Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 12, 2010

"When geese attack" - Triodes (Chunked)
"Pagan Spain" - Ted Daniel (Ted Daniel Sextet)
"Because/Come together" - George Benson (The other side of Abbey Road)
"Old castle, by the river, in the middle of a forest" - Chick & Hiromi (Duet)
"Rana sylvatica" - Ergo (Multitude, solitude)
"Requiem" - Roy Hargrove Big Band (Emergence)
"Juxtapositions: eastbound express" - William Beauvais (Invisible cities)
"Walter L" - Gary Burton/Pat Metheny/Steve Swallow/Antonio Sanchez (Quartet live)
"Kulun mankwalesh" - Mahmoud Ahmed (Ethiopiques 6)
"McGee" - Sonny Rollins (Reel life)
"Scenes from an opera" -John Patitucci (Rememberance)
"Saturday" - Mose Allison (Back country suite)
"Legal action" - James Carney Group (Ways & means)
"Dynamite" - Michael S. Horwood (Percussionique: the complete percussion music of Michael S. Horwood)
"We'll figure out blues" - Eri Yamamoto Trio (In each day, something good)
"Mainstream II" - Ryan Blotnick (Everything forgets)
"Bluesounds movement VI" - Vince Mendoza (Blauklang)
"Congeniality" - Ted Daniel Trio (The loft years, volume one)
"VV cephei A" - Brad Keller (House on fire)
"Orbit" - Jean-Christophe Beney (Polychromy)
"Friendly galaxy" - Sun Ra (Disco 3000)
"Monk" - Jimmy Cobb (Yesterdays)
"Zoom zoom (part three)" - Keith Price (Breakfast of champions)

Lots of great music this week. Some faves:

The Ted Daniel tunes - Didn't know of him before the two CDs crossed my path but I liked what I heard. Kinda free but not totally out there.

"Because/Come together" by George Benson - Up to this point, I've only ever played George Benson in his role as a sideman, especially from the the early '60s. To be honest, I really don't like the solo material I've heard from him (it's proto-smooth jazz mush). However, most of the tracks from this "Abbey Road" album work well.

"Old castle..." by Chick & Hiromi - Slightly spooky dual piano workout.

"Legal action" by James Carney Group - Nice use of synthesisers.

"We'll figure out blues" by Eri Yamamoto Trio - Just a good piece of music. For some reason, it brought a smile to my face.

So, the music was good this week but I made one major mess-up (and one minor one). At one point, I forgot what the request line was! 3.5 years of doing Breaking The Tethers and I drew a blank. My brain, some days... I recalled what it was soon enough and now I am regularly repeating to myself, 220-3991, 220-3991, 220-3991...

Next show will be Tuesday, January 26, 2010, as would be expected.


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