Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 17, 2011

Here's the second mildly-delayed tracklist:

"Hobo chang ba" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (Trout mask replica)
"The waterfall" - Bill Lewis and Khan Jamal (The river)
"Regular days" - Jim Cuddy (Skyscraper soul)*
"Dat dere" - Brad Mehldau (Live in Marciac)
"Back to front (circular logic)" - DJ Shadow (The less you know, the better)
"Chagan" - Equilibrium (Walking voices)
"Anticipation" - Kenny Wheeler (One of many)*
"Rwatsinda" - Mighty Popo (Gakondo)*
"Nocturne fragments: eternal" - Benjamin Broening, Duo Runedako (Recombinant nocturnes)
"Bedazzled fingernails" - Mastadon (The hunter)
"Playing in the band" - Grateful Dead (Europe 72 vol. 2)
"Teo/neo" - Miles Espanol (New sketches of Spain)
"Universal on switch" - Govinda (Universal on switch)
"Beyond category" - Tineke Postma (The dawn of light)
"The melody of rhythm, movement 1" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"Blood feast" - Odonis Odonis (Hollandaze)*
"Coffee & poker" - Lord Bubba's Nu Jazz Project (The nu standards)*
"The devil's trying to steal my joy" - Prophet G. Lusk (This may be my last time singing: raw African-American gospel on 45 rpm 1957-1982)
"Velociraptor!" - Kasabian (Velociraptor!)
"Hurricane b" - Rh Positive: Jim Heineman's Dream Band (Live @ Lorraine's)*
"Beignet bounce" - Stretch Orchestra (Stretch Orchestra)*
"New wave sucks" - D.O.A. (Something better change)*
"Willie's diamond joe" - Matt Anderson (Coal mining blues)*
"Holy blood, holy grail" - Marduk (Plague angel)*
"Communication breakdown" - D.O.A. (Hardcore 81)*
"Nobody hear the music the same way (dedicated to John Coltrane)" - Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble (New York collage)


While the Oct. 10 program had a strong jazz slant, this one's all over the map; jazz, black metal, punk, folk, jamming, experimental stuff, totally weird ("Hobo chang ba"!), etc. In many ways, this is the kind of show I aim to present.

One last mention: As of posting, the annual CJSW funding drive has just begun. I've made my pledge and I'm hoping readers of this blog will follow. A plege on Breaking The Tethers would very much be appreciated!


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