Monday, September 8, 2008

September 2, 2008

I'm very, very late with this, close to a week. I really try to get the list for each show posted within a day or two after the show but it just didn't happen this week; I just got snowed under in other aspects of my life (still am!). Anyway, apologies and here's the list:

"Cousin Esau" - Tilden Webb Trio (Cellar groove)
"Glass" - Blink (The epidemic of ideas)
"Green haze" - Miles Davis (Musings of Miles)
"Dakar" - John Coltrane (Dakar)
"Beyond the limit" - Bob Mintzer Big Band (Swing out)
"Bamboo pants" - Billy Martin & John Medeski (Mago)
"Cherokee" - Sharel Cassity (Just for you)
"Mr. Yunioshi" - Ted Nash (The Mancini project)
"Off blue" - The Mark Atkinson Trio (IV)
"Shades of jade" - Mark Johnson (Shades of jade)
"Nine minute (or so) chabad nigun" - Daniel Zamir (I believe)
"Spirit of '76" - Michael Moore & Fred Hersch (This we know)
"The sulpher miner" - Michael Occhipinti (The Sicilian jazz project)
"Gastro funk" - L'Orkestra Des Pas Perdus (Project 9)
"Penske" - Will Bernard (Party hats)
"#42 take 15 (Duke's last soliloquoy)" - Mal Waldron (The cool world)
"I hear voices" - Jane Bunnett (Embracing voices)
"Track 2" - Marion Brown (Koeln, Germany, March 13, 1977)
"!!!!!" - The Peter Evans Quartet (The Peter Evans Quartet)
"Morning mantra" - William Parker (Double sunrise over Neptune)
"Moment" - Francois Carrier/Michel Lambert/Jean-Jacques Avenel (Within)

I think my fave part of this show was the last hour: The first playing of Marion Brown on Breaking The Tethers (more from him in the future!), the crazed "!!!!!" from the Peter Evans Quartet, and I very much liked ending things with the two lengthy "out there" pieces by Parker and the Carrier/Lambert/Avenel team. Earlier on, I was particularly fond of the "Nine minute (or so) chabad nigun" by Zamir, the bit from The Cool World (been meaning to play this for a while), and the track by Martin and Medeski (apparently, there's a new MMW CD coming out, with some sort of a connection to a work by John Zorn; I'll have to get my hands on it somehow).


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