Friday, October 1, 2010

October 4, 2010

"Welcome" - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green (Apex)
"Soheb" - Fond of Tigers (Continent & western)
"The patient nurses/Wattle grove/Another bucket of eels" - Shooglenifty (Troots)
"Poseidon" - Plotz! (The kid)
"Shoreline" - Dual Rhythm (Big band)
"Late in a slow time - pt. 4" - Duo Concentante (Wild bird)
"We landed on the moon" - The Knowledge Of Us (Aware)
"Ready or not" - 4 (4)
"Everything is beautiful" - Kelly Jefferson Quartet (Next exit)
"Old fangs" - Black Mountain (Wilderness heart)
"Who are parents" - The Shaggs (Philosophy of the world)
"Dillatude: the flight of Titus" - The Roots (How I got over)
"Clarion call" - The Reggie Pittman-Loren Daniels Quartet (Point a to point b)
"Revolution without 'r'" - Robert Wyatt (Un certo discorso, February 1981)
"Dollar bill blues" - Shinyribs (More Townes Van zandt by the great unknown)
"Hold it steady" - Joanna Borromeo (Through the door)
"October 25th" - Avishai Cohen (Introducing Triveni)
"It's an angry world" - Neil Young (Le noise)
"Open: bo no ma" - John Oswald (Plexure)
"Pathway to heaven" - El Boy Die (The black hawk ladies & tambourins)
"Corner kisses" - Cory Weeds (The many deeds of Cory Weeds)
"Numb & intoxicated" - Kataklysm (Heaven's venom)
"Yankee's revenge" - David Bromberg
"Bolia" Gurmetet Bawa" (Love and life in the Punjab)
"A girl inside" - Weigh Anchors (The sea)
"Another train" - Pete Morton (One big joke)
"Couches & carpets" - Mice Parade (What it means to be left-handed)

This week, I thought there was lots of great music from all over the globe and the musical map (with a bit of a jazz focus). Everything came together well and I didn't mess up technology-wise nor with with my tongue (too much). And I played the Shaggs! All is well with the world.

I should mention that the annual CJSW funding drive begins on Oct. 22, running for a week after that date. This is the most important event for CJSW in that it's the time of the year when the station turns to its great listeners for support. CJSW as we know it simply would not exist without the pledges and financial contributions that it gets during funding drive. I'll be posting more details about this year's event soon (check out; suffice to say, it should be a lot of fun for all concerned.

In terms of Breaking The Tethers, I actually won't be able to host the funding drive edition; I'll be in Boston at a conference. Myke Atkinson will be hosting in my place and will do a fantastic job. I'll still be doing prep for the show and will be creating some unique, one-copy-only Breaking The Tethers mix CDs (more on these later, too). I'm also going to be setting a goal of $1000 (or more) for the program this year. I've always appreciated the support the show has received in earlier funding drives but the amount pledged has never got into four-digit territory (close, but not quite there); I'm very much hoping that we can cross that line this year.


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