The pulse of Persia: Iranian rhythms - global influences)
"Tango loco" - Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic (A deux)
"Gris-gris gumbo ya-ya" - Dr. John (Gris gris)
"Pegasus" - Lars Danielsson (Tarantella)
"Tussock" - Ookpikk (Captain starlite)
"Nicaragua" - Jeff Dyer & Bill Brennan (Afterhours)
"Ready to go" - Stoning Mary (Stoning Mary)
"Flakes" - Ideal Bread (Transmit: vol. 2 of the music of Steve Lacy)
"Renmin park (revisited)" - Cowboys Junkies (Renmin park)
"Armitage shanks" - The Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace (Royal toast)

Everything about this show fell into place smoothly. The music came together nicely and I didn't trip over the board or my tongue too much (and I didn't care when I did!).

Music-wise, the platter, as usual, featured plenty of jazz along with a wide variety of other treats. There was a definite "folky" vibe to the proceedings, as can be seen in the "Uncle" songs, "Rockport Sunday", and a few other things. There was also a tribute tune, "Sarala", in honor of Hank Jones, the last of the Jones brothers of jazz (along with Thad and Elvin), who passed away on May 16, 2010.


Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

"Midnight jam" - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (Streetcore)
"Sceptor 10" - Orthrelm
"Afro blue/Danse royale" - The Albion Band (Rise up like the sun)
"Color" - Lee Konitz & Minsarah (Live at the Village Vanguard)
"Island of sanity" - The Former Yugoslavia
"A house is not a motel" - Love (Forever changes)
"Mistaken for strangers" - The National (Boxer)
"Danzon allegretto" - Bob Mamet Trio (Impromptu)
"Calgary cross" - God's Little Monkeys (Lip)
"By southwest" - Project (Alchemist)
"Stanley Stamp's gibbon album" - Soft Machine (NDR jazz workshop - Hamburg, Germany, 1973)
"Meet me at the Ponderosa" - Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Update (Brotherhood)
"Winter seas" - Scott Kemp (Introductions)
"Making plans for Nigel" - Camille (La Route du Rock, Fort de St Malo, France, August 13, 2004)
"Vger" - Yuganaut (Sharks)
"Telling Sue" - Assembly Of Dust (Mexicali Blues, September 15, 2006)
"Interplanetary travellers" - Sonny Simmons (Staying on the watch)
"Never know" - 87 Things for the Future (Meta 4's)
"Biozombie remix" - 87 Things for the Future (Meta 4's)
"Missile" - Peter Moller (The responsibilities of evolution)
"Dawning luminosity (part 3)" - Viosac (Dawning luminosity)
"Welcome to the jabberwocky hotel" - Michael Gormley (Welcome to the jabberwocky hotel)
"The cedars" - Mark Pisczek (Bamboo philharmonic)
"Fleeting heartbeats" - Broken Paws (Elbows to your heart)
"Red stream" - Marc Edwards/Weasel Walter Group (Blood of the earth)

Another varied show, with several shorter experimental-type pieces. The most popular track was "Ijnterplanetary travellers" by Sonny Simmons; I got a couple of calls about it during the program. Fave title: "Biozombie remix"!