Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009

"White bread brigade" - Sinistrio (Ride the dragon)
"Tarana" - Erik Truffaz (Benares)
"Carvin' the rock (alternate take #1)" - Clifford Brown (Memorial album)
"Stolen moments" - Hendrik Meurkens (Slidin')
"Son de Patato" - Ritmo Y Candela (Ritmo Y Candela II)
"From Beverly Hills" - Random Touch (A way from the heard)
"Wildflower" - Roger Baird & MuseArt (Great canadian jazz)
"Somalia" - Billy Harper (Somalia)
"Panic" - Todar Kobakov (Pop music)
"Modal scallopini" - Jeff Palmer (Ease on)
"Bob and weave" - Fay Victor Ensemble (The freesong suite)
"Leelander" - Dan Moretti (Tres muse)
"Desert" - Alex Bellegarde Quartet (Caminando)
"Our hospitality (version I)" - Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble (Our hospitality)
"Lovely Rita" - BeatleJazz (With a little help from our friends)
"Distant shores" - Joe Sealey (Great canadian jazz)
"Little orphunk Annie" - David Widelock Trio (Skating on the sidewalk)
"Refuge" - Andrew Hill (Point of departure)

Only 18 tracks played in three hours this week but it was all good stuff, IMHO. Fave tune: Probably the first one, "White bread brigade" by Sinistrio. I've only heard this CD on CJSW but I think I need to buy a personal copy. Good, good stuff!

A brief reminder about Funding Drive 2009: It starts soon (Oct. 24) and will be a fun time for all. I'll have more postings on this soon but, in the meantime, check out the CJSW home page and click on the "delicious radio" image.


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