Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 5, 2011

"'74" - Danger Floyd (Danger Floyd)**
"I mean you" - Ken Aldcroft and Dave Clark (Hat & beard: the music of Thelonius Monk)*
"The pits" - Battlefield Band (Line up)
"June hymn" - The Decemberists (An itunes session)
"Home" - Wooden Shjips (West)
"Movement IV: late at night/the astronomer" - Graham Reynolds (The difference engine)
"Lines" - Elliot Brood (Days into years)*
"Heroin train" - A Pale Horse Named Death (And hell will follow me)
"Sounds alien" - Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland (Drums between the bells)
"Coplas" - Trio Bembe (Oh my soul)*
"When will you die" - They Might Be Giants (Join us)
"KRMN MB" - Maurizio Bianchi & Francisco Lopez (KRMN)
"Dust" - L/O/N/G (American primative)
"Djeredere" - Tinariwen (Tassili + 10:1)
"Golden years (Eric J. Lawrence KCRW remix)" - David Bowie vs. KCRW (Golden years)
"Mary's gone" - The Deep Dark Woods (The place I left behind)*
"Intro" - Blasted Canyons (Blasted Canyons)
"When the time passes slowly" - 400 Blows (Sickness & health)
"N6" - The Psychic Paramount (11)
"Fifteen saxophones" - Dickie Landry (Fifteen saxophones)
"Against the wall" - The Shillelaghs (Wastedly)**
"Canard poems" - Nate Wooley/Scott R. Looney/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter (Scowl)
"Optimus crime" - Caught Off Guard (Let's play)**
"Call it crowd control" - Shotgun Dolls (When the wind blows)**
"Burro" - Eternal Monolith (Unit Structure Sound Recording compilation 2)**


This was kind of an odd show. In addition to some material from the CJSW playlist, I had about a dozen CDs at home that I wanted to feature on the program. Unfortunately, I left all of these at home. So, I largely ended up putting the show together on the fly, pulling almost all of the tracks from the playlist. In the end, I think it worked well.

One of the casualties of my error was that, contrary to what I said last week, this edition of Breaking The Tethers was not as jazz-focused as I thought it was going to be. Almost all of the CDs I left at home were new jazz CDs. I'll play catch-up and feature these next week.

Here's something else to listen for next week: It is very possible that the Sept. 12 program will be the show in which the 6000th Breaking The Tethers track will be played. If this doesn't occur next week, it will definitely happen the following week (Sept. 19). I'm not sure what the 6000th track will be at this point. If I remember, I will try to make mention of it on air though I may just forgot and note it later (as has happened with earlier benchmarks).

One last thing to mention is CJSW Funding Drive (FD) 2011. This is coming up at the end of October, with the Breaking The Tethers FD show scheduled for Monday, October 24, 7-10 am. I'll post more details about this year's Funding Drive in the weeks to come but I should state my goal (or one of them!): This year, I would very much like to hit the $1000 mark in pledges during the program. This has never quite happened; the four-digit mark has been reached just after the show but it would be great to reach the $1000 point while BTT is still on air.


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