Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008

"Light heart, dark sky" - Jay Boehmer (Autumn afternoon)
"Cycle I" - Fieldwork (Door)
"Barrelfoot grind" - Steuart Liebig/Tee-Tot Quartet (Always outnumbered)
"A thousand hills" - Bob Claire (Another day)
"Caravan" - Jimmy Smith (Live at the Club Baby Grand, vol. 2)
"Accelerated development" - The James Danderfer Group (Accelerated development)
"I'll remember April" - Erroll Garner (Concert by the sea)
"Raccat" - Bob Erlendson (All about jazz)
"Prometheus" - Charles Lloyd Quartet (Rabo de nube)
"Blue sunset" - New Guitar Summit (Shivers)
"Moose clock" - Jean Martin, Evan Shaw (Piano music)
"The chump killer" - Eric Hofbauer & The Infrared Band (Myth understanding)
"What is hip?" - Marcus Miller (Marcus)
"Track 11" - Ruins (I-Spy, Seattle, WA, March 26, 2001)
"Buy water" - Rabnett 5 (Leopardism)
"Rue prevail" - James Spaulding (Blues nexus)
"Danses et interludes 1" - Brigette Poulin (Edifices naturels)
"Swingin' with Lucy Mae" - Duke Robillard (A swingin' session with Duke Robillard)
"Ross" - Karl Schwonik Quartet (Karl Schwonik Quartet)
"Yves Leveille" - Une nuit de Soho (Soho)
"Pharoah's revenge part 1" - The Roy Campbell Ensemble (Akhenaten suite)
"Etude #5 lame" - Marc Ribot (Exercises in futility)

Not a bad show, I have to say. I tripped over my tongue and blathered on too much but I played some good tunes. My top four were Jimmy Smith's version of "Caravan" (great organ, as expected, but also some great almost-fuzz guitar from sideman Thornell Schwartz), Bob Claire's "A thousand hills" (wonderful work from guitar, piano, and drums), "Moose clock" from Martin & Shaw (almost made me want to hit a Chinese food buffet at 8:30 in the morning; if you listen to this piece, you'll get it), and "The chump killer" by Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band (effective yelling halfway through). It was also nice to hear something from the Roy Campbell Ensemble's Akhenaten suite again; dig the violin and vibes!


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