Friday, March 4, 2011

March 14, 2011

"African sweets" - The Three Sounds (Elegant soul)
"Tard" - Charles Pappasoff (Pappasoff live)
"Birdyard" - Joe Lovano/Us Five (Bird songs)
"Nut popper #1" - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (The original lost Elektra sessions)
"EST (trip to the moon)" - Alien Sex Fiend (All our yesterdays)
"Currents" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)
"Alice and John" - Rob Hurst (Bob ya head)
"Baby duck" - Panda Attack (Applewood)
"It was never gonna turn out too good" - Gang Of Four (Content)
"Va va va voom" - Brett Smiley (Breathlessly Brett)
"Love song for a vampire" - The Rabid Whole (Autraumaton remixed)
"Rumbatto" - Boris Kovac (The last Balkan tango)
"All tensed up/Don't try to call/I'm not interested/Guns at my school/Push the button/Gilligan's island/MTC/Don't have a life" - Husker Du (Land speed record)
"Love is the answer" - Kenny Burrell (God bless the child)
"The beach" - Mark Segger Sextet (The beginning)
"Piano page" - Benoit Delbecq Trio (The sixth jump)
"Sunny ti de ariya" - King Sunny Ade and His African Beats (Juju music)
"Spider monkey café" - Kevin Eubanks (Zen food)
"Open up your heart" - Richard Bliwas (Rising rose bakery)
"Take the high road" - Peter Hum Quintet (A boy's journey)
"Mr. Sunshine" - Earl MacDonald (Re:visions: works for jazz orchestra)
"Space trucker lady" - Duke Garwood (Dreamboatsafari)
"Fortress" - Mary Kastle (Beneath the folds)
"Step right up!" - Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers (Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers)
"Believe in me and yourself too (malagasy version)" - Dean Pallen (Strathcona Park)
"Couch alternate (alternate)" - Robin Holcomb and Talking Pictures with Wayne Horvitz
(The point of it all)

The main feature of the show this week was that I had a co-host of sorts for part of the program, Mark. Mark is a new programmer at CJSW and I've been helping out with his training for the past three weeks (not that he really needed training; in the past, he was on-air at the Memorial University station and in Exeter, England). While he did some on-air talk last week, this was his first lengthy time behind the boards, about 45 or so minutes; looking at the list above, he played everything from Alien Sex Fiend through The Rabid Whole. Mark did a great job and I'm sure we'll hear him on air again at CJSW fairly soon.

Muscially, there was a strong jazz presence today. Not really planned but a number of new jazz CDs, mostly Canadian, came my way over the past week so might as well play them. I suspect next week's show will be less jazzy but I won't really know until it happens :-)


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