Wednesday, December 21, 2011

November 14, 2011

Here's the first of several long-delayed tracklists for shows in November and December. I just got sidetracked, bigtime. I am now playing catchup, also bigtime.

This was an interesting program in that it included a lot of experimental music of recent vintage.

"Red blanket room" - Circle Jerks (Golden shower of hits)
"Love and hate" - Jackie McLean (Destination... out!)
"Ema kowa iasa ile wa" - Mono Mono (Nigeria special: modern highlife, afro sounds, Nigerian blues, 1970-1976)
"Lonely woman" - Carol Morgan Quartet (Blue glass music)
"Dark matter with choir + organ" - Bjork (Biophilia)
"A return to science fiction" - Dixie's Death Pool (The man with flowering hands)*
"So bad" - Miesha and the Spanks (Split EP)**
"Morning bath" - Born Gold (Body songs)*
"Mop it up" - Gauntlet Hair (Gauntlet Hair)
"Vive le renouveau" - El Rego (El Rego)
"Hit and run" - Jack Ruby (Jack Ruby)
"Immovable" - Charalambides (Exile)
"Thermo (take 2)" - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers (Caravan)
"This is the end" - Machine Head (Unto the locust)
"Unrequited" - Brad Mehldau, Kevin Hays & Patric Zimmerli (Modern music)
"Crystal fortress over the sea of trees" - Yamantaka/Sonic Titan (YT//ST)*
"Dubai dream tone" - James Ferraro (Far side virtual)
"Alert" - Ernesto Cervini Quartet (There)*
"amb14" - Psychic Pollution (PPamb00 and 01)*
"The search for Osama bin Laden" - The Hang-Ten Hangmen (Wet sounds: another year of surf music)*
"Metabolism" - Bird Names (Metabolism: a salute to the energy of the sun)
"Psych 66" - 5th Project (V)*
"Kill the clown" - Soley (We sink)
"Weird fishes/arpeggi" - Matt Haimowitz/Christopher O'Riley (
"Mid-evil" - The Spanish Donkey (XYZ)


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