Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009

"UV dream" - Simon Fisk Trio (Unless)
"The winding way" - Scolohofo (Oh!)
"Drunk on the blood of the holy ones" - The Fully Celebrated (Drunk on the blood of the holy ones)
"Bird calls (alternate take)" - Charles Mingus (Mingus ah um (Legacy edition))
"Kung-fu world champion" - Hiromi (Brain)
"Oshun" - Donald Malloy (Spirituality)
"Shack" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Friday afternoon in the universe)
"Abstrakt #1" - Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse (Cries from tha ghetto)
"Le garnement" - Francois Couture (My little book - tome 1)
"Two shadows" - Tony Malaby Cello Trio (Warblepeck)
"Rudreshm" - Steve Lehman Octet (Travail, transformation, and flow)
"Happy birthday, John Zorn" - The Shuffle Demons (Alive in Europe)
"The dungeon (interlude)" - Mark Shim (Mind over matter)
"A thousand autumns" - Bradford Marsalis Trio (The dark keys)
"The silent fool" - Erik Mongrain (Equilibrium)
"Teo" - Miles Davis (Sketches of Spain (Legacy edition))
"Jazz oddyssey i" - Spinal Tap (Back from the dead)
"Swingin' machine" - Mose Allison (Swingin' machine)
"Dadar" - Adrian Vedady (In three acts)
"Duke's dead" - Brandi Disterheft (Debut)
"Blossom" - Sonny Rollins (Road shows, vol. 2)
"Whoopi" - Cyrus Chestnut (Earth stories)
"For Ha Ling" - Kevin Smith Trio (Afterthought)
"Freedom suite/1st part" - Yannick Rieu (Saint-Gervais)
"Ocean & the river" - Abdullah Ibrahim (Senzo)

The main theme in this show related to the 2009 Calgary Jazz Festival, which is happening this week (June 22-28, 2009). Several of the tracks played were by performers who will be at the festival, including Simon Fisk, Hiromi, MMW (who I will see tonight), the Shuffle Demons, Bradford Marsalis, Mose Allison, Brandi Disterheft, and Yannick Rieu. Please check out the festival if you can.


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