Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

"The american ruse" - MC5 (Back in the USA)
"City dreams" - The Heavyweights Brass Band (Don't bring me down)*
"She twists the knife again" - Richard Thompson (Live at the BBC)
"Pipeline" - Pat Metheny (What it's all about)
"Dreamland" - Caetano Veloso (A tribute to Joni Mitchell)
"Motion" - Joe Farrell Quartet (Joe Farrell Quartet)
"2082" - They Might Be Giants (Join us)
"Ready bake" - Platinum Alibi (Funk trunk)**
"The stumbling ghost" - Crumbling Ghost (Crumbling Ghost)
"Zoso" - Ken Aldcroft (Home: solo guitar compositions)*
"Lucifer rising soundtrack" - Jimmy Page (Lucifer rising soundtrack)
"Bhopal (driftnet plan)" - Bob Wiseman (In her dream: Bob Wiseman sings
Wrench Tuttle)*
"Bend don't break" - The Fabulous Stingrays (The lost surf tapes)**
"55gz" - Pipestone (Tribute to the old timers)
"Stronger than dirt or milkin' the turkey" - Grateful Dead (SNACK benefit, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA, March 23, 1975)
"In a hole" - The Jesus And Mary Chain (Psychocandy)
"New time" - Shadowplay (Like a kite)**
"Shark attack" - The Trashers (Make splash)*
"here is no way to get around talking" - Violence and the Sacred (Scarcely a pause in the process of butchering)*
"Power struggle" - The Funk Ark (From the roof tops)
"2piece" - Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Beans/Hprizm (Knives from heaven)
"Black molasses" - Aim Low (Foulards)*
"Terminal" - Com Truise (Galactic melt)
"The hippopotamus" - The Planet Smashers (Descent into the valley of…)*
"Chorale bounce 2" - Charlie Morrow (Toot!)
"Creatures of conscience" - Joseph Patrick Morris' Drum & Bass Society (Volume 1)
"Slumlord" - Dead And Divine (Antimacy)*
"Fast card" - Buzzcocks (A different compilation)
"Jim Shank/Ti-Jacques Jarret" - April Verch (That's how we run)*
"A cappella native american church song" - LeeAnn Brady (In Jesus' name: songs of the native american church)
"Spiritual suicide" - Dischord (Casualties of war)*
"Awake arise" - Remora (Scars bring hope)
"Kitchen solos" - Dickie Landry (Fifteen saxophones)


This was a real dog's breakfast in many ways. There was metal, jazz, old-time fiddle tunes, pow-wow songs, quirky pop, experimental odds and ends, and much more. Who knows what next week's program will end up like!


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