Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009

"Keep casting rods " - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day)
"Hamid's on fire" - Fred Anderson (On the run )
"G.F.O.P." - Klang (Tea music)
"Lullabye" - Kenny Barron (What if?)
"Look at the sky" - Carlos Jimenez (Thoughts (pensamientos))
"Bells hung in a tree" - Vivian Houle (Trieze)
"Swerves" - Blast4tet (Sift)
"You are my sunshine" - Ran Blake (Driftwoods)
"The loose" - Jon Ballantyne (The loose)
"Such sweet thunder" - Sarah Corman (Happy little tune)
"Avant l'aube" - Erik Truffaz/Murcof (Mexico)
"Inservible" - Tango Crash (Baila querida)
"Where" - Beat Keastli (Far from home: a tribute to european song)
"Harlem nocturne" - McGill Jazz Ensemble (Poppin' the cork)
"Satan your kingdom must come down" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians III)
"Conchita's dance" - Mike Clark (Blueprints of jazz, vol. 1)
"Smells like teen spirit" - The TriBattery Pops (Happy days are here again!)
"Lachyrmae - movement #10" - The Tony Wilson Sextet (The people look like flowers at last)
"Jazz folk song" - John Wojciechowski (Lexicon)
"A froposito" - Milan Latin Jazz Quartet (Sentimento latino)
"Slow red building" - Jason Kenemy's UpSideDownTown (Jason Kenemy's upsidedowntown)
"Titicaca" - Magic Malik (Altiplano)
"No introduction" - Black/Note (Jungle music)
"Quiet, through and through" - Julian Lage (Sounding point)
"Chant for peace eternal" - B.K. Blue (Another blue)

I'm about a day or so late with this list. Apologies for my tardiness.

A nice mix of music in today's show, I thought. A bit of everything, including plenty of new stuff (newly released or newly re-released).

I'll be doing a showfill tomorrow, October 9, 6-9 am, for Jazz Stains. Please join me then. Of course, I'll also be behind the mike for Breaking The Tethers on Tuesday, October 13, 6-9 am. Please join me then, too.

Things are coming together nicely for the 2009 CJSW Funding Drive. I've talked about it a bit in the posting for the last few shows. I'll have more to report in a future post, fairly soon. Stay tuned.


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