Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009

"The cannonball" - Rubim de Toledo (The river)
"Cosmos" - Saxophone Summit (Seraphic light)
"Redial" - Oregon (Ecotopia)
"Someday my prince will come" - Matthew Shipp Trio (Harmonic disorder)
"Finger snappin'" - Maynard Ferguson (Octet)
"Discovery in three" - Gene Ess (Modes of limited transcendence)
"Song of Delilah" - James Carter (Present tense)
"Szeptyilzy" - Pat Metheny & Anna Maria Jopek (Upojenie)
"Ella's walk" - The Ross Taggart Trio (Presenting)
"Namah" - David S. Ware (Shakti)
"Worrisome heart" - Melody Gardot (Worrisome heart)
"The get over (move)" - Madlib (Beat konducta vo. 5-6: tribute to…)
"Zombies love dancin' to this number" - Martin & Haynes (Freedman)
"Song to John" - Mads Tolling Trio (Speed of light)
"You are a protocol droid, are you not?" - Ben Henriques (The responsibility club)
"Ten thousand year vision" - Arrington de Dionyso (I see beyond the black sun)
"Not later than now" - The Bennie Maupin Quartet (Early reflections)
"Interlude - jazzin" - Ron Davis (The bestseller)
"The monk" - The Gordon Grdina Trio (… if accident will)
"Barracuda" - The Bad Plus joined by Wendy Lewis (For all I care)
"Exotic thoughts" - Global Noize (Global Noize)
"In trees" - Gerald Cleaver/William Parker/Craig Taborn (Farmers by nature)
"Wait and see" - Amanda Tosoff (Wait and see)
"Pent-up house" - Billet-Deux (Deux)
"Improvisation 5" - Derek Bailey & The Ruins (The Purcell Rooms, South Bank, London, April 3, 1997)
"Double nickel" - Yellowjackets featuring Mike Stern (Lifecycle)
"Composition 199" - Anthony Braxton/Kyle Brenders (Toronto (duets) 1999)

I think this was a great show, with a wide variety of tracks played and more in number than usual (nearly 30). A interesting feature was some of the interesting titles e.g. "Zombies love dancin' to this number" and "You are a protocol droid, are you not?" I also loved the crazed version of Heart's "Barracuda" from the new Bad Plus with Wendy Lewis CD.

This was my first show back after two week's absensce. Philip Barker, the Morning Joy host on CJSW, ably filled in for me twice. I am in his debt.


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