Monday, December 3, 2007

September 12, 2006

I've been out of action for a while, fighting the never-ending cold that many people seem to have and, more importantly, taking care of my other half following her knee surgery (total ACL reconstruction). She definitely seems to be on the mend while I'm only partly recovered from the cold (though I suspect I'll live). Anyway, I'm back to posting, this time a blast from the past, September 12, 2006:

"Calling Miss Khadija" - Brad Turner (Jazz to the max (vol. 1))
"Quiet fire" - Roy Haynes (Kings of jazz)
"JAMO meets SAMO" - Jason Moran (Soundtrack to human motion)
"Part II b" - Keith Jarrett (Koln concert)
"African flute" - Herbie Mann (Afro-jazziac bop)
"Chemistries I" - Christy Doran/Fredy Studer/Bobby Buri/Olivier Magnenat
(Music for two double-basses, electric guitar and drums)
"Sixth sense" - Don Pullen Quintet (Sixth sense)
"Devil may care" - Kate Hammett-Vaughan Quintet (Devil may care)
"We are" - Bluiett/Jackson/El'Zabar (Calling)
"Plantain surgery"- Big Satan (Soulssaved.hear)
"Outpost" - Chris Gestrin (Stillpoint)
"Thinking of you" - Brad Goode (Hypnotic suggestion)
"You know, you know" - Mahavishnu Orchestra (Inner mounting flame)
"Struttin' with some Barbi-Q" - Brigham Phillips Big Band (And it really was)
"Hidden strength" - Ted Moses Quintet (Ready or not 2)
"In and out" - Wes Montgomery(Talkin' Verve: roots of Acid jazz)
"Gabor Gado" - Peter Eotvos (Snatches)
"Spirits in transit" - 4 Hero (Kings of jazz)
"Said in silence" - October Trio (Day in)
"My break tune" - George Johnson, Jr. (All star tribute)
"Old school" - Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Buck jump)
"2 and 2" - SF Jazz Collective (SF Jazz Collective 2)
"Beloved gift" - Bernie Senensky Trio (Ready or not 2)
"Simple interlude" - Michael Bates' Outside Sources (Fine balance)

This was an interesting show. It featured a fair number of Canadian performers, may of whom I have played since, as well as a two tracks from each of the compilations that were on the playlist at that time, Kings of jazz (I loved "Spirits in transit") and Ready or not 2. First appearances include Wes Montgomery with "In and out"; dig that groovy sound! I even managed to play a track from an album I really didn't like that much, the Brigham Phillips Big Band's "Struttin' with some Barbi-Q" from And it really was; fairly mushy big band music but one tune was tolerable.

I'll try to keep postings more regular from here on out, both the current shows and the "catch up" ones. I'm back on the air tomorrow after a two-week break (many thanks to Morning Joy's Philip Barker for filling in for me!).


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