Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

After weeks of slackdom, I managed to get a list posted the day of the show:

"The Petty Harbour bait skiff" - Duane Andrews (Raindrops)
"Washingon Square Park" - Anat Cohen (Notes from the village)
"Sub-conscious Lee" - Bill Frisell (History, mystery)
"Kadri-alap" - Rudresh Mahanthappa (Kinsmen)
"Mata" - Jeremy Pelt (November)
"Where's the cat??" - Adam Niewood & His Rabble Rousers (Epic journey)
"Magic clock machine" - Butcher/Muller/Van Der Schyff (Way out northwest)
"Les beautes s'ignorent" - Galerie Stratique (Faux world)
"Lover come back" - Josephine Biundo (Let there be love)
"Strong tears" - Lowell Davidson (Trio)
"Pendulum" - SMV (Thunder)
"I'm not so sure" - The Roy Hargrove Quintet (Earfood)
"Therego" - Chris Speed/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic/Leibovici (Jugendstil)
"Pent-up house" - Paul Bley (Solo piano)
"Bumpy trail" - Eri Yamamoto Trio (Redwoods)
"Owl's nightmare" - The Royal Hartigan Ensemble (Blood drum spirit: live in China)
"Traneian blue" - The Bob Brough Quartet (Time away)
"The filth" - Ben Wolfe (No stranger here)
"So what" - Miles From India (Miles from India)
"Five peace band" - John McLaughlin (Floating point)
"Joachim is our friend" - Karel Velebny (SHQ)
"Vera cruz" - Brazilian Trio (Forests)

This was the first post-funding drive show. As with the show that preceeded the Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers, everything on this program was newly released. I didn't quite plan it this way, things just kind of headed in that direction. Music-wise, it's good stuff all around. Neat title of the day: "The filth" by Ben Wolfe.

Many thanks again to all who pledged during the CJSW Funding Drive, on my show and on other shows. The grand total for the station was $205,172 (or thereabouts).


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