Monday, October 19, 2015

October 12 and 19, 2015

One of the great features of the revamped CJSW site ( is that there are podcasts for every episode of every show, from the last week or two going forward.  These are actual recordings of the programs.  This is something that listeners have long requested and is finally here.  If you miss a show when it's on live, you can go to the CJSW site and listen there.  In addition, there are also trackless for every show.

For Breaking The Tethers, there are two podcasts available so far:

October 12:

Note: There's a typo in the tracklist for Oct. 12.  One track is mostly missing, "Parts four five, pt. 4" by Gordon Beeferman from the album Parts four five.

The Oct. 19 show was guest hosted by Linda Cunningham.  Many thanks to Linda for filling in!

Stay tuned for the 2015 CJSW Funding Drive show next Monday, October 26, 10-11 am MT.


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