Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 17, 2008

"Modal issue" - Cory Weeds Quartet (Big weeds)
"The preacher" - Jimmy Smith (Live at the Club Baby Grand, vol. 1)
"Ivo's ruchenitsa" - Ivo Papsov & His Orchestra (Alternative to what… noise?)
"Tenderly" - Sharon Minemoto Trio (You can see the ocean from here)
"Sen sen sen" - Richard Bona (Bona makes you sweat)
"To seed" - Bloom Project (Prismatic season)
"A soft place to fall" - Kristian Alexandrov (Akoustika)
"Family joy, oh boy!" - Michael Gibbs (Lancaster University 1969)
"Theolonius monster" - Rented Mule (Rented Mule)
"Tempo tantrum" - Kenny Carr (Changing tide)
"Gaviota" - Hilario Duran Trio (New danzon)
"The soothsayer" - Wayne Shorter (The soothsayer)
"Suite for Molde - part one" - Sam Rivers (Trio live)
"Landshark pt. 2" - DK3 (Alternative to what?)
"Impress me" - Joel Haynes Trio + Seamus Blake (Transitions)
"Aspiring to normalcy" - Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Avatar)
"Suivi de dansiere" - Arcan V Abricot
"In the" - Thollem McDonas, Arrington de Dionyso (Intuition, science, and sex)
"Out of" - Lori Freedman & Scott Thomson (Plumb)

This week's program featured mostly solid, straight-ahead (ish) jazz from a variety of styles with a last half-hour of fairly avant-garde stuff. It was also the first time in a few months I've played less than 20 tracks in the show. My favourites of the lot include the Sam Rivers and Wayne Shorter pieces. It was also nice to see the new releases from the Cellar Live label in Vancouver (the Cory Weeds and Joel Haynes Trio + Seamus Blake tracks are from these CDs).


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