Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008

"Summer night" - Sharon Minemoto Trio (You can see the ocean from here)
"Church music" - Spring Heel Jack (Songs & themes)
"Lolly pop pop" - Rented Mule (Rented mule)
"An eye" - Thollem McDonas, Arrington de Dionyso (Intuition, science, and sex)
"Song for my father" - Victor Wooten (Palmystery)
"The outlaw" - Horace Silver (Live at Newport '59)
"The chase" - Kenny Carr (Changing tide)
"Warren brings his lunch" - Jean Martin, Evan Shaw (Piano music)
"By water" - Rabnett 5 (Leopardism)
"Of" - Fieldwork (Door)
"Midnight in Berlin" - Rita Chiarelli with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (Uptown goes downtown)
"Corcovado (quiet nights of quiet stars)" - Rebecca Jenkins (Blue skies)
"Son of Mr. Bulldog" - The Mebusas (Variations in time: a jazz perspective)
"Spinner" - Bloom Project (Prismatic season)
"Cool blues" - Lou Donaldson (Here 'tis)
"Almost certainly dreaming" - The Chris Tarry Group (Almost certainly dreaming)
"(Smell my) special ingredients" - Stanton Moore Trio (Emphasis! (on paranthesis))
"Munchin'" - Saskia Laroo (Really jazzy)
"A chant for Monk" - Clifton Joseph (Variations in time: a jazz perspective)
"India" - David Liebman/Mike Murley Quartet (Day and night)
"Candlelight (Margaret's theme)" - Rent Romus' Jazz On The Line Quartet (Flimtrax - ROBOT (Rats and other memos))
"Mercy kitchen" - Steuart Liebig/Tee-Tot Quartet (Always outnumbered)
"Mystic brew" - Ronnie Foster (Droppin' science: greatest samples from the Blue Note lab)
"Ghost dog" - Rob Brown Ensemble (Crown trunk root funk)

This was a notable show in a few ways. Everything played was brand new, fairly new (last few months), newly released though recorded in years past, or newly re-released. So, the operative word was "new". Also, I played two vocal performances one-after-the-other; not being the biggest fan of vocal jazz, I don't think I've done that before.

Fave tracks this week: "Midnight in Berlin" by Rita Chiarelli (yes, it's a vocal track!); "Son of Mr. Bulldog" by the Mebusas (great cheesy organ); and "Candlelight (Margaret's theme)" by Rent Romus. I dug pretty much everything else too.

I'll be away for the next three shows. Naomi from Jazz For Quantum Cats will be taking my show on May 20 and Philip from Morning Joy will be doing the following two. I am in their debt. I'll be back on air on June 10.


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