Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

"Joy" - Rob Mosher's Storytime (The tortoise)
"Shangri-la" - Donald Byrd (Royal flush)
"The left hand of God" - Charlie Haden (The best of Quartet West)
"Danish dessert" - Mads Tolling Trio (Speed of light)
"Dr. Mganga" - Eddie Henderson (Heritage)
"Song in b minor - Satie" - Chris Donnelly (Solo)
"Matters not" - John Santos and Machete (Tribute to the masters)
"Goodbye pork-pie hat" - Billet-Deux (Deux)
"A theory of consumption" - Ben Henriques (The responsibility club)
"Respiration" - Ben Allison (Buzz)
"Gati shadows within" - The Royal Hartigan Ensemble (Blood drum spirit: live in China)
"Work" - Steve Lacy (Soprano sax)
"Serpahic light" - Saxophone Summit (Seraphic light)
"Lady of the lavender mist" - The Ross Taggart Trio (Presenting)
"Star crossed" - Dream Algebra (Burma)
"Rhythmaron" - Ron Davis (The bestseller)
"Ca'purange" - Dexter Gordon (Ca'purange)
"A jam 4 Joe" - Global Noize (Global Noize)
"Split screen" - Erik Friedlander (Skin)
"Harmonic disorder" - Matthew Shipp Trio (Harmonic disorder)
"Ajar" - Esbjorn Svensson Trio (Leucocyte)
"The outer view" - George Russell Sextet (The outer view)
"We've got Silver at six" - Horace Silver (The hardbop grandpop)

Lots of notable tunes this week, including:

"Dr. Mganga" by Eddie Henderson - funky '70s stuff without being mushy
"Respiration" by Ben Allison - I think I like everything that this guy does
"Seraphic light" by the Saxophone Summit - a great cover of a less-well-known, (very) late period Coltrane tune
"Ca'purange" by Dexter Gordon - things really take off in this piece when Dexter kicks in; Stanley Clarke's electric bass works very well here
"Harmonic disorder" by Matthew Shipp - Matthew Shipp good!!
"The outer view" by George Russell - this must have been way out by 1962 standards

Hmm, I think I really liked the stuff I played this week...

I'll be away for the next two weeks (one week business, one week pleasure). Philip Barker from Morning Joy will be filling in for me on both shows. Many thanks to Philip! I am definitely in his debt. The first Breaking The Tethers with me back will be Tuesday, February 10.


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