Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

"Right off" - Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra (Play the music of Miles Davis 1967-1975)
"Dance like flames" - Tanglefoot (Dance like flames)
"Time to say good bye" - James Zollar (Zollar systems)
"The punishment office" - Iconoclast (Dirty jazz)
"To Jane's " - Greg Keeler (Gunless)
"Babar" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"Intoxica" - The Centurians (Pulp surfin')
"Dagwamba" - Master Drummers of Africa (Master drummers of Africa, vol. 2 - ubuntu)
"Canyon & skye" - Project (Alchemist)
"Got a telephone in my bosom" - Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Midnight sun" - Cobblestone Jazz (The modern deep left quartet)
"New new grass/Message from Albert" - Healing Force (The songs of Albert Ayler)
"Soleil soleil" - Melkit Hadero (On a day like this…)
"Coup d'etat' - Circle Jerks (Golden shower of hits)
"When I light your darkened door" - Damien Jurado (Doug Fir Lounge, MusicFest NorthWest, Portland, OR, September 8, 2007)
"Citizen" - Broken Bells (Broken bells)
"Gemini man" - Claudio Roditi (Brazilliance x 4)
"Jaguar pt. 2" - Christian Prommer (Drumlesson zwei)
"Rosebud" - Trio Bembe (Trio Bembe)
"The kids aren't alright" - Ginsberg Inkling (Ummm)
"Swim up bar" - The Bigfoot Rocketship (The Bigfoot Rocketship)
"Moonlight on Vermont" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (Trout mask replica)
"Big brecker" - Pablo Menendez & Mezcla (I'll see you in Cuba)
"Dark cloud" - The Holmes Brothers (Feed my soul)

Back at the normal time this week. This was a fun show to do, one that very much went all over the musical map. My favourites:

"Dance like flames" by Tanglefoot - a song about voyageurs.
"Got a telephone in my bosom" by the Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago - kinda crazed but just great stuff!
"Midnight sun" by Cobblestone Jazz - pretty groovy
"Coup d'etat" by Circle Jerks - got some props in a phone call from a listener after I played this.
"When I light your darkened door" by Damien Jurado - just a good, moody song and performance

But I very much liked almost everything :-)



Spoeti said...

Hey Andrew,
I've been searching all over the web for a good-sounding version of Damien Jurado's "When I Light Your Darkened Door", but wasn't succesful at all. Since you seem to be kind of a (radio?) DJ, I just wanted to ask whether you have the song in an acceptable quality. If so, it would be so nice if you could pass it on. Greetings from coldcold Germany,

Andrew Waller said...

Hi Felix. I think the key is that "When I light your darkened door" is not a Damien Jurado original. As I discovered, it was written by J. Tillman and appears on the album Cancer and delirium; see The Damien Jurado version I played (which came from a radio broadcast) may be the only one by him. Hope this helps.