Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

"What else" - Elizabeth Shepherd (Heavy falls the night)
"Streets of Calcutta" - Ananda Shankar (A life in music)
"Aunt Lucy Broadwood" - Mr. Fox (Join us in our game)
"Be mankan" - Ali Farke Toure & Toumani Diabate (Ali and Toumani)
"Arbutus" - Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra (Treelines)
"Charlie James" - Steve Howell (Since I saw you last)
"Music for alto saxophone and piano - VI riftfoll" - Howard Bashaw (Hard rubber, hard elastic)
"track 6" - Chris Dadge (The tangled woof of fact)
"Letter to Ausconius" - Dave Soldier (Smut)
"Whiskey" - Rumble Devils (Diablos guapos)
"Well funk me up!!!" - Christopher Lehman (Popjazzic)
"Song to Comus" - Comus (Song to Comus: the complete collection)
"Galang (trio riot version)" - Vijay Iyer Trio (Historicity)
"A la dina dana" - Jon Blake (Siwan)
"Liar, liar" - The Castaways (Nuggets: original artifacts from the first psychedelic era 1965-1968)
"Almost cut my hair" - Nathan Carroll (Last stop on the dancing bear act)
"Strange imaginary remix" - Eighth Blackbird (Strange imaginary animals)
"Hot sauce" - Sandro Dominelli (The Alvo sessions)
"Umissable grey, mixed paint" - Woodpigeon (Die stadt muzikanten)
"El ritmo de tus hombros" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Men behind the sun" - Invisible Funeral (Nocturnals)
"Dreamin' man" - Neil Young (Dreamin' man live '92)
"Vessels of a donor look" - The Most Serene Republic (…And the ever expanding universe)
"The madness and the damage done" - Blackjazz (Shining)
"Hunt" - Drumheller (Glint)

This was the second show of Breaking The Tethers in the new spot with the new format. I think it went pretty good (a few trips of the tongue and fingers aside) and I feel like I'm settling into things. Musically, the show featured another week of musical soup of jazz (about a quarter of the program) and God knows what else, from experimental to metal. More of the same kinda thing next week, I say!


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