Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

"Ode to ganesha" - Bhagavan Das (Now)
"Rhaghupati" - Bhagavan Das (Now)
"Dulces suenos" - Kent Sangster (Adventures)
"Masqualero" - Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra (Play the music of Miles Davis 1967-1975)
"Parade" - Andrew Downing (Silents)
"I choose" - Wayne Butane
"Vikings" - Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies (Doolally)
"Schero: moto vivace" - Anton Dvorak (New world symphony)
"Guinea" - Old and New Dreams (Old and new dreams)
"In heaven everything is fine" - The Lady in the Radiator (Eraserhead soundtrack)
"Walk up" - Melkit Hadero (On a day like this…)
"Sona moyo" - Richard Bona (The ten shades of blues)
"Truth sucks" - Nushi (Future hazards)
"Pick a bale of cotton" - Lead Belly (Bound for glory)
"Bosphorus" - Ilhan Erashin (Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz)
"Hyperion" - Thomson Kneeland (Mazurka for a modern man)
"Buhala" - Balkan Beat Box (Blue eyed black boy)
"Wine" - Wayne Butane
"Peng! 33" - Iron & Wine (Around the well)
"Universal clock: gravity tunnel reprise" - Miguel Kertsmann (Time? What's time?)
"Love and death" - Ryan Bourne (Supermodern world of beauty)
"220 v/spektral" - Jaga Jazzist (One-armed bandit)
"Skeleton car" - Heart Failure Research Unit (Ghostlove)
"Osiris pre-science" - Marc Wagnon (Earth is a cruel master)

Simply, this was a fun show with a wide, wide variety of music: local (Calgary) rock, straight-ahead jazz, not-so-straight-ahead jazz, folk, Hindu shout-outs, etc. More of the same kind of thing next week!

FYI, my faves this week:

*The Bhagavan Das tracks (the Beastie Boys go Krishna!)
*"Guinea" by Old and New Dreams (features a great piano section in the middle, played by the late Don Cherry)
*"Peng! 33" by Iron & Wine (Iron & Wine play Stereolab!)
*The Jaga Jazzist track (I've been wanting to play something off the new Jaga Jazzist CD for quite some time but I didn't manage to do so until today).


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