Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

"Attaining" - John Coltrane (Sun ship)
"The eye-witness" - The Habibiyya (If man but knew)
"Quodilbet" - John Cage (String quartet in four parts)
"Nite prowler" - The Deuce Coupes (Pulp surfin')
"Agoo agoho" - Red Blue Green (Transparent thesis)
"Here's to outliving me" - Doug Keith (Here's to outliving me)
"A joy" - Four Tet (Everything ecstatic)
"Tryin' not to pull my gun" - Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm (2 man wrecking crew)
"Shoeshine blues" - Thee American Revolution (Buddha electrostorm)
"Al birwa" - Anouar Brahem (The astounding eyes of Rita)
"Lovely Rita" - Dave Cloud And The Gospel Of Power (Mojo presents Sgt. Pepper… with a little help from his friends)
"Viva Las Vegas" - Elvis Bossa Nova! (Elvis Bossa Nova!)
"Beehives on the moon" -National Dust (…blind luck ain't no luck at all)
"East bound' - The Pulse (The Pulse)
"Variation" - Barbara Pritchard (Piano atlantica)
"30 piece band" - Ellen McIllwaine (The real Ellen McIllwaine)
"All the things you are" - Chicago Goes West (Chicago goes west)
"Paris part IV" - Keith Jarrett (Testament: Paris-London)
"Solitude mama" - The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir (Sister Anthony)
"Saturn noises"
"Seka knows" - Grant Hart (Good news for modern man)
"Red carpet" - Noah Creshevsky (To know and not to know)
"Dimples" - Vic Chestnutt (Skitter on take off)
"Love's lost rhapsody" - Fat Cat Big Band (Face)

This was the first edition of Breaking The Tethers in its new day and time, Monday mornings, 10 am to noon. It also featured a change in style, from 100% jazz or jazz-like music to about a third jazz and a mess of other stuff. Some fave tracks this week:

"Attaining" by John Coltrane - Anything by 'Trane is good.
"The eye-witness" by The Habibiyya - UK rock band goes for Sufism. Nice trance stuff.
"Nite prowler" by the Deuce Coupes - Hard-edged surf music.
"Tryin' not to pull my gun" by Burnside & Malcolm - Good advice?
"Shoeshine blues" by Thee American Revolution - I always dig some straight-ahead fuzztone rock.
"30 piece band" by Ellen McIlwaine - Some wild guitar and interesting singing here.
"Paris part IV" by Keith Jarrett - He's controversial but his solo piano is mesmerizing.
"Seka knows" by Grant Hart - I loved Husker Du but I don't know much about Hart's post-Du career (I've heard more solo Bob Mould). I liked this song.

I should also note that "Saturn noises" is a track of sounds reportedly recorded by a probe as it descended into the atmosphere of the planet Saturn.


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