Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009

"Rules of play" - Ralf Buschmeyer (Renewal)
"Kungusisches arbeitslied: miemand weiss hinten, wie er vorn dran ist" - Davis/Ulrich/Baumann/Lutek/Richards/Jefferson (Urs Blochlinger Tribute)
"You take care of me" - The Jerrold Dubyk Quartet (The maverick)
"Call centre labyrinth" - Led Bib (Sensible shoes)
"Blue plate special" - Will Bernard (Blue plate special)
"Transitoire 4" - Nigel Kennedy Quartet (A very nice album)
"Still life" - Jon Miller Quartet (Orchidology)
"Aung San Suu Kyi" - Laura Klein & Ted Wolff (Cerulean blue)
"Travels parts 3 & 4" - Positive catastrophe (Garabatos volume one)
"Color" - Lee Konitz and Minsarah (Deep Lee)
"MCT-4 with duos" - Bruce Friedman (O.P.T.I.O.N.S.)
"Chamacos" - Roberto Occhipinti (A bend in the river)
"Willisau suite 2" - Sexmob with John Medeski (Sexmob meets Medeski: live in Willisau 2006)
"La reine de la salle" - John Hebert (Byzantine monkey)
"Phobos" - Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (Presents infernal machines)
"Basic botany" - Carl Maguire's Floriculture (Sided silver solid)

There were two features this week. First, all the music played could be said to be "new" or "fairly recently released" (e.g. late 2008). I didn't plan the show to be this way but, once I saw the amount of new stuff that was on deck, I said "what the heck" and went for it. Second, there were a number of quite long pieces played. Nothing odd there (it is jazz; tunes can be lengthy) but there were more than usual and only 16 tracks were played over three hours.

I might be away next week, I might not be. I could do the show but something has popped where it would be best if I passed on Breaking The Tethers on July 7. So, you might hear my voice in seven days or not. I'll definitely be on the air on July 14, barring disaster.


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