Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 31, 2017

Once more, another 'all-new" show.  Just chipping away at the backlog.  Music-wise, things worked very well, different styles fitting together nicely.  The Chick Corea track, "Captain Marvel" (probably my fave Return To Forever tune), got the most notice from listeners (and rightly so, I think :-)  Next week's program might be all-new or all-old or a mix of the two.  We'll see...

A reminder that you can listen to and subscribe to podcasts of Breaking The Tethers (and other CJSW shows) at, going back several months.  In addition, you can listen and subscribe to BTT (and other CJSW shows) via iTunes, where there are presently six episodes of the program available, going back to June 26.

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